Plautdietsch to English

äa - f. poss. pron. her; {dit es äa Rock - this is her dress}.

äa , ahr - f. pers. pron. her; {kjanst dü äa - do you know her}.

Äajd - f. (pl: e) harrow.

Äajdakjsel - m. (pl: s) lizard, salamander, newt, eft.

äajde - to harrow.

äajdwinje - to swirl, like dust around a windy corner; to eddy, a dust devil.

äaje - same as {äa} or {äare}(?).

Äakjel - n. disgust, loathing, nausea.

äakjelhauft - loathesome, distasteful, nauseous, abomination.

äakjle - to loathe, to detest, to abhor, to feel disgusted.

äakjlijch - see äakjelhauft.

äara - m. hers, theirs.

äare - f. or plural, her, their; hers, theirs.

äat - n. hers, theirs.

äatshaulwe , äarenthaulwe - for her (their) sake.

äatsjlikje - her peers, their peers, of her or their kind, like her, the likes of (her) (them).

acht - f. (pl: e) eight.

acht Noote - an octave.

Acht - f. respect. esteem.

achtakjijch - octagonal.

achte - to mind, to respect, to have regard for.

achtel - n. eighth part.

Achtel Miel - a furlong.

achtian - eighteen.

achtungsweat - noteworthy.

Acka - m. (pl: sch) acre.

ackre - to till, to seed the land, to work the land.

adel - noble.

Adelmaun - m. nobleman.

Ädikj - m. vinegar.

A'drass - f. (pl: e) address.

A'drassbüak - n. address book, a directory.

adra'sseare - address a letter.

afen(t)s - almost, barely, nearly, marginally.

Agj - f. (pl: e) selvage, fringe or edge of cloth.

äjanoatijch - peculiar, strange; original.

äjen - own; odd nature, peculiar, singular.

Äjendeema - m. owner, proprietor.

Äjendeema Bewiess - m. title, deed, proof of ownership.

Äjendom - property, ownership, chattels.

Äjenheit - f. (pl: e) characteristic, peculiarity.

Äjenkopp - m. a stubborn, self willed individual.

Äjenrajcht - tenure, right of ownership.

Äjenschoft - f. (pl: e) quality, characteristic, idiocyncracy.

Äjensenn - obstinacy, self will.

Äjensennijch - obstinate, self willed, independent.

äjent - especially.

Ä'jent - m. (pl: e) agent.

äjne - to own.

Akj - f. (pl: e) corner, nook angle.

Akj too Akj - corner to corner.

Äkj - f. (pl: e) oak (tree).

akjawalsch - askew, out of plumb.

Äkje - f. rafters.

Äkjekota - m. squirrel.

akjijch - angular.

Akjs - f. (pl: e) axe.

Akjschaup - n. corner cupboard.

Akjshaulm - m. (pl: Akjshalm) axe handle.

Akjsteen - m. corner stone.

Alboage - m. (pl: s) elbow.

Älend - n. misery, affliction, wretchedness.

älendijch - skinny, seedy.

alf (alw) - f. eleven.

alftel - eleventh part.

am - him.

Ama - m. (pl: sch) pail, bucket.

an - them.

Angel - f. (pl: Angle) fishing rod and line.

angle - to fish, to angle.

Angst - fear, deep concern, anguish, trepidation.

Anka - m. (pl: sch) anchor, grapnel.

Ankaplauts , Ankastäd - a berth.

ankre - to anchor, to dock.

änle - to resemble.

änlijch - similar, alike, like.

Änlijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) similarity, resemblance, likeness.

A'postel - apostle.

A'prell - m. April.

Arent - f. (pl: e) a crop, a harvest.

Ar'foljch - m. success.

arnte - to harvest.

Ar'schaufa - m. Creator.

Asch - f. (pl: e) ash tree.

Äsel - m. (pl: s) donkey.

Äsel - n. ashes.

Äsel Jeschrejch - n. braying.

Äselbood , Äsel Kül - f. ashpit.

Äselfalm - n. hinny.

Äselmaunda - m. salamander, lizard.

astijch - gnarled, branchy.

ätboa - edible, esculent.

äte - to eat.

Äte - n. food, nourishment, nutrient.

atelje - some. several, a few.

Äteskauste - m. food hamper, picnic basket.

Äteskoma - f. larder, pantry, cupboard.

ätgangs - towards the end of.

Ätstow - f. dining room.

Ätwoa - f. gorceries.

Ätwoahendla - m. grocer.

Aubeetsee - n. abc's, alphabet.

au'dee - goodbye, farewell.

auf - is widely used as a prefix but it can stand alone; it usually indicates 'off'.

auf - off, down, from, away, whether.

auf onn too - now and then, on and off.

aufaste - to debranch, prune.

aufbarschte - to brush off.

aufbeitse - to remove through caustic action.

aufbestalle - to cancel or countermand an order.

aufbiete - to bite off.

Aufbildung - f. illustration.

Aufbilt - n. image, copy, likeness, replica.

aufbinje - to apply a tourniquet, to tie off.

Aufbinjsel - n. a tourniquet.

aufbräakje - to demolish; break off.

aufbrenne - to be razed by fire, to burn down.

aufbrockle - to crumble away.

aufbrucke - to wear away, to use up.

aufbrutsche - to do a sloppy job.

aufdakje - to uncover, to remove a blanket.

Aufdank - f. a eulogy.

aufdanke - to officiate at a funeral.

aufdaume - to dam off.

aufdaumpe - to speed away, lit to steam away.

Aufdeel - m. a part, a portion, a department.

aufdeele - to apportion, to distribute an inheritance.

Aufdeelinj - f. section, part, department.

Aufdeelung - f. part of an inheritance.

aufdijchte - to insulate.

aufdinje (erauf dinje) - to bargain for a better price or deal.

aufdocktre - to induce an abortion.

Aufdräjchshaundüak - n. kithchen towel.

aufdräje - to wipe dry, to dry off.

aufdreie - to turn or switch on; woodturning on a lathe.

Aufdrekja - m. (pl: sch) trigger.

aufdrekje - to pull the trigger.

aufdrenje - to push or squeeze someone from his rightful place.

Aufdrief - m. an abortion.

aufdrinkje - to drink a little from a container that is too full.

aufdroage - to wear out clothing.

aufenjste - to scare away.

auffäaje - to sweep off.

auffaule - to fall off, like leaves from a tree.

Auffeameddel - n. (pl: s) purgative, laxative, aparient.

auffeare - to purge.

auffiele - to file off.

auffoadje - to snub, to put down, to be flippant; to do a sloppy, hurry up job.

auffoare - to drive off, to depart.

auffoddre - to ask of or demand.

auffoodre - to feed the stock for the last time in the evening.

auffreare - to freeze off.

auffüle - to rot off.

Aufgank - n. waste. rubbish, garbage, refuse, trash, rejects, excrement.

Aufgankfräta - m. (pl: sch) scavenger.

Aufganksrua - n. sewer pipe.

aufgnoage - to gnaw off.

aufgnupse - to slip off from a knob. Ex holding a wet, slippery candy between thumb and forefinger, then pressing hard so it shoots away; a filip.

Aufgonst - m. envy, jealousy, grudge.

Aufgott - m. (pl: Aufjetta) idol, image.

Aufgott moake - idolize, deify.

Aufgottsdeenst - m. idolatry.

aufgrose - to graze off.

Aufgrunt - m. chasm, abyss, gulf, deep canyon.

aufhacke - to hack off, to lop off.

aufhalpe - to pay a debt by helping, to redress.

aufhaultre - to unhalter.

aufhaupse - to put something in the mouth to taste, like taking a spoon into the mouth to taste its contents and then quickly withdrawing it, as if it were hot.

aufhäwle - to plane off with a carpenter's plane.

aufhenjijch - dependent upon.

aufhoakje - to rake off.

aufhoatle - to harden, to toughen.

aufhocke - to partition off, to sequester, segregate, confined to a designated area.

aufhole - to pick up someone from the station; to pick up an item someone has borrowed.

aufhoole - to hold off, to hold at bay; to hold a child while it performs its natural functions, as part of toilet training.

aufjäwe - to mail; to become involved with; to repay a debt.

aufjebräjcht - having a lot of nerve, insensitive, being very forward.

aufjebräjde Frü - a hussy.

aufjebruckt - shabby, threadbare. see aufbrucke.

aufjeete - to pour some liquid from a container that may be too full.

aufjekoakte Brie - a cooked mash, a concoction.

aufjeläft - decrepit, having the appearance of having lived a hard life.

aufjemäte - measured off, having been surveyed; see aufmäte.

Aufjemoldet Bilt - n. copy of a drawing, sketch.

aufjenstijch - envious, jealous; see Aufgonst.

aufjenutst - shabby, worn, threadbare; see aufnutse.

aufjleppe - to slip off, to lose grip suddenly.

aufjoage - to speed away.

aufkaue - see aufkeiwe.

aufkaunte - to smooth or trim off the edges.

aufkeiwe , (M: aufkaue) - to chew off.

aufkjarte - to shorten, to abbreviate.

aufkjeele - to cool off.

aufkjeepe - to purchase from someone.

aufkjniepe - to pinch off.

aufkjniewle - to hack or whittle off.

aufkloppre - to tap at something until it falls off.

aufklunje - to wear off shoes; to dance.

aufknaupe - to ration, to skimp.

aufkoake - to boil down, concoct.

aufkoppe - to behead.

aufkrautse - to scratch off; (vulg) to kick the bucket, to die.

aufkusse - to kiss a small child's hurt.

aufkwoakjse - to do a poor, sloppy, inadequate job.

aufladre - to skin.

Auflaja - m. (pl: sch) a plant cutting, a shoot, slip of a plant.

auflaje - to lay off; to discard; to begin a journey or a trip.

auflasche - to erase, obliterate.

auflaupse - to defraud another person, to elicit, to pry something from another person.

aufläwe - to wear away a life in dissipation.

Auflea - f. (pl: Aufleare) a lesson to be learned.

aufleare - to take direction, to learn a lesson.

aufleene - to dismiss, to discharge, lay off.

aufleene met Loon - superannuate.

aufleese - to spell off.

aufleewre - to deliver.

aufleide - to drain off; to shunt, to lead off.

auflekje - to lick off.

auflenkje - to divert, deflect.

aufliee - to lend or borrow from.

auflocke - to lure, to obtain by coaxing.

auflode - to unload.

auflote - to reduce or discount a price; to allow someone to get off a vehicle, allow a passenger to alight.

auflüare - to await patiently, to abide the time.

auflupre - see auflaupse.

aufmäte - to measure, to survey.

aufmoake - to remove an appendage; to designate someone in a will.

aufmole - to copy a drawing.

aufmuckre - to become thin and emaciated.

aufmurkjse - to do away with, to kill.

Aufnäma - m. (pl: sch) camera; photographer.

aufnäme - to snap a photo; diminish, decrease, decline; waste away, lose weight, to doff, to amputate, to relieve, to deliver a baby by other than natural means.

aufnutse - to utilize to the fullest, to wear out.

aufoabeide - to work off a debt, to repay a debt by working for it.

aufpausse - to await the opportune time.

aufplakje - for cloth material to fade; also ütplakje.

aufplekje - to pick off, like fruit from a tree.

aufprachre - to beg forgiveness, to apologize.

aufputse - to polish, to clean.

aufräajne - to rain off, like the dust from a plant.

aufrauspe - to rasp or file off.

aufreise - to leave on a trip, to depart.

aufriewe - to rub off.

aufrode - to dissuade, discourage, advise against.

aufrolle - to unroll.

aufroope - to hail someone.

aufrope - to push off the excess with the hands, like an overfull container of seeds.

aufrubble - to rub off; see aufriewe.

aufsaje - to refuse.

Aufsat - f. (pl: e) heel of a shoe.

Aufsata - m (pl: sch) a plant cutting.

Aufsauts - m. (pl: e) a landing.

aufschäare - to shear, like wool from a sheep.

aufschale - to peel, to pare.

aufschape - to skim off, to ladle off.

aufschatse - assess, evaluate.

aufschaufe - eliminate, kill, do away with, dispatch.

aufscheddre - to shake off, like apples from a tree.

Aufscheet - m. (pl: s) farewell, adieu, parting.

Aufscheet näme - to take leave, to say goodbye.

aufscheete - to shoot off, to fire.

Aufscheetsräd - valedictory address.

aufschekje - to mail, to dispatch, to send off.

aufscherre - to unharness.

aufschetsle - to partition, to segregate, sequester.

aufschitse - to close off a damper.

aufschjlüwe - to slip off, like a garment.

aufschläare - to saunter off, to shuffle off.

aufschlape - to drag away.

aufschliepe - to hone down, to grind off.

aufschliete - to remove the pointed ends from green beans of peas.

aufschmaunte - to skim off the cream, separate cream from milk.

aufschmelte - to melt off.

aufschneare - to tie or bind off, like a tourniquet.

Aufschnett - m. (pl: e) a paragraph, an excerpt, a selection, a reading, a segment, a piece that has been cut off.

aufschniede - to cut off, to shear off, to sever.

aufschnütse - to snub.

aufschobbe - to shrug off, to shirk.

aufschräde - to pace off.

Aufschreft - f. (pl: e) transcription.

aufschriewe - to copy by hand, to transcribe.

aufschrope - to scrape off, abrade.

aufschrüwe - to turn off, like a tap.

Aufschü - m. aversion, abhorrence, trepidation.

aufschüme - to skim off the foam.

aufschüwe - to push away, spurn, scorn.

aufschwiene - to do a sloppy job, to slough off.

Aufsejcht - f. (pl: e) purpose, objective, intention.

aufsejchtijch - deliberately, intentionally, purposely.

aufsenje - to singe off, to burn.

aufsette - to dismount.

aufsiee - to pour liquid through a sieve.

Aufsoag - f. (pl: e) refusal.

aufsondre - to separate, segragate, seclude, sequester, isolate, quarantine.

Aufsondrung - (pl: e) separation, seclusion, segregation, isolation, quarantine.

aufspeele - to rinse off.

aufspoare - see aufsondre.

aufstäakje - to cut off by using a sticking motion.

aufstankre - to kick off the blankets.

Aufstaum - m. (pl: e) ancestry, lineage.

aufstaume - to descend from, originate from, derive or be derived from.

aufsteewe - to dust off.

aufstemme - to decide by ballot.

aufstenjle - to remove the stems.

aufstiee ('raufstiee) - to step down, alight.

aufstoake - to unload a load of hay or sheaves by fork.

aufstoawe - to die out, die off.

aufstreepe - to denude, to strip off, to flay.

auftäkjne - to leave a visible impression or mark, like a footprint in the sand.

aufteeme - to unbridle.

auftiene - to fence off.

auftole - pay back, repay.

auftrakje - to subtract; to remove clothing; to grow pale.

auftrane - to separate from, to cut a seam.

Auftrett - f. (pl: e) outhouse, urinal, backhouse, toilet; see Bekjhüss, Hieskje.

aufwäare - to fend off, parry, defend.

aufwakjsle - to change off, to take turns, alternate, interchange, diversify.

aufwane - to overcome a habit, to wean.

aufwarje - throttle, strangle, choke.

aufwausche - to wash off.

aufwekjle - uncoil, unwind.

aufwesche - to wipe off.

aufwiese - to show off, to be ostentatious.

Au'gust - August.

aul - already, by now, by this time, as far as, yet.

aula - all, everyone, all done, all gone.

auladinjs - really, indeed, of course, to be sure.

aulatoop - altogether.

aula(t)wäajes - everywhere, all over.

auldoagsch - daily, work a day.

auldoagsche Kjleeda - every day working clothes.

aule - all, everyone.

Aulebausta - alabaster.

au'leen - alone, single, unmarried, without family or dependents.

aulemaun - everyone, every Tom, Dick and Harry.

aulemol - at any rate.

aulenthaulwe - in any even, anyway.

aulerhaunt , aulahaunt - all kinds, all sorts.

aules - see aula.

Aulfenbeen - ivory.

auljemeen - generally, commonly, together, public.

Auljemeenheit - generality, commonality.

auljewoa - see opp auljewoa.

aulkje - to speed, to run around wildly.

Aulmacht - f. omnipotance.

aulmajchtijch - almighty, omnipotent.

aulmälijch - gradually.

Aulmaunsfrint - a friend to everyone.

Aulmoose - f. alms, gifts for the poor.

Aulpenkjreita - a medicinal concoction purportedly concocted from herbs from the Alps. It contained alcohol.

Aulpenroos - f. rhododendrum.

aulsoo - so, as a result, therefore.

aultoomol - everyone, altogether, the whole lot.

aulwada - again! (emphatic).

aulweetent - omniscient.

aum - short for aun däm, on the, at the point of.

aum dollste(n) - hardest, most.

aum Enj - reached the end of patience, frustrated, at the terminal, at the point of indecision.

aum Läwe bliewe - survive.

aum pausse moake - to adjust, modulate.

aum See - at the seashore, at the seaside.

Aumboaj - m. promontory, a rise.

Aumbolt - m. (pl: s) anvil.

Aume - f. a wet nurse.

aumple - to gesture wildly, gesticulate, flail the arms and legs.

Aumplemaun - m. a puppet at the end of a stick or string that dances; a marionette.

Aumsel - f. a meadow lark, or blackbird.

Aumt - n. (pl: Amta) office; function, administration, ministry.

Aumt auflaje - resign.

aumtlijch - officially.

aumtlijch deene - serve officially.

aun - on, against; used as a prefix as shown in following examples.

aunäjne - to claim as one's own.

Aunanas - f. (pl: e) pineapple.

aunbacke - to paste on, to stick on, to affix glue.

Aunbäda - m. a worshipper.

aunbäde - to worship, pray, adore, deify, supplicate.

aunbale - to bark at.

aunbelange - pertain to, concern, relate to.

aunbelkje - to yell at.

aunbiete - to take the first bite, to nibble.

aunbinje - to tether, to tie, to moor, fasten by tying.

aunbloare - to blare or roar at.

Aunboajch - m. a small hill.

aunboasche - to accost.

aunbräakje - to break open, to start using from a new container.

aunbrelle - to roar at.

aunbrenne - for food to burn to the pan.

Aunbü - m (pl: s) a building addition.

aunbüare - to start or add to a new farm.

aunbüe - to add a new building.

aunda - usually part of a compound word: {derjchenaunda - mixed up}; {ütenaunda - separated}.

Aundacht - devotion, prayers, church service.

aundajchtijch - attentive(ly).

aundasch - different.

aundasch woare - to change.

aundatswäaje , aundawäajes - eslewhere, somewhere else.

aundawäajes - some place else.

Aundeel - n. a share, portion, part.

Aundeelsfejlikj - m. a ration.

aundeene - to give an order or direction, to command.

aundiedent - suggestive.

aundoone - to inflict.

aundra - m. another, a different one.

aundre - (pl) others.

aundreie - to turn on, to switch on, to compel someone to accept something.

aundret - n. something else, something other than.

aunerkjanne - to recognize, acknowledge.

aunfange - to begin, to start, commence, originate.

aunfangs - at the beginning, to begin with, initially, primarily.

Aunfank - m. (pl: s) a beginning, commencement, outset, inception, opening, origin, genesis.

Aunfaul - m. (pl: e) seizure, attack, fit, stroke.

aunfaule - to accost, to attack, to assail.

aunfeijchte - to moisten.

Aunfenja - m. (pl: sch) beginner, novice.

aunfenkjlijch - originally, to begin with, primarily.

Au(n)fetrü - f. confidence, trust.

aunfetrüe - to trust, to have confidence in.

aunfläje - to accost, to attack, to charge.

aunfoare - to drop in casually by vehicle; to attack.

aunfote - to touch; grab, grasp, to take hold of.

aunfräte - to overeat; to nibble at something for the first time.

Aunfroag - f. (pl: e) a request, inquiry; petition.

aunfroage - to request, to question, to enquire, to apply for a job.

aunfüle - to begin to rot.

aunglottse - to stare or glare at.

aungnoage - to gnaw or nibble at; see aunfräte.

aungone - to acquire, to do something silly to cause trouble; to effect, to bear upon.

Aungone - n. an occurrence, a happening; a tantrum.

aunhabe - to wear, to have on.

aunhafte - to affix, to nail or stitch on temporarily.

Aunhank - m. (pl: Aunhenja) appendage, addition, annex, follower, supporter, a following.

aunhäwe - to raise, to lift, to introduce a subject of topic.

aunheare - to hear, to listen to.

aunhenje - to hang on, to cleave to.

aunhenjendet O(nn)jesseffa - n. parasite, sponge.

Aunhenjsel - trinket, locket appendage, something that is hung; attachment.

aunhenklijch - continuance, abutting.

aunhoake - to hook on to.

aunhole - to tighten, like a belt; to pick up speed, accelerate.

aunhoole - to persist, persevere; to stop, to stop in at.

aunhoolent - persistent, adamant, determined.

aunjäwe - to register, to list.

Au(n)jebott - n. (pl: s) offer.

Au(n)jedenkj - n. (pl: a) memento, remembrance, keepsake, token, souvenir.

Au(n)jedneksknoop - m. medallion, medal.

au(n)jefriet - related by marriage.

au(n)jeheaje - those who belong, relatives.

au(n)jeholt - tightened; tense, taut.

au(n)jelange - to arrive, to reach a destination.

au(n)jenäm - pleasant, attractive, reputable, agreeable, desirable.

au(n)jenome - adopted, carried (at a meeting), assumed.

au(n)jenome daut - assumed that.

aunjenomna Nome - pseudonym, pen name, alias.

au(n)jenomna Nome - m. pseudonym.

au(n)jespetst - sharpened, brought to a point, like sharpening a pencil.

au(n)jestalt - placed in a position of responsibility; see aunstale.

au(n)jestekjt - lit; see aunstekje.

au(n)jewande Mood - a rite or a ritual.

Au(n)jewanheit - habit, idiocyncrasy.

au(n)jewant - having become accustomed to, habitual.

Aunjreff - m. (pl: s) invasion, attack, onslaught.

aunjriepe - to seize, attack, affect; assail, invade.

aunjriepent - impressive.

aunkjäde - to chain on.

aunkjikje - to look at, to gaze at.

aunkjleede - to clothe, to dress.

aunkjleewe - to past on; see aunbacke.

aunkjneppe - to establish a relationship.

Aunkloag - f. an accusation.

aunkloage - to accuse.

Aunkloagsfeträda - m. prosecutor.

aunkloppre - to rap on a door.

aunkome - to arrive, to drop by.

au(n)laje - to add fuel to a stove; to hitch on to.

au(n)launde - to arrive, to land.

aunlieme - to glue on.

aunligje - to continually solicit, pester.

aunligjent - abutting, adjacent, contiguous.

Au(n)malda - m. fire alarm.

au(n)malde - to report, announce, notify, to set up an appointment.

aunmäte - to measure for a fitting.

aunmoake - to attach.

au(n)näme - accept, adopt; hire, assume; to suppose.

aunnate - to moisten.

aunneede - to rivet on.

aunneie - to sew on.

aunnoagle - to nail on.

aunoabeide - to overwork, to over exert.

aunordne - to give direction, to order.

aunpausse - to try on, to try and fit a garment; adapt, adjust, accommodate.

aunplaunte - to start new plants.

aunpole - to tether to a pole.

aunputre - to rap on a door; see aunkloppre.

aunräaje - to excite, stimulate.

aunräakjne - to charge to the account.

aunrackre - to overexert.

aunräde - to engage someone in a conversation; to address someone.

aunreare - to touch; to mix, like a dough; to incite.

au(n)reede - to incite mischief, to create excitement.

aunreitse - incite; stimulate, instigate.

Aunreitsmeddel - n. stimulant.

au(n)rejchte - to raise up; to incite.

aunroope - to call by phone, to call, to invoke.

Aunsaja - m. (pl: sch) announcer.

aunsaje - to announce.

aunsate - to start suddenly, to root a plant cutting; to settle; to accumulate.

Aunsauts - m. (pl: e) protrusion, flange.

aunschaufe - to acquire, obtain.

aunscheete - to wound by shooting.

aunschiare - to touch, come in contact with.

Aunschlag - m (pl: Aunschläj) attempts, demonstrations.

aunschlüte - to join, espouse, affiliate with.

aunschlüwe - to slip on like a garment.

aunschmäare - to fool, to deceive, delude, hoodwink.

aunschnale - to buckle on.

aunschniede - to make the first cut.

aunschriewe - to record, make a written note, record a sales transaction, to keep score.

aunschrüwe - to screw on.

aunschweesse - to weld on.

au(n)seene - to observe, view, consider, regard, to look on.

aunsiedle - to settle like an immigrant.

Aunsoag - f. announcement.

aunspalde , (M: aunspale) - to pin on, to affix with a pin.

aunspaune - to hitch up.

aunspetse - to sharpen to a point.

aunsporne - to urge on, motivate.

aunspunje - test a watermelon for ripeness by cutting a small triangle or rectangle through the rind.

aunstale - to place in a position of authority or responsibility; to turn or switch on; to make mischief.

Aunstault - f. (pl: e) an insititution.

Aunstaulte moake - to make preparations or arangements; to make attempts.

Aunstaultswajchta - m. janitor, caretaker, watchman, guard.

aunsteete - abutt, to touch; to offend, hurt someone's feelings.

aunsteetent - contiguous, abutting; offensive, discourteous.

aunstejeare - instigate, perpetrate.

Aunstekjende Krankheit - infectious disease, contagious disease, epidemic.

aunstemme - to intone, to start a song or a tune.

au(n)stendijch - proper, seemly, decent, respectable, becoming, well-behaved; handsome.

Au(n)stoot - epilepsy, catalepsy, convulsions.

aunstrenje - to exert, struggle, strain.

aunstrikje - to strike a match.

aunsttekje - to ignite, to light, kindle; infect.

auntäkjne - to mark, to score, to delineate.

Auntol - f. number, quantity.

auntole - to make a down payment.

Auntolinj - a down payment, a fee, a premium, retainer.

auntoofestone jäwe - to hint strongly.

auntrafe - to come upon, to discover a situation, to find; to meet.

auntrakje - to attract, to gravitate; to acquire an odor.

auntrakjent - attractive, inviting, interesting, winsome.

auntsied brinje - to do away with.

aunt'sied - (lit aside) to put or brush aside; an expression used to tell a dog to 'beat it! '.

Auntsuch - m. a suit, vestment, a habit of clothing.

auntwuade - to reply, to answer, respond, retort.

Auntwuat - a reply, a response, an answer.

aunwane - to acquire a habit, become accustomed to.

aunwäsent - to be present.

Aunwault - m. (pl: e) barrister, lawyer, solicitor.

aunwausse - to mature, grow toward adulthood.

aunwaussent - nearing adulthood.

au(n)wende - make proper use of, practice, employ, utilize.

aunwiese - to show by example, to start a trend; to tempt, to lead astray.

Aunwiesung - f. (pl: e) reference.

aunwitte - to whiten, to whitewash.

Aunwoawa - someone that goes to bat for a wooer, an agent who asks for a girls hand on behalf of another man. (ex Cerano de Bergerac).

Aupel - m. (pl: Appel) apple.

Aupelboom - m. appletree.

Aupelkoos - f. apricot.

Aupelkruts - (see Klockenhüss).

Aupelküake - apple fritters.

Aupelsauft - f. apple juice.

Aupelschal - f. apple peel.

Aupelschemmel - dapple grey.

Aupelsien - f. (pl: e) an orange.

Aupelstekja - pieces of dried apple.

Aupledwautsch - a crispy, sour attitude, like a crabapple?.

Auplemooss - apple sauce (see Mennonite Cookbook).

Ausch - ashes (see Äsel).

Auschkommkje - n. ash tray.

Auschkül - f. ashpit.

auss - as, than, but except, apart from, when.

Auss - m. (pl: e) axle, axis.

Aust - m. (pl: Asta) branch, limb.

Austma - m. asthma.

äwa - over, above, on top of, higher than, superior to, more than, exceeding; via. used as a prefix as follows.

äwa'äte - overeat.

äwa'aunstrenje - to over exert, over strain.

äwabäarent - priggish, overbearing.

äwabäje - to bend over, stoop; see (bekje).

äwabeede - to overbid.

Äwabliefsel - leftovers, leavings, remainder.

äwabliewe - to remain, to be left over.

äwabrode - to refry.

äwabüare - to make a profit.

äwabuat - overboard.

äwabuat schmiete - to throw overboard, jettison.

äwadach - during the daytime.

äwadäl - up and about; prominent, messy, untidy, unorganized.

äwadäl brinje - to expose, evince.

äwadäl kome - to emerge, appear.

äwadäm - during that time, then.

äwadoone - to overdo; to repeat.

äwadreessijch - monotonous, boring, dull, drab, sick of.

äwadriest - over confident.

äwadriewe - exaggerate, overact, overstate.

äwadriewent - extreme, outrageous, exaggerated.

äwadunkle - to cloud over, eclipse.

äwafaule - to fall over, tip over.

äwa'faule - to attack.

äwaflejchlijch - superficially, cursory, perfunctory.

äwaflissijch - superfluous, superabundant; spare; redundant.

Äwafluss - m. glut, surplus, profusion.

äwafoare - to drive over, to pass over; stroke, rub; to cross, pass over, traverse.

äwafoawe - to paint over.

äwafoddre - to demand too much; to overcharge.

Äwagloowe - m. (pl: s) superstition.

äwagloowsch - superstitious.

Äwagoa - overcooked, overdone.

äwagone - to traverse, to cross or pass over; to boil over; to switch over to, change to.

äwahäagone - to take on a project; to do it.

äwaharsche - to dominate.

äwahenje - to hang over, to jut out.

äwa'hette - to overheat.

äwahole - to lash out; to fetch over.

äwahoole - to have left over.

äwahuppse - to jump over.

äwajäwe - to hand over, to entrust.

Äwaje - the rest of, remainder, the balance.

äwajeete - to pour liquid over.

äwajens - merely, really, withal, for the rest, otherwise, after all, by the way, moreover, furthermore, besides, however.

Äwajewault - f. supremacy, upper hand.

äwajewosse - overgrown with, covered with growth. see äwawausse.

äwajoage - to overheat (a horse by driving it too fast).

äwakjleewe - to paste over.

äwakjriets - crosswise, across, diagonally.

äwaklautre - to clamber over.

äwakoake - to boil over.

äwa'koake - to overcook.

äwakome - to come over, drop in.

äwa'kome - to overcome, vanquish, surmount.

äwakopp - upside down, inverted, capsized, head over heels.

äwakopp stale - to invert, place upside down.

Äwalaj - f. ideas, plans, stratgy, conception, I. Q.

äwalaje - to plan, to consider, reflect, speculate.

äwaläne - to lean over, recline.

äwalange - to reach over.

äwalangs - now and then, from time to time.

äwaläse - to read over.

äwalei - surplus, extra; also (toom äwajen).

äwalode - to overload.

äwalote - to leave over.

äwa'lote - to entrust, to leave someone with a responsibility.

äwa'lüd - aloud, audibly.

Äwamacht - the upper hand, superiority.

äwa'meed - over tired.

äwamorje - day after tomorrow.

Äwamot - f. excessive measure.

äwanacht - overnight.

äwanachte - to stay overnight.

äwanäme - to undertake, to tackle.

Äwanäme - n. an undertaking.

äwanäment - ambitious, enterprising, dauntless.

Äwanämungsjeist - ambition.

äwa'naunda (äweren'aunda) - one upon another, superimposed.

äwa'oabeide - overwork.

äwapensle - to brush over superficially.

äwarane - to run over, like water.

Äwaransborm - m. artesian well.

äwa(r)aul - all over, over all.

äwar'aul - over all, all over.

äwarausche - to surprise, startle.

Äwarauschinj - f. a surprise.

äwa'reen - same, similar equal, alike, identical.

äwa'reen ennstale - to synchronize.

äwa'reen moake - to make amends, propitiate, expiate, make peace, apologize, compromise, conciliate, redress.

äwa'reen siedijch - equalateral.

äwa'reen stemme - to agree, conform.

äwa'reene Meeninj - of one mind; synonym.

äwa'reenformijch - uniform.

äwaresse - to lash out with a strap or whip.

äwarhaunt - see äwahaunt.

äwarhaupt (äwarheipt) - see äwahaupt.

äwa(r)'haupt , äwa(r)'heipt - mainly, generally.

äwariep - overripe.

äwa'rigj - over backwards.

äwa'roasch - backwards, reverse.

Äwarock - m. overcoat, greatcoat.

äwar'uat - aslant. askew, across.

äwar'üt - especially, particularly.

äwa'sate - to translate, interpret.

Äwa'satinj - f. translation, interpretation.

äwa'schatse - to overrate, overestimate.

äwaschedde - to spill over, (not liquid).

äwaschlone - to skip over, to miss, pass over, omit, leave out; to carry over like heredity.

äwaschmiete - to throw over.

äwa'schmiete - to overthrow.

äwa'schnaupt - garbled, missing a cog, fanatical.

Äwaschoo - f. overshoes.

äwaschorre - to slump over.

Äwaschoss - m. surplus.

äwaschräde - to pace off.

Äwaschreft - f. (pl: e) caption, heading.

äwaschrots - diagonally across.

äwaschrots gone - to take a shortcut.

äwaschwäle - to administer lashes.

äwaschwamme - to flood.

Äwaschwamminj - f. a flood, deluge, inundation.

äwa'seene - to oversee.

Äwasejcht - f. (pl: e) scene, overview.

äwasiedle - to emigrate.

äwaspreede - to cover, to spread over.

äwasprinje - to jump over.

äwastankre - to kick (over the traces).

äwasteete - to knock over accidentally.

äwa'steete - to overthrow.

äwastelpe - to tip over.

äwastiee - to step over.

äwastone - to overcome s habit or situation.

äwastreie - to strew over.

äwastrikje - to cover with strokes, to paint over.

äwatak'seare - to overtax.

äwatoojoa - the year before last, two years ago.

äwaträde - infringe, contravene, violate, overstep.

äwatseie - to convince, persuade.

Äwatseiung - conviction, persuasion.

äwatsied - out of the way, put aside, done with, completed.

äwa'uat - see äwar'uat.

äwa'üt - see äwar'üt.

äwa'warje - to apply force to the point of damage, like stripping the thread on a bolt.

äwawaultje - to rape, overpower.

äwawausse - to become overgrown, covered with growth.

äwawijcht - top heavy, overweight, at the point of overbalance.

äwawintre - to over winter, make it through the winter.

äwawoame - to reheat, to warm through.

äwent(s) - really, just, simply; see äwajens.

äweren'aunda - see äwa'naunda.

äwer'enj - vertical, on end, erect, upright.

Äwe(r)haunt - the upper hand.

Äwe(r)haunt näme - to go beyond the limits, to gain the upper hand, gain ground.

äwrijch - to be generous with, offer a helping hand.

Bäa - f. (pl: re) berry; pear.

bäaje - to bathe a wound, apply compresses.

Bäajel - m. (pl: s) handle of a pail, bail; rim of wheel supported by spokes.

Bäareboom - m. pear tree.

Bäben , (M: Bäbinj) - n. quake, tremor.

Bach - m. (pl: Bäakja) creek, brook, stream.

Back - f. (pl: e) oven; cheek.

backe - to bake.

Backeboat - m. sideburns.

Backeschlach - m. slap on the cheek.

Backheat - f. bakeoven.

Backkomm - f. baking dish, bowl.

Backowe - m. outdoor bake oven.

backrijch - sticky, gooey.

backse - a slap.

Backsinj - f. wheel box bearing.

Backtän - f. molar tooth.

Backtroch - baking or kneading trough.

Bad - n. (pl: e) bed.

bäde - to pray, worship.

Bädel - m. scoundrel.

Badkranka - m. invalid confined to bed.

Badstäd - n. bedstead.

bäje - to bend.

Bakja - m. baker.

Bäkjabrat - n. bookshelf, millboard.

bale - to bark.

bän - upstairs.

Bän - m. (pl: s) ceiling, loft; oppem.

bandijch - manageable, like a horse.

bandje - to tame, curb, control, subdue.

Bang - homesickness, fear.

bange - to yearn, to be lonesome, to be homesick.

bangrijch - nostalgic, wistful, pining.

Banje - f. a steambath.

Bank - f. (pl: e) bank, savings bank.

Bank'ea - m. (pl: sh) banker.

bankrutt , (M: bankrott) - bankrupt.

Bankssadel - m. cheque.

Banktala - m. bank teller.

bankwirdijch - valuable, worthy.

Barjchtola - m. Bergthaler, member of a Bergthal colony or Bergthal church.

Barscht - f. (pl: e) brush.

barschte - to brush.

Bäsma - m. balancing beam scale.

Ba'soa - m. bazaar.

Bassem - m. (pl: s) broom.

Bassemkrüt - broomgrass; Kochia prostrata.

Bassemstäl - broom handle.

Bassemstock - m. broomstick.

basta , baste , bäta - see goot.

bät (en bät) - a bit, a little, some, somewhat.

bätje (beskje) - both words in the diminutive form for bät.

bätre - to improve; to gain weight.

baudre - to bother, to harass, to trouble.

Baul - m. ball, globe, sphere.

Baulj - f. bellows.

Bauljch - m. (pl: Balj) rascal, brat; originally this word appeared to refer to a woman who had an illigitimate child.

Baulkje - m. (pl: s) beam, support, wooden joist.

baulre - to rattle, to rumble like thunder.

baulstiarijch - stubborn, headstrong, obdurate.

Baun - m. (pl: e) ban, interdiction, excommunication from church.

Baunt - m. (Benja) string, band, cord.

Bauntiesa - n. strip metal used to hold together the staves of a barrel.

Bauntworm - m. tapeworm.

Bauss - m. (pl: e) boss.

Baust - n. bark of a tree.

be - insep prefix, a widely used prefix in Low German indicating covering something (pronounced bi). In most cases the words following this prefix will be able to stand alone while the prefix be attaches increased significance to the word. It is never the accented part of the word.

Bea - m. (pl: sch) beer.

be'achte - to observe. see also be'oobachte.

Be'aumta - m. an officer, one in authority, a functionary, an official.

be'aumte - to authorize.

be'auntwuade - answer, respond.

bebbre - to shake like jelly, to quake.

be'bräje - to blanch, to scald.

be'büe - to build around.

be'dajchtijch - to be contemplative.

be'dakje - to cover (with a blanket).

be'danke - to thank.

Be'deelinj - f. participation.

be'deelje - to participate.

be'deene - to serve.

Be'deeninj - f. service.

be'denkje - to consider, think over, speculate.

Be'denkje - thought, reflection, misgiving, consideration.

Be'derfniss - n. a need, a requirement.

be'diede - to signify, symbolize, denote, purport, bode.

be'diedent - significant, momentous, considerable.

Be'diedinj - portent, omen, meaning, significance.

be'diesle - to become dizzy.

be'dinje - to stipulate; bedinjt of a certainty; conditional.

Be'dinjung - f. condition, stipulation, term.

be'docht - resourceful, resolute, wellconsidered. see be'denkje.

Be'drach - m. an act of fraud.

be'drekje - to suppress, oppress, repress, conceal.

be'drenje - to oppress, depress, squeeze in.

be'drenjt - squeezed in, oppressed, depressed.

be'droage - to defraud, cheat, deceive, beguile.

be'drunke - drunk.

be'düare - to worry about, to pity.

be'duddle - sway, persuade, influence.

be'dusle - to befuddle, confuse.

be'dwinje - to persuade by force, coerce, compel.

be'eadje - to bury, inter.

beede - to bid.

be'endje - to end, terminate, conclude, finish.

be'enflusse - to influence, sway, patronize.

bees - evil wicked.

Beesa - m. the evil one.

beese , beesre - rankle, irritate, anger.

Beese - hollow reeds.

Beese Fient , Beese Wijcht - the evil one, Satan, the devil, fiend, miscreant.

Beesenhoot - hat made of reeds.

Beest - n. beast, brute.

Beestmalkj - f. first milk from a freshened cow.

Beet - f. (pl: e) beet.

be'fäaje - to sweep over.

Be'fäl - m. a command, an order.

be'fäle - to command, to order.

be'feele - to feel all over.

be'felkjre - to people, to populate.

be'ferjchte - to fear.

Be'ffel , (M: Biffel) - m. buffalo.

be'fleescht - well fleshed, plump, well fed.

be'flekje - to patch all over, to cover with patches.

Be'folenheit - f. a mandatory order.

be'fote - to feel, to touch, to finger; {sikj be'fote - to control oneself}.

be'frädje - to satisfy, to gratify, to mollify.

Be'frädjung - f. satisfaction, gratification, pacification.

be'freare - to freeze over, to become frosted.

be'frieda Toostaunt - wedlock, matrimony.

be'friee - to wed, to marry.

be'froage - interrogate, enquire, question.

be'froare - past tense of befreare.

be'frodme - to cause fogging, like breathing on a cold glass surface.

be'gauf sikj - it so happened, it came to pass.

be'glottse - to ogle, to eye closely.

be'glüpe - to observe slyly with sidelong glances.

be'gnoage - to chew or gnaw over, like gnawing the corn from a cob.

be'goft - gifted, endowed, talented.

be'gofte Henj - gifted hands, dexterous.

be'gone - to do, to commit.

Be'gonnje - f. peonies.

be'grauje - to paw over.

be'grose - to graze on or over.

be'growe - to bury, inter.

be'hakjse - to bewitch.

be'harsche - to control, to govern.

be'haundle - to negotiate a deal, to barter, discuss; treat.

be'haupte , (beheipte) - to assert, confirm, aver, declare, maintain, allege, contend.

be'heiwe - to trim, to cut away.

be'helplijch - helpful.

be'henje - to drape, to cover with cloth.

be'hiepe - to hill, like potatoes.

be'hindat - handicapped.

be'hoole - retain, remember.

be'hutsaum - gently, carefully, tenderly, tactfully, cautiously.

beid - both.

beidatlei - of both kinds, hermaphrodite.

be'iese - to ice up, become glazed.

Beila - m. (pl: sch) boiler.

Beitel - m. (pl: s) chisel.

Beitelkopp - m. chislehead.

beitse - to corrode.

be'jäajne - to meet, encounter.

be'jaumre - to bewail, to bemoan, molly coddle.

be'jäwe - occur.

Be'jäwenheit - f. characteristic behaviour, idiocyncracy.

Bejcht - exaggerations.

Bejchte riete - to indulge in exaggerations.

be'jeete - to water, to pour over.

be'jeistade Freid - rapture, exaltation, ecstacy.

be'jeistat - inspired, enthused.

be'jeistre - to inspire, motivate, make enthusiastic.

be'jeiwat - slobbered over.

be'jenj - run in, limbered up, in good running order.

be'jenne - to progress, accomplish, achieve.

Be'jia - m. greed.

be'jiarijch - greedy, over ambitious, grasping, voracious.

be'jleite - to accompany, escort, attend.

be'jnäje - to be satisfied or content with what one has.

be'jniesre - to ridicule, to sneer at.

be'joat - up in years, aged, elderly.

Be'jrafniss - n. (pl: e) funeral.

be'jreesse - to greet, salute.

be'jrense - to confine, restrict, limit.

be'jriepe - to understand, catch on, grasp, comprehend.

be'jrieplijch - comprehensible, tangible.

Be'jriff - m. knack, talent for.

Be'kaunda - m (pl: Be'kaunde) an acquaintance.

bekaunt woare - become acquainted.

be'kaunt - familiar with, notorious, acquainted, public knowledge.

be'kaunt moake - to make known, announce, introduce, proclaim, introduce.

Be'kauntschoft - f. knowledge, publicity, a familiarity.

be'kjanne - to admit, to confess.

Be'kjantniss - n. confession; creed.

bekje - to bend over, stoop, curtsy.

be'kjeare - to convert, to accept a new way of life.

be'kjeepe - to bribe, to buy someone's favours.

be'kjemmat - concerned, solicitous, anxious, thoughtful.

be'kjemmere - to be concerned with.

Bekjhüss - n. outhouse, backhouse, outdoor toilet.

be'kjikje - to look over, survey, observe.

Be'kjleed - siding of a building.

be'kjleede - to apply siding to a building; to clothe.

be'kjleet - clothed, clad.

be'kjleewe - to besmear.

be'kjletsche - to smooth a log or rail with a hatchet.

