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Example:  doris  peggy  -- matches captions containing both "doris" and "peggy";
Example:  doris/peggy  -- matches captions containing either "doris" or "peggy";
Example:  doris  peggy/iris/huguette  -- matches captions containing doris and at least one of peggy, iris, or huguette;
Example:  hadashville may1  -- matches photos taken near Hadashville in mid-May (may10, may11... or may19);
Example:  04060_  -- matches photo number 04060; an ending underscore is only needed on a number that could match a date;
Example:  round-leaf  -- matches "round-leaf" or "roundleaf" or "round leaf";

Note: the complete list of Photos by Caption is still available, although the search capability seems to've made it obsolete.