Bekjreeme - m. backstrap; martingale.

be'kjritsle - to scribble all over.

Bekjse - f. pants, trousers; also refers to husks of grain.

Bekjseleida - m. a grainbagger; also Bekjseschlap.

Bekjselint - f. trouser waist.

be'kjwiele - to spit upon.

be'kjwiemt - bedraggled.

be'klautsche - to pat the body; to applaud.

be'kleiwe - to scratch dirt or sand over an object to cover it; to touch, to smudge. see befote.

be'kloage - to deplore, lament, bemoan, complain, bewail.

be'klomme - hee es beklomme; he is uneasy, afraid, oppressed.

be'kloppre - to pat.

be'klunje - to tread all over.

be'knaupe - to ration, to use sparingly.

be'koft - bribed.

be'kwoakjse - to belittle, be disdainful of.

be'lache - to laugh at the whole affair.

be'lajcht - covered with fur.

be'lammat - cluttered, taking up room.

be'läse - to pick over carefully; to read over.

Be'laustinj - f. a burden.

be'laustje - to burden, pester, annoy, encumber.

be'läwe - to experience.

Be'läwniss - n. venture, experience.

Be'lea - f. education, training.

be'leare - to lecture, to train, to educate, to enlighten.

be'learungsweat - educational.

be'leeft - loved, popular.

be'leib - definitely.

be'leidje - offend, hurt someone's feelings.

Be'leidjung - f. offence.

be'lekje - to lick all over.

be'lemmre - to clutter.

be'ligje - to burden, to overstay a welcome; to hang on.

be'lijchte - to shed light on, illuminate.

belkje - to holler, yell, shout.

be'loagre - to load down with, to beleaguer.

be'lode - to load down with.

be'looft - leafy, thick with leaves.

be'loone - to pay, to honour, to recognize.

Be'looninj - f. gratuity, prize, wage, remuneration.

be'lüare - to spy on, to observe secretly.

be'mäakjle - to find fault with.

be'mäje - to exert extra effort.

be'meistre - to master.

be'moake - to coop up, to cage, to confine.

be'moakje - to notice, to perceive.

be'mole - to cover with drawings, to portray.

be'motte - to coerce, to force.

be'mummle - to bundle up against the cold.

be'muzhat - soiled.

be'näme - control or behave oneself.

Be'näme - n. attitude, behaviour, bearing.

be'näwelt - tipsy, drunk, in a fog.

be'näwle - to get tipsy through drinking or smoking.

Be'neemung - f. (pl: e) nomenclature, system of names.

be'neie - to sew for someone, to cover with stitches.

Benjel - m (pl: s) urchin, young lad, chap, imp, boy; a dowel.

Benkj , (M: Beinkj) - f. (pl: e) bench.

benna - pref, within, inside, inner.

benna Jrense - within limits.

bennabast - within the best.

Bennafoot - m. instep.

Bennahaunt - f. palm of the hand.

Bennakaunt - on the inside, within the margin.

Bennareif - innertube.

bennaschta - m. the one on the inside.

bennaschte - f. the one on the inside.

bennaschte - is also the plural form.

benutse - to make use of, to use.

be'oabeide - to work over an item or object to bring it to a desired shape or state.

be'oobachte - to observe. to regard, to see.

Be'oobachtinj - f. an observation.

be'packe - to pack well, to pack around.

be'pauje - to paw all over.

be'pilse - to become moldy.

be'pilst - moldy.

be'plaunte - to cover with plants.

be'pulkjre - to cover with dirt.

be'räakjene - to calculate, to solve an arithmatic problem.

Be'räakjninj - f. a calculation an accounting.

be'räde - to convince, enjoin, coax, cajole, urge, persuade, talk over, discuss.

be'rajchte - entitle, authorize.

be'rane - to run errands; to rut, to breed.

be'rant - bred.

be'rausche - to surprise.

be'reise - to tour.

Be'rejcht - m. (pl: e) a report, statement.

be'rejchte - to report, to relate, to inform.

be'riemt - renown, famous, en.

be'riemta Rikja - a magnate.

be'riepe - to become covered with hoarfrost.

be'rikje - to sniff at.

be'rode - advise; debate.

be'roome - to become covered with soot.

Be'roop - m. (pl: s) an occupation, a vocation.

be'roowe - to rob.

Be'rstaund - a garden of watermelons.

be'rüje - to reassure, to calm, to quieten.

be'säkje - to visit, to call on, to see someone.

be'sate - to infest, to become covered with; to bind the edge of cloth.

be'säte - possessed, obsessed, demoniac.

Be'sätenheit - f. obsession, preoccupation.

be'saubre - to slobber over, to suck, to lick.

be'schäare - to present something to someone.

Be'schäarinj - a contribution.

be'schädje - to damage, to harm, mar, to hurt.

be'schaftje - (refl) to occupy or busy oneself with, to engage in.

Be'schaufenheit - f. constitution; see Fefotinj.

Be'scheet - m. information, direction.

be'scheffle - to bury with a shovel.

be'scheide - modest, well behaved.

Be'scheidenheit - f. modesty.

be'schekje - to make progress.

be'schempe - to vilify, to defame, curse.

be'schenkje - to present, endow, bestow.

be'schiare - to rub bare.

be'schiat - threadbare, worn through.

be'schiene - to shine upon, irradiate.

Be'schlach - n. a coating, a varnish.

be'schläpe - shrewd, smart, intelligent, educated.

Be'schlikj - m. (pl: e) a woolen cap or scarf.

be'schlone - to shoe a horse; to become tarnished or coated.

Be'schluss - m. conclusion, decree, resolution.

Be'schlussfäijch - a sufficient number of members present to make possible a decision, a quorum.

Be'schlüte - to put under lock and key; to resolve, to decree, to determine, to conclude.

be'schmäare - to besmear with grease (excuses) ; to cover up.

be'schmäkje - to over indulge in smoking.

be'schmatre - to bespatter.

be'schmurtse - to begrime.

be'schneffle - to sniff all over.

be'schniede - to trim, to clip, pare; to circumcise.

Be'schniedinj - f. circumcision.

be'schniee - to snow on, to cover with snow.

be'schniet - covered with snow.

be'schnütse - to snub, belittle, humiliate, spurn, rebuff.

be'schoawe - to cover lightly with dirt, sand etc.

be'schoone - to use sparingly, to protect.

be'schräde - to pace off, measure off, step out.

be'schrenkjde Jedanke - illiberality.

be'schrenkjde Kost - a diet.

be'schrenkjde Meeninj - illiberality, narrow mindedness.

be'schrenkje - to limit, to reduce, retrench, qualify.

beschrenkjt - limited.

Be'schrenkjtheit - f. narrowness of vision.

be'schriewe - to describe, portray, define.

be'schromt - cowed, intimidated.

be'schuldje - to blame, to accuse, impute, incriminate.

be'schumle , beschupse - to cheat, defraud, swindle, perpetrate.

be'schutse - to protect, shield, safeguard.

be'schwieme - to faint, swoon.

be'schwijchte - to quieten, to soothe.

be'schwindle - same as be'schumle, be'schupse.

be'seene - to look over closely, survey, scrutinize, scan, review, examine, view.

be'seie - to cover a field with seed.

be'senne - to reflect upon, consider, recollect, cogitate, deliberate, meditate, speculate.

Be'senning - f. (pl: e) senses, consciousness.

be'sennunglooss - unconscious, in a coma.

Be'sennungstiet - f. reprieve.

be'sette - to own, possess, occupy.

be'sied - beside, to one side, aside.

be'sied Wajch - by the wayside, beside the road.

be'siedle - to settle, to colonize.

Be'sits - m. (pl: e) possession.

beskje - a little bit. see bätje.

be'sonda (be'sondasch) - special, particular, peculiar, unusual.

be'sondre Fäijchkeite - special qualifications.

be'sope - drunk, inebriated.

be'sorje - to take care of, to do the chores; to acquire, to procure.

be'sorjt - concerned, anxious, worried.

be'spaune - to provide a team for.

be'speele - to rinse off.

be'spiee - to spit upon.

be'spretse - to splash, to spray, besprinkle, bespatter.

be'spüake - to spook, to haunt.

bessawiess - little by little small piece by small piece.

best - are, see senn.

be'städje , (M: be'stätje) - to confirm, ratify, affirm, verify, corroborate, sanction, ordain.

be'stale - to order, to request.

be'stäle - to rob.

Be'stalssadel - m. an order blank, an order form.

Be'stalung - f. an order, a request.

be'steewe - to get blown over with dust, to get covered with dust.

be'stemme - to determine, confirm.

be'stemmt - definite, certain, fixed, precise, specific.

be'stendijch - permanent, lasting, constant, stable, steady.

be'stone - consist of, exist.

be'sträwe - to endeavour, to strive.

be'streepe - to fleece.

be'streie - to scatter upon, strew upon.

be'streit - bestrewed.

be'striede - to accomplish.

be'strikje - to pat, to stroke.

be'strofe - to punish, chastise.

be'strole - irradiate.

be'strulle - to urinate upon.

bestrumpse - deleaf, to trim.

be'südle - to soil, to smudge.

be'süpe - to get drunk.

be'täkjne - provide direction, indicate, signify, denote, gesture, designate.

be'teewre - convince, cajole, persuade, enchant.

be'teibda Toostaunt - in a semi-conscious state.

be'teibe - to anaesthetize.

Be'teibungsmeddel - anaesthetic, drug, ether, opiate.

be'tiene - to fence in.

be'timmst - slang for 'drunk'.

Be'toch - a protective covering to keep out the elements, a top on a buggy.

Be'tochbogge - a buggy with a top.

be'tole - to pay, defray, compensate, recompense, remunerate.

be'toone - to stress, to emphasize.

Be'tracht - f. consideration.

be'trachte - to look at, observe, view, regard, consider.

be'traffs - pertaining to, concerning, with respect to.

be'trakje - to cover over, upholster.

be'triebt - afflicted, sorrowful.

be'trüare - to bewail, bemoan, to mourn over.

betta - bitter.

be'tuttre - to pacify, soothe, quieten.

be'twiewle - to have doubts over.

be'üage - to eye, to look over.

be'wäaj - to be present, mobile.

be'wäaje - to stir, move, to exercise.

be'wäajent - kinetic.

be'wäajlijch - moveable, mobile.

be'wäajlijch moake - mobilize.

Be'wäajlijchkjeit - f. mobility.

Be'wäajung - f. (pl: e) motion, movement.

be'wäle - to dry in the sun.

be'waundat - conversant, well-versed.

be'wausse - to become covered with growth.

be'wiese - to prove, demonstrate.

Be'wiess - m. proof, evidence, testimony, demonstration.

Be'wiess aufjäwe - to testify.

be'woare - to guard, to put in a safe place.

be'wonboa - habitable.

be'wone - to inhabit, live in, occupy.

be'wotre - to irrigate, to water.

Bewotrinj - f. irrigation.

be'wundre - to admire.

be'wust - conscious, knowing.

be'wustloos - unconscious.

Be'zhuj - m. (pl: e) one of a lower class, bourgeois.

Bia - f. (pl: Biare) slip covers for blanket or pillow, pillow case.

bie - by, near, beside, with. (pref. indicating nearness).

bie aun - in passing, in spare time.

Bieba - m. (pl: sch) beaver.

Biebel - f. (pl: Bieble) Bible.

Biebelspruch - m. Bible verse.

Biebliotikj - f. (pl: e) library.

bieblisch - biblical.

biebrinje - to convince, (sometimes forcibly).

Biedel - m. (pl: s) sac, pouch, small bag.

Biedel met Jelt - poke, money pouch.

Biedeltia - n. marsupial.

Biedrach - m. (pl: s) contribution.

biedroage - to contribute.

Bieeromp - m. beehive.

Biefaul - (pl: Biefal) whims, plans, ideas.

biefaule - to recollect, remember, to plan, to get ideas.

biegone - to get at something surreptitiously.

bieheare - to belong to.

biehoole - to persevere.

biehucke - to get into something mischievously, like an inquisitive child.

Biehutscha - m. assistant, helper, apprentice; a satellite.

biekrüpe - see biehucke, biehuksch.

biekrüpsch - displaying the tendency to get into everything.

Biel - (pl: s) hatchet, small axe. tomahawk.

bielaje - to enclose, to add, to supplement.

bielangs (gone) - to toddle as when a child learns to walk holding on to something.

Bielod - f. a compartment in a trunk; glove compartment.

bielote - to permit contact, to breed horses.

biepausse - to match, to fit together.

bieplaunte - to add more plants.

Biepritsch - the third horse of a troika (a Russian term for a threesome, a three horse team).

Bierock - m. a meat dish.

Bieschlach - m. threshold, annex.

Bieschmack - m. an after taste.

Bieschreft - f. postscript.

bieschriewe - to add a footnote.

Biesonne - f. sundogs.

Biespell - n. example, paradigm, precedent, sample.

biesprinje - to jump to the aid of.

biesta (Feebadroom) - delirious.

biesta räde - to rant, rave, hallucinate.

Biestaunt - m. (pl: Biestend) support, succor.

biestemme - to agree, concur.

Biet - n. (pl: a) a bite, a piece, a chunk.

bietawiess - bit by bit, little by little.

biete - to bite.

bietiede - betimes, in good time.

bietsch - having a tendency to bite.

biewone - to be present at, to experience, to witness.

bilde - to develop, educate.

bildung - f. education, development, formation.

bilje - tolerate, countenance, condone, brook; the cheap ones.

bille - (pref) having a choice among many, any.

billewäa - just anyone.

billewäm - to just anyone.

billewanea - just anytime.

billijch - cheap, inexpensive.

Bilt - n. (pl: Bilda) picture, effigy, painting, image, paragon, prototype, simile.

Bilt ütbeitse - to etch a picture.

Biltfedoawa - iconoclast.

biltlijch - allegorically figuratively.

biltlijch beschriewe - to describe graphically, to illustrate.

Biltschmieta - m. projector.

bimbre - to weep.

bindijch - earnestly.

Binj - f. (pl: e) scarf, sash, muffler.

binje - to tie, bind.

Binjwuat - n. conjunction.

Birja - m. citizen; sponsor; co-signer.

Birja woare - to become naturalized.

Birjarajcht - citizenship.

birje - to co sign, to sponsor, pledge.

Birjschien - m. voucher.

Birjschoft - f. collateral, bail, pawn.

bise - to buzz around.

Bisworm - m. a continually active, fidgety person.

bitscheen - please; certainly; you're welcome.

Bitsijch - m. (pl: s) small child, whippersnapper.

blädre - to turn the pages of a book.

Blajch - n. tin.

Blajchbaulj - f. (pl: e) a tin tub.

blajche - to coat with tin; (slang) to hit someone.

Blajchiesa - tin plates, tin metal, sheet iron.

Blajchkomm - f. tin basin.

blajchoatijch - tinny.

blajchoatjet Stoff - pewter.

Blajchschmett - m. whitesmith.

Bläjchsel - n. (pl: s) blossom, a bud about to blossom.

bläje - to bloom.

bläkje - to bleach, to whiten.

blam'eare - to embarrass.

blank - shiny, lustrous, glittering.

blankschiare - furbish, polish.

Blaubamauts - blabbermouth, chatterbox.

blauss - pale, sallow, wan, pallid, ghostly, whitish.

blauss woare - to pale, to blanch.

Blaussheit - paleness pallor.

Blaut - n. (pl: Bläada) a page, a leaf.

bleed - shy, coy, modest withdrawn, timid, reticent, reluctant.

bleede - to bleed, hemmorrhage.

Bleedheit - f. shyness, reticence, timidity, modesty, reluctance.

Bleifs , Bleifsel - m. bluing.

Bleifsplaunt - f. woad.

bleiw , (M: blau) - blue.

bleiw jreen - blue green, turquoise.

Bleiwa Hoost - m. whooping cough.

Bleiwbäare - blueberries.

bleiwe - to use bluing; to fib, lie.

bleiwe Malkj - skimmed mild.

Blekj - m. (pl: e) a look, glance, glimpse.

blenkjre - to glitter, sparkle, gleam, glint, twinkle.

Bless - m. the star on a horses' forehead.

Blie - n. lead, graphite.

blieijch - leaden.

Blies - f. (pl: e) squall, flurry, shower.

Bliesteft - f or m. pencil.

bliewe - to remain, stay, abide.

blinje Schreft - f. braille.

Blinje Koo - f. blind man's buff.

blinjet Jlekj - n. blind luck, fluke.

blinjlinjs - blindly.

blint - blind.

Blintdoarm - appendix.

Blintdoarm entsindung - appendicitis.

Blintdoarm Fejeftung - peritonitis.

blits blank - spic and span, polished and shiny.

Blits - flash, lightning.

Blits aufleida - m. lightning arrestor, conductor.

Blitskjniepa - m. firefly.

Blitsowe - m. microwave oven.

blitsre - see blenkjre.

Blitsschlach - m. lightning strike.

bloare - shout, yell, blare, bellow.

blombeare - to fill a tooth.

blond - blond.

bloodrijch - bloody, gory.

Bloom - f. (pl: e) flower; fib.

Bloom Beet - n. flower bed, hotbed.

Bloome Bläda - petals.

Bloome Glauss - flower vase.

Bloome Goade - m. flower garden.

Bloome Hendla - m. florist.

Bloome Knoppe - m. flower bud.

Bloome Kommst - m. cauliflower.

Bloome Krauns - m. garland.

Bloome Sauft - f. nectar.

Bloome Stoff - m. pollen.

Bloome Strauch - m. nosegay.

Bloomefensta - n. bay window.

Bloometün (fonn Spläte) - m. trellis.

Bloomoatijch - floral.

bloosjen Kopp - bare headed.

blooss - only, just, mere; naked, bare.

Bloot - n. blood.

Blootblos - f. a blood blister.

Blootfejeftinj - blood poisoning.

Blootkjräft - leukemia.

Blootlote - to induce bleeding, bloodletting.

Blootoam - anemic.

Blootoda - f. vein or artery.

Blootronstijch - finely veined, blood shut.

Blootschaund - incest.

Blootworscht - blood sausage, black pudding.

Blootwota - n. lymph, blood serum.

Blos - (pl: e) f. bubble, bladder, blister.

Blos dinkj - n. carhorn, foghorn.

Blosa - m. (pl: sch) blower; carhorn.

Blosbaulj - f. forge, bellows.

blose - to blow.

Bloshuarn - m. bugle, horn.

Blott - m. mud, mire, heavy muck.

blottijch - muddy, mucky.

Blottschropa - m. mud scraper.

Blüs - f. (pl: e) blouse.

boa (jelt) - cash.

Boa - m. (pl: re) bear.

Boa - n. (pl: sch) drill, auger.

boaft - barefoot.

boafta Koffe - m. coffee with nothing added.

Boage - m. (pl: s) bow (and arrow) ; a sheet of paper.

Boagehaulta - quiver.

Boageschoss - m. an arc, trajectory.

Boageseid - f. bowstring.

boaj'auf - downhill.

Boajch - m. (pl: Boaj) mountain, hill, knoll, mount.

boaje - to shelter, to billet.

boajijch - hilly, mountainous.

boaj'opp - uphill.

Boakj - f. birch, bark of a tree.

Boakjheena - a species of ptarmigan.

Boakjmeditsien - quinine.

boare - to drill.

Boarefang - f. a concoction of honey and alcohol formerly used to trap bears.

Boarekül - f. bear pit.

boasch - sour, rancid.

Boat - m. (pl: Bäata) beard.

Bobbat - m. a yeast bread with raisins, often eaten with roast chicken (see Mennonite Cookbook).

Bocht - f. (pl: e) a crude bed, a bed for animals.

Bock - m. (pl: Bakj) ram, a wooden sawhorse.

Bockbea - m. a dark beer, bock beer.

bocke - to buck.

Bockel'zhonn - f. (pl: e) tomato.

bocksch - having the tendency to buck; balky.

Bocksprinj - leapfrog; frolic.

Boddem - m. (pl: s) bottom, base.

bode - to bathe, lave.

Bodplauts - m. spa.

Bodwaun - bathtub.

Bodwaun - f. (pl: e) bathtub.

Bogge - m. (pl: s) buggy, chaise, gig, growler.

Boj - f. flannel.

Bol - f. (pl: e) plank.

Bolinj - f. (pl: e) arch of the foot.

Boll - m. (pl: s) bull.

bollboarijch - crude, uncouth.

Bollriess - f. (pl: e) a fish trap.

bommle - to dangle, to swing.

Bon - f. (pl: e) track, railway.

Bon Ssoagel - the small plot of land left when a track or highway cuts off a small piece of land and leaves a small corner of a field.

Bonbräakja - m. (pl: sch) pioneer.

bonbräakje - to open a new road.

Bonhoff - m. (pl: Bonhäw) railway station.

Bonnsel - n. (pl: s) sprig, cluster, bunch.

Bonschwal - railroad tie.

Bood - f. (pl: e) family room, den; shed (M).

bool(t) - soon, presently.

Boom - m. (pl: Beem) tree.

Boomeelj - f. olive oil.

Boommassa - n. pruning knife pruning hook.

Boomssiaropp - m. resin, sap.

Boomwoll - f. cotton.

Boomworscht - f. banana.

Boon - f. (pl: e) bean.

Boonekoffe - coffee beans.

boosshauft - ill natured.

Boosshoake - m. fire hook, a long pole with a metal hook on the end used for fire fighting; (a requirement on every Mennonite farm yard for purposes of insurance against fire).

Boot - n. boat, skiff, yawl.

Bootschoft - f. (pl: e) message.

boowe - to steal.

Borjch - m. (pl: s) castrated boar.

borje - to borrow, to lend.

Borkj - n. accumulated grime or scab.

Borm - m. (pl: s) well.

Borsch (Borscht) - m. a vegetable soup (see Mennonite Cookbook).

Borschtle - bristles, pig bristles.

borschtlijch - bristly, hispid.

Bos - m. hurry, rush.

Bosch - n. (pl: Bescha) bush, shrub; quadruplets.

bose - to hurry.

bosijch - in a hurry, quick, fast.

Bossem - m. (pl: s) bosom, bust.

bossijch - angry, invidious.

bott - until, by.

bott senne - to be direct and somewhat disrespectful.

Bott - endplay in mechanical terms.

Botta - f. butter.

Bottabloom - buttercup, marigold.

Bottadinkj - n. butterdish.

Bottafaut - n. butterchurn.

Bottalekja - butter licker; from a nursery rhyme in which fingers are counted off in turn, beginning with the little finger: {kjleena Finja, Goltrinja, Lankhauls, Bottalekja, Lüskjekjnekja - little finger, goldringer, long neck, butterlicker, nitpicker}.

Bottamalkj - f. buttermilk.

Bottamoll - f. (pl: e) butter trough.

Bottre - to churn butter.

bowa - (pref) upper, above.

Bowabän - m. attic.

Bowadäa - f. upper door of Dutch doors.

Bowadakj - f. counterpane.

Bowadarp - n. upper village.

Bowakaunt - f. the upper edge.

Bowakopp - m. pate.

Bowalepp - f. upper lip.

Bowaschult - m. mayor.

Bowastow - f. upper room.

bowe - m. on top.

bowe schwame - to float.

bowen'äwa (bowen'enn) - in addition to, on top of, off hand.

Bräajen - m. (pl: s) brain.

Bräajenkauste - m. cranium.

bräakje - to break; to gag, vomit.

bräakjlijch (brakjlijch) - feeble, frail, fragile.

Bräakjmeddel - n. emetic.

Bräakjstang - f. crowbar, jimmy.

Bräakjtäkjen - n. hyphen.

Brädatün - m. boarding, board fence, lattice fence.

Bräj - f. boiling water prepared to scald hogs or chickens so the bristles or feathers are removed more easily.

bräje - to scald.

Bräjtroch - m. scalding trough.

Brams - f. a brake; a horse fly, gadfly; a tourniquet like instrument applied to the nose of unruly horses for better control.

bramse - to brake.

Brat - n. (pl: Bräda) board, shelf.

Bratschlätje - n. toboggan.

Braunt - m. (pl: Braund) fire; ergot; fever, gangrene, holocaust, combustion.

Brauntlada - f. fire ladder.

Brauntsata - m. (pl: sch) arsonist.

brauntsate - commit arson.

Brauntschult - m. (pl: e) collector and administrator for Mennonite Fire Insurance Association in earlier times.

Braunwien - m. brandy, usually denotes any alcoholic drink.

Bredulje - f. a complication, a muttering.

Breed - f. breadth, width, latitude.

breeda - broader, wider, (comp of breet).

breeda Baunt - ribbon or tape.

Breeda - pl for Brooda.

Breedaleew - brotherly love.

breedalijch - brotherly, fraternally.

Breef - m. (pl: Breew) letter, epistle.

Breefjelt - n. postage.

Breefkauste - m. letter box, post office box, pillar box.

Breefmoakj - n. postage stamps.

Breefpapia - n. note paper.

Breefpost - f. mail, letter post.

Breefschol - f. letter scale, letter balance.

Breeftausch - f. letter pouch, mail bag; pocket book.

Breefwakjsel - m. correspondence.

breese - to brase, weld with brass.

breet , breeda , aum breetste(n) - broad, broader, broadest.

breetbeensch - splayed legs, legs apart, sprawled.

Brejch - n. (pl: e) an unruly child.

Brell - f. (pl: e) glasses, spectacles.

brelle - to roar.

Brellefooda - n. spectacle case.

Brellehendla - m. optician.

Brennartel - f. (pl: Brennartle) nettles.

brennboa - flammable, combustible.

brenne - to burn, to sting, to sear.

brennende Sood - heartburn, dyspepsia; (see also Soodbrenne).

Brennholt - n. firewood.

Brenniesa - n. branding iron.

Brenninj - f. fuel.

Brennkrüt - n. pigweed.

Bre'zhakje - grimaces, scowls.

bre'zhauje - to be busy, to prepare large amounts of food for festive occasions.

Brie - f. pulpy vegetable brew. hash, mash.

Briegaum - f. (pl: s) bridegroom, fiance, groom.

Brigj - f. (pl: e) bridge.

Brigjebaulkje - m. girder.

Brigjentol - f. bridge toll.

Brigjewolm - m. bridge railing.

brinje - to bring.

brisle - to whisper, to chatter.

britsche - to chatter.

Broak - f. fallow.

broake - to fallow.

Brock - f. (pl: e) a soaked piece of bread.

brockle - to crumble.

brocklijch - crumbly.

brode - to roast, to fry.

Brode - m. (pl: s) a roast.

Brodfat - n. drippings.

Brodfleesch - n. a joint, beefroast.

Brodkomm - f. roaster.

Brodpaun - f. frying pan.

Brommbäa - f. (pl: Brommbäare) loganberry, blackberry.

bromme - to buzz, to hum, purr, vibrate.

Brommkjriesel - m. a spinning top.

Brommtop - m. mummers, a group of mummers; an old Mennonite tradition; a group of young people superficially disguised went from house to houseon New Year's Eve, singing a New Years song. The song was accompanied by a special drum made of catskin with horsehair attached to its centre. When fingers were pulled along the moistened horsehair, an eerie, harshly discordant sound resulted. The hosts would respond with treats of {Niejoaschküake} {Portselkje} and frequently a {Sturack}.

Brommtopspäla - m. mummer.

Brooda - m. (pl: Breeda) brother.

Broodamort - m. fratricide.

Broodaschoft - f. brotherhood; church convention.

broode - to brood, to hatch to incubate.

Broodhan - f. a broodhen, setting hen; (see also Kluck).

Broodsel - n. a setting of eggs to be hatched.

Broodstäd - f. hotbed.

Broot - n. (pl: Brood) bread, loaf.

Brootkjarscht - f. a breadcrust.

Brootwartel - f. yam.

brosch - brittle.

Brost - f. (pl: e) breast, bosom, bust; chest.

Brosthaulta - m. brassiere.

Brostkauste - m. thorax.

Brostspald - f. brooch (Brosch in M).

brow - brave, audacious, daring; courageous, spunky, dauntless, intrepid, jaunty; good.

Bruch - m. rupture, hiatus, hernia.

Bruchbaunt - m. (pl: Bruchbenja) truss.

Bruchdeel - n. a fraction.

bruckboa - usable, wearable.

brucke - to use, to wear, employ, utilize, require, need.

bruddle - boil, sizzle.

brummle - to grumble, mutter.

brummsch - surly, grumpy, grouchy.

Brüt - f. bride, fiancee, intended.

brüzhe - effervesce, fizzle.

Brüzhpulwa - n. effervescent powder.

Bü - m. a structure, a building.

Büa - m. (pl: sch) builder, farmer, pioneer, peasant; pawn in chess.

Büak - n. (pl: Bäkja) book, tome.

Büakfeara - m. bookkeeper, accountant.

Büaklaufkje - n. (pl: s) bookstore.

Büakschaup - n. (pl: s) bookecase, library.

büakstäwlijch - literally, word for word, letter by letter.

Büakstow - f. letter of the alphabet.

büaksto'weare - to spell.

Büakworm - m. bookworm, pedant.

Büararie - f. a farm operation.

büare - to farm, to operate a farm.

Buat - f. (pl: e) border, edge, rim.

bübaunse - scold, berate, chide.

buchle - to jostle, nudge.

Bucht - f. cove, inlet, harbour.

Buck - m. (pl: s) stomach, belly, tummy, abdomen.

Buckgort - m. belly band of a harness.

buckijch - having a large tummy or a big' pot'.

buckpensle - to flatter.

Bucks - m. (pl: e) a nudge, jostle.

buckse - see buchle.

Buckweedoag - f. a stomachache, lit 'days of pain'. see also Liefschniedinj.

Buddel - f. (pl: Buddle) bottle, flagon, flask.

Buddelkje - n. little bottle, vial.

buddle - to bubble.

Büdelbekjse - f. balloon pants.

büdle - to balloon out.

büe - to build.

Bug - f. the prow of a boat.

Bugga - m. (pl: sch) small cultivator.

Büholt - lumber, timber.

Bül - f. (pl: e) dent, dint.

Bulkje - n. (pl: s) loaf of bread, usually white.

bullre - to make a thunderlike noise.

Bümeista - m. (pl: sch) architect, master builder.

Bumps - m. (pl: e) a thud, a noise, a bump.

bumpse - to thump, to bounce, dribble.

Bumpskjeadel - m. a tall, stout, stalwart fellow.

Bün - f. (pl: e) a stage.

bunt - colourful, motley, gaudy, variegated.

Bunt - m. (pl: Bunj) a small bundle.

Bunte Räj - f. a row of girls and boys seated alternately.

Bur'jaun - m. (pl: e) tumbleweed.

Burnuss - m. (pl: e) a thick heavy overcoat, burnous.

Burr - n. thick, heavy felt.

burre - to purr, like a motor or a cat.

Burrsteewel - f. (pl: Burrsteewle) thick, heavy, knee high felt boots made of matted felt over which rubber boots were worn in cold weather.

Buschel - n. a bushel.

Buschkje - f. a wee lassie, contraction of Barbara.

bütajeweenlijch - unusual, extraordinary.

Butje - contraction for Klubutje, (pl: s) a small hut used as a dwelling.

Butsa(t) - m. small child, small enough to be bounced on the knee.

butse - to bounce.

Büwoakj - n. (pl: e) a masterpiece in carpentry.

büwoakje - to build with skill.

Buzha - n. (pl: sch) a tousled head of hair.

buzhrijch - tousled.

däa - f. (poss pron) her.

Däa - f. (pl: re) door, portal.

däaj - very, considerable, significant, downright.

Däarefensta - n. transom.

Däarejäwel - m. pediment.

Däarejehenkj - n. door hinge.

Däarejerejcht - n. door jam.

Däarekjlinkj - f. door latch.

Däareknoop - m. door knob.

Däareschlätel - door key.

Däareschwal - f. threshold.

Däarewajchta - usher, doorkeeper.

dach - bright.

Dach - m. (pl: Doag) day.

dachdäajlijch - daily, day after day, routinely.

dache - to light the way, to light up, to dawn.

dachet Lijcht - bright light, glare.

Dachoabeit - f. day work, piece work.

Dacht - f. (pl: e) wick.

Dack - n. (pl: Däakja) roof.

Dackfensta - n. dormer.

Dackran - f. eavestrough.

Dackstow - f. garret.

Daga(t) - m. thick oil; thick mud; heavy, crude oil.

Däjch - m. (pl: Däj) dough.

Däjchtroch - m. kneading trough.

däjijch - doughy.

Dakj - f. (pl: e) blanket, cover.

Dakjsel - n. lid, cover.

Dakjskje - n. (pl: e) doily.

Däl - f. (pl: e) strawstack; see Stroodäl; Däl originally referred to a threshing floor.

däm - poss pron. him.

dämänlijch - similar.

dan - then, at that time, after that, next, thereupon, furthermore, besides.

dän - poss pron. them.

Dank - m. (pl: e) thanks.

dankboa - thankful, grateful.

Dankboakjeit - f. thankfulness.

danke - to thank.

Dankfast - n. thanksgiving.

dan'no - afterwards, thereafter.

dannoch - nevertheless, though, yet, however.

danse - push hard, exert pressure, force.

Darp - n. (pl: a) village.

Darps äkje - f. village oaks, slang for tall, wild pigweed.

Darps ennwona - m. villagers.

Darscht - m. thirst.

Darscht stelle - to quench or slake a thirst.

darschte - to thirst.

darschtijch - thirsty.

dartijch - thirty.

dartijchstel - n. one thirtieth part.

dauge , (M: duage) - to amount to something, to be good for, to be of use.

Daugnikjs - m. a good fornothing.

Daum - m. (pl: Dam) a dam, grade embankment, bank, dike.

Daumbrat - n. checkerboard, game of checkers.

Daumel - m. (pl: s) a craze.

Daumelskopp - m. an idiot, a fool.

daumlijch - m crazy.

Daump - m. steam.

Daump hett - steam heat.

Daump ma'schien - steam threshing outfit.

Daumpa - m. steamer.

Daumpgrope - steam boiler, pressure cooker.

Daumpkjätel - m. steam engine.

Daumpmäl - steam driven flour mill.

Daumpsdruck - steam pressure.

Dauneboom - m. evergreen tree.

Dauns - m. (pl: Dans) dance, jig, reel.

daut - that, it ('et is often used in place of daut).

daut'selwje - the same thing; see dee'selwje, dee'selwja.

däwre - to make a loud, banging noise.

de Kjiep jäwe - lit to give one the basket. This term refers to a woman giving a guy the walking ticket.

de Räj no - numerically, in series, consecutively, in sequence.

De Jriese Diesta - an ogre of the darkness, a story book character.

de'dwäa - at right angles, crosswise; grumpy, at odds.

dee - f or m. he, she, they, them, those, who, which, that.

Deef - m (pl: Deew) thief.

deejanja - m. that.

deejanje - f. or pl. that, those.

deejansje - those, those that.

Deel - n. portion, propotion, part, deal.

deele - to deal, distribute, divide, separat, apportion.

Deelhaba - m. (pl: sch) partner.

Deelnäma - partaker, participant.

deelnäme - partake, participate.

deelwiess - partly.

Deemüt - f. humility, contrition.

deemütijch - humble, contrite.

deene - to serve, attend, minister.

Deenst - m. (pl: e) service, office, ministration.

deep - deep, profound.

deep enn Jedanke - meditative, reflective, deep in thought.

deepa - deeper.

deepa Growe - trench, deep ditch.

Deepa - baptist.

deepe - to baptize.

deepet Jefeel - pathos, passion emotion.

deesel(w)ja - m. the same one.

deesel(w)je - f. the same one.

deesel(w)je - the same ones.

Deetsamba - m. December.

Deffat - m. (pl: s) male pigeon.

Defteriet - diphtheria.

Deiw - m. dew; thaw.

deiwe , (M: daue) - to thaw; for dew to fall.

de'lengd - lengthwise, along the length of.

Dell - m. dill.

demmre - a noisy pounding; thundrous noise.

Demokrat - m. (pl: e) a four to six passenger buggy or light wagon. see Fadawoage.

demo'leare - to demolish.

Demo'learung - f. demolition, destruction, havoc.

demple - to dilute.

denkjboa - imaginable, thinkable.

denkje - to think.

denkje halpe - remind.

denkjestiet - a long time, interminable.

Denkjmol - n. a shrine, monument, memorial, memento.

Denkjschreft - f. memoirs.

Denkjssadel - m. (pl: s) written reminder, memorandum.

denkjweat - memorable.

denn - thin, skinny, guant, lean, slender slim, sparse.

denn backijch - weazened.

denne Hüt - thin skin, thin membrane, film.

denne Schijcht - thin layer.

Denninj - f. flank of an animal.

derftijch - needy, in need.

derjch - prep. through; prefix, see following words.

derjch oabeide - to repair, overhaul.

derjchblädre - to page through.

derjchboare - to bore through to gore, to penetrate.

derjchbrenne - to abscond, to run away, bolt.

derjchbrode - to fry over again.

derjchbüare - to mismanage (a farm).

derjchbüe - to rebuild, renovate.

derjchchnettlijch - on the average, usually.

derjchdrasche - to thresh through; to discuss thoroughly.

derjchdrekje - to press through, like through a sieve.

derjchdrenje - to push through. to squeeze through.

derjchdrinje - to penetrate, pervade, permeate.

derjchdrinjendet Jefeel - thrill.

derjche Bloom räde - to speak ironically or euphemistically.

derjchen'aunda - mixed, pell mell, medley, miscellaneous.

derjchentiet - usually.

Derjchfaul - m. dysentery, diarrhea.

derjchflajchte - intertwine.

Derjchfoat - f. a passage or journey through.

derjchfoodre - to feed through a specific period.

Derjchgank - m. gangway, pass, transit way.

derjchhalpe - to assist through a difficult time.

derjch'han - berserk, mentally unbalanced.

derjchhenje - to sag, to hang hollow. like an old roof.

derjchjehäakjat - intricate, involved, tangled.

derjchjenat - soaked through, sodden; see derjchnate.

derjchjepitscht - like a whipped cat.

derjchjepoakat - poked through, messed up.

derjchjetraubt - cunning, bedraggled, decrepit.

derjchjewosse - root bound, grown through and through.

derjchkleiwe - to paw through, to rummage through; to scratch through the skin.

derjchkrautse - to score through a surface, to scratch through.

derjchkrome - to rifle, to rummage through.

derjchläse - to read through; to sort, to cull.

Derjchmot - f. diameter.

derjchnate - to become soaked.

derjchpitsche , derjchpriejle - to whip soundly, to thrash, trounce.

derjchräajne - to rain through.

derjchräde - discuss, consult, talk over.

derjchreise - to travel through.

derjchsäkje - to search through.

derjchschetsle - to set up a partition.

derjchschiene - to shine through.

Derjchschjlach - m. sieve, colander.

derjchschlape - to muddle through, to eke out.

derjchschlikje - to sneak through.

Derjchschnett - average, mean, medium.

derjchschniede - dissect, intersect.

derjchschüwe - to penetrate, push through.

derjchsejchtijch - transparent, translucent, see through.

derjchspekje - to pierce, puncture.

derjchstäakje - to pierce, puncture.

derjchtrakje - draw or pull through, to pass through, to soak through; thread through a needle; saturate.

derjchüt - by all means, absolutely, by any means; throughout.

derjchwajch - usually.

derjchwaumse - to spank.

derjchweele - to ransack, rummage.

derjchwikjse - to spank.

derjchwintre - to winter through.

derjchwoame - to warm through.

Derkj - short for Diedrich, anglicized to Dick, Died.

derwe , (M: däawe) - to be permitted to, may, might.

Desch - m. (pl: e) table, deck lectern.

Descha - m. carpenter, joiner, cabinet maker.

Deschdakj - f. tablecloth.

Deschkjlinja - m. table bell.

Deschloake - n. tablecloth.

det leewste - perferably.

dia - expensive, dear.

Dia'koon - m. (pl: e) deacon.

Dia'lekjt - f. (pl: e) dialect.

Dia'maunt - m. (pl: e) diamond.

diare - to last, continue, endure, take time.

Diedakjiel - f. (pl: e) bulrush.

diede - explain, interpret.

dien - poss. sing. pron. your.

Dien - f. snowbank, dune.

diena - m form of dien.

diene - f and pl form of dien.

dienje - another form of dien.

diensjlikje - your equals, your peers, of your own kind.

dient - another form of dien. Ex Dit es dien Massa. This is your knife Dit es dient. This is yours.

dieslijch - dizzy, giddy, vertigo.

diesta - dark.

diesta kjikje - glower, frown, scowl, lour.

Diestel - m. (pl: s) wagon pole, wagon tongue.

diestre Ütsejcht - grim outlook, dark prospects.

dietlijch - clear, articulate, implicit, graphic, concise, obvious.

Dietsch - German.

Diewel - m. (pl: s) devil, Satan.

diewlisch - develish, satanic, fiendish, diabolical.

dijcht , dijchta , aum dijchste(n) - dense, denser, densest, water tight, foul smelling (air) close.

dijcht toop - close together.

dijcht waussent - rampant growth.

Dijchta - m. (pl: sch) poet, author, bard.

dijchtbie - close by, near.

dijchte - to write, compose.

dijchtet Struck - thicket.

dijchtijch - considerably, downright, thoroughly.

Dijchtkonnst - f. art of writing.

dikj - thick, fat, plump.

dikj woare - to become thick, curdle, solidify.

dikja Kwiel - m. phlegm.

dikjbuckijch - paunchy.

dikje Malkj - clabbered milk.

dikjkoppijch - thick headed, pig-headed.

Dikjpans - one with the big stomach or paunch.

dinje - to haggle, barter.

Dinjsdach - m. Tuesday.

Dinkj - n. (pl: Dinja) thing, object.

di'rekjt - direct.

Diri'jent - m. (pl: e) director of a choir, conductor.

disa - m pron this one.

dise - f. also pl. this one, these.

diss , dissa - m. this.

disse - f. also pl. this one, these.

Distel - m. (pl: Distle) thistle.

Disteljedaun - m. thistledown.

dit - n. this.

dit - see disa.

ditmol - this time.

ditsied - this side.

doa - there.

doabie - thereby, at the same time.

doabliewe - stay there, remain there.

doaderjch - through that, as a result.

doafäa - for that.

doafäa sorje - to see to that. to look after that.

doafonn - from it or from them, of it or of them.

doafonn aufhenje - to impinge on, to depend on.

doage - to dawn.

Doagesberejcht - m. daily report, daily bulletin.

Doagesbüak - n. diary, day book.

Doagesleena - dayworkers.

Doagesoabeida - m. dayworker.

doahäa - from there, originating.

doahan - thence, thither.

doamank - among them, among those.

doamet - therewith, with that; lest.

doano - according to that.

doa(r)aun - on that, of that, thereon.

doa(r)äwa - during that time, over or across that, about that.

doa(r)enn - therein, in that.

doa(r)hinja kome - to understand, to catch on.

Doarm - f. intestines, guts, bowels, entrails.

Doarmseid - f. catgut, gut string.

doarommshaulwe - because of that, as a result of that.

doa(r)one - without that.

doaropp aufjeseene - intentionally arranged or orchestrated.

doa(r)opp - thereon, on that.

doa(r)unja - underneath that.

Doasenne - n. an existence.

doatoo - for that, because of that.

doawäaje - for that reason, because of that.

dobbelda Punkt - m. colon.

dobbeldiedent - ambiguous.

Dobbelfensta - n. (pl: Dobbelfenstre) storm window.

Dobbelschlach - m. half hitch.

dobbelt - double.

dobbelt räde - equivocate.

doch - still, yet, however, but, nevertheless, though, surely.

Dochta - f. (pl: Dajchta) daughter.

doch'woll - most likely, 'I suppose so'.

Dod - f. (pl: e) deed.

Dodel - m. rebuke, criticism, reproof, reprimand.

dodle - to criticize, inculpate.

doff - obscured, darkly, unclear.

Dokta - m. (pl: sch) doctor, physician, surgeon.

Dokta massa - scalpel.

dol - down, downwards; (also used as a prefix).

Dol - m. (pl: e) glen, dale, vale, valley.

Dola - m. dollar.

doldrekje - to press down; oppress.

dole - to subside, abate.

dolfaule - to fall down.

Doljch - m. (pl: e) cutlass, foil, sabre, rapier.

doljeschloage - crestfallen, sad.

doll - angry, furious, mad, rabid.

dolla - harder, more.

dolla - see sea. Comparison.

dollaje - to lie down.

Dolldrunk - m. an antidote for rabies.

Dolmatscha , (M: Dolmetscha) - m. interpreter, translator.

dolriete - to tear down, demolish.

dolsate - to sit down.

dolschmiete - to throw down.

Dom - m. (pl: e) dawn.

dome - to dawn.

domm - crazy, foolish, cracked.

domma Büa - m. yokel.

Dommajon - m. (pl: Dommejons) idiot, dunce, stupid fellow.

dommbleed - obseqious.

Dommheit - f. (pl: e) folly, stupidity, craziness, balderdash.

Dommkopp - m. fool, dunce, blockhead.

dommsaje - to tell someone off; to give someone a piece of mind.

Dommtijch - n. stupidity, humbug.

donn - then, at that time.

Donna - m. thunder. see Rummel.

Donnadach - m. Thursday; a day of reckoning in the Old Colony church.

donnemol - once upon a time.

donnre - to thunder or rumble.

Donst - m. steam, vapour, fumes.

donste - to steam, to vapourize.

donstijch - steamy, vapourous.

doo , doone - do.

Doode - m. corpse, remains.

Doodemol - f. birthmark.

Doodesangst - f. deathly fear.

Doodesbesorja - m. undertaker.

Doodesfaul - f. fatality.

doodesjefäadlijch - lethal, deadly, dangerous.

Doodeskjarpa - m. corpse, remains.

doodeskrank - deathly ill.

Doodesloake - n. shroud.

Doodesrejista - n. obituary, necrology.

Doodesstäakj - death throes.

Doodesstrof - f. death penalty.

Doodesuadeel - n. death warrant.

Doodewoage - m. hearse.

Doodjewijcht - f. ballast.

Doom - m. (pl: s) dome.

Doop - (pl: Deew) baptism.

Doopfast - n. baptismal service.

Doopsteen - m. baptismal font.

Doos - f. (pl: e) tin can, paper box or carton.

doot - dead, lifeless.

doot jebuare - stillborn.

Doot - m. (pl: Doodes) death.

dootmeed - dead tired.

dootschlone - to kill, to slay.

Dorjch - m. (pl: s) dagger, dirk.

Dorn - m. (pl: s) steel punch.

dort - over there, yonder.

Dotel - f. (pl: Dotle) date (fruit).

Dotem - m. (pl: s) date, (calendar).

Dräaja - (pl: sch) supporting beam.

dräjch - dry, arid, sere.

dräjch moake - to diaper a child.

dräje Tiet - drought.

Drakj - m. dirt, grime.

drakjijch - squalid, dirty, grimy.

drall - sturdy, heavy set; twisted, tangled.

dräne - to jar, to vibrabe.

Drank - m. swill, slop, sewage; pressure.

Drank Ama - m. slop pail.

drasche - to thresh.

Drauf - m. (pl: Drow) a fast trot.

Drebbellada - n. the flank of a horse.

drebble - to trot.

Dreddel - n. a third.

dree - three.

dree doagschet Feeba - three day fever, tertian.

Dree eenijchkjeit - f. the Holy Trinity.

dreefach , dreefachijch - treble, threefold, triple fold.

Dreefoot - m. tripod.

Dreekaunt - triangle; buckwheat.

Dreelinja , (M: Drillinje) - triplets.

dreeme - to dream.

dreemnäse - to doze, daydream.

Dreemolaundasch - hydrangia.

Drees - f. (pl: e) gland.

Dreeschlach - m. three quarter time in music; the rhythmic sound of a gallop.

dreessle - to beg continually, to plead, like a child of its parents.

Drei orjel - f. barrel organ, hurdy gurdy.

Drei puat - n. turnstile.

Drei schämel - the swivelling bolster of the front part of a sleigh or wagon that permits it to turn.

Dreibenkj - f. lathe.

Dreidäa - f. revolving door.

dreie - to turn, revolve, rotate, spin.

dreimoazhe - to waddle, to waggle the posterior.

Dreipunkt - m. pivot, fulcrum.

Dreischiew - f. turntable, potter's wheel.

dreiwe - to threaten, to menace.

dreiwent - imminent, impending; sinister, threatening, minatory.

Drekja'rie - f. (pl: e) printery.

drekje - to squeeze, to hug; to press, to print.

Drekjprass - f. printing press.

drenje - to crowd, to push.

Drenkj - f. (pl: e) water pond, drinking pond.

drenkje - to water an animal.

Drepp - f. (pl: e) drop of fluid; anasthaetic; mastitis.

drepp'aun (doaropp aun) - dependent on.

Dreppekend - f. (pl: e) peppermint candy.

drepple - to rain very lightly.

Drepsdrell - m. (pl: e) small, insignificant confused person.

dre'tian - thirteen.

dre'tiandel - thirteenth part.

Drief - m. (pl: s) motive, challenge.

driest - bold, forward, confident, brassy, audacious, presumptuous.

Drill - m. (pl: s) drill, seeder.

drinjent - urgent, earnest, insistent, fervent, imperative.

drinkjboa - potable, drinkable.

drinkje - to drink; to imbibe.

Droagbaunt - m. (pl: Droagbenja) suspenders.

droagboa - portable.

droage - to carry; to wear.

droagent - pregnant (animals).

Droak - m. (pl: e) kite; dragon.

Droat - (pl: e) custom.

drock - busy, occupied with work.

drocke Tiet - the busy season, a busy time.

Drockijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) preoccupation.

Drommel - f. (pl: Drommle) drum.

Drommel Düw - drumming pigeon.

Droom - m. (pl: Dreem) dream, reverie, wool gathering.

Droombilt - n. fantasy, phantasm.

Droschkje - f. Russian carriage.

Drosel - m. (pl: s) piece of string.

drosle - to tie together superficially.

Drot - m. (pl: Dräd) wire, thread.

Drot tang - f. pliers, tongs for handling wire.

Drotaunhola - m. wire stretcher; block and tackle.

Drotdäa - f. screen door.

Drotfensta - n. screen window.

Drotnorejcht - f. (pl: e) telegram, wireless message.

Drowa - m. (pl: sch) trotter.

Druck - m. pressure, stress; press.

Druckfäla - m. misprint.

druglijch - chubby, dumpy, portly, pleasingly plump.

Drunk - m. a drink, a punch.

drunkfallijch - prone to alcoholism.

Drunsel - n (pl: s) an old piece of string.

Drusch - a sudden slap or punch.

Drüw - f. a brace (and bit) (carpentry).

dü - sing, pers, pronoun, second person, direct form of address, you.

dü kau(n)st - you can.

dü O'schult! - you poor, innocent fellow! (said in sarcasm).

Düak - n. (pl: Däkja) shawl, kerchief.

düarhauft - durable, lasting enduring, permanent.

Ducht - f. energy, strength.

Duck - f. (pl: e) lever, pry.

Duckadeia - f. (pl: sch) see saw, teeter totter.

ducke - to pry with a lever; to bob up and down in water; {ennducke - to dunk}.

Duckpunkt - m. fulcrum.

duckre - to rock, to teeter, to waddle.

Duddelsack - m. bagpipe.

dudle - to dawdle, waste time.

Duj - f. (pl: e) a large block and tackle, windlass.

duje - to plod, to progress with difficulty.

dulde - to tolerate.

Duldinj - f. tolerance, sufferance.

Düme - m. (pl: s) thumb.

Dümes dreie - to twiddle the thumbs.

Dümeskrauft - f. the power of an automatic jack.

dün - drunk.

Dün - f. (pl: e) soft feather, down, fuzz, eiderdown.

dünijch - downy.

dunkel - obscure, dark, cloudy, bleak, dim, murky sombre.

dunkelbrün - dark brown, swarthy.

Dunkelheit - gloom, darkness, invisibitlity.

Dunkelsiedijch - pessimistic.

Dups - m. (pl: e) dunce.

düre - to worry.

dürhauft - of lasting quality.

Durrack - a card game popular among the Mennonites in Russia.

düs - over dressed.

Düs - f. (pl: e) diesel injectors.

Dusel - m. (pl: s) sleepy head, moron.

düsent - thousand.

Düsent Kjensla - inventor.

düsentstel - thousandth part.

duslijch - stupid, zany.

Duts - f. dozen.

Düw - f. (pl: e) dove, pigeon.

düzhe (M: dusche) - to bathe, to shower, to douche.

Duzhnak - m. (pl: e) simpleton.

Dwäagauss - f. village street running at right angles to the main street, crossroad.

Dwäaschien - f. (pl: e) building for storing grain and fodder or machinery annexed at right angles to the barn.

Dwank - m. coercion, compulsion, duress.

dwaule - to rush headlong into.

dwautsch - mentally unbalanced.

Dwautschhauns - m. a mentally unbalanced person.

dwinje - to be able to lift, to be able to accomplish.

Dwoaj - spiced, slightly aged cottage cheese balls.

dwoarauslijch - silly, stupid.

ea - sooner, first, before.

ea beede - to do honour, to honour.

Ea - f. (pl: Eare) honour, dignity, tribute, credit.

eabeedent - honourable.

eabejiarijch - seeking esteem, ambitious.

eaboa - serious, stern, sober, austere.

Ead - earth; ground; world.

Ead äwre Mien - mine overburden.

Eadaul - the world.

Eadbäa - f. strawberry.

Eadbäben - n. earthquake.

Eadbaulkonnst - f. geography.

Eadgank - m. tunnel.

Eadhunt - m. groundhog.

Eadhüpe - m. mound.

Eadjeist - m. gnome, fairy.

Eadkjarscht - earth's crust.

Eadkjoasch - f. groundcherry.

Eadrutsch - f. landslide.

Eadschock - f. (pl: e) potato.

Eadschockespeena - f potato chips.

Eadschwien - n. badger.

Eaforjcht - f. respect, awe.

eajistre - the day before yesterday.

eana - m. earthen.

eanet - of earth.

Eanst - m. solemnity, gravity, earnestness, severity.

eansthauft - grave, earnest, solemn, severe.

eantlijch - really, literally, virtually.

eare - honour, dignify, venerate, revere.

earemol - often, freqently.

Earentäkjen - n. sign of honour.

eascht - first, primary.

easchta - m. the first one.

easchte - f. the first one. also refers to winner, champion, premier, soonest.

easchte Silb - f. prefix. first syllable.

eed - barren, desolate.

Eed - bareness, desert, desolation.

Eedzh - f. a deep trough or manger for feeding cattle located on the floor of the barn.

Eefelt - m. (pl: s) simpleton, half-wit, idiot.

eefeltijch - dull, idiotic, acting halfwittedly.

Eefeltspensel - m. nincompoop.

eegol - continually.

Eelefaunt - m. (pl: e) elephant.

Eelj - f. oil.

Eeljbilt - n. oil painting.

Eeljboom - m. olive tree.

eelje - to oil, lubricate.

eeljijch - oily.

Eemskje - f. ant, emmet.

Eemskjefräta - m. ant eater.

Eemskjeklompe - m. ant hill.

Eemskjesüastoff - formic acid.

een - n. indefinite article a, an, one; en is often substituted for een (en Maun).

een eensja - m. one single one.

een eensjet - n. one single thing.

een mol - once, one time.

eena - m. one, a, an.

eena no'm aundra - one after another.

eenatlei - of one kind, one thing.

eendoont - not caring, uncaring, carefree, spiritless, lackadaisical.

eendoontijch - complacent, not motivated.

eendrajchtijch - incessantly, steadily, relentlessly, continually, regularly.

eene - f. one, a, an.

eene eensje - f. one single one.

eenem de Gluaje fäaläse - to read someone the riot act.

ee(n)fach - simple, elementary.

Eenheit - f. (pl: e) unity, singularity.

eenijch - agreeable, get along well, compatible.

eenje - to agree. {dee eenje sikj - they get along well}.

eenje , eensje - some, several, a few.

eenjleisijch - one track minded.

eenkjanijch - making strange, shy, relating only to one person, usually the mother.

Eenklank - m. unison, monotone, consonance.

eenkollearijch - of one colour, of plain colours.

ee(n)letsijch - single, unmarried.

eenmol eromm - one lap, one round.

ee(n)mol - once.

eenmoleent - the multiplication table, (lit one times one).

eenoamijch - one armed, havinag only one arm.

eenräjijch - of one row (of plants).

ee(n)saum - lonely, lonesome, solitary.

Eensaumkjeit - f. loneliness, solitude.

Eenselheit - f. (pl: e) singularity, characteristic.

eenselja - m. the only one.

eenselje - f. the only one.

eenselje - (pl) the only ones.

eenseljet - n. the only thing.

eenseloatijch - singualr, unique.

eenselwiess - one by one, singly.

eenselwiess fekjeepe - to retail.

eensiedijch - one sided, unilateral.

Eensiedla - m. hermit, recluse.

eensiedlijch - solitary, lonely, isolated.

eensilbijch - monosyllabic.

eensje - see eenje.

eenst - once, once upon a time. {met eenst - all of a sudden}.

eenstemmijch - solo; unanimous, in unison.

eenstockijch - sone storeyed.

eent - one.

eent (een) - one.

eent fonn beid - either or, one of two.

eent no't aundre - one after another, consecutive, successive.

eentäajlijch - stubborn, single-minded.

eenteenijch - monotonous.

Eentracht - f. accord.

Eenüag - m. one eye.

Ees - f. (pl: e) ribbon, bow.

Eesebaunt - m. ribbon, bow.

eesswit - snow white. immaculate.

Eewa - n. (pl: sch) shore, bank of a river, coast, beach.

eewan'jeelisch - evangelic.

Eewanje'list - m. evangelsit.

eewe - to practice, rehearse.

eewijch - eternally, perpetually.

eewijch läwe - to be immortal, to live eternally.

Eewijchkjeit - f. eternity.

Eewijchraut - perpetual wheel.

effentlijch - openly, publicly.

ei wan - what if.

Ei - n. (pl: a) egg.

Eiajälet - egg yolk.

Eiaküak - n. egg fritter.

Eiaschol - f. egg shell.

Eiastock - m. ovary.

Eiawittet - the white of an egg.

Eid - m. (pl: e) oath.

Eifst - m. (pl: e) harvet.

eifste - to harvest.

Eil - f. (pl: e) barley beard.

Eil - n. a hurry, a rush.

einheimisch - native to.

Eirunt - oval, elliptical, oblong.

ekj - I, ego.

ekj kaun - I can.

ekjijch - egotistical.

Elkj - f (pl: e) weasel, ferret.

elkje (eromm elkje) - to speed around without reason.

ella - older (oolt old, ella older, aum ellste oldest).

Ella - n. (pl: Ellre) age.

Ellamum - f. great aunt.

ellaschwack - senile, feeble.

Ellaschwackheit - f. senility, dotage.

ellerachtijch - elderly.

ellerachtje Frü - f. dowager.

Elleroom - m. great uncle.

Ellre - parents.

ellsta - m. oldest.

ellsta - m. the eldest.

ellste - f. oldest.

ellste - f. the eldest.

ellste - pl form of the above two.

Elltesta - m. (pl: Elltestasch) deacon, elder.

em Jäajendeel - on the contrary.

em korten - soon, in the near future.

emfange - to receive.

emfintlijch - sensitive to touch, squeamish, delicate, tender.

Emfintlijchkjeit - f. sensitivity, touchiness, tenderness.

emm Bad - in bed.

emm (enn däm) - in the, in, into, within.

emm Ferüt - ahead of time, in the future.

emm sonst - free, for nothing, gratis.

emm Wäaj - in the way.

emma - always.

emmahan - anyhow, however.

emmawäarent - continually, everlasting, without end.

e'mol - once, once upon a time.

en - a, an; see een.

e'naun - against.

e'naunda (üt'naunda) - apart.

Endaniss - f. (pl: e) change.

en'dol - down; see dol.

endre - to change, alter.

e'nenn - prep. into, in; Examples where it is used as a prefix.

e'nenn denkje - to reflect upon.

e'nenn finje - to find ones way in.

e'nennackre - to seed into.

e'nennbelkje - to yell into.

e'nennbloare - to yell into.

e'nennbräakje - to break into.

e'nennbrinje - to bring in.

e'nenndrekje - to press into.

e'nenndrinje - to force into.

e'nenndroage - to carry in.

e'nennducke - to dip into.

e'nennfaule - to fall into.

e'nennläwe - to become accustomed to.

enj - adj. confined; narrow; stuffy; stifling.

Enj - n. (pl: a) end.

enja moake - to take in, like pants, to tighten.

enjawiess - from time to time.

enje Loft - stifling air.

Enjel - m. angel.

Enjelsch , (M: Englisch) - english.

enjelsche Krankheit - f. rickets.

enjhoatijch - illiberal, narrow-minded.

Enjschoft - termination, an end.

enjste - to fear, to be afraid.

enjstlijch - fearful, timorous, cowardly.

Enjwa - m. ginger.

Enkjelda - m. simpleton.

Enkjelde - f. simpleton.

Enkjelde - simpletons.

enkjelt - singular, simple.

enn - in, at, into; used as a prefix as seen in the following words.

enn aundre Ommstend senne - to be pregnant; in different circumstances.

enn oabeide - to work in.

enn Winjle wekjle - to put on diapers, to wrap in swaddling clothes.

ennackre - to seed, to plant.

ennalijch - inwardly, internally.

Ennämsklaup - f. intake valve.

ennaste - to nestle in.

Ennbaunt - m. a package tied with string.

Ennbildung - f. (pl: e) imagination, fancy.

ennbille - to imagine, to spark the imagination; to be conceited.

Ennbillniss - f. (pl: e) conceit.

ennbinje - to tie in.

ennblotte - to get covered with mud.

ennbräakje - to train, to break in a machine or a horse; to break into a house.

ennbucke - to dent.

ennbuddle - to bottle.

enndäwre - to pound in like a pole.

enndeele - to divide among, apportion, graduate evenly.

enndietsche - to explain.

enndinje - to place in a boarding situation; to indenture.

Enndruck - m. impression, effect, influence, impact, imprint.

ennducke - to dunk.

ennducke - to dunk, to dip.

enndusle - to dose off.

enne (enn dee) - in the.

enneewe - to practice, rehearse.

enneie - to take in by sewing.

ennfädme - to thread (a needle).

ennfeare - to implement, initiate, to import; to enter into a book.

e(nn)festone (senne) - to agree to.

ennfinje - to turn up, to appear, to arrive.

ennflajchte - to weave into, to braid into.

ennflekjre - to ingratiate oneself.

Ennfluss - m. influence, patronage.

E(nn)fooda - n. (pl: sch) inside lining of clothing.

e(nn)foodre - to line clothing.

ennfreare - to freeze.

ennfuppre - to pocket surreptitiously.

ennhalpe - to rabbet, to notch in a wooden joint.

Ennhault - m. (pl: e) contents, capacity, substance.

ennhaundle - to agreee to purchase.

ennheimse - to garner.

ennhendje - to place into ones hands.

ennhitse - to provoke into action.

ennhole - inhale, breathe in; to overtake, catch up to.

ennhoole - to hold back.

ennhucke - to serve a jail term.

ennimpfe - to vaccinate.

ennjankre - to tempt, to tantalize.

ennjäwe - to administer a dose of medicine; to concede.

e(nn)jebilt - imaginary, conceited, priggish. see ennbille.

e(nn)jebuare - innate, inborn.

e(nn)jebuarna Fäla - congenital problem.

e(nn)jebuarne Natüa - instinct.

ennjedungna Sol'dot - mercenary.

e(nn)jeete - to pour into.

e(nn)jefroare - p. t. of e(nn)freare.

e(nn)jehitst - provoked into action. see ennhitse.

e(nn)jemoakt - preserved, canned. see ennmoake.

e(nn)jestiemt - snowbound. see e(nn)stieme.

e(nn)jewartelda Sinda - reprobate; sinner beyond redemption. see ennwartle.

e(nn)jewartelt - rooted, inveterate.

E(nn)jewaundada - m. immigrant.

E(nn)jewaundade - f. immigrant.

E(nn)jewaundade - pl, immigrants.

ennkjeepe - to purchase, buy.

ennkjlame - to wedge in, to secure in a vice.

ennkjleede - to clothe, to provide with attire.

ennkjlinkje - to engage, like gears; to engage the door latch.

ennkjoawe - to make a notch.

ennkoake - to preserve, to can.

Ennkom - m. income.

Ennkoop - m. (pl: e) purchase.

ennkwateare - to billet.

e(nn)lode - invite.

Ennlodinj - f. invitation.

e(nn)lote - to drop the plough share into the ground to plough.

ennmiare - to immure, to wall in.

e(nn)moake - see ennkoake.

ennnäme - to ingest, to take in, to take a dose of medicine.

ennoajre - to anger, to scandalize, to irritate, to madden, to ruffle, to pique, to provoke.

ennodme - to inhale, to breathe in.

Ennom - income, receipts.

enn'oolent - bored, sick and tired of.

ennpäakjle - to pickle, souse.

ennpacke - to package, to pack to bundle.

ennpaundje - to impound.

ennpische - to wet the bed.

ennpräaje - to inculcate, brainwash.

e(nn)pretse - to besprinkle.

ennräde - to persuade, convince; see beräde'.

ennräkje - to apply for; to hand in.

ennreare - to mix, stir in, mix together; concoct.

e(nn)rejchte - to arrange, organize.

E(nn)rejchtinj - f. (pl: e) arrangement, organization.

e(nn)rieme - to move things in.

e(nn)riete - to chap, to tear partly.

e(nn)riewe - to massage, to rub in.

e(nn)säajne - inaugurate, bless, dedicate, consecrate.

e(nn)sacke - to bag.

e(nn)sate - to insert, to set in.

Ennsatinj - f. (pl: e) insertion.

ennsaulwe - to apply salve.

ennsaumle - to gather in.

ennschape - to ladle in.

ennschedde - to store grain, to pour in (other than liquid).

ennschenkje - to pour a drink.

ennschlachte - to slaughter for home use. Lay in a supply of meat.

ennschlone - to pound in; for lightning to strike.

ennschlope - to fall asleep.

ennschlurpse - to slurp up.

e(nn)schlüte - to include, to enclose.

e(nn)schmäare - to grease; apply salve; medicate, anoint.

ennschmeijchle - to ingratiate oneself fawn, toady.

e(nn)schniede - to cut or nick oneself.

e(nn)schniee - to be snowed in, to become snowbound.

e(nn)schriewe - to register, matriculate.

ennschuchtre - to intimidate, browbeat, to make bridle shy.

ennschweare - to impanel.

e(nn)schwiene - soil, sully, defile, pollute.

e(nn)seene - to tolerate, understand.

e(nn)seepe - to soap up.

E(nn)sejcht - prudence, descretion, insight.

e(nn)sejchtijch - discreet, prudent.

e(nn)sette - to entrain; to serve a jail term.

e(nn)sollte - to cure in salt, to pickle in salt.

ennspikjre - to garner, to store grain.

e(nn)spoare - to isolate, impound, cage in.

e(nn)sprinje - to shrink.

ennssockre - to add sugar, to sweeten.

e(nn)stale - to adjust; to decide against going ahead, to cancel.

e(nn)stemme - to tune and instrument; to agree.

e(nn)stieme - to become snowbound.

e(nn)stoppee - to imprison, throw into jail, incarcerate.

e(nn)südle - to get soaked with muck, taint, defile, stain.

e(nn)süe - to suck in.

enntanke - to put into gear; to set someone straight; to adjust; to put someone in his place.

enntiene - to fence in.

enntole - to pay in.

enntrakje - to conscript.

ennuzhle - to snuggle in.

e(nn)wachte - to baby sit, to caretake.

ennwäkje - to soak.

e(nn)wakjsle - to acquire change.

e(nn)wartle - to take root, to become rooted.

e(nn)waundre - immigrate.

E(nn)waundrung - immigration.

e(nn)weie - inaugurate, dedicate, ordain, induct.

e(nn)wekjle - to wrap up.

e(nn)wellje - to accede, agree, approve, consent.

E(nn)wendinj - f. excuse, rationaliztion.

e(nn)woare - to detect, to become aware of, notice.

enopp(a) - up, upwards; a prefix as used in the following examples.

enopp(a) gone - to walk up.

enopp(a) kjikje - to look upward.

enopp(a) krüpe - to crawl up, to climb up.

ent - a prefix of negation; reversal, removal.

Ent - f. (pl: e) duck.

entdakje - to discover, to find out.

Entebrode - m. roast duck.

Entejacht - f. duck hunt.

Entepuddel - m. duck pond.

enthoole - to keep from.

entjäajen kome - to meet halfway.

entlijch - finally, at last.

Entlijchkjeit - f. finality.

entlote - dismiss, adjourn.

Entrass - f. interest on money.

ent'satslijch - dreadfully, surprisingly.

entscheide (entschiede) - decidedly; decide, these words appear to be interchangeable.

entschlote - resolved, determined.

Entschlotenheit - resolve, resolution. see entschlüte.

Entschluss - decision, conclusion.

entschlüte - conclude, determine.

entschuldje - to excus, apologize, exculpate.

Entschuljniss - justification.

entstalt - dismayed, disappointed.

entwäda ooda - either or.

entwei - broken, torn; upset lit 'in two'.

entwekjle - develop.

en'tweschentiet - in the meantime, meanwhile.

enunja - under, same root as unja.

er - an insep prefix as used in the following.

er'äjne - to happen, to occur.

er'auf - down, downward.

er'auf runsle - discredit.

er'auf stiee - to abdicate.

er'boarme - to pity, have mercy.

er'boarmlijch - merciful.

er'foare - to experience, encounter; experienced, showing wisdom.

er'jatse - to relish, enjoy to the full.

erjchräakjne - to go through an account.

er'kjane - to recognize, perceive.

er'kjläare - explain, clarify, define, illuminate, illucidate, expound, enlighten.

er'lange - to reach, achieve.

er'laube - allow, permit.

Er'laubniss - f. permission, licence, leave.

Er'laubnisschien - m. licence.

er'laubt - permitted, permissible.

Ernaunstault - f. asylum, mental institute.

e'romm - around, as seen from the centre, round about; approximately.

e'romm ose - to fidget around.

E'rommstrikja - a prowler, a drifter.

erommstrikje - m. to prowl around aimlessly.

erre - to err, botch, blunder.

errgloowsch - superstitious, heterodoxical, wrong belief, misconceived.

Errsenn - m. madness, insanity, lunacy.

errsennijch - mad, insane, unbalanced, unhinged.

er'sats - substitute, something artificial.

er'staune - to marvel, to be amazed, to be surprised.

erüt räde - to be evasive, to beat around the bush.

er'üt - out, outside.

erwoarte , (M: er'warte) - to expect, to anticipate, await.

es - is; see senne, to be.

et - it, that; shortened form of daut.

fäa - in front of, ahead of, before, in preference to.

fäabäje - prevent, guard against, forestall, obviate.

Fäabäjung - f. prevention.

fäabediede - portend, presage, forebode.

fäabedocht - prudent, imaginative, prepared, having forethought.

Fäabilt - n. model, example, idea, prototype.

fäabiltlijch - typical.

fäabrinje - propose, present.

Fäadeel - n. privilege, advantage, emolument, profit.

Fäadrach - m. presentation, report, lecture.

fäadrenjlijch - presumtuous.

Fäaellre - ancestors, forefathers, progenitors.

Fäafaul - m. occurrence, happening.

fäafaule - to occur, happen, transpire.

Fäafodasch - forefathers, ancestors, progenitors.

fäagone - to happen, to occur.

fäahabe - to purpose, to be involved in or with.

Fäahamd - n. a false shirt front.

Fäahank - m. curtain, drape.

fäahiele - to trouble one with weeping.

Fäahoff - m. front yard, front lawn.

fäahoole - accuse.

fäaje - to sweep.

Fäajenja - m. one who leads or goes before, guide, leader, predecessor, ancestor.

fäajespaunt - hitched in front of, past tense of fäaspaune.

fäajetrocke - preferred, superseded. past tense of fäatrakje.

fäajüle - to trouble one with howling.

fäakeiwe - prechew. see Keifkje.

fäakome - to appear before; occur, happen.

fäaläje - to lie to someone's face.

Fäaleew - f. front porch.

fäalowe - to praise, to recommend.

Fäaminda - m. advisor, executor, guardian, trustee.

Fäamindschoft - f. wardship, guardianship.

fäamole - depict, illustrate.

fäanäme - to take one to task.

Fäanäme - n. plan, intention, intent.

Fäanämungsjeist - m. ambition, gumption, resolve, aspiration.

fäaoabeide - to prepae ahead of time.

fäaplüdre - to trouble one with gossip.

fäaprädje - to trouble one with a sermon.

fäaräakjne - to prove an arithmetic or mathematical problem to someone.

Fäarajcht - n. (pl: e) n. privilege, prerogative, freedom, patent.

fäarätijch - resourceful, provident.

fäare - in front, in front of, ahead, at the head or front place.

Fäa(r)enj - n. the front end, the prow of a ship.

fäa(r)haunt - in the lead, leading, having the upper hand, of most importance.

fäa(r)haunt näme - to take precedence, to head, take the lead.

Fäa(r)haunt - to take the lead.

Fäa(r)haunt näme - to take precedence.

Fäarot - m. providence, provision, resource, stock, contingency, supply.

fäasaje - prompt, direct, order, to tell someone what to do.

fäasajrijch - of an imperious attitude.

fäasate - to set before, place an object before someone.

Fäasautsblaut - n. fly leaf.

Fäaschien - m. appearance.

Fäaschlach - m. suggestion, proposal, overture, proposition.

fäaschlone - to suggest, propose, recommend, nominate.

Fäaschmack - m. foretaste.

fäaschmiete - to accuse, reproach.

Fäaschoft - f. front quarter of a horse.

Fäaschoss - m. an advance of money or credit.

Fäaschreft - f. prescription.

fäaschriewe - to prescribe; to show someone how to write.

Fäaschta - m. the front one.

fäaschte Sied - the front part.

Fäaschte - f. the front one.

Fäaschte - pl of the above two.

fäaschüwe - to accuse, to hold an accusation up to someone.

fäaseene - to beware.

Fäasejcht - f. caution, care, precaution, foresight.

fäasejchtijch - careful, heedful, prudent, wary. cautious, discreet.

Fäasenja - m. cantor, chanter, congregational song leader.

Fäasilb - f. prefix.

fäasinje - to sing a song for someone.

Fäasorj - f. providence.

fäaspäle - to play music for someone.

fäaspaune - to hitch in front of.

fäastale - to imagine, visualize, make believe; to present, to introduce.

Fäastallinj - f. presentation, introduction.

fäastone - support, recommend, promote.

fäastonent - salient, important.

Fäastow - f. front parlor, ante room.

fäastrakje - to provide.

Fäatäkjen - n. an omen, sign, prognosis.

fäatrakje - prefer, to pull in front of.

Fäatüss - n. front room, porch, vestibule.

fäawettre - to trouble someone with lamenting.

Fäawoage - m. the front two wheels of a wagon.

Fäawoawa - m. (pl: sch) a representative, one who prepares the way.

Fäawol - f. nomination.

Fäawuat - n. foreword.

Fa'brikj - f. (pl: e) factory, plant.

Fa'brikj täkjen - n. trade mark.

Fachel - m. (pl: Fachle) torch.

Fack - f. (pl: e) a special kind of grain bin in the barn.

Fada - m. (pl: sch) male cousin.

Fada - (pl: Fadre) feather.

Fada - (pl: Fadre) metal or steel spring.

Fadadoos - f. pencil box.

Fadafee - feathered creatures; poultry, fowl.

Fadawoage - m. spring buggy, democrat, carriage.

fädme - to thread (a needle).

fadre - to bounce, to spring.

Fadre feleare - to moult.

Fadre kjriee - to fledge.

fadrijch - springy.

fäijch - capable, adept, able, proficient.

Fäijchkjeit - f. capability, ability, aptitude, faculty, proficiency.

Faks - n. (pl: e) trick.

Fakskje - n. (pl: s) little trick.

Fal - n. fur, hide, pelt.

fäl astijch - ramified, complicated, with many branches.

fäl weat - valuable, high worth, precious.

Fäla - m. (pl: sch) mistake, error, flaw, discrepancy.

fälahauft - defective.

fälboa - fallible.

fäle - to lack, to require, need.

fäl(e) - many, numerous, a lot, much, galore, legion.

fälfach - manifold, multi.

fallijch - furry; liable, due.

Falm - (pl: s) colt, foal.

fälsettent - sedentary.

fälsiedijch - many sided, multi-sided, versatile.

fälsilbijch - polysyllabic.

Fa'mielje - f. (pl: s) family.

Fa'mielje Blootschaund - f. incest.

fa'natisch - fanatic.

fange - to nab, to catch.

Fangtän - fang, tusk.

Fari'sea - m. pharisee.

Farjoa - n. spring season.

Farnits - m. varnish, shellac.

farnitse - to varnish, to shellac.

Farnrua - n. telescope, field glasses.

Farsch - m. (pl: Farzh) limerick, verse, rhyme, stanza.

Faspa - n. (pl: sch) a traditional Mennonite light meal between lunch and supper.

fassle - to fetter, to hobble; (see spaune).

Fast - n. (pl: e) feast, festival, banquet, holiday.

faste - to fast.

Fastinj - f. fort, garrison, fortress, stronghold, redoubt.

Fastkjleet - n. party dress, evening dress.

fastlijch - festive, gala, happy.

fat - fat, obese.

Fat - n. grease, fat, drippings, gravy.

Fate Han - f. portulacca, purslane.

Fätel - n. (pl: s) fetlock, pastern.

fatijch - fatty, greasy.

Faul - f. (pl: e) trap.

Faul - m. (pl: Fall) a fall, a tumble; an occasion, circumstance, situation.

faule - to fall'.

faule lote - to drop something.

faulsch - false, wrong, incorrect, untrue.

faulsch berejchte - misinform.

faulsch bewiese - to disprove.

faulsch schweare - to perjure.

faulschdenkjent - suspicious without reason.

faulsche Ütlaj - misinterpretation.

Faulschet Jelt - counterfeit money.

Faulschheit - f. (pl: e) shame, guile, falsehood, dupliciity.

faust - tight, firm, secure, solid; almost, nearly.

faust kjlame - to jam, to squeeze in a clamp or vise.

faust näme - to nab, arrest.

faust sate - to foreclose.

fauste Füst - f. clenched fist.

fausttrakje - to pull tight, pull up the slack.

Faut - n. (pl: Fäd) firken, keg, 45.5 litres.

fe - for, of.

fe - prefix indicating in most cases a separation, a parting, a scattering, as can be seen in some of the following words.

fea - four.

fe'achte - to criticize, decry.

feadel - quarter part, one quarter.

Feadelsstund - f. quarter hour.

fe'ädle - to become corrupt.

feafach - fourfold.

feajespaun - n. team of four, four in hand.

Feakaunt - m. quadrangle.

feakauntijch - square shape.

feakauntje Studentemets - f. mortarboard.

feara(t)lei - of four kinds.

feare , (M: fiare) - to transport, to convey; to celebrate.

feasiedijch - four sided, quadrilateral.

fe'aste - to branch out, ramify.

feastemmijch - four part singing, quartet.

Fe'astinj - f. ramification.

fea'tian - fourteen.

Fea'tiandel - one forteenth, one forteenth part.

featijch - forty.

featijchstel - one fortieth, the fortieth part.

fe'aunstaulte - to incite, to motivate, to make attempts.

fe'backe - to use up in baking.

fe'bäje - to bend out of shape.

fe'bätre - to improve, correct, rectify, reform.

Fe'bätrungsaumstault - f. reformatory, penitentiary.

fe'baunda Febräakja - m. outlaw.

fe'baune - to ban, banish, ostracize.

fe'baunt - past tense of fe'baune.

fe'beede - forbid, ban, disallow, prohibit.

fe'beisle - to lose through carelessness.

Fe'bettaniss - f. rancor, bitterness.

fe'bettat - rancorous, embittered.

fe'bettre - to embitter.

fe'bie - past, gone, finished, over, beyond, by.

fe'bie foare - to pass another vehicle.

fe'bie lote - to allow someone to pass.

fe'biestre - to lose one's way, to go astray.

fe'biete - to snack, to have a bite.

fe'binje - to bind up, to federate, to covenant.

fe'bleft - bewildered, flabbergasted, stunned, aghast, dumbfounded, dazed.

fe'blende - to be blinded by bright lights.

Fe'blief - n. (pl: s) a place to stay, a refuge.

fe'bode - past tense of fe'beede.

fe'bodna Haundel - embargo.

fe'bommle - to lose or mislay.

fe'borje - obscure, hidden.

fe'borjnet selfst - incognito, disguise.

fe'bost - in a hurry, in a rush.

Fe'bräakja - m. intruder, burglar, thief, felon, crook, criminal, convict.

fe'bräakje - to break into pieces, to break the law.

fe'bräje - to over scald.

fe'breede - to spread, widen, dilate, advertise, promulgate.

fe'bringje - to waste, spend unwisely.

fe'brockle - to crumble apart.

fe'brucke - to consume, use up, wear out.

fe'bruckt - past tense of fe'brucke.

fe'büare - to lose, to go bankrupt farming.

fe'bunge - to be involved or associated with; fraught.

Fe'bunt - n. league, association.

fe'dajchtijch - suspicious, queer.

Fe'dajchtijchkjeit - f. suspicion.

fe'dakje - to thrash.

fe'darschte - to be parched, to die of thirst.

fe'daume - to damn or curse; condemn; to dam up.

fe'daumt - damned, cursed.

fe'deele - apportion, distribute, disburse.

Fe'deelinj - f. distribution, apportioning.

fe'deendet Jeschenkj - an award.

fe'deene - to earn, to deserve.

Fe'deenst - m. profit, earnings, merit, emolument.

fe'deenstlijch - profitable, meritorious, lucrative.

fe'deidle - see fe'jeidle.

fe'deiwe - thaw, digest, dissolve.

fe'denkje - suspect, to be suspicious of.

fe'denne - to thin out, rarify.

fe'destoweare - annihilate, destroy.

Fe'diepinj - f. measurement from ceiling to eaves.

fe'diestat - past tense of fe'diestre.

fe'diestre - to darken, become obscured.

fe'dijchte - to seal, to insulate; condense.

fe'dinje - to contract out.

fe'doaft - past tense of fe'doawe.

Fe'doawa - m. (pl: sch) vandal.

fe'doawe - to spoil, deteriorate; to pamper.

Fe'doawniss - n. corruption, perdition.

fe'dobble - to double, duplicate.

Fe'docht - m. (pl: e) suspicion.

fe'dollmatsche - translate, interpret.

fe'dolt - (mild cussword used for emphasis) darn right.

fe'donnre - to beat up; to spend wildly.

fe'donste - to evaporate.

fe'dorwe - past tense of fe'doawe.

fe'dräjcht - dried up, withered.

fe'dräje - to dry up, to wither.

fe'dreie - to twist, distort, misrepresent.

fe'dreit - wry, perverse, flighty, distorted, confused.

fe'drekje - to press out of shape.

fe'drenje - displace, dislocate, supplant, to crowd out.

fe'driewe - dispel, drive away, dissipate.

fe'drinkje - to drown; to spend all on drink.

fe'drisslijch - petulant, fretful, peevish, sulky.

Fe'drisslijchkjeit (Fedruss) - petulance, peevishness, fretfulness, vexation, annoyance, chagrin.

fe'droage - tolerate, withstand, endure, bear.

fe'dunkelt - obscure.

fe'dunkle - darken, become obscure.

fe'dutst - stunned, astonished.

Fee - n. cattle, kine.

Feeba - n. fever, ague.

Feebadroom - to hallucinate, dilirium.

Feebastang - buggy shafts, thill; also a humorous reference to jam-rolls. The word is of Swedish origin.

Feebawoa - February.

feebrijch - feverish.

Feeda - n. (pl: sch) jag, load of hay or bundles.

feede - to take on the responsibility for; to support; look after someone's physical needs.

fe'eefache - to simplify.

fe'eenje - to come to terms.

Feehock - n. (pl: s) paddock, corral.

Feela - m. (pl: sch) feeler.

feelboa - palpable.

feele - to feel, to sense, to touch.

Feelinj - f. sense, touch, feeling.

feemässijch - cruel, brutal, bestial.

Fe'endaniss - f. (pl: e) reform, transformation, a change.

Fe'endrung - f. variation.

fe'enjelscht - anglicized.

fe'fange - to err sexually, seduce, become entangled in a web.

fe'faule - to fall apart.

fe'faulsche - to falsify, forge.

fe'feare - to shock, to startle, to start, recoil; to seduce.

fe'fläje - to fly apart, to be scattered by the wind.

fe'flerre - to shred, to tear into shreds.

fe'flijchte - to oblige, to pledge.

fe'flotne - an excuse for a cuss-word.

fe'flucht - cursed, accursed, damned.

fe'foare - to deal with, manage; to drive a vehicle into the ground.

fe'folje - persecute.

fe'foodre - to feed until the feed is consumed.

fe'frässelt - motheaten, ugly.

fe'fräte - erode, corrode, eat away.

fe'freare - to freeze, to get frost-bite.

fe'froare - past tense of fe'freare.

feftel - fifth part, one fifth.

feftian - fifteen.

feftiandel - one fifteenth part.

fe'füle - to rot, decompose.

fe'fült - past tense of fe'füle.

Fegangenheit - f. the past.

fe'gnuffe - to pummel.

fe'gnurple - to turn into cartilege.

fe'gnüwle - to disfigure by cutting.

fe'golde - to gild.

fe'gone - to disappear, fade away, go away like a mist.

fe'greiwe - to turn grey.

fe'growe - to hide by burying.

fe'häakjat - past tense of fe'häakjre.

fe'häakjre - to scramble, mix up, confuse, muddle up.

fe'hackstekje - accomplish.

fe'halpe - to direct aid to someone.

fe'harlijche - to glorify.

fe'hasse - to hate, be hateful, odious.

fe'haundle - to arrange and complete a sale.

fe'hausple - to make complicated.

Fe'hea - n. (pl: Fe'heare) trial.

Fe'heara - examiner, judge.

fe'heele - to heal.

fe'heiwe - to thrash, to beat up.

Fe'heltniss - n. (pl: e) disposition, circumstances.

Fe'henkjniss - n. dependence.

Fe'henkjnissdfoll - complicated.

fe'hiele - to cry ones eyes out.

fe'hielt - tear stained, showing signs of having wept. (past tense of fe'hiele).

fe'hoagelt - past tense of fe'hoagle.

fe'hoagle - to be destroyed by hail.

fe'hole - to get your second wind, to recuperate; to recompose oneself.

fe'hoole - to act, to behave in a certain way.

fe'hungre - to starve, to be famished.

feij - timid.

feijcht - clammy, moist, dank humid.

Feijchtijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) moisture, humidity, clamminess.

Feila - m. (pl: sch) dart, arrow.

fein - nice, good, fine.

Feinschriewe - n. artistic hand-writing, penmanship, calligraphy.

feistre - to chase with a broom.

Feitsdauns - m. St. Vitus dance.

fe'jäfs - for naught, in vain, vainly, unavailing.

fe'jäte - to forget.

Fe'jätenheit - f. the forgotten past, limbo, oblivion.

Fe'jätlijchkjeit - f. forgetfulness.

fe'jätsaum - forgetful.

fe'jäwe - forgive, pardon.

fe'jeete - spill.

fe'jefte - to poison.

fe'jenkjlijch - mortal, corrupt, perishable, transitory.

Fe'jiabacks - m. (pl: e) mitre box.

Fe'jlikj - m. (pl: e) comparison, parallel, tantamount.

Fe'jnäje - n. (pl: s) amusment, pleasure, delight, enjoyment, gaiety.

Fe'jnäjungsreis - f. pleasure tour.

Fe'jnäjungsreisenda - m. tourist.

fe'joage - to scatter, like a flock of birds, or the wind scattering straw.

fe'jreetre (fejratre) - magnify, enlarge.

Fe'jreetrungsglaus - n. microscope, magnifying glass, lens, magnifier.

fe'jriepe - see fefange.

fe'kaulkje - to caulk, to seal, to become coated or clogged with mineral deposits.

fe'kjarte - abbreviate, shorten.

fe'kjiele - to beat up, to batter.

fe'kjille - to catch cold.

Fe'kjindjung - f. proclamation.

Fe'kjitta - m. (pl: sch) glazier.

fe'kjitte - to putty.

fe'kjlakjre - to spill small amounts of liquid.

fe'kjlandre - to reduce in size; abbreviate.

fe'kjlandrungswuat - n. diminutive.

fe'kjleewe - to paste or plaster over.

fe'kloage - denounce, impeach, prosecute, report to the law.

fe'knoake - ossify.

fe'knuje - to beat up.

fe'knüse - tolerate, abide.

fe'knutsche - to crumple, crinkle, crease.

fe'koake - to cook away, to boil too long.

fe'kolleare - to blush, to colour, discolour.

fe'kome - to spoil or rot; abject or decrepit in appearance.

fe'krautse - to deface, disfigure.

fe'krüpe - to crawl away and hide.

fe'kwose - to waste.

fe'läaje - to be sad, dejected, depressed or melancholy.

Fe'lafniss - n. engagement, betrothal.

fe'läft - having the appearance of a wasted life.

fe'laje - to misplace, mislay.

fe'läje - disavow, deny, gainsay.

fe'langensweat - desirable.

fe'latsboa - vulnerable.

fe'latse - to injure, wound, harm, maim, mutilate, hurt.

fe'leare - to lose.

fe'leewe - fall in love.

fe'leide - misguide, lead astray, inveigle, tempt.

fe'lenjd - (felenjst) along, alongside.

fe'lenjd kome - to get along, be compatible.

fe'lenjre - to prolong, extend, protract, lengthen, elongate.

fe'lindre - mitigate.

fe'listre - entertain.

felle - to fill.

fellijch - portly, well rounded.

fe'loare - p. t. of fe'leare.

fe'loare gone - to be lost, gone astray.

fe'locke - to tempt, entice, distract. see fe'leide.

fe'lote - to leave, abandon, forsake; depend upon; desolate, forlorn.

Fe'lotenheit - f. desolation, abandonment.

Felt - n. (pl: Felda) field.

fe'lumpt - raggy, mangy.

Fe'lust - m. (pl: e) loss.

fe'mäaje - blissful, joyful.

fe'machle - ruin, use unwisely.

Fe'mäje - property, worth, fortune, estate, legacy.

fe'mäte - to err in measuring.

femeare - to increase.

fe'meare - to increase in numbers, procreate, multiply, augment.

fe'meddle - to intercede, intervene, mediate.

Fe'meddlung - f. (pl: e) intercession, mediation, intervention.

fe'meebelt - to dissipate; to thrash.

fe'meede - to tire; to hire out, to lease, to rent.

Fe'meedheit - f. weariness, tiredness.

fe'meet - past tense of fe'meede.

fe'mische - to mix, shuffle, scramble.

fe'moake - to bequeath.

Fe'moaksel - n. (pl: s) bequest.

fe'moarache - to waste, destroy diliberately.

fe'mone - to dun; admonish, exhort, expostulate.

Fe'moninj - f. (pl: e) admonition.

fe'muckre - to become emaciated, undernourished.

fe'müle - to speak out of turn.

fe'mutlijch - aparently, evidently.

fe'nachlässje - to neglect.

fe'näme - to perceive, understand, comprehend.

Fe'nasse - f. grimaces, antics.

Fenchel - a berry?.

fe'neede - to rivet; to beat up someone.

fe'neie - to sew until the thread or cloth is used up; to sew on.

fe'niele - to gorge oneself.

fe'nijchte - to destroy, to dissipate, abuse, annihilate.

fe'ninftijch - reasonable, sensible, rational, logical, sane.

fe'noagle - to nail down tight.

fe'nowent - this evening, tonight. (contraction of fonn'doag sse'owest).

Fensta - n. (pl: Fenstre) window, porthole, wicket.

Fenstakjast - f. house warming.

Fenstakjitt - n. window putty.

Fenstakopp - n. window sill.

Fenstalod - f. window blind, shutter.

Fenstarüt - f. window pane.

Fenstaschloss - n. shutter.

Fenstaspross - n. mullion.

Fensträme - n. window sash, frame.

fe'nulle - to negate, veto, annul, cancel.

Fe'nunft - f. sense, rationality, sanity. (see fe'ninftijch).

fe'oajre - to anger, to annoy.

Fe'ordnung - f. (pl: e) edict, order.

fe'pachte - to rent or lease, let.

fe'packe - to package, pack.

Fe'pajchta - m. lessor.

fe'pekjt - intent on, determined, stubborn.

fe'pitsche - to whip, to flog, to whip to pieces.

fe'plakje - to fade, to bleach.

fe'plaunte - to transplant.

fe'plenjre - to spill slowly.

fe'plisre - to become windblown, like hair in a storm.

fepüste - to rest, relax, to get one's breath.

fer - before.

fe'räajle - to bar the door, to secure, to seal.

fe'räajne - to rain out, to be spoiled by rain.

fe'rajchtswäajes - by rights.

Fer'aunda , (M: Weranda) - f. (pl: sch) veranda.

fe(r)'auntwuatlijch - liable, answerable, responsible.

Fe(r)'auntwuatlijchkjeit - f. responsibility, liability, accountability, obligation, onus.

ferdäm - before that.

fer'eascht - temporarily, at first.

Fer'ein - m. (pl: e) association, society, union, league, alliance, syndicate.

fe'reise - to travel, to go on a trip.

fe'rejchte - to complete chores, accomplish.

fe'rekjt - crazy, deranged, wicked.

fer'häa - prior to, before that.

fer'häa bestalle - pre order, pre-engage.

fer'häa uadeele - prejudge.

Ferhea - n. (pl: Ferheare) court proceeding, hearing.

Fe(r)heltniss - n. (pl: e) condition, situation, circumstance.

fe(r)heltnissmässijch - conditional.

Fer'hop - m. prospect.

ferinj'neare - destroy, demolish, ruin.

Ferjcht - f. (pl: e) fear.

ferjchtalijch - frightfully, terribly, fearfully, tremendously.

ferjchte - to fear.

fer'meddach - before noon, before midday, before dinner.

Fe'roda - m. (pl: sch) traitor.

fe'rode - betray.

fer'opp - ahead, in the lead, in front.

fe'rostre - to rust, corrode.

ferre - f. before.

ferrem - m. before.

Ferscht - m. a prince.

fe'rubble - to rub into small particles.

fer'üt - ahead of time, beforehand.

fer'üt besenne - prejudge.

fer'üt jrebble - premeditate.

fer'üt saje - prognosticate.

fer'üt woarne - forewarn.

ferwoats - forword, hurry! onward, advance, forth.

ferwoats driewe - to propel.

ferwoats hupse - jump forward.

ferwoats kome - to progess.

fe'saje - to peter out, to die out, like a motor that slowly fades away and dies.

fe'sate - to transplant, to transfer a business.

Fe'satungs Jedriew Kauste - f. transmission housing.

Fe'satungs Jedriew - n. transmission.

fe'saumle - to gather into a group, assemble, congregate, rally.

Fe'saumlung - f. assembly, congregaton, audience, meeting.

Fesaun - m. (pl: e) pheasant.

Fesch - m. fish.

Fesch Lung - f. fish gill.

fe'schachre - to barter away.

fe'schämt - shameful.

fe'schaufe - to provide, procur.

fe'schaule - for sound to spread like an echo.

fe'schaunde - to bring shame upon, to deflower, degrade, dishonor, rape.

fesche - to fish.

fe'schedde - to spill, other than fluid.

Fe'scheel - m. information; an effect; a difference; knowledge. {haft kjeen Fe'scheel - has no effect}.

fe'scheete - to shoot up, to destroy by shooting.

Feschei - n. (pl: a) fish eggs, roe caviar.

fe'schemmelt - p. t. of fe'schemmle.

fe'schemmle - to become mouldy.

fe'schempt - cursed, outrageous.

Feschhendla - m. (pl: sch) fish monger.

Feschhoake - m. fish hook.

fe'schiede(n) - various, assorted, different.

Fe'schiedenheit - f. (pl: e) a variety, diversity, heterogeneity.

fe'schiedna(t)lei - diverse and sundry things.

Fe'schlach - m. effect.

fe'schlachsom - effective.

fe'schlape - to drag away and misplace; to abduct.

fe'schlekje - to clog.

fe'schlentre - to waste, to spend unwisely.

fe'schlinje - devour.

Feschlocka - m. (pl: sch) fish lure.

fe'schloffe - to neglect, to procrastinate.

fe'schlone - to be effective; to hit with intent to break.

fe'schlonnse - to neglect, forget.

fe'schlope - to sleep in, oversleep.

fe'schlote - p. t. of fe'schlüte.

fe'schlucke - to choke on food when it goes down the wrong way.

fe'schlüte - to place under lock and key.

fe'schmäare - to spread, like grease over a surface; to thrash.

fe'schmachte - to be parched.

fe'schmatre - to smatter, to smash, to spatter, to break into pieces.

fe'schmelte - to melt.

fe'schmiete - to warp; to disperse by throwing; reject.

fe'schmolte - p. t of fe'schmelte.

fe'schniede - to cut into pieces; to spoil by cutting wrongly, mutilate.

feschom'peare - to spoil the looks or the effects of.

fe'schoone - to spare, to exempt.

fe'schorre - to lose enthusiasm for.

fe'schräje - to scorch.

fe'schriewe - to order by mail, to subscribe.

fe'schrowe - out of sorts, grumpy, frustrated.

fe'schrumpelt - wizened, wrinkled.

fe'schwentre - spend foolishly.

fe'schwiess - let alone, much less, not to mention.

fe'schwinje - to disappear, dissipate.

fe'seene - provide.

fe'sefte - to gasp for air, to suddenly lose one's breath.

fe'sejchre - to secure, to insure.

Fe'sejchrinj - f. insurance, assurance, security.

fe'selfst - of or by itself. spontaneously, automatically.

fe'senje - to singe.

fe'senkje - to sink.

fe'siemde Schult - arrears.

fe'sieme - neglect, delay miss; to take up another's time.

fe'sindje - to sin.

fe'sole - to resole a shoe; to spank thoroughly.

fe'sorje - to provide, obtain provisions.

fe'späle - to lose at a game or a gamble.

fe'spoake - when the spokes of a wheel or the staves of a barrel dry out.

fe'spode - to be late, to miss the appointed time.

fe'spräakje - to promise, to vow.

fe'spräakjent - promissory.

fe'spreede - to spread, to broadcast.

fe'sprenje - to disperse or scatter suddenly; to blow up with explosives.

fe'ssaubelda Stijch - maze, labyrinth.

fe'ssauble - to become entangled.

fe'sseie - forgive.

Fe'sseiung - forgiveness, pardon, remission.

fe'ssoagt - discouraged, faint.

fe'ssoajcht - moody, hurt, despondent.

fe'ssockre - to crystallize, to granulate.

fe'ssoddat - tangled, matted, dishevelled.

fessultat - seedy, matted, dishevelled appearance.

fe'ssultre - to tangle, like hair.

fe'stäakje - hide, conceal.

fe'stalle - disguise, impersonate, feign, to pretend, take on a guise; to put out of adjustment like tinkering with a clock setting.

fe'staunt - Fe'stentniss.

Fe'staunt - m. (pl: e) sense, awareness, brains, comprehension, understanding, intelligence.

fe'steenre - petrify, fossilize; transfix.

fe'steete - disown, expel; dethrone, overthrow.

fe'steewe - to be dispersed by the wind, like dust.

fe'stekje - to suffocate.

fe'stentlijch - understandable, comprehensive.

Fe'stentniss - n. understanding, comprehension, intelligence; see Fe'staunt.

fe'stentnissmässijch - coherently.

fe'stimmle - to disturb.

fe'stoakne Gow - f. hidden talent.

fe'stocke - to mould, stagnate, become musty.

fe'stone - understand, fathom, comprehend; see.

fe'stoppe - to clog, constipate, choke.

fe'streide Jedanke - scattered thoughts.

fe'streie - scatter, spread, strew about.

fe'striede - deny, contradict, refute, repudiate.

fe'stüde - to sucker, like roots.

fe'südle - become soaked with grime, soild, daub.

fe'sunke - sunken.

fe'süpe - to drown; to spend all on drink.

fe'süsenjelt - bedraggled, shaggy, mangy, disreputable.

fetäare - consume.

Fe'täarinj - consumption, emaciation, phthisis.

Fe'tal - narration, tale, yarn.

fe'tale - narrate, relate, describe, talk, speak.

Fe'talsel - n. anecdote, incident.

fe'teidje - to defend against.

fe'tiefe - to preoccupy oneself with something.

fe'tieft - preoccupied.

fe'tilje - to destroy.

fe'träde - to represent; to get some exercise.

fe'traflijch - delicious, very good, excellent, meeting all expectations, delectable.

fe'trakje - to grimace; to delay, extend.

fe'traubt - seedy, unsavory, shabby, dissipated.

fe'trüat - grieved, dejected.

fe'trüe - to trust, entrust, confide, rely; to dare.

Fetts - (pl: e) shred, lint.

fe'tüsche - to exchange, trade, interchange.

fe'twiewle - to doubt, to be frustrated.

fe'uadeele - to judge, to sentence.

fe'üasoake - to occasion, to provoke.

fe'walkje - to wither, to fade.

fewanke - to leave for a visit or for any other reason.

fe'waulte - to administer, manage.

fe'waundle - transform.

Fe'waundlung - f. (pl: e) transformation, transfiguration.

fe'waunt - blood related.

Fe'wauntschoft - f. (pl: e) kin, kinship, relationship.

fe'wausche - to wash something too hard to cause it to fade.

fe'weate - to put to good use.

fe'wekjelde Schwierijchkjeit - intricate problem or difficulty.

fe'wekjelt - implicated, embroiled, entangled, involved; intricate, complex.

fe'wensche - to curse, imprecate.

fe'werre - to bewilder, confuse.

Fe'werrung - f. bewilderment, confusion.

fe'wescht - blurred.

fe'wiele - to while away time.

Fe'wielness - n. pastime, hobby.

fe'willat - bewildered.

fe'woaloost - neglected, unkempt, decadent, ravaged, shabby, scraggly, mangy.

fe'woare - to conceal, hide.

fe'wone - for a dwelling to become dilapidated through use.

fe'wont - p. t. of fe'wone.

fe'wrekje - to wrench, to dislocate, sprain.

fe'wrekjt - p. t. of fe'wrekje.

fe'wunde - to wound.

Fia - n. fire, blaze, ignition, conflagration.

Fia Hollt - n. flare.

Fia Kjniepa - m. firefly.

Fia Lada - f. fire ladder, fire escape.

Fia Näajelkjes - midnight scarlets.

Fia Ordninj - f. fire regulations.

Fiadinkj - n. lighter.

Fiafedeelinjsdakjsel - n. cap of a distributor in a motor.

Fiarua - n. fire hydrant.

Fiaspell - n. fire box in a stove; hearth.

fiaspieenda Boajch - volcano.

Fiasprets - f. fire wagon.

Fiastäd - f. the yard in a village that was insured against fire; a viable farm.

Fiasteen - m. flint.

Fiastock - m. faggot, torch.

Fiastoppsel - n. spark plug.

Fiatäjel - f. fire brick.

Fiawäa - f. fire brigade.

Fiawäa - f. (pl: re) fire brigade.

Fiebel - f. a German primer.

fief Ssent - n. a five cent piece.

Fief (fiew) - f. five.

Fiefakj - m. pentagon.

fiefmol - five times.

Fiej - f. fig.

Fiejeboom - m. fig tree.

Fiel - f. (pl: e) file; arrow, shaft.

Fielfros - m. continual snacker, person with an insatiable appetite.

fien - fine, like small particles, like sand.

fienbleiws - n. bluing.

fienet Sseijch - fine material.

Fienheit - f. diplomacy, tact.

fienheitsmässijch - diplomatically, tactfully.

fienkrollijch - frizzy.

fienschroode - to shred, to grind finely.

Fient - m. (pl: Fiend) enemy.

fientlijch - hostile, malignant.

Fientlijchkjeit - f. hostility.

Fientschoft - f. enmity.

fiere - to deliver a fierce blow.

fierijch - chafed, infected rash.

Fierowent - m. end of a work day.

Fiestkjniepa - m. fussy person, fuss-pot, fastidious individual.

fiestnäsijch - stuck up.

Fiewa - m. (pl: sch) five dollar bill, fiver.

fiewatlei - of five different kinds.

Fi'güa - f. (pl: re) figure, shape of body.

Fijcht - f. (pl: e) spruce tree.

Film - n. film.

Filt - n. felt material.

Filthoot - m. felt hat, bowler.

Filtschoo - f. felt shoe.

Filtstremp - f. see Bursteewle.

Finja - m. (pl: sch) finger.

Finjahoat - n. digitalis.

Finjahoot (Neirinkj) - m. thimble.

Finjanoagel - m. finger nail.

Finjarinkj - m. finger ring.

Finjasproak - f. sign language.

finje - to find.

fintenal - a process similar to Hoasäle.

Firse - f. peach.

Fläajdochta - foster daughter.

fläaje - to tend, care for, foster, attend.

Fläajel - f. (pl: Fläajle) flail.

Fläajelenj - n. swingle.

Fläajkjint - foster child.

Fläajsän - foster son.

flack - shallow.

Flackheit - f. (pl: e) shallowness.

flackre - to flicker.

Flag - f. (pl: e) flag, banner.

Fläj - f. (pl: e) fly.

Flajcht - f. (pl: e) braid; see also Ssopp.

flajchte - to braid, to plait, weave.

fläje - to fly.

Fläjedrakj , Fläjeschiet - n. fly specks.

Fläjeklaup - f. (pl: e) fly swatter.

fläkje - to curse, to swear.

Flakjfeeba - n. to have and indecisive nature, to be undecided.

Flank - f. (pl: e) flank, leg.

Flät - f. lumbago.

Flaum - f. (pl: e) flame.

flaume - to flame up; to render a sharp blow.

flausche - to have a talent for making progress.

flausne Kollea - flaxen.

Flauss - m. flax.

Flausstroo - n. flax straw.

Flautamüss - f. bat. (flying night creature).

flautre - to tremble, flutter; see also ssettre.

flautrijch - shaky, trembly.

Fleeda - m. (pl: re) lilac.

Fleedasauft - f. lavender.

Fleekjadakj - f. patch quilt.

Fleesch - n. meat, flesh.

Fleesch räkjre - to smoke meat.

Fleescha - m. (pl: sch) butcher.

fleeschfoawijch - pink.

Fleeschfrätent - carnivorous.

Fleeschmassa - n. butcher knife, cleaver.

Fleeschschnieda - m. meat cutter.

fleijcht - maybe, perhaps, perchance.

Fleiss - m. diligence.

Fleit , (M: Fleet) - f. (pl: e) flute.

fleiw - vapid, bland, unflavoured.

Flekj - n. (pl: a) a patch of land; a patch of cloth; a repaired hole in a garment.

flekje - to patch.

Flemma - n. (pl: sch) a flicker of light or fire.

flemmre - to flicker; see flackre.

Flenta - m. (pl: sch) a little girl's short dress.

flerre - the audible ripping of cloth.

fliee - to pile up.

Flies - f. (pl: e) a thin string of meat, a thin piece of diaphragm.

Fliet - f. diligence plus effort.

flietijch - busy, industrious, diligent.

Flijcht - f. (pl: e) duty, responsibility; wing pinion.

Flijchtlinkj - m. (pl: Flijchtlinja) refugee, fugitive, runaway.

Flint - f. (pl: e) gun, musket, rifle.

flissent - liquid, fluid, viscous.

Flitsboage - m. bow and arrow.

Flitsboagekonnst - f. archery.

Flitsepee - m. bicycle.

Floa - f. a visible error; a cut or a notch, an open cut.

Floak - f. (pl: e) roost, perch.

Flock - f. (pl: e) flake (of snow).

Flodda - m. (pl: sch) moth.

floddre - to flutter.

Floms - flemish.

Floom - f. (pl: e) fat or lard from around a pig's kidneys, considered to be of lower quality.

Flott - f. (pl: e) fleet.

Flotta - m. same as Flodda.

Flua - f. (pl: re) floor.

Fluadakj - f. floor covering.

Fluadräaja - (pl: sch) floor joist.

Fluakodda - n. floor rag, mop.

Fluch - m. (pl: e) a curse, an oath, malediction.

fluche - to curse.

Flucht - f. (pl: e) flight, escape.

Fluchwuat - n. an expletive.

fluckemol - frequently.

fluck(s) - quickly.

flunkre - to lie, to exaggerate.

Fluss - m. (pl: e) river; a flow.

Foa - f. (pl: re) furrow, groove, wrinkle.

foaboa - drivable, in driving condition.

foadijch - done, finished, completed, achieved.

foadijch brinje - to manage to do.

foadijch moake - to finish, to perfect, to complete.

Foagel - n. (pl: Fäajel) bird.

Foagel Flint - fowling piece.

Foagelfadre - f. bird feathers, plumage.

Foagelhüskje - n. birdhouse, aviary.

Foageljesank - n. trill, warble.

Foagelkonnst - f. ornithology.

foake(n) , foakna , aum foakenste(n) - often, oftener, most often.

Foakjel - n. shoats, piglets.

foakjle - to farrow.

foare - to drive.

Foarm - m. (pl: s) farm.

Foarma - m. farmer.

foarmarijch - rustic.

Foasch - f. (pl: e) roof ridge.

Foaschien - m. (pl: e) drivers' licence.

Foastool - m. lift, elevator.

Foat - f. trip, journey.

Foatijch - n. (pl: Foatia) vehicle, conveyance, rig.

Foatkoste - f. fare.

Foaw - (pl: e) paint, crayon, tincture, tint.

foawe - to paint.

Foawstoff - n. pigment.

Fobel - f. (pl: e) fable.

Fobeldijchta - m. fabulist, story writer.

Foda - m. (pl: sch) father.

Fodalaunt - n. fatherland.

fodalijch - fatherly.

Fodamort - m. patricide.

Fodaschoft - f. fatherhood, paternity.

foddle - to make good progress and to be capable of it. To make things go smoothly and efficiently.

foddre - to ask, demand.

Fodem - m. (pl: e) fathom.

Fold - f. (pl: e) fold, crease, wrinkle, pleat.

Folkj - n. (pl: Felkja) folk, people, populace, nation.

Folkjsjeschijcht - f. folklore, folk tale.

Folkjsleet - n. folk song.

Folkjsleida - m. a demagogue.

Folkjsrejiarung - democracy, republic.

foll - full.

foll Freid - joyous, happy, full of mirth.

Follboat - m. someone with a full beard.

follbrestijch - full breasted, voluptuous.

follbrinje - accomplish, succeed.

Follbrinjenheit - accomplishment, success.

follens - especially, wholly.

follfräte - satiate, gorge.

Follj - f. (pl: e) result, effect.

follje - to follow; fold, plait.

folljewosse - full grown, adult, mature.

folljoarijch - mature, of age.

follkome - whole, complete, perfect.

Follkomenheit - f. completeness, perfection, integrety, wholesomeness.

Follmacht - f. authority.

Follmacht jäwe - authorize.

Follmajchtja - m. (pl: sch) one invested with full powers; plenipotentiary, one who has power-of-attorney.

Follmon - m. full moon.

foll'opp - abundant.

follstemmijch - full toned.

follstendijch - complete, fully, thoroughly, entirely.

follwijcht - full weight.

fomm (fonn däm) - from.

fonn benne - from the inside.

fonn büte - from the outside.

fonn donn aun - from that time forward.

fonn hia - from here.

fonn Hoate - from the heart, heartfelt.

fonn Hoate jeare - eagerly, very willingly.

fonn Hoate leet - contrite, very sorry.

fonn Iesa - of iron, ferrous.

fonn nü aun - from now on; henceforth.

fonn o(nn)jefäa - approximately, about.

fonn Räd - garrulous, loquacious, verbose, voluble.

fonn Tüss - away from home, left home.

fonn Wiets - from far away, from afar.

fonndoag - m. today.

fonndoag den Dach - in today's terms.

fonndoag sse'owest - tonight, this evening.

foodre - to feed.

fooss - barren, having no seed.

Foot - m. (pl: Feet) foot.

Footgank - m. a characteristic gait, style of walking.

Footijch - n. footwear.

Footjenja - m. pedestrian.

Footsoldot - m. foot soldier, infantry soldier.

Footspoa - f. footprint.

Footstijch - m. foot path; sidewalk.

Footwoama - m. footwarmer.

Forakje - f. little father. (term of endearment).

Forjcht - f. fear; see Ferjcht.

Forkj - f. (pl: e) pitch fork. {dree tinje Forkj - three tined fork}.

Form - m. (pl: s) form, mold.

Formlijchkjeit - stand on ceremony; formality.

forsch - stout, heavy set, sturdy, corpulent.

forsche - to enquire, research, study, explore.

Fos - f. lint, fuzz.

Foss - m. (pl: Fass) fox; sorrel-coloured horse.

Fossiesa - fox trap.

fossijch - sorrel coloured.

Fossjacht - f. (pl: e) fox hunt.

Fosskautje - n. fox kitten.

fote - to grasp, to take hold; fight wrestle, grapple.

Fracht - f. freight, lading.

Frachtschepp - n. freighter.

Fräd - f. peace, accord.

Frädensrejchta - m. magistrate, justice of the peace.

Frädhoff - m. cemetery.

Frädhoole - to keep the peace.

frädliijch - peacefully, halcyon, peacable, pacific.

frajch - saucy, pert, candid, forthright.

Fräjoa - in days of yore, in ancient or early days.

Fräjoasche Mood - tradition.

framd - strange, unfamiliar, strange.

frässelt - ugly.

Frät - maw, gab, mouth; (vulgar).

fräte - devour, gourmandize.

Fräte - food for animals.

Fraun'seesch - French.

Frauts - (pl: e) mask, ugly face, mug.

Frautse moake - make faces, facial contortions, grimace.

freare - to freeze.

freelijch - happy, jovial.

Freestikj - n. (pl: e) breakfast.

Freid - f. joy, happiness, bliss, mirth rapture ecstacy.

Freidsteara - m. kill joy.

freie - to anticipate joy.

freilijch - indeed, to be sure.

Frens - f. (pl: e) shred, lint. filament (see fos).

frensijch - linty, hanging by shreds.

fresch - fresh.

freschmalkj - freshened (cow that has calved).

Fria - m. (pl: sch) suitor.

frie - free.

frie fläje - soar, glide.

frie onn frajch - open and direct, candid.

frie spräakje - to acquit.

Friedach - m. friday.

friee - to woo, to court.

friee Konnste - liberal arts.

frie'effentlijch - openly and publicly, above board.

frieet Launt - a free country.

Frieheit - f. (pl: e) liberty, freedom; permission.

friejäwrijch - generous, liberal, lavish, munificent, open handed.

friemoake - to liberate.

friesennijch - liberal, emancipated.

Friesennijchkjeit - liberality.

friewellijch - voluntary.

Frint - m. (pl: Frind) friend, chum, pal.

frintlijch - friendly, amicable.

Frintlijchkjeit - f. friendliness, kindliness.

Frintschoft - n. relationship by blood or marriage, kin, kinship, kindred, kinfolk.

Froag - f. (pl: e) question, inquiry.

Froag stalle - to pose a question.

froage - to ask, to question, enquire.

froaglijch - questionable, impugnable.

Frodem - m. slowly exhaled breath, especially breath that can be seen on a cold day.

frodme - to exhale slowly.

from - pious, godly.

Fromheit - f. piety.

froo - glad, jovial, happy.

Fros - (hard s) junk food, luxury food.

Frost - m. frost.

frostijch - frosty, frigid.

Frü - f. (pl: es) woman, wife, lady, ladyship.

frucht brinje - to bear fruit.

Frucht - f. (pl: e) fruit.

fruchtboa - fruitful, productive, prolific, fertile.

Fruchtknoppe - m. ovary.

Fruchtküak - m. tart.

fruchtloos - fruitless, infertile.

Früess Sodel - m. side saddle.

Früess Späjelschaup - woman's vanitiy case.

Früess Stemmrajcht - n. woman's suffrage.

Früess Stow - f. woman's bedroom.

Früesshamd - smock, negligee, chemise.

Früessjeschlajcht - female gender, female sex.

Früesskaunt - on the female side or lineage.

Früessoatijch - womanly, effiminate.

Früessriedpeat - n. palfry.

Fua - f. (pl: re) a load.

Füag - f. (pl: e) tenon.

Fuamaun - m. driver, chauffeur, wagoner.

fuat - away, off, gone, forth; beat it!.

fuat schekje - to send away.

fuat trakje - to move away.

fuatbliewe - to stay away.

fuatjäwe - to give away.

fuatkome - to lose, to get away.

Fuatkome - an existence, a living.

fuatrane - to run away.

fuats oppe Städ - right now! on the spot.

fuat(s) - right away, promptly, forthwith, now, immediately.

fuawoakje - to haul goods, transport freight, convey goods.

Fuchsschwauns - m. keyhole saw.

Fuchtel - f. (pl: le) wing of a windmill.

fuchtijch - furious, upset, excited.

fuchtle - to gesticulate, to wave one's arms wildly; to flap.

Füd - f. (pl: e) a marker set up for ex. by a farmer when he strikes out his first furrow on the field. see Opprigj.

fuj! - phooey.

fül - lazy, shiftless, indolent, slothful; foul, putrid, rotten.

füle - to rot.

Fülens - m. a laggard, loiterer, drone, sluggard, lazy sleepy head.

fülense - to laze or lounge around doing nothing.

fület Ei - n. rotten egg.

Fülheit - f. laziness, lassitude.

fulstrijch - moldy, foul smelling.

Funk - f. (pl: e) spark.

Funkestoppsel - n. spark plug.

funkle - to sparkle, scintillate.

Fupp - f. (pl: e) pocket.

Fuppjebüak - n. pocket book.

Fuppjejelt - n. loose change, pocket change, allownce.

furjchtboa - frightful, tremendous, formidable.

Fuscha - m. a whisper.

Fuschkje - n. a trick, joke, an error.

fuschle - to whisper.

Füst - f. (pl: e) fist.

füstgroot - fist sized.

Füsthaunschkje - mittens.

Füstrinkj - m. knuckleduster.

Füststriet - m. fisticuffs, pugilism.

Ga'loon - f. (pl: e) gallon.

Ga'losche - f. overshoes.

Gank - m. (pl: Jenj) hallway, lobby, alleyway; gait, pace course.

Gankwoakj - n. gait, style of walking.

Garan'tie - f. (pl: e) guarantee.

Gaufel - f. (pl: Gaufle) table fork.

gaufle - to wave the arms wildly, gesticulate.

Gaul - f. (pl: e) gall.

Gaulblada - f (pl: Gaulbladre) gallbladder.

gaule - to be annoyed.

Gaul(e)steen - gallstone.

Gaulje - gallows.

gaulme - to holler or yell.

gaulstrijch - rancid. (the s here is not pronounced as sh but remains a true s).

Gaulsüa - bile.

Gaulsucht - jaundice.

Gauns - f. (pl: Jans) goose.

Gaunsebloom - f. daisy.

Gaunsefada - f goose feather, quill.

Gaunsehüt - f. goose pimples.

Gaunsemarsch - m. goose step, marching single file Indian style.

gaunss - all, the whole, total, completely.

gaunss derjch - through and through, all done.

gaunss moake - to make whole again.

gaunss op - open all the way, wide open.

gaunss opp - all finished (eating).

gaunss sejcha - wholly and totally certain.

Gaunta - (pl: sch) gander.

gaupe - to gape, to gasp for air.

Gauss - m. (pl: e) gas; street, road, avenue, alley.

Gauss sie - f. gas filter.

Gausse strol - f. jet flame.

gaussebenjel - street urchin, hooligan.

Gaussebon - f. tram, streetcar track. trolley.

Gausseschlinjel - see Gaussebenjel.

Gaussflaum - f. gas jet.

Gaussläpel - m. accelerator.

Gaussrualaja - m. gasfitter.

Gaust - m. (pl: Jast) guest, visitor, caller.

Gaust enne Aunstault - inmate ward, patient.

Gaustjebott - n. social gathering, festival.

Gaustmol - n. banquet.

gaustreare - to mingle and convers with guests.

Gauststow - f. guestroom.

Gaustweat - m. host.

Geisa - m. (pl: sch) geyser.

Ger'dien - (pl: e) curtain, window blind, window drapes.

Ger'dienesseijch - n. dimity.

Ger'jienje - f. dahlias.

gern'niat - enamelled.

Gingjank - gingham.

Glauns - m. (pl: Jlense) shine, brilliance, brightness, radiance.

Glauss - n. (pl: Jläsa) glass, drinking glass, tumbler, jar.

Glausschaup - n. china cabinet.

glaut - smooth, slippery, glib.

Glautmül - m. smooth talker, double dealer, hypocrite.

Glauts - m. a bald pate.

Glodiess - n. glare ice, sleet.

Glomms - f. curds, cottage cheese.

Glommskopp - m. an addlebrain.

Gloot - n. glowing embers.

Gloowe - m. faith, belief, credence.

glottse - to stare, gawk.

Glottskopp - m. a peeping Tom.

Gluaje - f. bright glowing embers; see Gloot.

glüdre - to break wind silently.

glüpe - to observe furtively or slyly.

Glupp - a gallop.

gluppe - to gallop.

glüpsch - having the tendency to observe furtively.

gnaubre - to nibble, as when horses nibble each others manes.

Gnauts - f. the itch.

gnoage - to gnaw, to nibble.

Gnoagtia - n. a rodent.

Gnoakj - n. sweepings, useless seed, refuse.

gnoare - to scorn, spurn, disdain.

gnorre - to growl, snarl.

gnorrijch - gnarled; snarling.

gnorsche - to gnash, grind the teeth.

Gnurpel - n. (pl: s) cartilege, gristle.

gnurplijch - gristly.

Gnut - f. (pl: e) cudgel, policeman's club.

gnüwle - to whittle, to carve wood. see schneppre.

goa - cooked, done, baked, (when food is done).

goa - (insep prefix) entirely, absolutely, at all. see goanijch, soo'goa.

Goade - m. (pl: s) garden.

Goadekonnst - f. horticulture.

Goadeschnigj - f. garden slug, snail.

goare - to wheeze, to be windbroken.

Goaschthaumel - m. scamp, a naughty fellow.

goaschtrijch - naughty, misbehaving.

Goaw - f. (pl: e) a sheaf, bundle.

Golt - n. gold.

Goltamakje - n. goldfinch.

Goltkuarn - n. gold nugget.

Goltrinja - m. the ringfinger.

Goltschmett - m. goldsmith.

gone - to walk, go, move, proceed; for dough to rise; (daut woat gone it is possible, it can be done).

Gonst - m. (pl: e) favour, grace.

Gonstock - m. cane, walking stick, crook.

Gonstool - m. walking stool.

goo(de)ndach - hello, good day.

goodjedunke - a so so approach, not having too much concern about doing a proper job.

goodjenüach - lit good enough; (es die daut goodjenüach? Do you have the nerve; do you have the temerity) disregarding or ignoring propriety.

goot - good; comp goot, bäta, bast, good, better, best.

goot aunjeschräwe - having a good credit rating, a good standing.

goot senne - to love; {ekj sie die goot - I love you}.

Goot - n. assets, property.

gootmeenent - well meaning, good natured, to be favourably disposed to.

Goots - n. good things. {hee deed fäl Goots - he did many good things}.

gootsaje - to endorse, to guarantee.

gootschekjs - 'easy for you to say' convenient.

gootsmoots - cheerful, of good cheer.

Gorjel - m. (pl: s) gullet, throat.

gorjle - to gargle.

Gort - m. (pl: s) belt, girth, strap, girdle.

gotelja - m. convenient one.

gotelje - f. convenient one.

gotelje - plural, convenient ones.

gotlijch - easily accessible, readily, conveniently.

Gott - m. (pl: Jetta) God.

Gottesänlijch - deified, God like.

Gottesjeleada - m. theologian.

Gottesläajna - m. atheist.

Gotteslestrung - f. blasphemy, impiety.

Gottloosijchkjeit - f. wickedness.

gottlooss - wicked.

Gow - f. (pl: e) gift, grant, donation; talent.

Gramafoon - n. (pl: s) gramaphone, phonograph.

Gra'neet - n. granite.

grauble - a searching action of the hands.

Grauf - n. (pl: Jräw) grave.

Graufgrowa - m. grave digger, sexton.

Graufschreft - f. epitaph, grave inscription.

Graufsteen - m. headstone, gravestone.

Grauj - f. (pl: e) claw; slang for hand.

Graunt - n. gravel.

Graupe - f. see Nekje; peculiarities.

grausom - cruel, fierce, gruesome, ferocious; pitiful.

Grauss - n. grass.

Grauss heiwe - mow the grass.

Grausshaulm - n. (pl: Grausshalma) blade of grass.

Grausshoppa - m. (pl: Grausshoppasch) grasshopper, locust; see Heischrakj.

graussjreen - grass green.

Graussmaschien - f. mower, lawn mower.

graute'leare - to congratulate, compliment.

greiw (M: grau) - grey.

Greiwkopp - grey headed, sage.

grenautsje - small, tiny (adjective restricted to plural nouns); {grenautsje Bieta - smithereens, tiny pieces}.

Grod - f. (pl: e) degree, grade.

Grodboage - m. protractor.

Grodglauss - thermometer.

groff - coarse, gross, obscene, serious.

Groffbroot - n. coarse brown bread.

Groffheit - coarseness, rudeness.

Groll - m. (pl: e) malice, resentment, ill will.

grolle - to be irked, to be exasperated.

Groossmame - grandma.

groossoatijch - exaggerated; marvelouss, wonderful, excellent, magnificent.

Groosspape - grandpa.

groot - big, large, great, immense, massive, ample, grand. (comp groot, jrata, jratsta).

Grootdochta - granddaughter.

Grootfoda - grandfather.

Grootkjint - grandchild.

Grootmül - big mouth.

grootmülijch - sassy.

Grootmutta - grandmother.

grootpraschrijch - swaggery, putting on the dog.

Grootsän - grandson.

Grootstaut - f. city.

Groow - f (pl: e) gutter, groove.

Grope - m. (pl: s) kettle, cauldron.

grose - to graze.

growa Kjlie - coarse bran, semolina.

growe - to dig.

growe Räd - ribald talk, ribaldry.

Growe - m. (pl: s) ditch.

growet Spos - scurrilous action.

Gruft - f. (pl: e) crypt, mine, vault.

grüle - to be frightened, scary.

grülijch - fearful, frightful.

grumlijch - murky, curdly.

grumsauje - to grumble, gripe.

grumsaujsch - grumpy, gripy.

grunse - to complain, gripe.

Grunt - m. (pl: Jrind) foundation, base, bottom, ground; motive.

Gruntjedanke - m. the main, basic theme.

Gruntloag - f. foundation that has been laid, basis.

gruntloos - with no bottom, bottomless; groundless.

Gruntloot - n. carpenters' level.

Grunträajel - constitution.

Gruntsauts - m. maxim, tenet.

Gruntschool - f. elementary school.

Gruntsopp - n. dregs, sediment, residue.

Gruntsteen - m. cornerstone, foundation stone.

Grunttoon - m. the keynote.

Grupp - f. (pl: e) group.

gruselja Droom - m. nightmare.

grusle - to make the flesh creep, shudder.

gruslijch - grisly.

Grusnikj - m. (pl: e) small, round peppermint.

Gruss - m. greeting, salutation, compliment.

Grüss - n. sweeepings.

Gumm - n. gum, rubber.

Gummbaunt - m. rubber band.

Gummijch - rubbery, gumm.

Gummreif - f. rubber tire.

Gummschoo - f. rubber boots.

gurjle - to gurgle.

Gurkj - f. (pl: e) cucumber.

Gurkjese'lot - cucumber salad.

Gussiesa - n. cast iron.

ha' - see hab'.

häa - here, hither, in this direction, this way.

Häa - n. (pl: Häare) army, horde.

häabrinje - to bring hither.

Häad - f. herd, drove, horde.

häahole - to fetch, to get.

Häaj - f. joy, happiness.

häajäwe - to give it here, hand over.

Häakj - m. a pike fish.

Häakja'rie - f. shemozzle, muddle.

Häakjelhoake - m. crochet hook.

Häakjeltijch - n. crochet work.

häakjinftijch - traditionally, originally.

häakjle - to crochet.

häakjre - to negotiate, to haggle over price, to meddle, to sell.

häakome - to originate, to derive; to come hither.

Häakunft - f. origin, descent, emanation, source, genesis, genealogy, heritage.

häanäme - to derive, orginate.

haare jeen! haare gutt! haare gomms! - are expressions of surprise, consternation, disappointment etc.

habe , hab - to have, to possess, own.

Habgoot - n. (pl: Habgood) possessions.

Hachel - m. (pl: s) barb, thorn.

Hachelbäa - f. hawthorn berry.

Hacheldrot - n. barbed wire. (see Stacheldrot).

Hack - f. (pl: e) heel, hock, mattock; hoe.

hacke - to hack, to hoe, hew.

hackse - to peck, to deliver a short choppy kick.

Hacksel - n. chopped hay or fodder, ensilage.

Hacksellod - f. straw or hay chopper, ensilage cutter.

Hadrikj - m. wild mustard weeds.

hafte - to tack or nail on temporarily.

Haftijchkjeit - f. intensity.

Hajksemeista - m. wizard, magician.

Hakj - f. (pl: e) gate; hedge, hedgerow.

Hakjs - f. a witch, crone, sorceress.

Hakjse'rie - f. magic, witchcraft.

hal - bright light.

hal lijchten Dach - bright daylight.

Hal - f. (pl: e) hell.

hale wata , hale moss - mild expletives of surprise or concern.

haloatijch - infernal.

Ham - f. (pl: me) a brake.

Hamd - f. (pl: e) shirt.

Hamschoo - brake shoe for wagons.

Hamsmeiw - f. shirt sleeve.

Hamsmeiwknoop - m. cufflink, stud.

han - there, thither; another form of habe pl of 'have'.

han o' wada - now and then, intermittently.

han on häa - back and forth; now and then.

han on trigj - back and forth.

han on trigj schaule - echo, reverberate.

Han - f. (pl: Heena) hen.

handiede - tendency to resemble.

hanfaule - to fall down.

hanfoare - to drive thither.

Hanfoat - f. the trip over there.

hangone - to walk thither.

Hangow - f. devotion.

hanhoole - to submit, to suffer.

hanjäwe - to devote.

hanjenome - adopted. see hannäme.

hanjestrakjt - stretched out, prone; see hanstrakje.

hankefooje - to throw down forcibly.

hankjikje - to look thither.

hankome - to arrive there.

hankroage - to invite people over.

hannäme - to adopt.

hanräkje - to hand over.

hanrejchte - to execute, to pass the death sentence upon.

Hanrejchtung - f. execution.

hansate - to set down, to place.

hanschaufe - to provide with.

hanschekje - to refer, to send.

hanschmiete - to throw down.

hanssiele - to aim at.

hanstale - to deploy, to place, to position.

hanstrakje - to stretch out in a prone position.

hantrakje - to move thither.

Har - m. (pl: Haress) Lord; gentleman lord.

haregomms! - exclamation of surprise.

hare'jeen! - exclamation of surprise.

Hargomm! - m. (pl: s) gentleman!.

harlijch - glorious.

harmon'eare - to harmonize, agree.

Harmon'ie - f. harmony.

Harscha - m. (pl: sch) ruler, sovereign.

Harschoft - f (pl: e) lordship, lordliness, aristocracy, upper class.

harschoftlijch - lordly, aristocratic, hoity toity.

hartsoft - forcefully, with might.

Häselmenschkje - n. (pl: s) an elf, a gremlin, a dwarf.

hasslijch - naughty, belligerent, nasty, vile, ugly.

hassre - to deliver short, swift kicks in quick succession, like a cow might deliver.

hauje - gentle caresses, pats or strokes.

Haul - f. (pl: e) a hall.

haulf - half.

haulf besennungslooss - torpid, subconscious.

haulf blint - half blind.

haulf em Diesel - in a daze.

haulf em Schlop - half asleep.

haulf goa - half cooked.

haulf op - half open.

haulf opp - half eaten.

haulf tiedijch - half time.

Haulfbrit - m. (pl: te) half breed.

Haulfinsel - f. peninsula.

haulfjekoakt - parboiled.

Haulfjeleada - m. superficial pretender to knowledge.

Haulfkulla - f. semi circle.

Haulfkullamot - f. radius.

haulfligjent - reclining, recumbent.

haulfschaute - penumbra, (eclipse).

Haulftoon - m. semi tone.

haulfwaussent - half grown, adolescent.

Haulm - n. (pl: Halma) stem or blade of grass.

Hauls - m. (pl: Halsa) throat, neck.

Hauls äwa kopp - head over heels, topsy turvy, upside down, harum scarum.

Haulsbaunt - m. necktie, cravat.

Haulsbommelkjäd - f. locket, necklace.

Haulsdrees - f. (pl: e) tonsil.

Haulsdüak - neckerchief.

Haulskjäd - f. pendant.

Haulskrankheit - f. diphtheria.

Haulskroage - m. tippet, gorget.

Haulsloftrua - n. trachea.

Haulsoda - f. jugular vein.

Haulsschlips - m. necktie.

Haulsschnua - n. necklace, pendant.

Haulstaupe - m. uvula.

Haulta - m. (pl: sch) halter, holder for a writing pen.

haulwäaj haulwäajes - tolerable, acceptable.

Haulwe - m. (pl: s) a tin cup, literally a half measure.

Haumel - m. (pl: s) castrated male sheep, vedder, wither.

haundel - to deal, transact business.

Haundel - m. (pl: s) business transaction, a deal, bargain, trade commerce.

Haundeldriewa - m. dealer, trader, merchant, saleman.

Haundelsjesalschoft - f. company, partnership, corporation.

Haundelsmaun - trader, merchant, salesman.

haundelsoatijch - mercantile.

Haundelsplauts - m. mart, market place.

Haundüak - n. towel.

Haunschkje - glove, mitten, gauntlet.

Haunsworscht - m. clown.

Haunt - f. (pl: Henj) hand.

Hauntbreet - f. a handbreadth.

Hauntbüak - n. a handbook, manual.

Hauntdrekje - a handclasp.

haun'teare - to handle, manipulate.

Haun'tearinj - f. the handling of.

Hauntiesa - n. manacle, handcuff.

Hauntjelenkj - n. wrist.

Hauntjelt - cash.

Hauntjemenj - confrontation.

Hauntjespaun - n. see Hauntiesa; s.

Hauntjreff - f. technique, flare, knack, grip.

Hauntlanga - m. gopher, helper, hodman.

Hauntmäl - f. a handmill.

Hauntoabeida - day labourer.

Hauntoabeit - handiwork, daywork.

haunt'reare - to shake hands.

Hauntsans - f. scythe; see Sans.

Hauntschreft - f. handwriting.

Hauntspäldinkj - n. accordion, concertina.

Haunttausch - f. handbag.

Hauntwoakj - n. handiwork; crafts.

Hauntwoasaje'rie - f. palmistry.

Haupt - n. (pl: Heipta) head, main.

Hauptgauss - f. main street.

Hauptlienje - f. trunk line, main line.

Hauptpersoon - f. the principal character.

Hauptpunkt - m. summary, gist.

Hauptsach - f. primary thing.

Hauptschlätel - m. masteer key.

hauptsejchlijch - primarily, chiefly, mainly.

Hauptstaut - f. city.

Hauptwartel - f. the tap root.

Hauptwuat - n. noun.

Hauselnät - f. hazelnut.

Hausp - f. staple, hasp.

Hauspel - f. (pl: Hausple) reel of a binder or swather; wing of a windmill; windlass.

Haust - haste.

haustijch - suddenly, hastily, quickly.

Häw - f. yeast; it is also the plural of Hoff.

Häwaum - f. (pl: Häwauma) midwife; see also Poppemutta.

häwe - to lift.

Häwel - m. (pl: s) carpenters' plane.

Häwelbenkj - f. carpenters' bench.

Häwelspoon - n. (pl: Häwelspeena) wood shavings.

häwijch - yeasty.

häwle - to plane.

hee - m. d pers pronoun he.

hee kaun - he can.

Heea! - term of endearment between spouses.

heede - to herd; to forbear, beware.

heeflijch - polite, courteous, urbane, respectful.

Heeflijchkjeit - f. courtesy, deference, politeness.

Heefstol - n. principal of a sum of money.

Heeft - (pl: a) head, head of cabbage.

heejänsch - hygienic.

heel - healed.

Heel - f. (pl: e) cave, cavern.

Heelaunstault - f. healing institution; sanatorium.

heele - to heal.

Heelkonnst - f. therapeutics.

Heelmeddel - n. medicine, remedy.

heemelja Passa'zhea - m. stowaway.

heemelja Wies - in a secret or clandestine manner.

heemelje Fewekjlinj - intrigue.

heemlijch - secretly, stealthily, furtively, clandestinely, sureptitiously.

heemlijch hinjalestijch - insidious.

heemlijch horjche - eavesdrop.

heemlijch methalpe - aid and abet.

heemlijch näme - to steal, snitch.

heemlijch schlikje - to sneak.

heemlijchkjikje - to peep.

Heems - f. hames (of harnesses).

Heena - see Han.

Heenabrode - m. fried chicken, chicken roast.

Heenafloak - f. chicken roost.

Heenaoaft - f. chick pea.

Heenastaul - m. henhouse, chicken barn.

Heenasupp - f. chicken soup.

Heenaüag - n. corn (on the foot).

heenisch - sneeringly.

heenisch lache - to sneer.

heesch - hoarse.

heet - hot, torrid, fervent.

heet - is called; (Hee heet Peeta; He is called Peter).

heet brode - to grill.

heeta Schnaups - m. a hot toddy.

heeta Weltkjreiss - tropics.

Hei - n. hay.

Heiarnt - f. hay crop.

Heibaks - m. (pl: e) hay rack.

Heibän - m. hayloft.

Heid - m. (pl: e) heathen.

Heidelbäa - f. blueberry.

Heidentüm - n. heathenism, paganism.

Heieifst , (M: Heiaust) - hay crop, hay harvest.

Heifesch - m. shark.

Heiforkj - f. hay fork, pitch fork.

Heihüpe - m. haystack.

Heijchel - m. hypocracy.

Heikoppits - f. hayrick, haycock.

Heil - n. health, welfare.

Heilaunt - m. Saviour, Redeemer.

heilijch - holy, sacrosanct.

Heilijchtüm - n. sanctity.

Heilja - m. saint.

heilje , heilijch moake - sanctify.

Heilje Schreft - f. Holy Writ, Holy Scriptures.

Heim - n. (pl: s) home.

Heimstäd - m. homestead.

Heipiep - f. steel punch.

Heireep - f. a steel cage from which horses can pluck hay.

Heischien - f. haybarn.

Heischlach - m. hay meadow.

Heischlap - f. a haysweep used to drag together hay into piles or stacks.

Heischlenj - f. hay sling, used to pull large jags of hay into the loft by means of a system of ropes and pulleys; (horse powered).

Heischrakj - f. (pl: e) grasshopper, locust.

Heispodem - m. the jaw of a slaughtered hog; a spade designed to cut hay from a haystack.

Heista - m. (pl: sch) blue jay, magpie.

heistakopp - head over heels.

Heiw - m. (pl: s) swipe, chop, hit.

heiwe - to chop, hew, cut, mow.

Heiwklotts - m. chopping block.

heiwtänijch - sassy, sarcastic.

hejchstens - at the most.

Hejcht - (pl: e) height.

Hekjsenschoss - m. pang, sudden pain, scatia, lumbago.

Helje Dree Kjeenijch - epiphany.

Heljedach - m. holiday.

Help - f. help, aid, assistance.

Helt - (pl: e) hero.

Heltabless - m. (pl: e) blockhead.

heltana - m adj. wooden.

heltane - f adj. wooden.

heltane - plural adj. wooden.

Heltschlor - n. (pl: Heltschlorre) wooden shoe, clog, pattens, home-made wooden shoes.

He'ma'riede - see Ma'riede.

hendijch - handy, convenient.

Henjbad - n. hammock.

Henjbrigj - suspension bridge.

henje - to hang.

henje lote - to suspend.

henjent - suspended.

Henjflijchtijch - bedraggled, like a wet hen.

Henjschlott - n. padlock.

Henjsel - n. (pl: s) hanger, hanging decoration.

Henjspaunsel - n. manacles, handcuffs; (Note; henj hang; it is also the plural of Haunt).

hepkjeshoa - by a hairbreadth.

Hersch - m. (pl: e) deer, hart, stag, reindeer.

Herschfleesch - n. venison.

Herschhuarn - n. deer horn, harts horn.

Herschjacht - see Reejacht.

Herschkoo - f. hind, doe, deer.

Herschlada - n. deerskin, buckskin.

hetsijch - fervid, heatedly, passionately, sharply.

Hett - f. heat.

hette - to heat.

Hettowe - m. furnace, heater.

Hettross - n. heat register.

hia - here, at this place.

hiahäa - this way, hither, to this place.

hiaje - those present.

hiamet - herewith, hereby.

hiele - to cry, sob, weep.

hiele on schnucke - to cry and hiccup.

hielrijch - weepy, maudlin.

Hiescha - n. horsy, a child's term for a horse.

Hieskje , Hüssje - n. an outdoor toilet, see Sse'kjreet.

Himbäa - f. (pl: re) raspberry.

Himmel - m. (pl: s) sky, heaven.

himmelbleiw - skyblue, azure.

Himmelfarnrua - n. observatory.

Himmelfoat - f. Ascension.

Himmelhüach - sky high.

Himmelrikj - Kingdom of Heaven.

himmlisch - heavenly.

Hindaniss - f. (pl: e) hindrance, barrier, obstacle, hurdle.

hindre - to hinder.

hinja - behind.

Hinjabeen - n. hindleg.

Hinjadäa - f. back door.

Hinjafeadel - n. hindquarter.

Hinjafoot - m. hindfoot.

Hinjagauss - f. back lane.

Hinjagrunt - m. background.

hinjahäa - afterwards.

Hinjahoff - m. back yard, back lawn.

Hinjahoft - f. hindquarter.

Hinjajescherr - n. breeches, (part of a harness).

hinjalestijch - cunning, deceitful, devious.

hinjalote - to leave behind, neglect, posthumous.

Hinjanome - m. surname.

hinja'raun - following after.

hinja'raun ssoagle , hinja'raun ssauble - to trail or follow after.

Hinjaraut - n. rear wheel.

Hinjarenj - n. (pl: a) posterior, rump, rear, backside.

hinjarikjs - behind one's back, by deceit, furtively.

Hinjaschepp - n. stern of a ship.

Hinjaschoft - f. hindquarter.

Hinjasejcht - f. hindsight, retrospect.

Hinjasett - f. back seat, rear seat, rumble seat, dicky.

hinjastallijch - in arrears, delinquent.

Hinjastow - f. back room.

hinjat Lijcht feare - to deceive, to beguile.

hinjawäajes - en route, on the way.

hinje - in the back, at the rear.

hinje bliewe - to remain behind, straggle, lag behind.

hinjre - thwart, impede.

hinj're - f adj, behind the.

hinj'rem - m adj, behind the.

hinkje - to limp.

hinten'dren - close behind.

Hitsat - one who provokes.

hitse - to provoke, to 'sic em'.

Hoa - f. hair.

Hoabaunt - m. hair ribbon, hair band, fillet, snood.

Hoabreet - n. hairbreadth.

Hoad - m. (pl: s) herdsman; shepherd.

Hoafst - m. (pl: e) fall harvest, autumn; see Eifst.

Hoafstkjikjel - n. autumn chick, a child born late in the parents' life.

Hoafstspandwäw - n. gossamer.

Hoagdrees - f. (pl: e) lymph gland.

Hoagel - m. hail.

hoagelnie - brand new.

Hoagelsteen - m. hailstone.

hoagle - to hail.

Hoakaum - m. hair comb.

Hoake - m. (pl: s) a hook.

Hoakj - f. (pl: e) rake.

hoakje - to rake.

Hoakjriesel - m. a cowlick.

Hoakjsel - n. (pl: s) a quantity raked.

Hoalemma Dreppe - harlem drops (medic).

Hoanat - n. a hairnet.

Hoap - f. (pl: e) harp; (mus) also a sloped arrangement of screens over which grain is poured for purposes of cleaning and screening.

Hoapespell - n. harp music.

hoare - to lose hair.

hoarijch - hairy.

hoasäle - an old remedy for a foundered horse; a cut or a slit is made in the skin of the horse's chest and a piece of felt with some horsehair wrapped around it is inserted in the wound; this foreign matter will cause the sore to fester and it was believed… (truncated).

Hoaschnett - m. a snip or lock of hair.

Hoaschnieda - m. hair clipper.

Hoaspald - f. a hairpin.

Hoastrijch - m. (pl: s) a hair parting.

hoat - hard.

hoat jemoakt - hardened, tempered.

Hoat - n. (pl: e) heart.

Hoatje - n (pl: s) a little heart.

Hoatkommkje - n. ventricle.

hoatlearijch - slow to learn.

hoatliewijch - constipated.

hoatlijch - hardy.

Hoatlooss - heartless.

Hoatnak - m. stubborn individual.

hoatnakijch - stubborn.

Hoatschlach - m. heart attack, heart failure, cardiac arrest.

Hock - f. (pl: e) a stook, (several sheaves set upright together, supporting each other so they will dry more readily;).

Hock - n. (pl: s) grain bin.

Hock - n. (pl: s) small cattle enclosure.

hockijch - plaid; a checkered pattern.

hockjet Sseijch - plaid, tartan.

Hocklinkj - n. (pl: Hocklinja) calf in a pen, young calf.

Hoff - (pl: Häw) yard, court yard.

Hofkje - f. (pl: s) hawk.

Hoft - f. (pl: e) hip.

Hoftjelenkj - n. hip joint.

hole - to fetch.

holkjse - to hollow out.

Hollenda - m. Hollander, Dutchman.

Hollinj - f. (pl: e) a hollow, valley cavity, socket.

hollrunt - concave.

holprijch - limited, ungainly (walk).

Holsjebock - m. (pl: Holsjebakj) woodtick.

Holt - n. (pl: Helta) wood.

Holtboa - n. wood drill, gimlet.

Holthacka - m. woodpecker.

Holthaundel - m. a lumber or timber business.

Holthendla - m. lumber or timber dealer.

Holtkjiel - f. chock wedge.

Holtkol - f. charcoal.

Holtoabeida - m. woodworker.

Holtschend - f. woodshed.

Holtschnieda - m. woodcutter, woodcarver.

Holtwajch - 'the wrong road'.

Ho'lunk - m. (pl: e) scoundrel, jackass, knave.

Homa - m. (pl: sch) hammer, mallet, maul.

Homaschlätel - m. monkey wrench.

Homastäl - m. hammer handle.

Hommel - m. (pl: s) bumblebee, bee.

homre - to hammer.

Hon - m. (pl: s) rooster, cock.

Honnijch - m. honey.

Honnijchkorf - m. honeycomb.

Honsboat - m. wattle.

Honskaum - m. coxcomb.

Hoof - n. (pl: Heefta) hoof.

Hoofiesa - n. (pl: sch) horseshoe.

Hoofiesaschmett - m. farrier.

hoojone - to yawn.

hoole - to hold, keep, retain.

Hoost - m. a cough.

hooste - to cough.

Hoot - m (pl: Heed) hat.

hope - to hope.

Hopninj - f. hope.

Hori'sont - m. horizon.

horjche - to listen.

Hos - m. (pl: e) rabbit, hare.

Hosehunt - m. harrier.

Hoseloch - n. rabbit burrow.

Hoseschoa - n. harelip, cleft palate.

Hospitol - n. (pl: Hospitäla) hospital.

Hot - m. hate, hatred, odium.

Hot'el - n. (pl: s) hotel.

Hotsbonkje - n. joyride, hayride, sleigh ride.

hotsdrot! hotsheat! hotsbuddel! hotsbädel! - expressions of surprise.

Howa - m. oats.

Howajrett - f. oatmeal, porridge.

Howapeatje (Hermauns Peatje) - n. a lady bug.

Howasack - m. oatsbag; haversack.

Howe - m. (pl: s) haven, port.

Howeoabeida - m. longshoreman.

Hua - f. (pl: re) whore, prostitute.

hüach - high.

hüach begoft - highly endowed, gifted, talented.

hüach bejoat - advanced in years.

hüach beriemt - famous, renowned.

hüach bowe - high up, on top of.

hüach druck - high pressure.

hüach jebilt - well educated.

hüach jeschatst - held in high esteem.

hüach läwe - to live high on the hog.

hüach stone - to stand out, to tower, to stand tall.

hüachachtijch - in high esteem.

Hüachlaunt - n. highland.

hüachnäsijch - offish, arrogant, haughty, snobbish.

Hüachrigje - m. a range of hills.

Hüachschool - f. highschool.

Hüachwajch - m. highway.

Hüagdietsch - High German.

huara'rie - prostitution, fornication.

Huarebauljch - n. bastard, illegitimate child.

Huarn - n. (pl: Heana) animal horn.

Huarn - n. (pl: Huarns) car horn.

Huarnjespanst - chimera.

hubbre - to shiver, shake with the chills.

hubbrijch - chilly; shivery.

Huck - f. (pl: e) the posterior, the seat.

hucke - to sit, to squat.

Humma - m. (pl: sch) lobster.

Humpel - m. (pl: s) mound, small hill.

hundat - one hundred.

hundatjoarijch - centennial.

hundatjoascha - m. centenarian.

hundatjoasche - f. centenarian.

hundatjoasche - pl. centenarians.

hundatstel - n. one hundredth.

Hunga - m. hunger.

Hunga liede - to starve.

Hunga wäa die - fight against starvation; a very skinny person.

Hungakoolkje - f. sudden attack of hunger.

Hungaschnoot - f. famine, starvation.

Hungatän - f. a fang.

hungrijch - hungry.

hunjsch - rough, cruel treatment.

Hunjsfalkrankheit - f. the mange.

Hunjsklotje - n. dog kennel.

Hunjsläwe - a dog's life.

Hunt - m. (pl: Hunj) dog.

Huntmeed - dog tired.

Hüpe - m. (pl: s) stack of hay or straw, pile, heap.

Hupje - n. a crude tobacco.

Hupjebrenna - m. cigarette lighter.

huppanack - piggy back.

huppasch - at a gallop.

huppse - to jump, to hop.

Huppsfläj - f. a flea.

Hu'seare - (M) to terrorize, plunder, rape, pillage.

hü'seare - to bide at or in.

Hüss - n. (pl: Hiesa) house.

Hüssaundacht - f. family worship.

Hüssbekjleed - f. siding of a house.

Hüssfrü - f. housewife, housekeeper.

Hüsshault - f. (pl: e) household.

Hüsskjleet - n. housedress.

Hüsskjnajcht - m. retainer, porter.

Hüssleara - m. tutor.

Hüssschwaulm - n. (pl: s) barn swallow, martin.

Hüsstia - n. pet.

Hüsswajch - m. the way home.

Hüt - f. skin, human skin.

Hutt - f. protection; care.

Hütütschlach - m. skin rash, acne.

Hüw - f (pl: e) black lace cap worn by Mennonite matrons in the olden days.

Iebel - n. evil.

Iebel draun - under adverse circumstances.

Ieda - n. (pl: sch) udder.

iedel - pure, utter, sheer, nothing but.

iedre - for an udder to grow.

Iel - m. (pl: e) leech; haste, hurry.

ielent - in a hurry, impatient.

Iesa - n. (pl: sch) iron.

Iesa fehoatle - to temper iron.

Iesabon - f. railway track.

Iesadrot - n. fence wire.

Iesahendla - m. ironmonger.

iesana - m. of iron.

Iesana Jeltschrank - m. iron safe.

iesane - f. of iron.

iesane - plural adjective.

Iesaspoon - iron filings.

Iesasprot - iron bar.

Iesastang - f. iron bar, iron rod.

Iesawoakj - hardware.

Iesbraunt - Isbrand, a male name.

iesijch - icy.

iesrijch - of iron, ferrous.

Iess - n. ice.

Iess Taupe - m. icicle.

Iessboajch - an iceberg, glacier, growler.

Iessbräakja - m. icebreaker.

Iessfoagel - n. king fisher.

Iessgreiw - hoar.

Iesshüss - n. ice house.

Iesspunkt - m. freezing point.

Iessschrank - m. (pl: e) ice box, refrigerator.

Iessshaup - n. ice box.

Iesstang - f. ice tong.

Iesstaupe - m. icicle.

Iewa - zeal, mettle.

iewrijch - excited, fidgety, fervid, eager.

Ikra - a spiced vegetable salad.

ilda - the most, very, utmost, chief, main; an adjective.

ilda easchta - the very first one.

ilda elsta - the very oldest.

impfe - vaccinate, inoculate.

Indi'auna - m. Indian.

Indi'auna Sselt - n. wigwam.

Indi'aunakorn - m. maize.

Insel - f. (pl: Insle) island.

Inseloatijch - insular.

intres'saunt - interesting, absorbing.

Int'resse - f. interest.

intres'seare - to have or hold interest for. to be interested.

irdisch - earthly, terrestrial.

irjenswua - anywhere.

irjent - any.

irjent eena - anyone.

irjentwäa - anyone.

irjentwa'nea - anytime.

irjentwaut - anything.

irjentwua - anywhere.

Jäaja - m. (pl: sch) hunter.

Jäajahunt - m. hunting dog.

jäajen - against, opposed, anti; also used as a prefix.

jäajen Owent - towards evening.

jäajenaun - obstreperous, anti; actively opposing, rebellious; repugnant, disgusting, abhorrent.

jäajenäwa - versus, as opposed to, compared to.

jäajenäwa stale - pit one against another.

jäajendeel - contrary.

Jäajenstaunt - rebelious opposition; sedition, resistance.

Jäajenstooss - an obstacle, a resistance.

jäajenstriede - to argue against, to object.

Jäajent - f. (pl: Jäajende) area district, region.

Jäajent be'seene - sightsee.

jäajenwäatijch - present, ubiquitous; at the moment, for the time being, nowadays, in our time.

jäajenwind - against wind.

jäajenwirke - to work against, to counteract.

Jäajna - m (pl: sch) opponent, adversary, antagonist.

jäajre - to hunt.

Jäakj - f. en itch.

Jäap - m. contraction for Joakopp.

jäare - to ferment.

Jacht - f. (pl: e) a hunt; a quarrel, disagreement.

jachte - to quarrel, to fight.

Jachtfoagel - n. upland bird.

Jachtjeschrejch - n. hunting call, warwhoop.

Jachttia - n. game, quarry.

Jack - f. (pl: e) short jacket.

jäl - yellow.

jalblijch - yellowish.

jälbrün - tawny'.

jäle Socht - f. jaundice, hepatitis.

Jalmäa - f (pl: re) carrot.

jälroot - orange colour.

jalsta - crisp, like fresh vegetables.

jamse - to force, to jam into.

jan - m. that one over there.

jana - m. that one over there.

jane - f. that one over there.

jane - plural, those over there.

Janka - m. covetousness, yen, strong desire.

jankre - to covet, to have a strong desire for.

jankrijch - desirous, covetous.

Janshäad - f. a gaggle of geese.

jant - n. that over there.

Jantsied - the other side, a term used by the early Mennonites in southern Manitoba referring to the Mennonites living on the 'other side of the Red River, depending on which side they live.

Japs - f. (pl: e) cupped hands.

Jauma - m. misery, lamentation, mercy.

Jaumadol - vale of tears.

jaumafoll - deplorable, pitiful.

Jaumahoat - n. pity, mercy.

jaumalijch - wretched, lamentable, piteous, miserable.

jaumre - to pity, to be sorry for.

jaumreare - to lament.

Jaun'woa - m. January.

Jau'paun - Japan.

jaupe - to gasp for breath, to pant.

jäwe - to give, donate.

Jäwel - m. (pl: s) gable.

Jäwelbräda - n. a humorous term used for bread dough cut into flat strips and fried in deep fat. This would become a quick substitute for a meal for a large, hungry family.

je - truly, indeed, certainly, by all means, of course. It adds emphasis and veracity to a statement Daut es je aul too lot; It is indeed already too late.

je'acht - respected, paid attention; see achte.

je'äjent - designated for, intended for, suited; see äjne.

jeare - eagerly, willingly, readily.

Je'backniss - n. baked products.

Je'bäd - n. a prayer, a supplication, entreaty.

Je'bal - n. a barking; see balle.

Je'baubel - n. a continual spitting of sunflower seed shells.

Je'belkj - n. a shouting; see belkje.

Je'bett - n. bridle bit.

Je'bied - n. (pl: a) a building.

Je'biedeldet Mäl - a coarse flour.

Je'bintwoakj - n. half timbered framework of a structure.

Je'birj - n. mountains.

Je'biss - set of store teeth, dentures.

Je'bloa - n. a shouting, a blaring; see bloare.

je'boage - bent, curved; see bäje.

Je'boot - n. (pl: e) commandment.

Je'bott - occasion, party.

Je'bräakje , Je'brakje - physical weaknesses, ailments.

Je'brell - a roaring, loud lowing of cattle; see brelle.

Je'brisel - n. a continual chatter; see brisle.

je'broake - broken; see bräakje.

Je'bruck - n. usage; a need, utilization, custom.

Je'bruckssadel - m. prescription; see brucke.

Je'bruddel - a coarse, incessant chatter; slow bubbling, as thick boiling porridge.

Je'brüzh - n. a buzzing, humming sound; see brüzhe.

je'buare - born.

Je'bulla - a thunderlike noise; see bullre.

je'bunge - bound, tied; see binje.

Je'burt - f. birth.

Je'burtsdach - m. birthday.

Je'burtsfäla - m. birth defect.

Je'dajchtniss - n. (pl: e) memory, remembrance, mind.

Je'dalj - n. heavy, luxurious growth.

Je'danke - thoughts, ideas.

Je'däwa - (pl: sch) thunderous noise. see däwre.

jeddrijch - semi liquid, semi-congealed (as in decomposing food).

je'deie - to prosper, thrive.

Je'diat - n. (pl: a) a beast, a colossus.

Je'dijcht - n. (pl: a) poem, composition in verse.

Je'donte - f. traditions, customs.

jedräjde Plüme - dried plums, prunes.

Je'drän - n. vibrating noise. see dräne.

je'dränt - touched in the head, retarded, crazy.

je'dreit - twisted, spiral, helical; see dreie.

Je'dreiw - n. menace, threat.

Je'drenkj - n. (pl: e) potion, drink.

Je'driew - n. gear mechanism, driving gear.

Je'driewfesata - m. (pl: sch) transmission.

Je'driewschwenjel - m. gear lever.

Je'drüzh - n. a loud, vibrating, irritating noise.

je'duldijch - patient, relaxed.

Je'dult - f. patience, forbearance.

je'eat - respected, honoured. venerated; see eare.

Jeeda - goods, possessions.

Jeedajemeeenschoft - f. having goods or property in common; commune.

Jeedarejista - n. inventory.

jeedenfauls - in any event, in any case, at any rate.

je'eeft - past tense, skilled, practiced, experienced; see eewe.

jeehäa - from long ago, from times past, from former times.

jeemols - ever, at any time.

Jeeta'rie - f. (pl: e) foundry.

jeete - to pour; irrigate, to water.

jeetent - torrential.

Jeetkaun - f. watering can.

je'fäadlijch - dangerous, treacherous, risky, hazardous, perilous.

je'fange - captured, caught; see fange.

Je'fangeschoft - f. captivity.

Je'fangna - m. (pl: Je'fangne).

Je'fangne - f. (pl: Je'fangne) captive, prisoner.

Je'fäss - n. (pl: a) container, vessel, receptacle.

je'faule - to like, appeal to, suit, please.

Je'faule - m. favour.

Je'feel - n. (pl: e) feeling, sensation, sentiment, emotion.

Je'fenkjniss - n. (pl: e) jail, prison.

Je'fenkjnisswajchta - m. prison guard, turn key.

jefft - gives, d pers. of 'jäwe'.

Je'fleida - feathered creatures.

Je'fleit - n. fluted sound coming from some birds.

jeflochtna Korf - wicker basket.

Je'foa - f. danger, risk, hazard, peril, treachery, jeopardy.

Je'forsch - n. a quest, a searching out by questioning. see forsche.

je'forwe - past tense of foawe.

je'froare - frozen, see freare.

Jeft - n. poison.

jeftijch - poisonous.

Jeftstüd - f. henbane.

Je'fuschel - n. a whispering. see fuschle.

je'grommt - educated, trained.

Je'grusel - a revulsion.

Je'häaj - joy.

Je'hault - n. (pl: e) wage, salary; sometimes used to mean occupation, profession, vocation.

Je'hea - n. court hearing; the hearing; attention.

je'heanat - horned.

je'heare - to belong to; to obey.

je'hearijch - adequate, considerable, significatn, plenty.

je'heem - n. secret, clandestine.

je'heeme Jesalschoft - f. a cult, a secret orgnaization.

Je'heemniss - n. a secret, mystery.

je'heemnissfoll - mysterious.

Je'heet - n. (pl: e) an order, a command.

Je'henkj - n. (pl: Je'henj) hinge, gudgeon.

je'hockt - plaid, checked.

je'horjche - to obey, to comply.

je'huarsom - obedient, compliant.

jeil - oversweet, bitterswet.

Jeist - m. (pl: a) spirit, ghost.

jeistlijch - spiritual, ghostly, divine.

Jeiwa - froth, ddripping spittle.

jeiwre - to slobber.

Je'jacht - n. a quarrel, a spat. see jachte.

Je'jauma - n. a lamentation; see jaum'reare.

Je'joakel - a mockery. see joakle.

je'jorwe - past tense of joawe.

Je'jübel - n. jubilation, joyous shouting.

Je'kaubel (Je'kjibbel) - constant bickering.

Je'kjäakjs - n. vegetables.

Je'kjijcha - n. tittering, giggling.

Je'kjlat - n. drudgery, travail. see kjlate.

Je'kjrei - n. a crowing. see kjreie.

Je'kjrejch - n. a constant clearing of the throat. see kjrejche.

Je'kjriesch - n. a screaming. see kjriesche.

Je'kjritsel - n. a scribbling. see kjritsle.

Je'kjwelsta - n. a constant, noisy spitting of phlegm. see Kjwelsta.

Je'klaupa - n. clattering noise, a rattle. see klaupre.

je'läaje - lain.

Je'läaje lote - taking pains to do something right; a patient approach.

Je'läajenheit - f. (pl: e) opportunity, chance, occasion.

je'läajentlijch - occasionally, when opportunity arises.

Je'lach - n. a laughing, a guffaw. see lache.

Je'lakj - n. a leaking. see lakje.

je'lämt - paralyzed, numb, palsied; see läme.

je'launt - disposed, state of mind, humoured.

je'lausse - taking it easy, with great patience, at ease.

Je'läw - n. a tumult, a fracas.

Je'leaheit - f. education, learning.

je'leat - educated, learned, erudite; see leare.

je'leeft - beloved, loved, see leew.

Je'lenkj - n. (pl: a) link in a chain; a joint of the limb; a juncture.

je'lind - mild, lenient.

je'linje - to experience success, prosper, flourish, succeed.

jelle - to cost; (Waut saul dit jelle? what does this cost?).

je'loagat - bedded down; lodged, like grain. see loagre.

Je'loarm - n. a noise or commotion.

J'elot - n. appearance.

Jelt - n. (pl: Jelda) money, largess.

Jeltfäarot - m. a fund.

Jeltfa'brikj - f. a mint.

Jeltjeschenkj - n. a gift, a gratuity.

Jeltkauss - f. a safe, exchequer.

jeltlijch - monetary.

jeltoam - broke, poor.

jeltoatijch - pecuniary.

Jeltssadel - m. a cheque, greenback, scrip.

Jeltstekj - n. a coin.

Jeltstrof - f. a fine of money.

Jelttausch - f. a wallet, purse, handbag.

Jeltwakjsla - m. (pl: sch) money changer.

Je'lüa - n. a period of waiting.

Je'lüd - n. a noise, tumult, sound.

je'lunge - past tense of je'linje.

Je'mak - ease, comfort.

je'mäte - past tense of mäte.

je'meebelt - furnished, like a suite.

je'meen - common, lowly, plain, menial, trite.

je'meenet Peebel - riff raff.

je'meensaum - mutual, joint, together.

Je'meenschoft - association, communion.

je'meenschoftlijch - jointly, mutually.

Je'meent - f (pl: e) parish, denomination, congregation, church.

jemiadet Bilt - mural.

je'miat - of brick and mortar; see miare.

Je'mies - n. vegetables.

je'mietlijch - snugly, comfortably.

Je'mietlijchkjeit - comfort, relaxation.

Je'misch - a mixture, mishmash.

je'mole - ground; see mole.

je'molt - painted, drawn; see mole.

Je'murr - murmuring, complaining, grumbling.

je'näje - to suffice.

je'näjent - sufficient, enough.

je'neijcht - predisposed.

je'neiw , (M: je'nau) - fussy, precise, meticulous, sensitive, exact; {hoasch je'neiw - very precise, of a certainty, within a hairbreadth}.

Jenjel - f. rocker.

Jenjelpeat - n. rocking horse.

Jenjelstool - m. rocking chair.

Jenjla - m. rocker; a pacer horse.

jenne - not to envy, not to grudge, permit, allow, to wish someone success.

Je'notte - f. benefit, enjoyment, value.

jenslijch - totally, wholly, utterly.

jenstijch - favourable.

je'nüach - enough, sufficient, adequate.

Je'nuss - m. benefit, advantage, profit.

je'odat - veined.

Je'pack - n. luggage.

je'packt - packed, compact.

Je'piesack - n. a throbbing pain. see piesacke.

Je'plaupa - n. chattering, gibberish, blubbering; see plaupre.

Je'plenscha - n. a splashing of water. see plenschre.

je'ploagt - plagued, bothered, see ploage.

Je'plüda - n. small talk, chitchat, gossip. see plüdre.

je'proppt - corked up, stacked full; supported. see proppe.

Je'räd - n. talk, rumour. see räde.

je'rajcht - just, righteous, right.

Je'ran - n. an incessant running back and forth.

je'räte - torn, tore; see riete.

Je'raussel - n. a commotion, a sound, a noise. see raussle.

Je'rauts - n. a wrestling, tussle, shindy. see rautse.

Je'reft - n. (pl: e) skeleton, large structure, large stature.

Je'reinj - n. a cleansing, a purification.

Je'reisch - n. a rustling sound.

Je'rejcht - n. a court oflaw.

je'rejchtlijch - juridical.

Je'rejchtsfehea - court proceedings; a hearing.

Je'rejchtsferauntwuatlijchkjeit - legal responsibility.

Je'rejchtshüs - n. court house.

Je'rejchtsjeleada - m. lawyer.

je'rejchtsmässijch - according to law, legal, judicial.

Je'rejchtsstriet - m. lawsuit.

Je'rejchtsütspruch - m. court findings, verdict.

je'rinj - mean, lowly, base, poor, petty.

Jer'jienje - f. dahlia.

Je'roch - n. (pl: s) smell, odor, scent.

je'rode - to keep up the pace; to stumble into.

je'ronne - curdled, congealed, coagulated.

je'ronnet Bloot - gore.

Je'rooj - n. a stir, a movement'.

Je'rüzh - n. a fizzing, buzzing sound. see rüzhe.

Je'säkj - n. a quest, a search. see säkje.

Je'salschoft - f. (pl: e) companionship; company, coterie; society.

je'salschoftlijch - sociable, companionable.

je'salschoftsfelangent - gregarious.

Je'sank - n. (pl: Je'senj) tune, ditty, song, chant, sing song.

Je'säss - n. (pl: a) a seat, anything to sit on.

Je'sats - n. (pl: a) law, rule, regulation, act.

Je'satsbüak - n. manual, rule book.

je'satslijch - legal, according to law.

Je'satslijchkjeit - f. legality, legitimacy, formality.

je'satsmässijch - according to law, legal.

Je'satsmoake - to legislate.

Je'schaft - n. (pl: a) business, trade, company; vocation, occupation.

Je'schaft - n. (pl: a) rifle stock.

Je'schaftsaufdeel - n. department.

Je'schaftsäwahaunt - monopoly.

Je'schaftsbreef - m. business-letter.

Je'schaftsfensta - n. wicket.

Je'schaftsmaun - m. businessman.

Je'schaftsstow - f. business office.

jesche - to breathe.

Je'schedda - n. a trembling, a shaking. see scheddre.

Je'scheit - trim and proper, well-behaved.

Je'schekj - n. (pl: e) form, figure, shape. see schekje.

je'schekjt - past tense of schekje.

je'schekjt - skilled, adept, dexterous.

Je'schekjta - m. one who is sent, an emissary, an agent.

Je'schenkj - n. (pl: a) a gift, a present, donation, token.

Je'scherr - n. a set of harnesses; cutlery.

je'schijchlijch - historically.

Je'schijcht - f. (pl: e) story, history, tale, legend; mess, affair.

Je'schijchteforscha - m. historian.

Je'schijchteschriewa - m. writer, historian, author.

Je'schlacht - n. a slaughter.

Je'schlajcht - n. (pl: a) species, race, kind, lineage, gender, genus; sex.

Je'schlajchtfemeare - to reproduce.

Jeschlajchts Schlemms , Jeschlajchts Krankheit - venerial disease.

Je'schlajchtsfekjea - n. the sex act.

Je'schlajchtsjläda - n. genitals.

je'schloage - hurt, dejected.

Je'schloff - n. a slow, shuffling gait, a shuffle. see schloffe.

je'schlote - locked, see schlüte.

Jeschmack biebrinje - to flavour, to season.

Je'schmack - n. taste, flavour, savour.

Je'schmeijchel - n. flattery, adulation; see schmeijchle.

Je'schmeiss - n. actions that have smoothness and subtlety.

je'schmolte - molten.

je'schmoltna Steen - m. lava; see schmelte.

Je'schnack - n. nattering, babble, chatter; see schnacke.

je'schnäde - cut, castrated; p. t. of schniede.

Je'schnauta - see Je'schnack.

Je'schnees - n. contraption, device.

Je'schnerr - loud, vibrating noise.

Je'schnoakj - n. a snoring; see schnoakje.

Je'schnodda - n. a running of the nose; see schnoddre.

Je'schnuck - n. a hicupping. see schnucke.

Je'schnurkjs - n. the sniffling of a wet nose. see schnurkjse.

je'schoare - shorn, clipped, trimmed, scraped; p. t. of schäare.

Je'schrejch - n. a scream, screech, a squeal.

Je'schrie - a loud, high pitched scream. see schriee.

Je'schulkja - the slushing around of a liquid in a container.

Je'schwäa - n. a festering boil, an abscess.

Je'schwauts - n. chit chat, idle talk. see schwautse.

Je'schwieta - n. a chattering like monkeys. see schwietre.

Je'schwindijchkjeit - f. speed, velocity.

Je'schwindijchkjeits Ssadel - m. speeding ticket.

Je'schwindijchkjeitswiesa - m. speedometer; see Mielentala.

Je'schwista - siblings, brothers and sisters.

je'schwolle - swollen, tumid.

je'schwollne Hoagdreese - mumps.

Je'schwollst - a swelling, tumor.

Je'sejcht - n. (pl: a) face, visage, countenance; a sight, a view.

Je'sejcht fetrakje - to grimace, wince'.

Je'senne - the senses.

Je'somm - n. a humming, buzzing sound.

je'sonne - so minded, inclined.

Je'spanst - n. (pl: a) apparition, phantom, ghost.

Je'spaun - n. a team of horses.

je'spaunt - hitched, manacled, shackled; stretched tight, taut, tense.

je'spaunt senne - to be in suspense, to be mesmerized; see spaune.

Je'speets - n. (pl: e) a liquid solution.

Je'spott - n. (pl: Je'spetta) mockery, ridicule, raillery.

Je'spräakj - n. debate.

Je'spräakj Deelnäma - m. debater, interlocutor.

Je'sprejch - n. a dialogue.

Je'ssank - brawl, quarrel; see sanke.

Je'ssetta - trembling, tremor; see ssettre.

Je'stal - n. trestle, scaffold.

Je'stän - n. a groaning. see stäne.

Je'stank - n. a stink, foul odor, stench. see stinkje.

Je'stault - n. (pl: e) apparition, form, figure, shape, frame.

jestekjde Dakj - f. quilt.

Je'stoma - n. a stuttering or stammering. see stomre.

Je'stried - an argument, a row. see striede.

je'stuckt - portly, stout, heavy-set.

je'sundet Festaunt - sanity.

je'sunt - healthy, well, salubrious.

je'sunt woare - convalesce, recuperate, get well.

Je'suntheit - f. health.

Je'suntheitsuat - n. health spa, health resort.

Jesus - Jesus.

je'täkjent - marked, see täkjne.

Je'tees - n. loud noise.

Je'tekj - n. a jerking motion. see tekje.

Je'toob - n. tumult, din, bedlam, loud clamour, pandemonium, fracas. see toobe.

Je'träajd - n. grain.

Je'träajd putse - to winnow or clean grain.

Je'träajdbraunt - smut, rust.

Je'träajdschrüw - f. grain augur.

je'troost - relaxed, confident.

jettlijch - godly, divine.

Je'wäa - n. (pl: re) weapon.

Je'wäafäarot - ammunition.

Je'wält - p. t. of wäle.

Je'wanheit - f. custom, usage, wont, practice.

Je'wank - n. traffic.

je'want - used to, accustomed to, inured.

je'wast , (M: je'wäse) - was; see senne.

Je'wault - f. force, might, coercion, violence.

je'waultijch - powerfully, mightily; great or marvelous (M).

Je'waultja - m dictator, the powerful one.

je'waultsom - by force, forcibly, violently.

Je'wauss - n. growth, tumor.

je'waust - waxed, polished; see wausse.

je'weenlijch - usually, customary, normal, conventional, usually, ordinarily, commonly, generally, as a rule.

Je'wenna - m. winner.

je'wenne - to win, conquer, earn, triumph.

Je'wennst - winnings, profit, gain, benefit.

Je'werts - n. root spices.

Je'wess - certain, sure, exact.

Je'wessa - m. (pl: e) a certain one.

Je'wesse - f. (pl: e) a certain one.

Je'wesse - n. the conscience, scruples.

Je'wia - n. a neighing.

Je'wijcht - n. (pl: a) weight; importance.

Je'winj - n. the thread of a bolt.

Je'wirbel - n. a swirling.

je'witst - sharp, witty, erudite.

Je'witta - n. thunder and lightning.

Je'wittastorm - m. thunderstorm.

je'wittre - to thunder.

je'woa - aware.

je'woagt - risky, daring; see woage.

je'worwe - p. t. of woawe, to canvass.

jibbre - to giggle.

jie - addressing a number of persons; (sing. dü) second pers pron.

jie - polite form of address for both sexes. second pers pronoun.

jie kjenne - you can.

jieda , jiedra - every, everyone, each.

jieda eena - everyone, each one.

jiedamaun - everyone, each one.

jiedamol , jiedesmol , jiedatsmol - everytime.

jiele - to covet, the strong desire to own something someeone else already owns.

jieprijch - frail, puny.

jiest - barren, not pregnant (animals).

Jiets - m. greed, stinginess, avarice.

jietse - to hoard, to be miserly.

Jietshauls , Jietskjniepa - m. miser.

jietsijch - miserly, stingy, greedy, avaricious.

Jietsklots - m. (pl: Jietskjlats) dice.

Jietsläpel - m. pot or plate scraper.

Jietspungel - m. tightwad.

Jijcht - gout.

Jimkje - rickrack, needle work.

jinja - comparative of {junk}, younger.

Jinja - m. disciple, follower.

Jips - oilcloth, gypsum.

jistre - yesterday.

jistreowent - last night, yesterday evening.

Ji'toa - f. (pl: re) guitar.

jläare - to glow.

Jlad - f. (pl: Jläd) glade.

Jlädwota - water on the joints.

jläje - to glow with heat, smolder.

jläjendijch - red hot, aglow.

jläsrijch - glassy, vitreous.

jlebbrijch - slimy, like a fish.

jleeflijch - believable, credible, plausible.

jleewe - to believe, to have faith.

jlei - smooth, sleek.

jleijche - to like.

Jleis - f. (pl: e) a track, a vehicle rut.

Jlekj - n. luck, good fortune, pluck, success.

jlekjeljawies - fortunately.

Jlekjfaul - n. windfall.

jlekjlijch - luckily, lucky.

Jlekjwenscha - m. a wellwisher.

jlensent - glittering, glistening.

jleppe - to slip.

Jle'sia - enamel, glaze.

Jlett - n. (pl: Jläd) limb, joint, (anatomy).

jlieme - to break wind silently.

Jliet - n. (pl: Jlieda) a member of a group.

jlikj - straight, like, identical, equal, even, horizontal, level, smooth; alike, equal, exactly, in the same way.

jlikjefäl - as many.

jlikjegroot - as big, as large.

Jlikjheit - f. parity, par, straightness.

jlikjjeltijch - indifferent, apathetic, listless.

Jlikjjeltijchkjeit - f. indifference, apathy, listlessness.

jlikjmoake - to straighten, to smooth, to level.

jlikj'too - straightforward, frank, straight from the shoulder.

Jlikjwijcht - an even balance, equalibrium.

jlipse (jleppe) - to slip on a slippery surface.

Jlitschbon - f. a slide, a track of ice of snow.

jlitsche - to slide on a slippery surface.

Jlitschknoop - m. zipper.

jlitschrijch - slippery.

jlitsre - to glisten, glitter, sparkle.

jnäajle - to sneer, show contempt, to be cynical.

jnädijch - merciful, gracious.

jneddre - a derisive laugh.

Jnekj - n. (pl: s) neck, nape, scruff.

Jnell - n. sweepings, a layer of dirt and dust.

jnerre - to scoff.

jnerrijch - deprecating.

Jness - n. scab, scabby dirt.

jniesre - to scoff, to jeer, to sneer, to be cynical.

jnietsch - working at a fast pace.

Jnod - f. grace, clemency, mercy; see jnädijch.

jo - yes, yea.

jo wuat - n. yes word, implies that a contract has been made and agreed upon.

Jo brooda - m. yes man.

Joa - n. (pl: re) year.

Joabüak - n. yearbook.

joage - to chase, to rush, race; to drift, like snow or sand.

Joa'hundat - n. (pl: Joa'hundade) century.

joakle - to gossip over, to make fun of, to mock.

Joalinkj - n. (pl: Joalinja) yearling, usually refers to horses.

Joaresberejcht - m. annual report.

Joaresfeia - f. anniversary.

Joarestiet - f. season.

joarijch - the anniversary of a birthday.

Joascht - f. barley.

Joaschtkuarn - n. a barleycorn; sty.

joaschtne Jrett - f. pearl barley, pot barley.

Joawa'rie - f. (pl: e) tannery.

joawe - to tan hides.

Joch - n. (pl: s) yoke.

Jood - iodine.

joonijch - absolutely not, be careful not to.

Joop - f. (pl: e) a short, waist length jacket worn by women.

joppe - to fall.

jrall - wide eyed, bright eyed.

jräme - to be worried, repine.

Jräp - f. (pl: e) stovelid handle, grip; quirk, odd ball, compulsive idea or concept.

Jräs - n. a meadow, pasture, a grassy place for cattle.

jräse - to fear, to dread, to feel horror.

Jräse - f. cold shudders, fear tremors.

jräsijch - terrible, dreadful.

jrata - comp. form of groot.

jratsta - m. biggest, largest.

jratste - f or n. biggest, largest.

jratste - plural adjective.

jräwa - comp of groff.

jrebble - to cogitate, think, scheme, speculate.

jreen - green.

jreen Donnadach - Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter.

jreene Kjast - the first wedding anniversary.

Jreenfooda - n. ensilage.

Jreens - greenery.

jreesse - to greet.

Jreetschoft - farm machinery, implements, tools.

Jreewe - cracklings, minced pork cutlets.

Jreeweschmolt - grey lard.

Jreff - m. (pl: e) grasp, grip; a talent for.

Jreffel - m. (pl: s) a slate pencil.

Jreiss - m. a grey haried, elderly person.

jremmlijch - shabby, unclean.

jrennlijch - greenish.

Jrenss - (pl: e) border, boundary, barrier, frontier, limit, demarcation.

jreslijch - grisly, awful, dire, atrocious, eerie, ghastly.

Jrett - f. porridge, gruel, grit; gumption.

Jrettemalkj - f. pearl barley boiled in milk.

jrettre - two children face each other toes touching and holding hands; as they lean backwards they spin around in one spot.

Jriepa - the game of'tag'.

jriepe - to catch.

jriess - dingy, dirty, grey; see jremmlijch.

Jrimse - having undesirable characteristics or habits.

Jrinda - m. the founder, one who establishes.

jrinde - to found, to establish, to organize.

Jrint - m. scab, dirt. see Jness.

jrintlijch - thoroughly, painstakingly, fundamentally.

Jrip - f. flu, a bad cold.

jripse - to grab suddenly.

jrod - just now.

jrodentoo - as if, just like, directly.

jrodsoo - just so.

jrots - see jrod.

jü - contraction of jünt.

Jübel - m. jubilation.

juche - to scream suddenly.

Jucks - m. swill, slop, dirty, stagnant water.

juckse - to drive wildly and aimlessly.

Jüd - m. (pl: e) Jew.

Jüdeboat - three flowered avon.

Jüdentüm - Judaism.

Jüdesäajen - to make kosher.

Jügent - f. youth, young people.

Jülbassem - m. vacuum cleaner; see Sübassem.

jüle - to howl.

Jüle , Jüli - m. July.

jün - (poss pronoun, second person singular or plural) your.

June , Juni - m. June.

Junebäare - saskatoon berries.

Jung - m. (pl: Junges) boy, lad.

junga Fesch - fingerling.

junge Düw - squab.

junge Pogg - f. tadpole.

Jungesjoare - boyhood days, teenage.

junk - young.

junkklüak - precocious, prodigy.

jünt - same as jün.

Kachelowe - m. brick oven.

Kack - m. excrement.

kackanacksch - fragile, delicate.

kacke - to perform the bowel movement.

ka'jinkjre - to whimper, like puppies.

Kaktus - m. cactus.

Kal'dün - tripe.

Ka'meel - m. (pl: e) camel.

Ka'nienkje - n. (pl: s) guinea pig; rabbit.

Ka'nierefoagel - n. canary.

Ka'noon - f. (pl: e) cannon.

ka'peare - to understand.

ka'put - kaput, broken, done in.

Ka'rakta - m. (pl: sch) character.

Ka'raktalooss - without character.

ka'rosse - to go for a joy ride.

Kate'kismus - m. catechism.

Kato'likj - m. (pl: e) catholic.

ka'toolsch - of catholic faith.

Ka'trienkjebloome - f. asters.

Kat'toa - catarrh.

kauble - bicker, squabble, see kjibble.

kaue - (M) see {keiwe}.

Kaulf - n. (pl: Kjalwa) calf.

Kaulfsfleesch - veal.

Kaulfslada - n. calfskin.

Kaulkj - m. lime.

Kaulkjbrenna - m. limeburner.

kaulkjijch - chalky.

Kaulkjowe - m. limekiln.

Kaulkjsteen - limestone.

kaulwe - to calve.

kaum - barely.

Kaum - m. (pl: Kjam) comb.

Kaumfot - camphor.

Kaumhoa - n. horse's mane.

Kaumstekj - n. the backstrap of a harness; a jig saddle, back padding.

kaun - can, able.

Kaun - f. (pl: e) a can; a ripe flax-head.

Kaunsel - f. (pl: Kaunsle) pulpit.

Kaunsla - m. (pl: sch) counsellor.

Kaunt - f. (pl: e) rim, edge, ledge.

kauntlijch - edged.

Kaup - f. (pl: e) clevis; the end crust of a loaf of bread.

Kausefeara - m. treasure, bookkeeper.

Kauss - f. (pl: e) till, treasury, safe.

Kauste - m. (pl: es) a box, chest; threshing machine.

Kaustemaun - m. a threshing machine operator.

Kaut - f. cat, genet.

Kautejejauma - n. caterwauling, yowling.

Kautoatijch - feline.

Kautsbaulje - continuous squabbling.

Kauzhma - n. cashmere.

Keifkje - n. (pl: s) prechewed mouthfuls of food. This was done for infants in days gone by.

keiwe - to chew, masticate.

Keiwsel - n. (pl: s) cud.

Kend - f. (pl: e) candy.

Ker'neel - m. cinnamon.

Ker'nol - m. (pl: s) canal, channel.

Ke'ronje - f. low, wet area, swamp.

Kesch'lelje - f. hag, loose woman.

Kiess - gravel.

Kilo - see Kjilo.

Kinjabad - n. child's cot.

Kjäajel - (pl: s) bowling.

Kjäajelbon - f. bowling alley.

Kjäajelkügel - m. bowling ball.

kjäajle - to bowl.

Kjäakj - f. (pl: e) summer house used as a kitchen.

Kjäakjejung - m. scullion.

Kjäakjsche - f. (pl: s) kitchen maid, female servant.

Kjäd - f. (pl: e) chain.

Kjädejelenkj - n. (pl: a) chain link.

Kjäla'rie - f. (pl: e) torture, torment.

Kjälkopp - m. larynx.

Kjall - f. (pl: e) trowel.

Kjalla - m. (pl: sch) basement, cellar.

Kjalle - f. chilblains; pain from the thawing of frozen limbs.

kjame - to comb.

Kjamel - f. (pl: Kjamle) carding brush.

Kjämel - n. caraway seed, akin to pimento, a spicy seed used to flavour bread.

kjamle - to card wool.

kjampfe - to struggle, to fight.

kjanboa - recognizable.

kjanne - to rcognize, to discern, to know someone.

Kjantniss - n. knowledge.

Kjarkja - m. (pl: sch) jail, prison.

Kjarpa - m. (pl: sch) body.

kjarpalijch - physically, bodily.

kjarpalijch behindat - physically handicapped.

Kjarps - m. pumpkin.

Kjarpsla'toarn - m. jack o lantern.

Kjarscht - f. (pl: e) crust.

kjarta - comp of kort.

kjartsta - m. superlative of kort.

kjartste - f. superlative of kort.

kjartste - n. superlative of kort.

Kjast - f. (pl: e) wedding, marriage.

Kjätel - m. (pl: s) engine, tractor, locomotive; kettle.

Kjätelsteen - m. calcium deposit in a kettle.

Kjeadel - m. (pl: s) chap, fellow, bloke.

kjeare - pay attention.

kjeel , kjeela , kjeelste - cool, cooler, coolest.

kjeele - to cool, refrigerate.

Kjeelinj - f. refrigeration.

kjeen - no, none, not a, not any.

Kjeen - m. resin.

kjeena - m. no one.

kjeene - f. no one.

kjeene - plural of no one.

Kjeeneelj - f. turpentine.

Kjeenijch - (pl: Kjeenije) king, monarch.

kjeenijchlijch - regal, royal.

Kjeenijchrikj - n. kingdom.

Kjeeni'jin - f. queen.

kjee(n)mol - never, at no time; see niemols.

kjeent - n. not any.

kjeepe - to buy, purchase.

Kjees - f. (pl: e) cheese.

Kjeeshendla - m. cheesemonger.

Kjeeskje - pineapple weed, a small weed with cheese like seed.

Kjeew - f. (pl: e) jaw.

Kjeisa - n. (pl: sch) emperor, czar.

kjeisalijch - imperial, regal.

Kjeisarin - f (pl: e) empress, czarina.

kjeiwle - to tumble.

kjemmalijch - miserable.

kjemmre - to show concern.

Kjenn - f. (pl: e) chin.

kjenne - can, to be able to.

Kjenneboat - m. goatee, beard of the chin.

Kjern - m. (pl: e) steel punch.

Kjesse - n. (pl: s) pillow, cushion.

Kjessebia - f. pillow case.

Kjestlijch - precious, valuable.

kjibble - to bicker continually; see kauble.

Kjiel - f. (pl: e) a wedge.

Kjiela'rie - (pl: e) fisticuffs, a fight.

kjiele - to strike with sharp, heavy blows.

Kjielkje - f. homemade noodles; see Mennonite Cookbook.

Kjielo - n. kilo.

Kjielpogg - f. tadpole.

Kjiem - f. (pl: e) sprout.

kjieme - to sprout.

Kjienapel - m. cones from evergreens.

kjiene - to germinate, to sprout.

Kjiensel - n. (pl: s) a new sprout.

Kjiep - f. (pl: e) a basket made of wickerwork.

Kjiesskaulf - n. heifer, female calf.

kjietre - to spill water randomly.

Kjietwota - n. swill, dishwater.

Kjiewikj - m. (pl: s) killdeer.

Kjiewinj - wide, low water barrel.

kjijchre - to giggle, titter.

Kjikja - m. (pl: sch) pupil of the eye.

kjikje - to look.

Kjikjel - n. chick.

Kjikjelhelta - n. supporting cross bars or rafters; literally chicken roosts.

Kjikjloch - n. peephole.

Kjikjüt - f. dormer, alcove.

Kjild - f. a cold, a chilliness.

Kjinabrie - f. pap, pablum.

kjindisch - childish.

Kjinja one Obdach - waifs.

Kjinjajoare - childhood.

Kjinjamäakje - n. babysitter, child's nurse.

Kjinjamort - infanticide.

Kjinjanoarinj - n. babyfood, pablum.

Kjinja'rie - childishness.

Kjinjariemsels - n. nursery rhymes.

Kjinjaschool - f. kindergarten.

Kjinjastreijche - childish squabbles, insignificant disagreements.

Kjinjawoage - m. pram, perambulator, stroller, baby carriage.

Kjinstla - m. (pl: sch) artist, scientist, professional.

Kjint - (pl: Kjinja) child.

Kjintheit - f. infancy, childhood.

Kjintlijch - childlike.

kjirtslijch - recently, newly, lately.

Kjist - f. (pl: e) chest, trunk, coffer, box.

Kjitt - m. putty.

kjitte - to putty.

kjittle - to tickle, tittilate.

kjittlijch - ticklish.

Kjläajna - m. complainant.

Kjlakja - n. small, insignificant amount.

kjläkja - comparison of klüak.

Kjlakja'rie - f. work that is meticulous but slow and boring.

kjlakjre - to dribble liquid.

kjläkjsta - m. cleverest.

kjläkjste - f. cleverest.

kjläkjste - f. cleverest, smartest.

kjläkjste - pl. cleverest.

kjläkjste - plural form.

Kjlam - f. (pl: e) clamp, clip; a dilemma.

kjlame - to squeeze, to clamp together; to arrest a prisoner; to get caught in a squeeze.

kjläme - to suffer from the chill of the weather.

Kjlampna - (pl: sch) tinsmith, plumber, whitesmith, tinman.

kjlämrijch - inept, awkward, clumsy.

kjlanda - comparison of kjleen, kjlien.

kjlate - to work under diffiult circumstances and under stress.

kjlätre - to rattle and rumble, like a wagon.

kjlätrijch - lumpy, like in soup.

Kjlea - f. (pl: re) a node, a nodule.

Kjlee - m. clover trefoil.

Kjleeda - see Kjleet.

Kjleedadracht - dress appearance.

Kjleedafoaw - clothes dye.

Kjleedaschaup - n. (pl: s) clothes closet, locker.

Kjleedaschnett - sartorial appearance.

Kjleedastenda - m. a hall clothes stand.

kjleede - to dress, to attire, to clothe.

kjleen - tiny, wee, minute, slight, little.

kjleen , kjlanda , kjlanste - small, smaller, smallest.

kjleena Fada - m. second cousin.

Kjleenakja - m. (pl: Kjleenakjes) the little one, the baby, the tiny one.

Kjleenakje - f. (pl: Kjleenakjes) the litte one, the baby, the tiny one.

Kjleendümkje - m. Tom Thumb.

kjleene Nijcht - second cousin, female.

kjleenet Schnaupsglauss - n. jigger, noggin.

Kjleenet - n. (pl: Kjleene) a new baby.

Kjleet - n. (pl: Kjleeda) a dress, a gown.

kjleewe - to glue. to paste.

Kjlemp - f. (pl: e) a recalcitrant cow.

Kjlie - m. bran.

kjlieijch - branny, of bran.

Kjlieküake - bran muffins.

kjliema - climate.

kjlien - see kjleen.

Kjliest - a heavy, sodden mass.

Kjlieta - small lumps of matter.

Kjlietamooss - milk stew with dumplings; see Mennonite Cook Book. A poor man's fare.

kjlietre - to toss things about.

kjlimpre - to strum.

Kjlinja - m. (pl: sch) bell, gong, knell.

kjlinjre - to ring, jingle, peel, tinkle, toll.

Kjlinkj - f. (pl: e) a latch.

kjlüak , kjläkja , kjläkjsta - m. cleverest, smartest.

kjnäakjsch - feeble, frail, infirm.

Kjnäp - f. (pl: e) the waist.

Kjnäwel - m. (pl: s) knuckle; a large fellow.

kjnee e - to kneel.

Kjnee - f. (pl: e(s)) knee.

Kjneebekjse - knickerbockers, knee-pants.

Kjneekjäl - (pl: e) back of the knee; hough in a quadruped.

kjneepe - to button.

Kjneewota - n. water on the knee.

Kjnejchel - m. (pl: s) knuckle.

Kjnekjbeene - to curtsy, genuflect.

Kjnekjs - m. (pl: e) kink, a sharp angle, a sharp bend.

Kjnekjswal - f. a crankshaft.

kjnelle - to knead, massage, tickle, squeeze.

Kjnepkje - knitted or crochet edging on a dress, lace.

kjneppe - to knot.

Kjneppel - a cudgel, club, a large stick.

Kjneppelfelt - n. slang for a village.

kjnette - to knit.

Kjnettijch - n. knitting stuff or material.

Kjnettnotel - f. knitting needle.

Kjnibbla - m. (slang) (pl: sch) bonesetter, chiropractor.

kjnibble - to knead, to massage.

Kjnief - n. (slang) for knife.

Kjniepa - m. (pl: sch) bug, beetle, (lit. a pincher).

kjniepe - to pinch, to nip, to tweak.

Kjnieprijch - stingy.

Kjnieptang - f. tongs, pliers, pincers, nippers.

kjniewle - to whittle, carve.

kjniffijch - odd, peculiar, strange.

Kjnipsa - m. (pl: sch) dome fastener.

Kjnipsbiedel - a purse that snaps shut.

Kjnipsbrat - n. crokinole board.

kjnipse - to snap; the forefinger from the thumb, flick, fillip.

Kjnipsmassa - n. jack knife, clasp knife, folding knife.

Kjnirps - m. (pl: e) twirp, little fellow.

kjnirr - tired, played out, weary.

kjnirsche - to crunch.

kjnistre - to crackle, like burning logs, crepitate; see knostre.

Kjoakj - f. (pl: e) church.

Kjoakjebaun - m. (pl: e) church ban, excommunication.

Kjoakjebenkj - f. pew.

Kjoakjefoda - m. church janitor.

Kjoakjeleet - n. hymn.

Kjoakjhoff - n. cemetery.

kjoakjlijch - churchly, ecclesiastical.

kjoanijch - sturdy, sound, healthy.

Kjoasch - f. (pl: e) cherry.

Kjoascheboom - m. cherry tree.

Kjoaschesteen - m. cherry pit.

Kjoaw - f. (pl: e) a scar.

kjoawe - to whittle, to carve.

Kjräajel - m. a teasing or taunting.

kjräajle - to tease or taunt.

Kjräft - f. (pl: e) cancer, crab.

kjraftijch - potent, powerful.

Kjräkjle - damson plums.

kjrape - to crimp.

Kjräpel - m. (pl: s) cripple.

kjräplijch - crippled, handicaped.

Kjrasch - tart.

Kjrass - m. nasturtium.

Kjrät - f. (pl: e) small reptile like a salamander; also a vulgar term applied to someone not liked.

Kjrebb - f. (pl: e) manger, crib.

Kjre'diet - m. credit.

Kjreemel - n. (pl: s) crumb.

kjreemle - to crumble.

kjreemlijch - full of crumbs.

kjreie - to crow.

Kjreiss - m. (pl: Kjreise) sphere, area, circle, district, precinct.

kjrejche - to clear one's throat.

Kjrekj - f. (pl: e) crutch.

kjrelle - to cringe, to curl.

kjremle - an itch inside the nose.

kjrenjle - to find a way through a crooked maze.

kjrenkje - to ail.

kjrenkjlijch - sickly, morbid.

Kjre'piare - to die a miserable death, (usually refers to animals).

Kjres - f (pl: e) an old mare.

Kjressbäare - f. gooseberries.

Kjried - f. chalk.

kjriedijch - chalky.

Kjriednäajelkjes - n. cloves.

kjriee - to receive, to give.

kjrieje - to wage war, indulge in warfare.

kjriesche - to scream, squeal.

kjrieschent - shrill, high pitched screaming.

kjriesel schmäare - to get drunk.

Kjriesel - m. (pl: s) cowlick; a spinning top; carrousel; gyroscope, eddy, dust devil.

Kjrieselraut - n. turbine.

kjrieselrunt - confused.

Kjrieselstorm - m. tornado.

kjriesle - to spin, to turn, to gyrate.

Kjrietje - (pl: s) a sprig, garland, bouguet, posy, spray, corsage.

kjriets on de dwäa - criss cross, every which way.

Kjriets - n. (pl: e) cross, crucifix; small of the back.

kjrietse - to cross; to crossbreed.

Kjrietsgauss - f. crossroad, intersection, junction.

Kjrietspaun - f. an unruly child.

Kjrietswajch , Krietslienje - see Krietsgauss.

Kjrijch - m. (pl: Kjriej) war.

Kjrijchflott - f. navy.

Kjrijchoatijch - warlike, martial.

Kjrijchsjerejcht - court martial.

Kjrinjel - m. (pl: s) a pretzel, twisted buns, a soft pretzel (see Mennonite Cookbook).

Kjrist - m. (pl: e) a Christian.

Kjris'tea - m. enema.

Kjris'tea sate , (M: kjris'teare) - to administer an enema.

Kjristelje Leew - f. Christian love and charity.

kjristlijch - devout, Christlike.

Kjristowent - m. Christmas Eve.

Kjristus - Christ.

kjritsle - to scribble.

kjrizhle - a harsh and painful itch.

Kjwäakj - n. couch grass, quack grass.

Kjwäakjselwa - m. quick silver, mercury.

Kjwal - (pl: e) a water spring; excruciating torture.

kjwale - to expand, like moistened grain.

kjwäle - to torture, to torment.

Kjwalwota - lymph fluid.

kjwätre - incessant chatter.

kjwatsche - to squash, to squeeze, to crush.

kjwidre - a continuous light rain, to spill water all over the place, to play in water.

kjwieme - to languish, to suffer for a lengthey period.

Kjwinjschläaj - weak excuses.

Kjwint - f. (pl: e) rumour carrying old woman, rumour monger.

kjwirkjse - aimless strumming on an instrument.

Klacht - f. (pl: e) a complaint.

Klacks - m (pl: e) a spatter.

Klank - m. (pl: Kjlenj) clang, a ringing sound.

Klauft - f. (pl: e) approximately one cord of wood, foot logs piled to make a stack of 'x 'x '.

klaum - moist, clammy.

klaupa älendijch - skinny as a rail.

Klaupaschlang - f. rattle snake.

Klaupbosch - n. burdock, tall, heavy weed.

Klauphoot - m. folding top hat.

klaupre - to rattle.

Klaups - a slap, a smack, a clap.

Klaupstool - m. a folding chair.

Klauss - f. (pl: e) class.

klautre - to climb, clamber, scramble.

Klautsch - m. (pl: e) a slap, a clap.

klautsche - to clap, to applaud.

Kleiw - f. claw, talon, hoof; a crude term for a 'hand'.

kleiwe , (M: klaue) - to scratch, to claw.

Kleiwefat - n. neatsfoot oil.

Kleiwhoma - m. claw hammer.

kloa - clear, articulate, bright, lucid, succinct, obvious.

Kloag - f. (pl: e) accusation, complaint.

kloage - to complain, lament, grieve, tattle.

kloare - to tinker; to clear.

Kloarheit - f. (pl: e) clarity, plainness.

Klock - f. (pl: e) clock, o'clock.

Klockenhüss - n. the core of an apple. (see Kruts).

Klocketorm - belfry, clock tower.

kloffe - to walk heavily and awkwardly.

Kloffe - heavy, awkward shoes, clods.

Klompe - m. (pl: s) heap, pile; surveyors' reference point.

Klo'mua - a clamour, a noise, bedlam, hubbub.

Kloosta - n. (pl: sch) cloister, monestary.

kloppe - to rap, to knock on a door, beat a rug, for a heart to palpitate; to spank.

Klop'pott - m. trouble, ordeal.

klop'pottijch - troublesome, cumbersome.

kloppre - to rap gently.

Klopps - m. a hamburger.

Klotje - n. (pl: s) cage, hutch, coop, pen.

Klotjedroaga - m. (pl: sch) tale-bearers, tattle tale, bearers of gossip.

Klotts - m. (pl: Kjlats) a block.

klottsijch - uncouth.

klüak - smart, sharpwitted, prudent, wise, judicious, knowledgable.

klüak , kjläkja , kjläkjsta - clever, cleverer, cleverest.

Klubutje (Butje) - f. a small shack.

Kluck - f. (pl: e) a cluck.

kluckre - to cluck (as a mother hen to her chicks).

Klüe - n. (pl: s) a skein, a ball of twine, wool or thread.

Kluft - f. (pl: e) ravine, abyss, chasm.

klunje - to tread or trample.

klunkre - the sound of bubbling, gurgling water.

kluntrijch - disorganized, shoddy, sloppy.

Klüte - m. (pl: Kjläta) clod of earth.

knacke - to crack, like a nut.

knackoam - poor as a church mouse.

Knacks - a sharp crack; an old, sickly chap.

Knacksot - n. sunflower seeds.

Knage - m. (pl: s) clothes hook, a peg.

Knaul - m. a bang, slam.

knaule - to bang, to slam.

Knaulflint - f. popgun.

knaulroot - glaring red.

knaup - scarce, rare, scant; barely, only just, not quite.

Knaut - f. (pl: e) rope.

Kneeschiew - f. kneecap.

Knoake - m. (pl: s) bone.

Knoakebruch - m. fracture.

Knoakekonnst - f. osteology.

Knoakenoatst - (pl: e) chiropractor, bonesetter. see Kjnibbla.

knoare - to sqeak, like a wheel on a dry axle.

knooje - plod, lumber, to tramp along with effort.

Knoop - m. (pl: Kjneep) button.

Knoophoake - m. buttonhook.

Knooploch - n. buttonhole.

Knoppe - m. (pl: s) a knot; a shoot.

knoppijch - knotty.

knoppje Woll - f. tweed.

knoppjet Sseijch - n. twill.

Knoss - f. (pl: e) the foot of an animal.

Knossfootijch - clubfooted.

knostahoat - hard as a rock.

knostre - t o crackle, crepitate.

Knubbel - m. (pl: s) a lump, a bump, a welt, wen.

knubblijch - lumpy, bumpy, knobby.

knulle - to eat voraciously.

Knups - m. (pl: e) a knob.

knusprijch - crispy, crunchy.

Knüst - f. (pl: e) the heel of a loaf of bread.

knutsche - to crumple, wrinkle.

knutsche - (toopknutsche) to crumple together, like a piece of paper.

Knutt - (pl: e) cudgel, knout, truncheon.

Koa - f. (pl: re) car, auto.

Koagel - m (pl: s) a piece of land behind the home as part of the yard in a Mennonite village, usually about acres. It was used as pasture and garden.

koake - to cook.

Koakgrope - m. cauldron, kettle, pot. see Miagrope.

koakle - to cackle.

Koakowe - m. kitchen range.

Koaksel - n. a cooking ration.

Koareschaup - n. garage.

koasch - salubrious, healthy, well, fully recuperated.

Koat - f. (pl: e) card, playing card, map.

Koatespell - n. a game of cards.

Kobbel - f. (pl: Kobble) mare.

Kobbelfalm - n. filly.

Kobbelwrang - f. (pl: e) singletree.

Ko'büs - f. (pl: e) enclosed sled for sheltered travel, caboose.

kockhaulse - to gag on food or cough when the throat is irritated.

Ko'ckün - m. (pl: s) cocoon.

Koda - m. (pl: sch) jowl, double chin.

Kodda - n. (pl: Koddre).

koddrijch - raggy, flabby, flaccid, poor.

Koffa - m. (pl: sch) suitcase.

Koffe - m. coffee.

Koffeboon - f. coffee bean.

Koffegrunt - m. coffee grounds.

Koffekaun - f. coffee pot.

Koffemäl - f. coffee grinder.

Ko'funje - f. resin for a violin bow.

Koko , (M: Ko'kau) - m. cocoa.

kol - bare, bald, nude.

Kold - cold, frigidity, chill.

Kole - f. coal.

Koleama - m. coal pail, coal scuttle.

Kolegruft - f. coal mine.

Kolestoff - carbon.

kolkje - vomit, puke, retch, throw up.

kolkjrijch - nauseous.

Kolkopp - m. bald head, baldy.

Kolla - n. (pl: sch) collar, flange, lapel.

ko'llakjte - to collect.

koll'bäakjre - to grumble, lament.

Ko'llea - f. color.

Kolle'derts - m. coagulated meat jelly, aspic, gelatine.

Ko''llenda - m. (pl: sch) calendar.

Kollini'seare - to colonize, settle.

Kol'nia - m. settler.

kolt - cold, frigid.

koltblootijch - coldblooded.

koltiwätre - to cultivate.

Kolw - f. (pl: e) hubcap.

Koma - f. (pl: sch) pantry.

kome - to come.

komfüs - confused.

komm - come.

Komm - f. (pl: e) basin, bowl. see Kommkje.

Kom'male - camomile, camellia, a herb used for medical tea.

komman'deare - to command, to order.

Kommin'ist - (pl: e) communist.

Kommi'tee - (pl: e) committee.

Kommkje - n. (pl: e) piston.

Kommkje - n. (pl: s) a small bowl or dish; diminutive of Komm.

Kom'rod - m. (pl: e) comrade, pal, chum, friend.

Kom'rodschoft - companionship, comradeship.

Komst - m. cabbage.

Komstheeft - (pl: a) head of cabbage.

Kon - m. (pl: s) canoe, small boat.

Konfe'rens - f. (pl: e) conference.

Konnst - f. (pl: Kjennste) art, technical ability.

konnstmässijch - technically.

Konnststekj - (pl: a) feat, accomplishment, achievement, stroke of genius.

kontro'leare - to control.

Koo - (pl: Kjäj) cow.

Koobloom - f. cowslip, daisy.

Koofoot - m. crowbar, jimmy.

Koohoad - m. cowherd.

Koolada - cowhide.

Koolkje - colic, flatulence.

Koopmaun - m. (pl: Kooplied) buyer, trader, merchant.

Koopocke - f. cow pox.

Koostoak - f. stanchion.

Ko'piekje - n. (pl: s) kopeck, a Russian coin.

Kopp - m. (pl: Kjap) head.

Koppa - m. copper.

Koppaschmett - m. coppersmith, brazier.

Koppdüak - n. headshawl, kerchief.

Koppelboom - m. neckyoke.

Koppenenj - the head end (bed).

Kop'pits - (pl: e) small pile of hay, hayrick.

Koppkjesse - n. pillow.

Kopplinj - f. a clutch.

Kopprietinj , Koppweedoag - f. headache.

Koppschedre - to shake or nod the head.

koppschü - bridal shy.

Koppschwack - retarded.

Koppstekj - n. headpiece.

Koppteel - the decorative molding on the top of a china cabinet.

Kopptijch - n. headgear, headdress.

Kopp'tol - capital assets.

Kopptoobräakjniss - worry, deep concern.

ko'putt - kaput, broken, ruined.

Kor'boolsaulw - f. carbolic salve.

Korf - m. (pl: Kjarw) basket, canister, pannier. {jeflochtna Korf - wicker basket}.

Korfstool - m. a wicker chair.

Kor'inte - currants.

Korkj - cork.

Korkjestoppsel - n. cork stopper.

Korn - m. corn.

Kornbrie - hominy.

Kornflekj - n. a cornfield.

Kornmäl - corn flour.

Kornspikja - m. corn granary.

Kornworm - m. weevil.

Kor'ozh - f. courage, bravery.

kort , kjarta , aum kjartste - short, shorter, shortest.

kort fote - summarize.

korta Aufschnett - short summary.

korta Ssank - a tiff, a spat.

korte Wadaholinj - recapitulation.

korte Woa - dry goods.

kort(e)woa Hendla - dry good merchant.

kortloftijch - short winded.

kort'omm - in short, briefly stated.

korts - recently.

Kortschreft - shorthand.

kortsejchtijch - shortsighted.

Kor'tün - m. calico print, broadcloth, muslin.

Kort'ünet Kjleet - n. calico print dress.

Kos - f. (pl: e) (the 'o' in Kos is a short 'o'.) a goat.

kosch'eiwre - to chatter.

Kosemalkja - m. a cowbird, literally a goat milker.

Kosenome - m. nickname.

Koseorfsel - n. goat feed.

Kost - f. (pl: e) a meal, room and board.

Kost - f. (pl: e) cost, expense, overhead.

Kostaunte - chestnuts.

kostboa - expensive, costly; precious.

kostfrie - cost free.

Kostjelt - n. cost for room and board.

Kostjenja - m. boarder.

kostspielijch - costly, expensive.

Kot - f. (pl: e) a small, simple abode, hut, cottage, cabin.

Kota - m. (pl: sch) tom cat.

Kotadauns - m. a brawl, a fight, noisy quarrel.

Ko'toa - f. catarrh; see also Kat'toa.

Ko'tschia - broom grass; see Heazhbassem.

Kotta - m. (pl: sch) cutter sled.

Kotta'lüag , (M: Kottaloog) - m. (pl: s) catalogue.

kottse - to vomit, throw up.

Ko'warkj , (M: Konwartj) - n. envelope.

Krach - m. crash, crack, noise.

krach'eele - continual bickering and lamenting.

krakjt - very tidy, fastidious, exact.

Krall - f. (pl: e) bead.

krank - ill, sick.

Krankenbad - n. sickbed.

Krankheit - f. (pl: e) disease, illness, sickness.

Krankheitsaunfaul - m. an attack, a seizure.

Krankheitsberejcht - m. a sick report.

krankmoake - to make sick, to sicken.

krauaftlooss - powerless.

Krauft - f. (pl: e) power strength, vigour.

Krauftmäl - m. starch.

Krauj - f (pl: e) a crow.

Kraump - f. (pl: e) cramp, spasm; a hook to fasten a door or window.

Kraumpodre - vericose veins.

Kraunkje - n. (pl: e) a crane, (bird).

Krauns - m. (pl: Kjrans) wreath, garland.

Krautsa - m. (pl: sch) scraper.

krautse - to scrape, scratch.

Kra'weel - m. a commotion.

kreiwle - to prickle.

kremple - to take a tumble; to roll up, like sleeves.

Kreschaunkje - f. (pl: e) honeydew melon.

Krieda'rie - f. spices, allspice.

kroage - to invite, to summon, call.

Kroage - m. (pl: s) a collar.

Kroll - f. (pl: e) a curl, a ringlet.

Krom - m. commotion, racket; a disorderly arrangement of possessions.

krome - to rummage.

kromm - crooked, bent, curved, winding.

krommbeenijch - bow legged.

Krommhollt - n. a contraption like a single tree from which slaughtered animals are hung from a joist for the purpose of evisceration.

Kron - m. (pl: s) a water tap, nozzle, spigot, turncock, stopcock.

Kroon - f. (pl: e) a crown.

Kropp - f. (pl: e) gizzard, craw; goitre.

Kross - a cup with a lid.

Krota - m. (pl: sch) sulky, hansom; see Tweeroda.

Kruck - f. (pl: e) jug, jar, pot.

Krucke'dell - m. (pl: s) crocodile.

kruglijch - crooked, winding.

krüpe - to crawl, creep.

Krüpunja - f. a temporay shelter.

Kruschkje - f. (pl: s) a pear; an endearing term for a little girl.

krüse - to curl.

krüse Hoa - curled hair.

krüse Hüt - goosepimples.

krüse Walle - ripples, small waves.

krüset Jesejcht - a grimace, make a face.

krüss - cross, out of sorts; curly.

Krüt - n. (pl: Krüd) weeds.

Krütfrätent - herbivorous.

Krütoatijch - herbaceous.

Kruts - f. (pl: e) core of an apple. see Klockenhüss.

Krutsch - f. (pl: e) ravine.

Kruzhel - m (pl: s) frill, lace ruffle.

Kua - m. (pl: re) choir.

Küa - f. (pl: re) cure.

Küa uat - n. spa, health resort.

Küak - f (pl: e) cookie.

Kua'ral - choral.

küare - to languish.

Kuarn - n. (pl: Kjeana) kernel, a seed, nucleus.

Kuarnjewäa - n. a nuclear weapon.

Kuchne - f. small, summer utility building used for cooking and laundry purposes, situated close to the family home. Also know as a Sommakjäakj.

Kuckuck - m. (pl: e) cuckoo.

Kuckurus - n. corn, maize.

kudoakijch - ailing, not feeling well.

Kuff - f. (pl: e) sled runner.

Kuffel - n. (pl: s) cup, mug.

Kügel - f. (pl: Kügle) a ball, an orb, a bullet.

Kujel - m. (pl: s) a boar.

Kül - f. (pl: e) a pond, a pit.

Külkje - n. (pl: s) dimple.

Kull - f. (pl: e) a large ball of twine.

Kulla - n. (pl: sch) a circle.

Kulla Düw - tumbling pigeon.

kullre - to roll.

Kul'tüare - cultures.

Kumma - m. boredom, monotony, worry.

Kün - f. (pl: e) turkey hen.

Kund - f. (pl: e) client.

Kunde locke - to attract clients, tout.

Künhon - m. turkey gobbler.

Kunkel - m. (pl: s) swamp.

Kunta - m. (pl: sch) gelding.

kuntabunt - colorful, garish.

kuntboa - public.

Kurbel - f. (pl: Kurble) pitman, winch.

Kurre - to coo like a dove.

Kurrei - n. tumbleweed.

kurtsweil - a moment, a short while, a little while, soon.

Kuss - m. (pl: e) a kiss.

kusse - to kiss.

Kusskjrietje - n. a mistletoe.

Küta - m. (pl: sch) a country estate, including the homes of workers and servants (khutor).

Kuts , Kutsa - f. (pl: Kutsasch) a short-tailed nag, a runt.

Kutscha - m. (pl: sch) chauffeur, driver, cabby, coachman.

kuzhle - to snuggle in, to nestle.

Kwad'raunte - boarders.

Kwa'tea - n. board and room.

kwaublijch - loosely fleshed, an unhealthy fatness.

Kwaulm - m. (pl: s) a heavy cloud of smoke.

Kwaulsta - m. (pl: sch) heavy phlem or saliva.

kwaunswiess - piecemeal, piece by piece.

kwausle - to chatter.

Kwauss - m. a simple Russian beer made from fermented bread.

Kwiel - m. saliva, spittle.

Kwoakjs - m. a pittance, an insignificant amount.

kwoare - to coo like a dove.

kwoarme - to pine or waste away.

Kwoat - n. quart.

Kwoatglauss - n. quart sized glass sealer.

kwose - to waste, squander.

läaja Druck - low pressure.

läaja Priess - low price.

läajch , läaja , läajchste - low, lower, lowest.

Läajcht - f. (pl: e) lake, pond, a small brook.

Läajes - n. lies, fibs, untruths.

Läajesoatijch - deceitful, mendacious.

Läajna - m. liar, prevaricator.

läajre - to lower.

lache - to laugh.

lachrijch - laughable, ludicrous, ridiculous.

Lack - f. lacquer, varnish, shellac.

Lada - f. (pl: re) ladder.

Lada - n. (pl: sch) skin, leather.

Ladajoawa - m. (pl: sch) leather tanner.

ladana - m. leathern, of leather.

ladane - f. leathern, of leather.

ladane - pl adjective of leather.

Ladawoage - m. wagon with a hayrack.

ladijch - empty, vacant, void, blank.

ladja Haunt - empty handed.

ladje - verb, to empty.

ladjet ekj - vanity.

ladjet Jepuch - empty bragging.

ladrijch - leathery.

lädwäkj - soft and pliable; a frame that is not well built.

Lafitte - the riot act, (Ekj woa die de Lafitte fäaläse; I will read you the riot act).

Lag'rits - m. licorice.

Laj daut doa enunja - Lay it under there.

Laja - m. (pl: sch) layer (hen).

Lajchakomm - f. collander; see also Derjchschlach.

laje - to lay.

Lajhan - a laying hen.

Lakj - f. (pl: e) drop.

Lakjabeskje - n. (pl: s) a choice morsel, a tidbit, a dainty, a delicacy.

lakje - to drip, to leak.

lakjsch - having a tendency to leak.

lakjtrisch - electric.

lakjtrische Laump - electric bulb.

Lakjtrischetät - f. electricity.

läme - to maim, paralyze.

Lämung - f. (pl: e) paralysis, palsy.

Län - f. (pl: e) the backrest of a chair or a bench.

läne - to lean back on a backrest.

Läne - n. predilection, preference, partiality, tendency.

lang diare - to take a long time.

lange - to reach, to strive; to pass; to hand to; to suffice; to be enough or sufficient.

lange Locke - long tresses.

langläwent - long lived, longevity.

langsom - slow, slowly.

Langsomkjeit - tardiness.

lank - tall; long.

Lankboom - m. a wagon reach.

lankwiel - m. monotony.

lankwielijch - monotonous, tedious, boring, tiresome, humdrum. polix.

lankwielijch räde - harangue.

Läpel - m. (pl: s) spoon.

Läpelkost - f. dessert.

Läpelstäl - m. (pl: s) spoon handle.

läple - to spoon out.

läsboa - legible.

Läsbüak - n. reader, textbook.

lasche - to erase, extinguish, quench.

läse - to read.

Lashpa'pia - n. blotting paper.

Lässtow - f. reading room.

lastalijch - scandalous, shocking.

Lata - f. (pl: Latre) letter of the alphabet.

La'tiensch - Latin; Roman script.

latst - the other day, some time ago, recently.

latsta - m. the last one.

latste - f. the last one.

latste - n. plural, the last ones.

latste Jeläajenheit - the last chance.

latste Statsjoon - terminus, terminal.

Laufkje - n. a small store.

Laufkjebaunt - n. store string.

Laum - n. (pl: Lama) lamb.

Laump - f. (pl: e) lamp.

Laumpeglauss - n. lamp chimney.

Laumpelijcht - n. lamp light.

Laumpeschorm - m. lamp shade.

launde - to land.

laundesjehearijch - belonging to a nation, a citizen of.

Laundessproak - f. national language.

Laune - f. whims.

launisch - odd, whimsical.

Launt - n. land, country.

Launtäjendeema - m. land owner.

Launtenj - peninsula, landsend.

Launtfe'roda - m. (pl: sch) traitor.

Launtjesats - n. a national law.

Launtkaunsla - m. politician.

Launtkoat - f. a map.

Launtmacht - f. national force.

Launtmäta - m. a surveyor.

Launtrigje - m. brow of land, ridge.

Launtschoft - f. scenery, landscape.

Launtsfolkj - natives.

Launtsrot - m. prefect, marshal.

Launtwirtschoft - f. a farm, agricultural activity.

Laupe - m. (pl: s) flap, rag, duster, cloth.

Laupesenja - m. an unimportant errand runner, helper.

Laups - m. (pl: e) dolt, sap, milksop.

laupsijch - halfwitted.

lausche - to join together like two pieces of lumber, to fasten together, (carpentry).

Laust - f. (pl: e) burden, onus, vice, travail, encumbrance.

Laust auflaje - to unburden.

Laustwoage - m. truck.

Laut - f. (pl: e) wooden rail, thin log.

Lautehüss - n. log house, log cabin.

Lautelomm - f. raft.

Lauts - f. (pl: e) a trouser fly.

lauwoam - (M) see leiwoam.

Lauzhua - flabby eared individual; a dimwit.

Läwa - f. liver.

läwe - to live, exist.

Läwe - n. (pl: s) life; noisy behaviour; vitality, energy, liveliness.

läwelank - lifelong.

läwendijch - alive, lusty, genial, energetic, lively.

Läwesendaniss - vicissitude; change in life's direction.

Läwesfesejchrinj - f. life insurance.

Läweskrauft - f. vitality.

Läweslea - f. biology.

Läweslost - f. enjoyment of life, spryness, vivaciousness, spiritedness.

Läwesmeddel - n. life's provisions.

Läwesowent - m. the eve of life.

Läwestiet - f. a lifetime.

Läwesunjahault - m. livelihood.

Läweswaundel - m. philosophy of life.

Lea - f. (pl: re) instruction, doctrine, tenet.

Leabüak - n. textbook.

Lealinkj - n. (pl: Lealinja) student, apprentice.

Leaordninj - f. (pl: e) course, curriculum.

Leaplon - (pl: s) curiculum, syllabus.

Leara - m. (pl: sch) teacher, instructor.

Learaaumt - n. teaching position, professorship.

Leara'rin - f. (pl: e) female teacher.

Learaunstault - f. (pl: e) college, academy, university, institute of learning.

leare - to learn; teach, to study.

lebbre - to sip, to drink slowly.

leef - to hold dear, beloved.

leef habe - to hold dear, to be fond of, to love.

Leefhabe'rie - f. (pl: e) hobby.

Leefsta - m. dearest.

Leefste - f. dearest.

Leefste - plural, dearest.

leeftolijch - charming, amiable, kind, lovable.

Leeftolijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) kindness.

Leem - loam, clay.

Leemboddem - m. clay soil.

leemijch - clayey.

Leemkot - f. clay hut.

leemna - m. adj. of clay.

leemne - f. adj. of clay.

leemne - pl. adj. of clay.

leese - to solve, resolve, untie.

Leest - f. (pl: e) molding, wood stripping, baseboard; shoemaker's last; ledge.

leet - rueful, regret, repent, sorry for.

Leet - n. (pl: Leeda) song, ditty.

Leew - f. love.

leewa - rather, preferably, sooner.

leewe - to love.

Leewe - m. (M) lion, see Leiw.

leewentiet , waut leewentiet - an expression of surprise or impatience; for the love of time, for gosh sakes!.

leewladijch - devoid of love, loveless, unloving.

Leewoakj - m. (pl: e) lark.

leewre - to deliver; to behave.

lefte - to air.

leida - unfortunate.

Leida - (pl: a) leader.

leidaweinijch - unfortunately few.

leide - to lead, to guide, to chair, to preside.

Leide - n. misfortune.

Leideschoft - passion.

Leidhaumel - m. (pl: s) a bellweather.

Leidinj - guidance, leadership.

Leijch - (pl: e) body, corpse, cadaver.

Leijchfe'ausche - cremate.

leijcht , leijchta , leijchste - easy, easier, easiest; light, lighter, lightest; simple, simpler, simplest.

leijcht bewäajcht - easily excited.

leijcht foadijch - thoughtless.

leijchta moake - to simplify, to facilitate.

leijchtkoppijch - light headed.

leijchtre Ommstend - easier circumstances.

leijchtsennijch - frivolous.

leis - softly, gently, quietly.

leiste - to treat, to render, to afford.

Leistungsfoll - efficient.

Leiw - m. (pl: s) lion.

Leiwent - m. canvas, buckram, linen, denim.

Leiwentbekjse - f. denim overalls.

Leiwenthendla - m. linendraper.

Leiwentloake - n. tarpaulin.

Leiwentwaums - n. denim jacket.

Leiwesgruft - f. lions' den.

leiwoam , (M: lauwoam) - lukewarm; tepid.

Lekjamül - m. gourmet.

lekjmüle - to smack the lips in anticipation of food, to lick the lips.

Lekjsikoon - m. (pl: s) dictionary, lexicon.

Lekjsikoonmoaka - m. lexigrapher, compiler of dictionaries.

Lelje - f. lily.

Le'maun - f. (pl: e) bog, swamp.

Lemp - f. (pl: e) trouser leg.

Lende - loins.

Lengd - (pl: e) length, longitudinal.

lengdhan - from beginning to end.

lengst - (comp. of lank) longest; a long time ago; along.

Lenj - f. (pl: e) thigh, flank.

lenja - (comp of lank) longer.

lenkjboa - governable, controllable.

lenkje - to steer, to guide, to sway, to direct.

lenkjlijch - longish, oblong.

lenkjlijch runt - oval.

Lenkjraut - n. steering wheel.

Lenkjstang - f. handlebar.

Lepp - f. (pl: e) lip.

Leppefoaw - f. lipstick.

Leppstock - n. lovage, (legusticum) related to the celery plant. Used by the early Mennonites for external and internal medical purposes. Also used for food flavouring. (Still grown in some gardens but seldom used).

Lest - deceit.

lestalijch - slanderous, scandalous, shocking, blasphemous.

lestijch - wily, crafty, cunning.

lestre - to malign, slander, defame.

Lets - f. (pl: e) a belt loop.

liebkoose - to hug.

Lieblinkj - n. (pl: Lieblinja) pet, minion.

Lied - people, folk.

liedalijch - obnoxious, rowdy.

liede - to suffer; to tolerate.

liedrijch - mischievous, mean, troublesome.

liee - to lend or borrow.

Lief - n. (pl: Liew) body, abdomen.

Liefdeena - m. a valet.

Liefloch - n. orifice.

Liefrock - m. a frock coat'.

Liefschniedinj - f. constipation, stomachache.

Liem - m. glue, mucilage, adhesive, paste.

lieme - to glue or paste.

Lien - a line, reins, leash.

Lieneelj - f. linseed oil.

Lienje - a line, a border, a ruler, straightedge; a branch of the family.

Lienkjebrat - a ruler. (measurement).

Lieta , (M: Litta) - m. liter.

ligje - to lie, as in a bed.

lijcht - a light colour, blond.

Lijcht - n. (pl: a) light, illumination.

Lijcht trigjaun schmiete - reflect.

lijchtbleiw - light blue, indigo.

lijchte - to light the way; to illuminate; for lightning to flash.

Lijchtinkj - (pl: Lijchtinja) a cunning person, a mastermind.

Lijchtrinkj - m. a halo.

Lijchtstrol - f. a light beam.

Lijchttorm - m. a lighthouse.

likjne - for two people to resemble each other. (Daut likjent die; That's just like you).

lind - mild, soft, lenient.

Lindeboom - m. basswood (linden) tree.

lindre - to alleviate, to soften a hurt, allay, palliate, ameliorate, soothe, assuage.

lingsch - left handed, left.

linkjpootsch - left handed.

Lint - f. (pl: e) waist of a garment; fuzz, lint.

lintijch - full of fuzz, linty.

List - f. (pl: e) wile, cunning.

Lista - n. taffeta like cloth.

Litera'tüa - f. literature.

Loag - f. (pl: e) situation, predicament, circumstance.

Loaga - n. (pl: sch) couch, bed, place to sleep, bunk, cot; camp.

loagre - to bed down, to set up camp, to billet, to lodge.

Loake - n. (pl: s) large cloth sheet, sheeting, tarpaulin, shroud.

loame - to scold, complain, embark on a diatribe.

Loa(w) - f. (pl: e) mask, guise.

Loa(w) aufnäme - to unmask.

Loch - n. (pl: Lajcha) hole, perforation, lacuna.

locke - to tempt, to entice.

Locke - f. tresses, locks of hair.

Lod - f. (pl: e) box, chest, trunk; shutter; see also Bielod.

Lod - f. shipment, load.

Lod - f. the first green sprouts in spring; shutters.

Loddikj - m. sourdock.

lode - to load, to load a gun.

Lodssadel - m. manifest.

Loff - m. praise, acclaim, kudo.

Loft - f. air, breeze.

Loftblos - f. balloon.

Loftbrams - f. air brake.

loftdijcht - airtight, hermetically sealed.

Loftkjeelinj - f. air conditioning.

Loftkjesse - n. air cushion.

Loftklaup - f. air valve.

loftladijch - vacuous.

Loftloch - n. an air hole, blow hole.

Loftrua - n. trachea, air pipe.

Loftruaentsindung - f. bronchitis.

Loftrüm - f. space; see Rüm.

Loftschepp - n. airplane, airship.

Loftscheppfuamaun - m. pilot.

Loftschrüw - f. propellor.

Loftspäjel - m. mirage.

Lofttoch - an air current.

Loftwall - f. an air wave.

lom - lame.

Lomm - f. (pl: e) boat, dinghy.

lompe - to limp.

Loodiesa - n. a carpenter's level.

loodjlikj - level.

Loof - n. foliage.

looj - reluctant; morbid, torpid.

Loon - n. (pl: Leena) wage, fee.

loone - to pay wages, remunerate, reward, to pay, to be worth it; {daut loont sikj - it pays to}.

Loop - f. (pl: e) gun barrel.

loope - to run.

Looploch - n. a loophole.

loose - to loosen.

looss - loose.

Looss - lot, ticket from a lottery, share.

loossbandijch - available.

loossbräakje - to break loose, to break away, to break off.

loossbrädre - to burst out laughing.

loossbrockle - to crumble away.

loossdonnre - sudden thunder, fulminate.

loossdrekje - to squeeze the trigger, discharge.

loossfoare - to begin a trip, to start off on a trip.

loossgone - to go off, like a bomb.

loosshoake - to unhook, detach, disconnect, uncouple.

loosskjeepe - to redeem, to buy back.

Loosslada - m. a mischievous person.

loosslaje - to start of, to begin.

loossleese - to untie.

loosslote - to let loose, release, parole; to start a motor.

loossriete - to tear loose, to tear away, loosen, dislodge.

loossschnale - to unbuckle.

loossschrüwe - to unscrew.

loosstrane - to separate from a seam.

loosswoare - to get rid of.

Loow - f. (pl: e) an arbor, a bower.

Lost - f. (pl: e) energy, mirth, joy; inclination towards.

Lostfoat - f. joyride.

lostijch - gay, merry, blithe, jolly, frisky, mirthsome, frolicsome.

Lostijchkjeit - merriment, gaiety.

Lostspell - n. comedy.

lot , lota , lotste - late, later, latest.

lote - to leave, to let, to allow, to permit.

lowe - to praise, commend, laud, eulogize.

lowe onn prole - brag, exaggerate, vaunt.

lowesweat - praiseworthy, laudable, creditable.

lo'zheare - to lodge, to board.

Luabäablaut - n. laurel leaf, bay leaf.

Luabäakraunz - m. crown of laurel.

Lüag - f. a lye or soap solution.

Lüak - onion greens, scallions, leeks.

lüare - to await, tarry, pause, hesitate.

Luck - f. (pl: e) trap door, hatch; the rear flap on a long winter underwear.

lüd , lüda , lüdste - loud, louder, loudest; noisy, boisterous.

Lüda - n. (pl: sch) useless cow, wench, loose woman.

lüdboa - for public knowledge.

lüde Ko'llea - garrish.

Lüdesschrenkja - m. muffler, silencer.

lüdet Je'schell - a tirade, railing.

Lüdspräakja - m. (pl: sch) loudspeaker.

Lumpa'rie - n. (pl: e) shabby, ragged clothing; disorderly, disorganized operation.

Lumpe - rags, tatters.

Lung - f. (pl: e) lung.

Lungenentsindung - pneumonia, pleurisy.

Lunss - (pl: e) a piece of rag.

luntre - to loiter.

lupre - see auflupre.

Lusch - f. (pl: e) paper bag.

lüsijch - lousy.

Lüskjekjnekja , Lüskjekjniepa - nit picker; see also Bottalekja.

Lüskjekrüt - n. small burrs.

Lüss - (pl: Lies) louse.

lüta - mere, pure, nothing but; sincere.

lu'tearisch - lutheran.

Lutsch - f. (pl: e) a baby soother, pacifier.

mäa - mellow, overripe.

Mäa - n. (pl: re) sea, ocean.

mäaje - may; enjoy, be fond of, be partial to; like.

mäajelja Wies - could be, possibly.

mäajlijch - possible, feasible, likely.

Mäajlijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) possibiity, feasibility, likelihood, eventuality, potential.

Mäakje - n. (pl: e) lass, girl, damsel.

mäakjle - to be over delicate in taste for food, to be overly fussy, especially where food is concerned.

Mäa'radikj - m. horse radish.

Mäarda - m. murderer.

Mäarjche - f. fairy tale.

Mäaschwien - n. porpoise.

Macht - f. might, force, power.

mack - tame, tired.

macklijch - comfortable, cozy, snug.

Ma'dastijchkjeit - f. majesty.

Ma'drauts - f. (pl: e) mattress.

Mag'neet - n. (pl: e) magnet.

Magridzh - f. (pl: e) mortgage.

Mäj - f. (pl: e) effort.

ma'jeenijch - listless, apathetic, lethargic.

Ma'kjea - (pl: re) garden row marker.

Mäl - f. (pl: e) flour mill; flour.

Mala - m. (pl: sch) miller.

Mälbäa - f. (pl: re) rosehips.

malde - to report, to announce, to answer.

Mäldeiw - f. mildew.

mälijch - floury, mealy.

Malkbenkj - f. shelf, small cupboard, pantry.

Malkbrat - n. thin boards about inches long, or inches wide used to lay over dishes of milk so the dishes can be stacked in order to save space.

Malkj - f. milk.

Malkja'rie - f. dairy.

Malkjboat - m. the first fuzz on a youth's face.

malkje - to milk.

malkjijch - milky.

Malkjkaun - f. a milk can; pitcher.

Malkjmäakjskje - f. (pl: s) milkmaid.

Malkjwirtschoft - f. dairy.

malkjwoare - for a cow to freshen.

Mamalega - a Kuban famine dish of cornmeal.

Mame - f. (pl: s) mama.

Mando'lien - f. (pl: e) mandolin.

Man'ea - f. (pl: re) manner.

man'eewre - to bark and howl like dogs.

Mangel - f. (pl: Mangle) mangel, a linen press.

Mangel - m. great need, penury, dearth.

mangelhauft - deficient, improvident, privation.

mangle - to experience need; to mangle or press clothes with a Mangel.

Maninkj - m. (pl: s) a castrated tomcat.

mank - among.

mank drenje - to intrude.

mank menje - to interfere, meddle.

mank mische - to interfere, meddle.

mank räde - to interrupt a conversation.

mank späle - to intrude, interfere.

mank streie - to add something like small particles, sugar or the like to a batch of something.

Ma'riede (Hemariede) - f. hemorrhoids, piles.

Marja'rien - f. margarine.

Marmelsteen - m. marble.

ma'rood - rundown, suddenly hungry.

Marsch - m. (pl: e) a march, procession.

ma(r)sch'eare - to march.

Mar'tien hoole - to celebrate St Martin's Day, November 11th, the end of a hired man's annual seasonal contract on the farm where he hired out.

Mar'tier - m. (pl: e) martyr.

Ma'schien - n. (pl: e) machine.

Maschiena'rie - machinery.

Maschin'ist - m. (pl: e) machinist.

Ma'schosta - manchester, velveteen, cordoroy.

Mäsja - m. a loafer.

Mäsje - f. a loafer.

Mäsje - plural, loafers.

Massa - n. (pl: sch) knife.

Massakjlinkj - f. knife blade.

Massaschoapa - m. knife sharpener.

Massaspets - f. knife point.

mässijch - idly, moderately, slowly and steadily.

Mässijchkjeit - leisurely pace, moderate progress.

maste - to fatten.

Mastfee - n. fatlings.

Mastschwien - a porker being fattened for slaughter.

Mäta - m. (pl: sch) a measuring tool.

mätboa - measurable.

Mätdinkj - n. measuring tool.

mäte - to measure.

mate'matisch - mathematical.

Mat'roos - m. (pl: e) sailor, seaman.

Matsakje - n. (pl: Matsasch) a lamb.

mau - mere, merely, only.

maun - (pronoun) one, we, you, someone, somebody.

maun sajt - someone says, they say.

Maun - m. (pl: Manna) a man; husband.

Maun'dearinj - f. habit, clothing, costume.

maunjcha - m. many a.

maunjchatlei - many a thing, all sorts, many different.

maunjche - f. many a.

maunjche - plural, many.

maunjchmol - many a time, sometimes, frequently, often.

maunlijch - manly, virile, masculine.

Maunschoft - f. manhood, labour force.

maunschoftlijch - maleness, masculinity.

Maunschoftsjeschlajcht - n. male.

Maunschoftsneare - f. testicles.

Maunskjleeda - f. men's clothing.

Mauntel - m. (pl: s) mantle, cloak, pall, shroud.

Mausch - m (pl: e) mesh, a stitch in knitting.

Mauschdrot - wire mesh.

mausche - to mesh.

Mauskelnät - f. nutmeg.

Mausle - f. measles.

Mauss - (pl: e) a mass, volume, a great many.

Maussdoarm - the large intestines.

Mautsch - m. mud, mire.

mautschijch - muddy, slimy.

mea - comp of fäl, more.

mea aus - more than.

mearakjijch - multi cornered.

mearalei - several, quite a few.

meare - to increase (OC); many (M).

mearendeels - mainly, mostly.

mea(re)re - several.

Mearheit - f. the majority.

Mearschaum - m. meerschaum.

measchte - most; superlative of fäl.

measchtens - mostly, generally, usually.

Meassol - plural.

Me'chottje - a poor, crude grade of tobacco.

Medd - middle, centre, mid.

Meddach - lunchtime; midday; noon, noon day meal.

Meddach äte - to eat lunch.

Meddachbloome - California poppies.

Meddachschlop - m. after dinne snooze.

Meddachslienje - the meridian.

Meddanacht - midnight.

meddasatjes - a slow, leisurely pace.

Meddel - a cure, a medicine.

meddeljoarijch - middle aged.

Meddelmäa - n. Mediterranean Sea.

meddelmässijch - average, the mean, medium, tolerable, passable.

Meddelmässijchkjeit - f. mediocrity.

Meddelmaun - m. middleman.

Meddelpunkt - f. midpoint, centre, hub.

Meddelwajch - middle course.

Meddelwuat - n. participle.

meddemank - in the midst of, in the middle of, amid, among.

meddlijch - average, central.

Medfack - m. (pl: e) chaffbin.

Medit'sien - f. medicine.

medit'sienoatijch - medicinal.

Medwäakj - m. Wednesday.

Meebel - n. (pl: Meeble) furniture.

Meebelkor'tün - m. chintz.

Meebelpulsta'rie - f. upholstery.

Meebelwoage - m. furniture van.

meed - exhausted, tired, fagged.

meede - to hire.

meedet Peat - n. a jade.

meene - to mean, to opine.

Meeninj (Meenung) - (pl: e) opinion, estimation, thought, inference, sentiment.

Meeninj saje - to state your opinion.

mee(n)st? - do you think so?.

Meenungsoatijch - mental.

Meenungswajchsel - m. a debate. exchange of opinion.

Meeta - m. a meter (metric).

Meew - f. (pl: e) gull, pewit, mew.

Mei - m. May.

Mei Jeen! Mei Jit! - an exclamation of concern or surprise.

meide - to shun, avoid, eschew.

meist - almost, nearly, just, nigh.

Meista - m. (pl: sch) master.

meistalijch - masterly, masterfully.

Meistastekj - n. a masterpiece.

meistens - mostly, generally.

Meiw , (M: Mau) - f. (pl: e) sleeve.

Meiweknoop - m. stud, cufflink.

Me'jal - f. (pl: e(s)) girl, lass, young lady.

Me'jales Joare - girlhood.

Me'jaleskjleet - n. a jumper.

Mejchel - m. (pl: s) name often given to the farm bull.

mekjre - to bleat.

Mell - n. sweepings.

Melo'die - f. (pl: e) melody.

Me'loon - f. (pl: e) melon.

Menj - f. (pl: e) crowd, host, quantity, number, amount.

menje - to mix.

Menjsel - m. (pl: s) mixture, batter, a base for Mooss (see Menn cookbook) medley.

Menjselreara - m. egg beater.

Mensch - m. (pl: e) person, human being.

Menschefeschlapa - m. kdnapper, abductor.

Menschefestaunt - human logic, common sense.

Menschefient - m. misanthrope.

Menschefräta - m. ogre, cannibal.

Menschefrint - humanitarian.

Menschehaundel - m. slavery, slave-trade.

Menschejeschlajcht - n. mankind, the human race.

Menschejestault - f. human form or shape.

Menschestaum - m. tribe, race.

Menschheit - f. humanity.

Messarnt - f. crop failure.

Messinkj - m. brass.

Messtrü - mistrust, suspicion.

messtrüsch - suspicious, distrustful.

Mest - m. manure, muck, dung. compost, excrement.

Mestacka - m. nuisance ground, dumping ground.

meste - to fertilize with manure.

Mestforkj - f. fork for handling manure.

Mestgauss - f. a lane in a small town; this name derived from the many small barns in town which housed a horse or a cow and the manure was piled in the back lane until spring when it was hauled away.

Mestgroow - f. manure gutter.

Mesthüpe - m. manure pile; dung heap.

Mestkjniepa - m. dung beetle.

Mestkoa - f. wheelbarrow.

mestnaut - soaking wet, drenched; (wet as munure).

met - along, with, by means of.

met äte - to share someone's food.

met aule Je'wault - with all force and might and power.

met Bloot derjchnate - imbrue.

met brinje - to bring along.

met de Tiet - in good time, in due time.

met deele - to share, impart.

met doa'bie - present at the time, included in.

met ee(n)mol - all at once, suddenly.

met eenst - see met ee(n)mol.

met ennschlüte - to include.

met Fejnäje - with pleasure, with gusto.

met Fliet - on purpose, intentionally, deliberately, knowlingly.

met Haust - in haste, hastily.

met Iesa beschloage - iron clad.

met Jewault äwanäme - to usurp.

met Jewault - by force, forcibly.

met Jewessenheit - with certainty, scrupulous.

met Schwunk - with momentum, free-wheeling.

met Welles - intentionally, deliberately, on purpose; see met Fliet.

met Wutt koake - to seethe.

Metfeelent - empathetic.

metfoare - to drive along as a passenger.

metgone - to accompany on foot.

methalpe - to help along, abet.

met'han - consequently.

metjäwe - to give along.

Metjefeel - n. empathy.

metjeorwe - to have inherited; see metoawe.

Metjliet - associate member.

Metliet - m. empathy, sympathy.

Metmensch - m. fellow human being.

metmoake - to participate.

metnäme - to take along.

metoabeide - to work alongside.

Metoaw - a co heir, joint heir.

Me'tol - n. metal.

Mets - f (pl: e) cap.

mett Wead spoare - laconic.

metunja - now and then, from time to time.

Mia - f. (pl: re) a brick wall.

Miagrope - m. a large cauldron set on a brick and mortar fireplace, used to render lard in large quantities during pigs killing time.

Miassement - m. mortar.

mie - pronoun, me, to me (reflex) to myself.

Miel - f. (pl: e) mile.

Mielentala - m. speedometer, odometer.

Mielessol - f. mileage.

mielewiet - miles away.

mien , mient - n. poss. adj. my, mine.

Mien - f. (pl: e) a mine.

Mien - f. (pl: e) character.

miena - m. mine.

miene - f. mine.

miene - plural, mine.

mienje - mine, belonging to me.

mienshaulwe , mienthaulwe , mienswäaje , mientwäaje - for my part, as far as I am concerned, for all I care, by all means.

miere - to lay bricks, to build with bricks and mortar.

miesaum - poor, scarce.

mie'selfst - myself.

miesrijch - painful, inadequate.

Miestjefia - n. the phosphorescent glow of decaying wood, foxfire.

Miet - f. (pl: e) mite.

Mieta - m. (pl: sch) nut for a bolt.

Miets , Mietskje - f. pet name for a cat, pussy, kitten.

Migj - f. (pl: e) midge, mosquito.

Migjefräta - m. dragon fly.

Migjenat - n. mosquito net, gauze, mesh.

mild - mild, soft, gentle, benign.

Mildheit - f. leniency.

mildjäwrijch - generous, charitable, magnanimous; extravagant.

Militäa - m. military.

Militäadeenst - m. military service.

Militäadwank - m. conscription.

Mil'joon - f. (pl: e) million.

Miljoon'äa - m. millionaire.

Milts - f. (pl: e) spleen, milt.

mindijch - of age.

Min'ischkje - n. (pl: s) false shirt front.

Minisi'paul - f. (pl: e) municipality.

mintlijch - verbally, by word of mouth.

Min'üt - f. (pl: e) minute.

Min'ütewiesa - m. minute hand.

Mirkje - m. approximately one bushel measure. (Russia).

Mirteboom - m. myrtle.

Mirtekroon - f. a crown of myrtle.

Mischmausch - f. hodge podge, mish mash, jumble, mixture, medley.

Misfestentniss - n. (pl: e) misunderstanding, misconception, misappehension.

Misjeburt - f. (pl: e) miscarriage.

Mis'joon - f. mission, evangelism.

Misjoon'oa - m. (pl: re) missionary.

misrijch - measly, insignificant.

mis'robel - miserable, abject.

Moag - f. (pl: e) stomach.

moaga - skinny, poor, lean, slender, meagre, thin.

Moajch - n. marrow.

moake - to make, manufacture, create.

moakhauftijch - attractive, practical, feasible'.

moakjboa - discernable, noticeable, perceptible.

moakje - to take note, to mark.

Moakjmol - n. (pl: e) a sign, mark criterion, feature.

Moakjsteen - m. landmark, surveyor's mark.

Moalinkj - n. strong store twine.

Moarach - f. a great quantity, a great deal.

moarache - to push ahead with very difficult work, to forge a head regardless of the obstacles.

Moarauss - m. morass, sludge.

moatre - to torture, martyr.

Moats - month of March.

Moazh - m. (pl: e) behind, buttocks, person's rear end, derrier.

Mod - f. (pl: e) maggot, grub, larva.

Modd - m. mud.

Moddel - n. (pl: s) pattern.

moddijch - muddy.

mo'dern - modern.

Modeschieta - m. (pl: sch) a big blue fly; blue bottle fly.

modijch - full of grubs or maggots.

Mojja - n. (pl: sch) a farmer's pet term for a calf or heifer.

mol - times (as in the multiplication table).

mol hankome - an expression used to invite visitors for a return visit 'come again, y'hear? '.

'mol - see e'mol.

'mol hankome - come and see us.

'mol wada - come again, once more.

Mol - time, occasion.

Mo'lassijch - m. molasses.

Mold - f. (pl: e) butter trough.

mole - to draw, to sketch, to paint; to grind.

Mole - f. freckles; see also Sommamole.

Mollt - f. (pl: e) a large butterfly.

molsch - very lazy.

Molstock - m. maulstick.

Moltiet - f. (pl: Moltiede) a meal, mealtime, repast.

Moltietskoat - f. menu.

Moltijch - items used in painting, artist's supplies.

Moltworm - m. mole, shrew.

Mon - f. (pl: e) moon; a poppy; also Mont.

Monbloome - f. poppies.

Monbreef - m. a dunning letter.

Mondach - m. Monday.

Mon'düa - a way of dressing, costume.

mone - to dun, to remind someone of a debt.

Monkaulf - n. a moon calf.

monoatijch - lunar.

Monsauft - m. opium.

Monsot - poppy seed.

Monssadel - m. a dunning note; dunner.

Monwakjsel - changes in the phases of the moon.

Mood - f. fashion, style, vogue, mode.

Mooj - lazy.

Moonat - f. (pl: e) month.

Moonatfluss - f. menstruation.

moonatlijch - monthly.

Moonatwiess - by the month.

Mooss - f. cold, sweet fruit concoction, compote; see Mennonite Cookbook.

Moot - f. courage, spirit, mettle, spunk.

Moot fote - to take courage.

Moot toospräakje - to encourage, to sustain.

Mootlooss - discouraged, dejected, in despair and dispirited.

mootmose - to presume, surmise, conjecture, guess, suppose.

Mopps - m. (pl: e) a dunderhead, urchin.

morde - to murder.

Mor'fien - f. morphine.

Morje - m. (pl: s) morning; tomorrow.

Morje root - dawn.

Morje Säajen - morning devotions.

Morje Schoo - f. morning slippers.

Morje Sse'morjest - tomorrow morning.

Morje(n) Aundacht - f. morning service.

morsch - rotten, decayed.

morschijch - very, extremely, terribly.

Mort - m. murder, homicide.

Moschkje - f. gnat, midge, tiny black fly.

Mosel - mosel wine.

Mossta - n. (pl: sch) model, pattern, sample, prototype, standard, specimen.

mostre - to criticize.

mott - must, have to, be obliged, compelled or forced to.

Mott - f. (pl: e) moth.

Mo'tua - m. (pl: re) motor, engine.

Muarauss - manners.

muckrijch - thin and skinny, looking underfed.

Mucks - m. (pl: e) a sigh.

mucksch - obstinately quiet.

muckstell - quiet, not even a sigh.

Muff - f. (pl: e) a muff.

muffle - to munch, to eat slowly.

mufflijch - fusty, musty.

Mül - n. (pl: Miela) mouth.

Mülbäa - f. mulberry, sycamore.

Mülbän - m. palate, roof of the mouth.

Mülfoll - mouthful.

Mülfül - man of few words.

Mülkorf - m. noseguard, nose basket, (placed on horses' noses to keep nose flies away) muzzle.

Mullkuss - m. (pl: e) a large, ungainly fellow.

Mülshiara (Mülspäldinkj) - n. mouth organ.

Mülspoa - lockjaw.

Mültia - n. mule.

multipli'tseare - multiply.

Mülwoakjs - n. jawing, talking, making conversation.

Mumkje - f. (pl: s) a married woman, Mrs.

Mumm - f. (pl: e) aunt.

Munj op - f. an inquisitive person, curious individual.

munta - brisk, lively, awake, blithe, lusty.

murjchle - to gouge.

murkjse - to grunt like a pig.

Murmeltia - n. marmot.

Murrakje , Muttakje - f. (pl: s) little mother.

Muschel - f. (pl: Muschle) oyster.

Mu'schot Nät - mace.

Müse - to hunt mice.

Müsfaul - f. (pl: e) mousetrap.

müsijch - mousy.

Müsi'kaunt - m. (pl: e) musician.

Mü'sikj - music.

Mü'sium - n. museum.

Muskel - f. (pl: Muskle) muscle.

Muskelnät - f. nutmeg.

Muss - m. a must, a need, a necessity.

Müss - f. (pl: Mies) mouse.

Müssloch - n. mouse hole, gopher hole.

müsstell - quiet as a mouse.

Mutta - f. (pl: sch) mother.

Muttakuarn - n. embryo.

Muttaleew - f. a mother's love.

Muttalief - n. womb.

muttalijch - motherly.

Muttamol - f. birthmark.

Muttamort - m. matricide.

Muttaschoft - f. maternity, motherhood.

Muttaschoot - f. mother's knee, mother's lap.

muzhrijch - grimy, soiled.

Na - well!, well?.

Na heat - exclamation of surprise.

Na nü - how come?, what's wrong?.

Na oba - exclamation of sympathy, oh dear!.

Nä - no, nay.

Nä saje - to say no, refusal.

Näaja - m. (pl: sch) negro, black man.

Näajelkje - n. carnation.

näajen - f. (pl: e) nine.

näajendel - n. ninth.

näajenfach - ninefold.

Näajenkluak - smart aleck, wise acre.

näajentian - nineteen.

näajentijch - ninety.

näajentijchstel - ninetieth part.

näakjst - next, next in line, following.

näakjst aune Räj - next in line.

näare - to nourish, foster, nurture.

näaschtijch - strongly attracted to food, delicious.

Näbenfluss - m. tributary.

Näbensach - f. triviality, of secondary importance.

nachlässijch - negligent, careless, remiss, slipshod.

Nacht - f. (pl: e) night.

Nachtdeenst - m. night duty, night shift.

Nachtdesch - m. night table.

Nachthamd - n. night shirt.

Nachtigaul - m. nightingale.

Nachtjeschwien - n. night prowling.

Nachtkjleet - n. night gown, pyjamas.

Nachtschaute - morel.

Nachttiet - f. night time.

Nachttopp - m. chamber pot.

nade - down, nether.

Näj - f. (pl: e) small amount, pittance.

Najo , Naja - oh well, exclamation of resignation.

näme - to take.

nämelje - the same, identical.

nane - to name, nominate, appoint, designate.

Narf - f. (pl: e) nerve.

Narfe Weedoag - neuralgia.

Narfekonnst - neurology.

Narfekrank - neurotic.

Narfenentsindung - f. neuritis.

nar'wees - nervous, flustered.

Näs - f. (pl: e) nose, probiscus.

Näsbleede - nose bleed.

Näsebän - nose bridge.

Näskorf - nosebasket; see Mülkorf.

Näslank - repeat every little while.

Näsloch - n. nostril.

Nast - n. (pl: a) nest.

Näswoama - m. short stemmed pipe.

nat - gentle, neat, diminutive.

Nat - n. mesh, netting.

Nät - f. nut.

nätbrün - nutbrown, hazel.

nate - to soak.

na'tiadlijch - naturally; prim and proper.

Nätklos - m. Santa Claus.

Nätknacka - m. (pl: sch) nutcracker.

Nätschall - f. (pl: e) nutshell.

Nats'joon - nation.

Na'tüa - f. (pl: re) nature.

Na'tüaforscha - m. naturalist.

Na'tüakjantniss - f. science, biology.

Na'tüamässijch - natural, instinctive.

nausche - to nibble continually.

Nauschwoakj - n. dainties, sweets, confectionaries, junk food.

naut - wet.

Nauts - n. precipitation.

Nautschät - m. a semi endearing term for a child, still wet behind the ears, greenhorn.

Näwel - m. fog, mist, pall, haze; {too näwel jespaunt - the horse hitched to the right side of a two horse team}.

Näwelräajen - heavy mist, drizzle, mizzle.

ne korte Reis - a short trip, a jaunt.

'ne - f. syn with eene a, an.

'ne Grupp Sol'dote - troop.

Neare , (M: Niare) - kidneys.

Need - f. (pl: e) rivet.

neede - to rivet.

needijch - necessary, needed, essential.

Needijchkjeit - f. necessity.

neeme - to name.

neewadrijch - out of sorts, cranky, ill humoured.

Neid - m. envy, grudge.

Neidoos - f. sewing basket.

neie - to sew.

Neihoot , Neirinkj , Neiroot - m. thimble.

Neijung - propensity, inclination.

Neimaschien - f. sewing machine.

Neimaschienescheppkje - n. sewing machine shuttle.

neiw - fussy, sensitive, neat; irritable.

nejchtlijch - nightly.

nekje - to nod.

Nekje - odd or peculiar habits.

nekjkoppe - to nod.

nekjsch - balky, petulant.

Nekjschheit - stubborness, petulance.

'nenn (e'nenn) - into.

nerkje - to tease, to irk, taunt, harass.

nerkjent - provocative.

nie - new, novel; never.

niedatrajchtijch - belligerent, contemptible, vile, despicable, irritating.

nieet ütfinje - to discover something new.

Niejoa - New Year.

Niejoasch Wunsch - m. a New Year's wish.

Niejoaschküake - special New Year's fritters; see Mennonite Cookbook and see also {Portselkje}.

Nielinkj - m. (pl: Nielinja) novice.

niemols (nienijch) - never.

Niemon - new moon.

niemootsch - latest or current style, modern, stylish.

nienijch - never, not ever.

Nieschea - m. curiosity.

Niescheadoos - f. curious person, (a Pandora's box).

niescheare - to pry, peer.

nieschearijch - curious.

Niess - news.

nietlijch - neatly, daintily, prettily, primly.

Nietnoagel - m. hangnail.

nijch - not, nor.

nijcht - naught. (too nijcht brinje, to bring to naught).

Nijcht - f. female cousin, also niece.

nijchta - sober.

nikjswirdijch - worthless, naughty.

nnschekje - to send in.

no - near; to.

no benne - inward, towards the inside.

no benne runt - concave.

no büte runt - convex.

no däm no - according to him; according to that.

no de Mood - following the styles.

no miena Meeninj - in my opinion, according to my recollection.

no ope - to imitate, ape, mimic. emulate.

No arnt - f. gleaning, second crop.

Noa - m. (pl: re) a fool, buffoon, jester, madman.

Noagel - m. (Näajel) a nail.

Noakschieta - m. a small child in the buff.

noaktijch - naked, nude, bare.

noaktijch rane - to streak, to run around naked.

noanijch - nowhere, no place.

noanijch faust - unattached.

Noar onn Täaj - a continual teasing, buffoonery, tom foolery.

noare - to make a fool of.

noarhauft - nourishing.

Noarinj - f. nourishment, comestibles, provender, food, nutriment.

Noasch - f. (pl: e) rear end, posterior, bum.

Noaw - f. (pl: e) scar, notch, cicatrix.

Noba - m. (pl: sch) neighbor.

nobalijch - neighborly.

Nobaschoft - neighborhood, community.

nobätre - to improve upon.

Nobejrafniss - a mini funeral following the main funeral.

Nobilt - n. a replica, a reproduction.

nobliewe - to keep up with, keep abreast.

nobre - to converse, to neighbor.

noch - still, yet; nor.

noch eena - m. another one.

noch eenatlei - one more thing.

noch eene - f. another one.

noch eent - n. another one.

noch emma - still.

noch emol - one more time, again.

noda - closer, nearer.

noda - is the comparative of dijcht bie.

noda drenje - to press closer, to push closer.

nodäm - after that, following that, after that.

Nodeel - n. disadvantage.

nodenkje - to reflect upon, meditate, to be in a wistful mood.

nodenkjent - reflective.

nodoone - to imitate.

nodre - to draw nearer, approach, gravitate toward.

nodrekje - to press down.

no'droat - thoroughly, according to custom.

Nodruck - m. emphasis, to stress.

nofädme - to trace, like a family tree.

Nofolj - results, consequences.

nofolje - to follow.

Nofroag - f. inquiry, request for information.

nofroage - to inquire into.

nohäa - afterwards.

Noheit - f. (pl: e) proximity, nearness, vicinity.

nohoakje - to rake for a second time.

no'hüss - homeward.

nojäwe - accede, yield, comply, relent, cede, submit, knuckle under; subside.

Nojeburt - f. (pl: e) afterbirth.

Nojedanke - reflections, meditations.

nojemoakt - to have copied, to have counterfeited; see nomoake.

nojeneemt - named after; see noneeme.

Nojeschmack - n. (pl: e) aftertaste, a tangy taste.

nojoage - to prod, to urge on.

nojrebble - ponder, to muse, to puzzle over.

Nokjast - f. (pl: e) wedding reception.

nokome - to catch up, to overtake.

Nokome - descendants.

Nokomeschoft - offspring, progeny, descendants.

noläse - to read up on, to check a reference, to glean.

nolote - to slacken off, to let up, assuage, relax; to subside; to lose crispness, like in pastry crust.

no'm Doot - after death, posthumously.

no'm Janka läwe - to live high off the hog.

no'm Kjrijch - after the war, post war.

no'm Nome - nominal.

no'm Tietel - titular.

no'm Weat - qualitative.

nomäte - to measure again, to remeasure.

Nome - m. (pl: s) name, monogram.

No'meddach - m. (pl: s) afternoon; in the afternoon.

Nomerejista - m. register of names, nomenclature.

nomoake - to copy, to counterfeit.

Nomoaksel - n. (pl: s) a copy, effigy, imitation.

nomole - to copy a drawng.

Noot - a need, want, distress, emergency, exigency, penury, pain; a note in music.

Noot liede - to suffer want or pain.

Noot lindrung - relief from pain or destress.

nootelja wies - just barely, by the skin of my teeth.

Nootfaul - m. emergency.

Nootjelt - emergency funds.

nootlijch - just barely; makeshift.

Nootloaga - a shakedown bed, a temporary bed.

Nootnoagel - m. a scapegoat.

Nootoam - desperately poor.

noplaupre - to repeat the chatter of another.

noporre - to prod, to goad on, to urge on, to be more active.

'nopp , enopp , enoppa - see enopp.

nopuckre - similar to noporre.

noräakjne - to check on an account.

noräde - to discredit, to talk behind one's back.

Norejcht - f. (pl: e) news, report, message, tidings, notice, word.

Norejcht ütjäwe - to divulge, publicize.

Norejchtbüakje - n. pamphlet, brochure.

nosaje - to repeat after.

nosäkje - to research.

noschlape - drag something after.

noschlone - to find a reference in a book; something that is hereditary.

Noschmack - an after taste, tang.

Noschnacke - to imitate someone's chatter.

noschneppre - to snoop.

noschnüwe - to rummage furtively.

noschriewe - to copy a writing.

noseene - to examine, review, inspect; look up something.

nosejcht - forbearance.

nosikj - selfish, acquisitive.

Nosomma - m. Indian summer; see also {Oole Wiewa Somma}.

nossoagle - to tag along, to trail, to follow.

Not - f. (pl: Näd) a seam.

notale - to recount, to count again.

Notel - f. (pl: Notle) needle.

Notelboom - m. an evergreen tree.

Notelkjesse - n. pincushion.

Noteloabeit - f. needlework, needle craft.

notole - to pay additionally.

no'trachte - to aspire to. to strive toward.

no'wäaje - to check on the weight, reweigh.

No'wamba - m. November.

nowausse - to grow again.

Nowel - m. (pl: s) navel.

Nowelbruch - m. navel rupture.

Nowol - f. (pl: e) by election.

nü - now.

nüach - enough, adequate, sufficient; see jenüach.

nuad , Nuade - north.

Nuadlijcht - n. northern lights, aurora borealis.

nuad'oost - northeast.

Nuadstearn - m. north star.

nuadwint - northwind.

nuadwoats - northward.

Nüdel - f. (pl: Nüdle) noodle.

null - f. zero, nil.

Numma - n. number.

numme'reare - to enumerate, to number.

'nunja - see enunja.

'nunja ducke - to duck underwater, to dunk.

'nunja gone - to walk under.

'nunja krüpe - to crawl under or underneath.

'nunjafaule - to fall under.

nuscht - nothing, naught, nil.

nuschtnijch - nothing at all; (a double negative, something that occurs in Low German from time to time).

nutsboa - useful, beneficial.

nutslooss - useless.

nuzhle - to snuggle, to nuzzle.

Oa - f. (pl: re) an ear of wheat or barley.

oabeide - to work.

Oabeit - f. work, employment, job, labor.

Oabeitsaumt - n. employment office.

Oabeitsferein - m. union, trade union.

Oabeitsjeschoft - n. an industry.

Oabeitsloon - wage, salary.

Oabeitsloose - unemployed workers.

Oabeitsloose Unjastettung - unemployment benefits.

Oabeitsloosijchkjeit - unemployment.

Oafdeel , Oafgoot - n. patrimony, inheritance.

Oafjenosse - m. beneficiary.

Oaft - f. (pl: e) a pea, (veg).

Oafteflint - f. peashooter.

oaja - comp of oajch, worse.

oaja woare - get worse, worsen, exacerbate.

Oaja - m. anger, vexation, ire, wrath, rage.

oajalijch - angry, vexatious.

Oajaniss - f. gall, irritation, anger.

oajch , oaja , oajchste - serious, more serious, most serious.

oajre - to be angry, to be irked.

oajrijch - indignant.

oakre - to fidget, restless movement of the body.

oam - see oarm.

Oama - m. the poor one.

oame - plural, the poor ones.

Oame - f. the poor one.

oa(r)m - poor destitute, indigent.

Oa(r)m - m. (pl: s) arm.

Oa(r)mbaunt - m. armband.

Oa(r)mlän - arm of a chair.

Oarmoot - f. poverty, indigence, pauperism.

Oa(r)mrinkj - m. arm bangle.

oarmschockle - to cuddle.

Oasch - n. (pl: e) (vulg) rear end, bum, ass.

Oaschjebräakje - f. minor ailments.

Oaschloch - n. anus; see also Noasch, Moazh.

Oat - f. (pl: e) art, manner, way, method, mode, sort.

Oat kjriee - have credibility.

Oat onn Wies - a common expression in LG. (Opp waut fe ne Oat onn Wies? In what art and manner?).

oatijch - (suffix) like; {Fluoatijch - flu-like}.

Oatst - m. (pl: e) medical doctor, phsician.

Oaw - f. (pl: e) heir.

oawe - to inherit.

Oawstekj - n. heirloom.

oba - but, although, though.

Obraum - Abram.

och waut - tut, tut, an exclamation of impatience or mild denial.

Ocko'lei - (pl: e) columbine.

Ock'otskje - carragana; acacia tree.

Oda - f. (pl: Odre) artery, vein.

Oda entsindung - f. phlebitis.

Odafekaulkjing - f. hardening of the arteries, arteriosclerosis.

Odel - m. (pl: Odle) aristocracy.

Odelmaun - m. nobleman.

Odem - (pl: e) breath, respiration.

Odem hole - to breathe in, inhale.

Odla - m. (pl: sch) eagle.

odme - to breath.

odrijch - veined, veiny, vericose.

Offit'sea - m. (pl: re) officer.

Off'kot - m. (pl: e) attorney, lawyer, advocate, proctor, notary, barrister.

Oft - f fruit.

Oftfleesch - n. flesh of the fruit, fruit pulp.

Ok'tooba - October.

Olbassem - currants.

omendre - to alter, reform, change around, revise, transmute.

omm - at, about, around, over, because of, down; a prefix.

ommackre - to plow down, to work down a field.

ommbäje - to bend around.

omm'bendijch - very much, to a high degree.

ommbinje - to tie around, to bandage.

Ommbinjsel - a tourniquet, ligature.

ommblädre - to turn a page.

ommbrinje - to put to death, to murder, execute, to kill.

ommbüe - to renovate, to rebuild.

ommdreie - to turn around, to turn over.

ommen Uat kome , ommen Uat brinje - for something to become spoiled through deliberate neglect.

Ommeraunje - f. gernaiums.

ommfange - to surround.

Ommfank - m. girth; scope.

ommfaule - to fall over.

ommfeare - to transfer by vehicle.

ommfelle - to decant.

ommfote - to embrace, clasp, hug; include.

Ommgank - to have involvement, communication, intercourse; a horse or ox drawn power take off used until the s for operating machines like grain crushers, threshing machines, etc.

ommgone - to go around, to associate with, have to do with.

ommgrowe - to dig up.

omm'häa - to hang around, to be about.

ommhaulse - to embrace, hug.

Ommjäajent - the vicinity, the area round about us, surroundings, locale, proximity.

ommjäwe - to surround.

ommjeete - to decant, pour from one container into another.

ommjekjeat - inverted, converse, other way round, vice versa; see ommkjeare.

ommkauntre - to move things about, like furniture in a home.

ommkjikje - to look around, to look behind you.

ommkjleede - to change clothing.

Ommkjreiss - m. circumference, circuit, extent, space, surroundings.

ommkjremple - to roll up, like a shirt sleeve; to fold over.

ommkome - to perish, to die of other than natural causes.

ommleare - to adjust one's views.

ommlenkje - to cause to change direction.

ommlode - to load from one vehicle to another.

ommnäme - to take a shawl blanket around oneself.

ommoabeide - to work down a field.

ommoarme - to embrace, to hug, cuddle.

ommpacke - to repack.

ommpläje - to plow down or under.

ommplaunte - to transplant.

ommreare - to stir the contents of a pot.

ommrieme - see ommkauntre.

ommsate - to transfer.

ommschedde - to pour a non liquid from one container into another, such as grain.

ommscheddre - to shake a non liquid that is in a container for the purpose of mixing it.

Ommschlach - n. (pl: Ommschläaj) a paper book cover; an envelope.

ommschlone - to fold over, to turn the page.

ommschmiete - to overturn, to change one's plans.

ommschneare - to buckle up or lace up tightly.

Ommschreft - f. (pl: e) transcript.

ommschriewe - to transcribe, to paraphrase.

ommseeme - to hem.

Ommsejcht - f. (pl: e) scenery, panorama.

ommssajcht - take turns, change about, to alternate.

ommstale - to transpose, to change, to adapt, to readjust.

Ommstaunt - m. (pl: Ommstend) circumstance.

Ommstauntswuat - n. an adverb.

ommsteete - to kick or knock over.

ommstelpe - to tip over.

ommstentlijch - in detail, implicitly, elaborately, laboriously, with difficulty.

ommstiee - to transfer from one vehicle to another.

Ommtoch - m. (pl: s) indirect route, detour, circuitous approach.

ommtrakje - to change clothing; to move from one dwelling to another.

ommtüsche - to exchange.

Ommwajch - m. the long way around, a detour.

ommwakjsle - to alternate, to change, interchange, exchange.

ommwane - readjust, relearn, to become reaccustomed to.

ommweele - to rummage around, to uproot.

ommweete - to be informed, to know one's way around.

Ommwelt - f. surroundings, environment.

ommwenje - to turn around.

one - prep. without, devoid of.

one - to have a premonition.

one Bewäajung - motionless, immobile.

one Bewust - unconcious of.

one Drot - wireless.

one Enj - without end, endless, interminable.

one Fäasejcht - without due caution, imprudent.

one Fejlikj - beyond comparison, matchless.

one Grunt - groundless, without foundation.

one Jedult - impatient, intolerant.

one Jefoa - without danger, safe.

one Jeschekj , one Jestault - formless, without shape.

one Jrense - without limits, knowing no bounds; boundless.

one Moot - lacking courage, spiritless, half hearted.

one Mot - insensitive to limits.

one Mülwoakjs - quitely, not saying much.

one Oaw - heirless.

one oppheare - unceasing, incessant.

one Oppseene - inauspiciously, unsupervised.

one Schmuck - unadorned.

one Schult - blameless, guiltless, debtless.

one Sswakj - purposeless, pointless, irrelevant.

one Strof - impunity.

one Testament - intestate.

one Weat - worthless.

Oninj - f. (pl: e) presentiment, foreboding, clue, inkling, misgiving, cue.

Onkel - m. (pl: s) uncle, sir, Mr.

onn - a negative prefix broadly related to the English prefix 'un'.

onn - conj. and.

onnaufhenkjlijch - independent.

onnau(n)jenäm - unpleasant, disagreeable, offensive.

onnau(n)stendijch - uncomely, immodest, improper.

onnbandijch - ungovernable, untrained.

onnbe ennflust - unaffected, uninfluenced.

onnbedinjt - without question, absolutely, unconditionally.

onnbedocht - thoughtless, heedless, unthinking, careless, inconsiderate, inadvertent.

onnbeholpe - helpless, awkward, cumbersome.

onnbejleit - unaccompanied, unattended.

onnbejrenst - knows no bounds, unlimited.

onnbekaunt - unfamiliar, strange, unacquainted, unknown.

onnbekjemmat - unconcerned, reckless, thoughtless, negligent.

onnbescheide - impolite, indescreet, immodest.

Onnbescheidenheit - immodesty, indescretion, impropriety.

onnbeschläpe - uncouth, unpolished, unrefined.

onnbeschrenjt - unlimited, boundless.

onnbesonne - rash, headlong, without due consideration.

onnbestädijcht - unconfirmed, unauthenticated.

onnbestendijch - unreliable, irregular, inconsistent.

onnbetolt - unpaid, outstanding debt.

onnbetoont - unmphasized, unaccented.

onnbewäajlijch - immobile, immovable.

Onnbewäajlijchkjeit - immobility.

onnbewust - unaware of, unconscious of.

Onndank - m. ingratitude.

onndankboa - thankless.

onndeenlijch - impractical.

onndietlijch - unclear meaning, not understood.

onndijcht - leaky, not watertight.

onneenijch - at odds, in disagreement.

Onneenijchkjeit - disunity, discord, rift, dissension.

onnempfintlijch - callous, insensitive.

onnentschlote - undecided, uncertain.

onnerfoare - inexperienced.

onnett - useless, of no use.

onnette Fe'tal - drivel, useless talk.

onnfeelent - insensitive, without feeling.

onnfe'endalijch - immutable.

o(nn)fe'ninftijch - unreasonable, illogical, irrational, senseless.

o(nn)fe'reat - untouched, intact.

o(nn)fer'hoffs - unexpectedly, suddenly.

o(nn)feschämt - unabashed, brazen, barefaced, impertinent, impudent.

onnfollkome - imperfect.

O(nn)fräd - discord, dissension, disunity.

onnfrintlijch - unfriendly.

onnfruchtboa - unfruitful, unproductive.

O(nn)gloowe - doubt, unbelief, lack of faith.

onnheeflijch - impolite, discourteous, impertinent, rude, impudent.

Onnheil - rebellion, uproar, mischief.

onnjeare - reluctant, unwilling.

o(nn)jeduldijch - impatient, intolerant.

O(nn)jedult - impatience, intolerance.

o(nn)je'fäa - about, approximately.

o(nn)je'heia - immensely, tremendously.

onnje'holpe - unaided, unassisted.

onnje'huarsomm - disobedient.

onnjekjamt - uncombed.

o(nn)jeleat - unlearned, uneducated.

onnjeltijch - not valid, void'.

o(nn)jelunge - futile, unsuccessful.

O(nn)jemack - n. (pl: e) discomfort.

o(nn)jemein - uncommonly, extraordinarily.

o(nn)jemietlijch - uncomfortable.

O(nn)jenäjch - n. pest, nuisance.

o(nn)jenstijch - unenviable.

o(nn)jerajcht - unjust, unrighteous.

onnje'schatst - unappreciated.

o(nn)jeschekjt - ungainly, clumsy, inept, awkward.

O(nn)jesseffa - insects, vermin.

O(nn)jesseffakonnst - entomology.

o(nn)jesunt - unhealthy, unwholesome; ailing.

o(nn)jewant - unnaccustomed, unfamiliar.

o(nn)jleeflijch - incredible, unbelievable.

O(nn)jlekj - misfortune, disaster, calamity, ill luck; accident.

o(nn)jlekjlijch - unlucky, hapless, ill fated, accidentally.

Onnkoste - f. expenses, costs, charges.

onnkrakjt - messy, untidy, unclean.

Onnkrüt - n. weeds.

onnlangs - recently.

o(nn)lostijch - listless, disinclined.

o(nn)mäajlijch - impossible.

O(nn)mäajlijchkjeit - f. an impossibility.

Onnmacht - f. (pl: e) impotency.

o(nn)macklijch - faint; uncomfortable.

o(nn)menschlijch - inhuman, cruel.

O(nn)mood - f. ill humour.

onnmo'ralisch - immoral.

onnnbestemmt - vague, indefinite, uncertain.

o(nn)needijch - unnecessary, useless, needless.

onnood - reluctant, loath.

Onnoosel - m. (pl: s) a good-for-nothing.

onnoppmoakjsom - inattentive.

onnopprejchtijch - dishonest, insincere.

Onnordninj - f. disarray, disorder, untidiness, a mess, disorganization.

onnparteiisch - impartial, neutral.

onnpaussent - unsuitable.

o(nn)räajelmässijch - irregular.

O(nn)räajelmässijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) irregularity; constipation.

o(nn)rajcht - wrong, unjust, erroneous, inaccurate.

o(nn)rein - unclean, dirty, smutty.

o(nn)rennlijch - unclean (said of a person).

O(nn)rennlijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) uncleanliness, impurity, pollution.

O(nn)rest - m. (pl: e) a restless, fitful, fidgety character.

o(nn)riemsch - in disarray, untidy.

O(nn)rot - poor advice; evil scandal.

O(nn)rü - m. turmoil, rebellion, disquiet.

o(nn)rüijch - restless, uneasy, turbulent.

o(nn)schekjlijch - awkward, in poor form.

O(nn)schekjlijchkjeit - f. awkwardness.

o(nn)schuldijch - innocent, naive.

O(nn)schult - m. innocence, naivity.

o(nn)sittlijch - immoral.

O(nn)sittlijchkjeit - immorality, improbity.

Onnstoawlijchkjeit - immortality.

Onntia - a monster, an ogre.

onntlijch - well behaved, obedient, docile.

onntoofräd - dissatisfied, discontented.

Onntoofrädenheit - dissatisfaction, discontent.

onntrü - disloyal, unfaithful, untrue, perfidious.

Onntrüheit - treachery, disloyalty, unfaithfulness.

O(nn)wada - bad and threatening weather.

O(nn)wäsent - n. disorder and disarray.

O(nn)wäsent driewe - naughty behaviour.

o(nn)weetiss - unintentionally, naive, unknowing.

o(nn)wellijch - unwillingly, loath.

o(nn)woarschienlijch - illusory, incredible.

onnwool - giddy, nauseated, vertiginous.

ons - us, our, pl of mie.

onstwäaje - for our part, because of us, for our sake.

Oobacht - f. attention.

Oobacht jäwe - to pay attention.

ooda - or.

Oola - m. (pl: sch) the old one.

Oole - f. (pl: e) the old one. refers to a person and often is a term of endearment between spouses; (see also heea).

Oole Wiewa Somma - Indian summer.

oolt , ella , ellsta , ellste - old, older, eldest.

Ool(t)kolnia - Old Colony church member; one who lived in or came from the Old Colony in Russia.

ooltmoodsch - old fashioned.

Ooltnäs - (lit old nose) a child that pretends to know more than he actually does.

ooltnäsijch - pretentious, impudent.

Oom - m. (pl: s) uncle, sir, Mr. Reverend.

Oomkje - m. (pl: s) dim of Oom but the term is actually applied to a married man Oomkje Hilbraunt, Mr Hildebrand.

Oost Resarf - the East Reserve; see Jantsied. see also Resarf.

Oosta ei - n. Easter egg.

Oostafast - n. Easte celebration.

ooste - east.

oostlijch - easterly, oriental.

Oostre - Easter.

Ootsjen - m. (pl: e) ocean, sea.

Op - f. (pl: e) monkey.

op(e) - open.

openboa - public, overt, manifest.

Openheit - f. openess.

Opfa - n. (pl: sch) sacrifice.

Opfadrunk - m. libation.

opkjneepe - to unbutton.

opleese - to untie.

opmoake - to open.

Opninj - f. opening, aperture.

opp - prep or adv or prefix conveying the meaning of 'up' or 'upon'.

opp aulje'woa - by any means, at the risk of.

opp eanst - in earnest.

opp eenst - all of a sudden.

opp emma - forever.

opp lüdes - aloud.

opp packe - to pack up.

opp pausse - to be careful, beware.

opp pompe - to pump up.

opp püste - to inflate, to blow up, puff up.

Opparstoninj - f. resurrection.

oppbäare - to get up with difficulty.

oppbade - to impose.

oppbeede - to announce marriage bans.

Oppbeedung - f. (pl: e) marriage bans.

oppbelkje - to scream suddenly, to shout out, to exclaim loudly.

oppbewoare - to store, to preserve.

Oppbewoarinj - f. preservation.

oppbliewe - to stay up, remain awake.

oppblitse - a sudden flash of light.

oppblose - to inflate, to fill with air.

oppbräakje - to break up.

oppbrenne - to flare up.

oppbrinje - to bring up, to raise; to vomit.

oppbüe - to build up.

Oppdach - m. shelter, lodging, housing.

oppdanse - to expand, bloat, swell up.

oppdaume - to dam up.

oppdäwre - see oppdonnre.

oppdeiwe , (M: oppdaue) - to thaw.

oppdesche - to serve up a meal.

oppdome - to loom in the distance.

oppdonnre - to dress up in the very best clothes, to be dressed to the sevens.

Oppdrach - m. (pl: s) a commission.

oppdräje - to dry up.

oppdrekje - to press down.

oppdrekjlijch - emphatically.

oppdrenje - to press forward in a crowd.

oppe Hutt - to be careful, to be on guard.

oppe Kjlinkj - when the latch of the door is in place.

oppe Näj - in dire straits.

oppen'owent - in the evening.

oppe'reare - to operate, perform surgery.

oppfange - to catch, like a cold.

oppfaulent - impressive, striking, conspicuous.

oppfeare - behave, deport oneself.

oppfelle - to fill up.

oppfer'eascht - temporarily, for the time being, preliminary, tentative, provisional.

oppfesche - to pick up, like a communicable disease; to overhear.

oppfläje - to fly up.

oppflaume - to flame up.

oppfliee - to pile up in layers like firewood; to stack.

Oppfoat - f. (pl: e) driveway, lane, approach.

oppfoawe - to paint, to dye.

oppfoddre - to call up, to summon.

oppfoodre - to feed until the supply is consumed.

oppfote - to grasp, to understand, to perceive, to learn; to record.

oppfräte - to devour, to gorge.

oppfresche - to reintroduce, to invigorate, to freshen up.

oppgone - to rise up out of the ground, like a plant.

Oppgow - f. (pl: e) lesson, problem, task, mandate, assignment.

oppgrowe - disinter, dig up.

opphabe - to have on, to wear, like a cap.

opphalpe - to help up.

opphaulse - to burden with.

opphäwe - to pick up, to lift, to raise.

oppheare - to cease, desist, discontinue, to end.

oppheitre - to arouse, motivate, cheer up, exhilarate.

opphenje - to hang up, to hang.

opphiepe - to heap up, pile up, stack.

opphoake - to hook up.

opphole - to inhale.

opphoole - to detain, to hold up; to dwell upon, to find fault with.

opphorjche - to pick up by listening.

oppjäwe - to give up, to relinquish, surrender, yield.

oppjeblost - blown up, distended. see oppblose.

oppjedäwat , oppjedonnat - dressed to kill.

oppjeete - to pour water on, to prime a pump.

oppjelajcht - laid on; see opplaje.

oppjeoabeit - when the work is all completed.

oppjepropt foll - full to the limit, full to bursting.

oppjepüst - bloated, puffed up; see oppüste.

oppjeräajcht - excited, stimulated, moved; see oppräaje.

oppjeriemt - having put things in order; see opprieme.

oppjestopselt - having piled in layers, stacked; see oppstopsle.

oppjetritst - wound up, raised up by means of a block and tackle.

oppjewakjt - having been awakened, having a bright and clever nature.

oppjewäkjt - softened by soaking; see oppwäkje.

oppjewept - curled up, like an old shoe that is curled up at the toes.

oppjoa - next year.

oppjoage - to chase up for the hounds; to rout someone out of bed.

oppjuche - to shout or scream loudly and suddenly.

oppkjeepe - to buy up.

oppkjikje - to look up, raise the eyes.

oppkjremple - to roll up like the sleeves of a shirt.

oppkjriesche - to scream suddenly, a sudden shriek.

oppkjwalle - to expand due to the absorption of moisture, like grain when soaked in water.

oppkloare - to clear up.

oppknaule - detonate, pop, burst.

oppkoake - to cook up a brew.

opplache - to burst out laughing.

opplaje - to commission, to lay on a responsibility, to lay on; {Säle opplaje - to harness a horse}.

oppläse - to pick up like picking up newly dug potatoes.

opplatst - possibly, likely; see opplengd.

oppläwe - to revive, become alive.

oppleese - to soften by soaking, to dissolve.

opplekje - to lick up.

opplengd - possibly, likely.

oppligje - to rest on a support; to be a burden.

Opploag - burden, responsibility; tax increase; edition.

opploagre - to prepare a bed for someone.

opplockre - to fluff up, to scarify.

opplode - to load up.

oppmiare - to build up brick wall.

oppmoake - to make up (a bed).

oppmoakjsom - alert, attentive, vigilant.

oppmuntre - to encourage, to cheer up someone.

oppnäme - to exercise hospitality; to gain weight; to record with a tape recorder.

oppnäment - hospitable.

Oppnom - f. reception, hospitality.

oppoabeide - to complete the job.

oppodme - to breathe in, to draw in a breath.

oppopfre - to sacrifice.

Opppenthault - m. (pl: e) abode, residence, haunt, dwelling, refuge.

oppplautse - to burst.

opp'poat - apart; peculiar; special; particular.

oppräaje - excite, arouse, move, agitate, stimulate.

opprajcht - upright, honest.

oppräje - to list, mention, enumerate.

opprautse , oppreitse - to excite, to titillate.

oppreitsent - provocative, lascivious.

opprejchte - to erect, to raise, rear up, straighten up.

opprejchtijch - honest, sincere.

Opprejchtijchkjeit - honesty, sincerity, righteousness.

opprejchtje Äjenschoft - virtue.

opprelpse - to burp loudly and forcefully.

opprieme - to put things in order, to clean up.

oppriete - to rupture, to burst.

Opprigj - m (pl: s) a strikeout, the ridge produced by the first furrow plowed by a farmer when he begins to plow a field. He heads for the marker at the other end of the field trying to strike a straight furrow.

opprolle - to roll up, to furl.

opproope - to call up, to summon.

opprope - to scoop up with the hands.

opprottse - to snort or hawk through the nose and throat.

Opprua - m. uproar, alarm, riot, revolt, commotion, rebellion, insurrection, upheaval.

oppsaje - to recite.

oppsäkje - to look up (a friend, a word in the dictionary).

oppsate - to set the table; to don your cap; to stook sheaves and set them in an upright position in bunches of six or eight so they can dry; set up bread so it can rise.

Oppsauts - m. (pl: e) wagon box for hauling grain.

Oppsautswoage - m. a wagon with a grain box.

oppschape - to dip up a liquid.

oppschedde - to pour on (not a liquid).

oppscheffle - to shovel up.

opp'scheislijch - ugly, hideous, horrible, abominable, atrocious, grisly, detestable, heinous.

oppscherre - to harness a horse.

oppschijchte - to pile up in layers, to stack.

Oppschlach - m. (pl: Oppschläaj) lapel, collar.

oppschlape - to hang so low it drags.

oppschlertse - to slit open.

oppschlone - to raise (prices, tent, collar) ; to find a reference in a book.

oppschlucke - to swallow.

oppschlurpse - to slurp up.

Oppschluss - m. advice, explanation.

oppschmäare - to spread on bread; to confront with.

Oppschnacka - m. a tape recorder.

oppschnacke - to record, to pick up words, as a child picks up words from an adult.

oppschnett - to have something in mind, to anticipate something.

Oppschnieda - m. a braggart.

oppschniede - to brag; to cut into pieces.

oppschoape - to sharply get someones attention. to sharply remind.

oppschriee - to cry out.

oppschriewe - to make a note of, to write down, tabulate.

oppschüwe - to postpone, to procrastinate; to raise, like a window.

oppschwale - to swell up.

oppseene - to oversee.

Oppseene - n. a scene, stir, excitement.

Oppsejcht - f. supervision, inspection.

Oppsejchta - m. supervisor, superintendent, guardian, inspector.

oppsette - to sit up; to mount a vehicle or a horse.

oppspalde - to pin up.

oppspekje - to impale.

oppspikjre - to store, like grain.

oppspoare - to save up, to be thrifty.

oppspoole - to split, like a rail, to wind thread on a spool or bobbin.

oppsprenje - to blow up, to explode.

oppsprinje - to jump up.

oppssoppe - absorb, soak up, sop up.

oppstale - to erect, to set up, nominate, establish.

Oppstaunt - rebellion, insurrection.

oppsteete - to burp.

oppsternootsch - obstreperous, contrary minded, fractious, obstinate, rebellious.

oppstone - to get up, arise, stand up.

oppstopsle - pile up in layers, stack.

opptäajel - an adjustable strap from the bridle along the mane of the horse to the backstrap of the harness, to hold up the horse's head.

Opp'täkj - f. drugstore, pharmacy, apothecary.

opptäkjne - to note, to mark.

oppteeme - to bridle.

Opp'tiet - m. appetite.

opp'tietlijch - appetizing.

opp'too - toward, in the direction of.

oppträde - to step foprward, appear in public.

opptrakje - to wind up like a clock; to string beads; to raise, foster, educate and nurture children.

opptraumpe - to tramp the feet.

Opptrett - a public appearance.

oppwäare - to guard.

oppwakje - to awaken.

oppwäkje - to soften by soaking.

oppwausche - to wash the dishes.

Oppwauschkodda (Tobbdüak) - dishcloth, dishrag.

Oppwauschkomm - f. dishwashing basin.

oppwausse - to grow up.

oppweele - to root up.

oppwekjle - to wind or roll up, like a ball of twine.

oppwesche - to wipe or mop up.

oppwiese - to show as proof, to prove.

Oppwiess (Oppbewiess) - receipt, proof of purchase.

oppwoake - to awaken.

oppwoame - to warm up.

oppwoats - upward.

opriete - to tear open.

opschlüte - to unlock.

opschniede - to cut open, slit open, to incise.

opspekje - to pierce, to lance.

opwrable - to unravel.

Or'büs - f. (pl: e) watermelon. (variations Erbüs, Robüs).

ordne - to regulate, to control.

Ordninj - order, trimness, tidiness, discipline.

Ordninj ennfeare - to institute order and regulation.

Orfsel - left over animal feed; feed for goats.

Orjel - f. (pl: Orjle) organ (music).

Orjelfinjaspläte - organ keyboard.

Orjelspäla - m. organist.

Or'kjestra - f. orchestra.

or'noa - considerable, quite a bit.

Ort - n. waste.

Os - n. carrion, offal.

Osa - m. (pl: sch) large eddies in a river.

ose - to fidget.

osijch - having the stench of carrion.

Osodla , Oshacka - m. (pl: sch) vulture.

Oss - m. (pl: e) ox, bullock.

Ossemoag - f. tripe.

Otboa - m. (pl: re) stork.

Owe - m. (pl: s) stove.

Oweback - f. (pl: e) oven.

Owejräp - f. (pl: e) stove lid handle.

Owekjrekj - f. (pl: e) stove poker, oven cleaning rod.

Owekleiw - f. (pl: e) stove poker.

Owent - m. (pl: Owende) evening.

Owent Gottesdeenst - vespers.

Owentdunkel - dusk.

Owentkost - n. (pl: e) supper.

Owentkost äte - to sup.

Owentleet - n. evening song.

Owentlijcht - n. evening light.

Owentloft - evening air.

Owentmol - communion, the Lord's Supper.

Owentroot - n. gloaming, twilight, sunset.

Owentschaute - m. evening shadow.

Owepoaka - m. stove poker.

Owesied - f. woodshed.

Owesied - woodshed; lit the side of the stove.

Päakjel - m. brine.

Päakjelfleesch - meat pickled in brine.

päakjle , ennpäakjle - to pickle in brine.

Pacht - f. (pl: e) rent, lease, leasehold.

pachte - to rent, to lease.

Pachtjelt - rental, rent money.

Pachtwoninj - f. tenement, rented quarters.

pack die! - scat, beat it, get out of here.

Pack - n. pack, package, parcel.

Packäsel - m. packmule.

packe - to pack.

Paddelboot - n. canoe.

paddle - to paddle.

Pajchta - m. (pl: sch) renter, crofter.

Pajchta 'rüt driewe - evict.

päkje - to speed.

Pa'kozh - f. baggage, luggage.

Panküak - f. pancake.

Panss - m. (pl: e) belly, paunch.

Päpa - m. pepper.

Päpadinjs - n. peppershaker.

Päpadoos - f. pepperbox.

Papa'jei - m. (pl: e) parrot.

Päpakrüt - n. thyme, summer savory.

Päpanät - f. sweet roll with pepper content; hard, candy like, pepper-flavored cookies (see Mennonite Cookbook).

Pape - papa, dad, father.

Pa'pia - n. (pl: Pa'piare) paper.

Pa'piabaunt - f. tape.

Pappel - m. poplar.

Pappelboom - m. poplar tree.

Para'diess - m. paradise.

Para'diessaupel - m. crab apple.

pa'reare - initiate, as a student into a fraternity.

Par'fün - m. perfume.

Park - m. (pl: s) park.

Parl - f. (pl: e) pearl.

Par'tei - f. (pl: e) party, faction.

par'teisch - partial, prejudiced.

Paskje - a sweet bread baked for Easter.

Pa'ssäkjel - m. (pl: s) sledge hammer.

Past - n. pests, insects, nuisance.

Pat'roon - f. (pl: e) bullet, round of ammunition.

Pats'jent - m. (pl: e) a patient.

Pauj - f. (pl: e) a paw, a large hand; a crude name for a hand.

pauje - to paw.

Paulaust - m. (pl: e) palace.

Paulaust oatijch - palatial.

Paulmeboom - m. palmtree.

Paun - f. (pl: e) pan.

Paupeldikja - m. (pl: sch) pendulum.

Paupküake - f. marshmallows cookies.

Paus - f. recess.

Pauslacka - m. (pl: sch) a handyman, a valet, lackey, batman, gopher.

pauslacke - to fix odds and ends for someone else, to do the work of a lackey.

Pauss - m. (pl: e) a pass, passport.

pausse - to fit, to suit.

paussendet Teema - a suitable, topical subject.

paussent - suitable, apropos, handy, acceptable, convenient.

pautsche - to patter noisily through water puddles.

peasche - to strut or show off.

Peat - n. (pl: Pead) horse.

Peat bandje - to train a horse.

Peat beschlone - to shoe a horse.

Peatsbarscht - f. horse brush, curry comb.

Peatsdauns - a prancing.

Peatsdrenkj - f. horsepond.

Peatsgank - see Ommgank.

Peatshendla - m. horse trader.

Peatsjescherr - n. harness.

Peatskjnajcht - m. stable groom.

Peatskrankheit - glanders.

Peatskrauft - horsepower.

Peatsschullre - horse's withers.

Peatsstaul - m. horse barn, stable.

Peatswad - horse race.

pe'däwlijch - ponderous, clumsy, cumbersome, awkward.

Peddla - m. (pl: sch) peddlar.

Pe'dumkje - f. common sense, logic, wits.

Peebel - n. rabble, mob, populace.

Peegj - f. (pl: e) wooden yoke placed on the shoulders used for carrying pails of water.

peesre - for the wind to scatter feathers or dust.

Peeta - Peter.

Peetakjes - sweet william flowers.

Peeta'sselj - f. parsley.

Pei - m. pie.

Peihan - f. peahen.

Peihon - m. peacock.

Pekj - pitch, tar.

pekjdiesta - pitch dark.

Pekjdrot - thread waxed with pitch.

Pekjel - n. (pl: s) pimple, acne, abscess.

pekjlijch - pimply.

pekjschwoat - pitch black.

Pell - f. (pl: e) pill, lozenge.

Pel'menja - food resembling chinese 'wanton' or Italian 'ravioli'.

Pels - m. (pl: Pelsa) fur coat.

Pelsbloom - f. crocus, anemone; official flower of Manitoba.

Pelskolla - n. fur collar.

Pelskota - m. pussy willow.

Pelsneia - m. furrier.

Pensel - m. (pl: s) paint brush; simpleton.

pensle - to paint with a brush.

Per'hie - f. see Per'ieschkje.

Per'ieschkje - f. a pastry pocket of yeast dough containing fruit or meat in it; see Mennonite Cookbook.

Per'itj(e) - f. (pl: Per'itjes) (M) see Pruck.

Per'sebje - f. swamp, mire; also Pre'seepje.

per'seenlijch - personally.

Per'seenlijchkjeit - f. personality, temperament, individuality.

Per'soon - f. (pl: e) person.

Pe(t)klatje - n. (pl: s) washer for a bolt.

Pe'trett - n. (pl: s) portrait.

Pet'rüzhe , Pet'rüschkje - n. little Peter of children's nursery rhyme and fairy tale.

Pe'zhul - m. canned fruit preserve.

Pi'ano - f. piano.

Pi'anofinjaspläte - f. piano keyboard.

Picknick - m. (pl: s) picnic.

Piela - m. duckling.

pienijch - with alacrity, quickly.

Piep - f. (pl: e) pipe, fife.

Piepdinkj - n. lute, whistle.

piepe - to whistle.

piesacke - to throb with pain.

Pietsa - m. (pl: sch) penis.

Pietsch - f. (pl: e) brick oven in the house.

Pilja - m. (pl: sch) pilgrim.

Piljareis - f. pilgrimage.

piljre - to toil like a pilgrim.

Pilskje - f. mushroom, toadstool.

Pilss - m. fungus, morel, lichen, truffle.

Pinjel - m. (pl: s) small bundle, a small pack.

Pinjste - pentecost, Whitsundy.

pinkjlijch - punctual, accurate, fastidious, meticulous.

Pinkjlijchkjeit - promtness, punctuality, accuracy, exactness.

Pirkjs - m. (pl: e) a weakling.

Pisch - urine, piss.

Pischdakj - an underlay for an infant.

pische - to urinate.

Pis'tool - f. (pl: e) pistol.

Pitsch - f. (pl: e) whip, cat-o-nine-tails.

Pitschkjeklotts - a pummeling block used for pounding corn into meal.

Pitschstriepe - f. wales, weals or welts.

Plack - f. a spot, a stain.

plackijch - spotty, spotted, stained, speckled, mottled.

pläje - to plow.

Pla'meninkj - m. (pl: e) nephew.

Plame'nitse - f. niece.

Pla'neet - n. (pl: e) planet.

Plästa - m. (pl: sch) a strapping big fellow.

platslijch - suddenly, on the spot.

Plaudaräajen - a steady rain or drizzle.

plaudre - to rain sofly and steadily.

Plaunt - f. (pl: e) plant.

Plaunta - m. (pl: sch) planter.

plaunte proppe - to graft or propogate.

Plaupamauts - m (pl: e) blabbermouth.

Plaupamül - m. chatterbox.

plaupre - to chatter, babble, natter.

plaut - flat, even.

plaut boaft - flat barefoot.

plaut moake - to flatten.

Plautbäa - f. nanny berry.

Plautdietsch - Low German.

plautfootijch - flat footed.

Plautform - m. (pl: s) platform.

Plauts - m. (pl: Platsa) a place, space; a fruit pastry (see Mennonite Cookbook).

plautse - to burst, to explode, crack open.

Plawinj - n. (pl: e) swimming hole.

Plefkje - f. (pl: s) a weak coffee.

Pleistre - to treat and make well someone who is suffering.

plekje - to pick like fruit from a tree.

plempaje Prostmoltiet - a poor repast.

plemprijch - of poor quality.

plenjre - to dribble liquid.

plenschre - to splash around in water.

Ple'zhea - m. pleasure.

Ple'zhea Schep - n. yacht.

Ple'zheasocht - hedonism.

Pligj - f. (pl: e) small shoe tack.

plindre - to plunder, maraud, pillage, ransack.

plinkje - to wink.

plintse - to slap sharply; to cover the eyes in the game of hide-and-seek.

Plintskuk - m. (pl: e) blind man's bluff.

Plisch - m. velveteen, velvet plush.

plisre , feplisre - hair or feathers in disarray from the wind.

Ploa - m. an insipid drink.

Ploag - f. plague, torment, bother, pest, trouble, annoyance, nuisance.

ploage - to plague, to haunt, pester, bother.

plomp - uncouth, blunt.

Plon - m. (pl: s) plan, design, plot.

plone - to plan, to plot.

plonmässijch - according to plan, well organized.

Plosta - when paint forms bubbles on the wall; a poultice.

plostre - for paint to peel off.

Plot - f. a pan, a large plate.

Plüach - m. (pl: Pläj) a plow.

Plüachlaunt - a plowed field, arable land.

Plüachschoa - n. plowshare.

pluche - old rags.

Plüdadoos - f. chatter box, tattle-tale.

Plüdaenj - rumor monger.

Plüda'rie - f. (pl: e) gossip, chitchat.

Plüdasack - m. tattletale, blabbermouth, informant.

Plüdastund - f. coffee break, time for chitchat.

plüdre - to gossip, chatter, prattle.

Plüm - f. (pl: e) plum.

Plümeboom - m. plumtree.

Plümessoppsel - n. a plum jam of thin consistency.

plumpse - to drop with a thud, flop, bounce, dive.

Plüts - f. (pl: e) pancreas.

Plütsnaut - drenched 'wet as a pancreas'.

poa - n. a pair; some, several; yoke (of oxen).

poa Pead - a brace of horses.

Poadelheena - guinea hens.

Poajchem - n. flannelette.

Poaka - m. (pl: sch) poker.

Poakje - n. (pl: s) twins.

poakre - to poke.

poare - to twin, to pair off.

poasche - to pelt with rain, pour heavily.

Poat - part.

Poatna - m. (pl: sch) partner.

poawiess - by the pair.

Pocke - f. pox.

Pockenoawe - pockmarks.

Pogg - f. (pl: e) frog, toad.

Pojauss - (pl: e) belt for around the waist.

Pol - m. (pl: s) post, pole.

Po'liess - m. (pl: e) police.

po'lietisch - political. polluckijch.

po'lietsch - cunning, craftiness.

pollucksch - stealthily, craftily, cunningly, deceitful.

Pol'too - m. great coat, overcoat.

Pommelmooss , (M: Gräpfrucht) - f. grapefruit.

Pomp - f. (pl: e) pump.

Pompestäl - m. pump handle.

Poonkje - n. (pl: s) pony.

Poos - f. (pl: e) quill, feather.

Poo'saun - f. (pl: e) trombone.

Pooselaunt - dreamland, fantasyland, slumberland.

Poosleina - porcelain.

Poot - f. (pl: e) paw; see Linkjpootsch.

Pop - m. (pl: e) priest, pope.

Popp - f. (pl: e) doll.

Poppe Jesejcht - n. baby face.

Poppeross - f. (pl: e) cigarette.

Poppespell - n. puppet show.

Poppkjemutta - f. midwife.

porre - to goad or urge on to greater effort, to hurry on.

Portselkje - f. yeast fritters with raisins deepfried; a New Year's delight. see Niejoasch Küake.

Posents - a thick, heavy mire.

Poss - m. (pl: e) a kiss.

Post - f. post, mail.

Post - m. (pl: Past) post, pole.

Postanack - f. parsnips.

Postaumt - n. post office.

Postjelt - n. money order.

Postkoat - f. postcard.

Postmeista - m. postmaster.

Postmoakj - n. postage stamp.

Postmoakjsaumla - m. philatelist.

Poststaumpel - n. postmark.

Post'üa - posture.

Postwoage - m. mail wagon.

Präakjel - m. (pl: s) cudgel, big stick.

präakjle - to prickle, a sharp itch.

Pracha - m. (pl: sch) beggar, mendicant.

Pracha'rie - f. tumbledown operation, disorganized.

prachre - to beg, to appeal, entreat, implore, plead, wheedle.

Pracht - f. (pl: e) glory, splendor, beauty, grandeur.

prachtfoll - gorgeous, magnificent, splendid.

Prädj , (M: Prädijcht) - sermon, homily.

Prädja - m. (pl: sch) minister, preacher, pastor, parson.

Prädja ea - n. reverence.

Prädjaschlaunt - n. that portion of land assigned to a clergyman as part of his benefice.

Prädjawoninj - f. vicarage, manse.

prädje - to preach.

praktisch - practical.

pralle - to speed, drive too fast.

Prallssadel - f. speeding ticket. see also Schwunkssadel.

Pranikj - m. cookie.

Prass - f. (pl: e) a press.

prasse - to iron, to press.

Prassiesa - n. a flat iron.

praunsle (praunsleare) - to beg and wheedle like a child that wants something.

prautsijch - vain, proud, haughty, conceited.

Prazhnikj hoole - to have a party.

preeme - to chew tobacco.

Preemkje - n. (pl: e) a 'chaw' or cud of chewing tobacco.

Preemtobbak - m. chewing tobacco.

Preeskje - f. moccasin.

Prekauzhikj - m. (pl: s) VIP, an important personality.

Prell - n. junk, odds and ends lying around.

prellijch - junky, cluttered.

premlijch - grumpy.

pre'seepje - see Presebje.

prettle - to sputter, like frying bacon, sizzle, crepitate.

Prewaulje - f. valley; debris left after an earthquake.

Priejel - m. flogging, licking, thrashing.

priejle - to flog, to thrash, to administer a whipping.

Priel - beauty.

Pries - f. (pl: e) small amount, a ration, a dose.

Priesajreen - Paris green.

Priess - m. (pl: Priese) price, cost, expense, fee, value.

Priess Aungow - price quotation, rate.

Priess schniede - to cut prices.

Priesta - m. (pl: sch) priest.

Priesta Mets - f. mitre.

Printsiep - m. (pl: e) principle.

Prips - coffee substitute made from cereal grain; a halfwit.

Priselüak - f. chives.

prisle - see prettle.

Pritsch - f. (pl: e) baby crib, cot.

pri'waut - private.

Pri'waut leara - m. tutor.

Pri'waut School - f. private school.

Pro'bleem - n. (pl: e) problem.

Pro'dukte - produce.

Pro'feet - m. (pl: e) prophet.

profent'seie - to prophesy.

Profes'sua - m. (pl: re) professor.

Prola'rie - f. swaggery, pomposity.

prole - boast, flaunt, swagger.

Prom - m. (pl: s) ferry.

prommle - to stuff into.

Proow - f. (pl: e) trial, experiment, sample, probation, test, specimen.

Proowbilt - proof(photography).

proowe - to try, to attempt.

Proowglauss - n. test tube.

Proowlinkj - m. probationer.

Proowstekj - model.

Proowtiet - trial period.

proppe - to plug a hole; to graft a plant.

Proppe - m. (pl: s) plug, stopper.

proppendijch foll - full to bursting.

Proppsel - n. (pl: s) plug, stopper.

Prosch - see Pritsch.

prosle - (hard s) see prettle, prisle.

prost - offensive, bad, in poor taste.

Pro'teese - prosthesis.

Prot'sent - f. (pl: e) percent.

Pro'winss - f. (pl: e) province.

Pruck - f. (pl: e) peruke, wig, periwig.

prüne - to baste (sew) preen.

Prünsch - a scowl.

Pruntel - m. (pl: s) cudgel, a big stick.

prüste - to sneeze.

püakse - to poke, to thrust.

Puat - n. (pl: s) gate, door port.

puche - to brag, boast.

Puchhauls - m. braggart, boaster.

puchsch - boastful.

Puckel - m. (pl: s) a hump on the back, hunchbacked, dowager's hump.

pucklijch - hunchbacked, humpy, lumpy.

puckre - to putter, to tinker.

Pud - a weight of about lb, a measure used in Russia.

Puddel - m. (pl: s) puddle, pond.

Püdel - m. (pl: s) poodle.

püe - to poke.

Pukja - (pl: sch) little pigs; implies uncleanliness and sometimes this word is used to refer to a little child that needs washing.

Pukjrijch - untidy, sloppy, slovenly, piggish.

püle - to pick at something with the fingers, like picking the nose.

pulkjre - to dig aimlessly in the dirt.

Puls - m. pulse.

pulsoatijch - pulsating.

Pulsschlach - m. pulse throb.

Pulsta - m. (pl: sch) material for upholstering furniture; a bolster on a sleigh or wagon.

pulstre , ütpulstre - to pad or upholster a furniture.

Pulta - n. (pl: sch) wedding gifts.

Pultafoot , Pultafuss - m. a stumblebum.

Pultaowent - m. bridal shower, traditionally the gift giving ceremony the night before the wedding.

Pulwa - n. powder.

pulwrijch - powdery.

Pungel - n. (pl: s) triplets; cluster or bunch (of grapes).

Punkt - m. (pl: e) period, dot, jot, point.

Punkt sate - punctuate.

Punt - n. (pl: Pund) pound.

Puntminist - m. (pl: e) a Mennonite shylock.

Puntwiess - by the pound.

purpur - purple.

püstbackijch - chubby cheeked.

püste - to blow; to breathe hard.

Püstspäldinkj - n. wind instrument.

putse - to shave; to clean grain; to preen.

Putseleeda - vigorous folk songs reflecting humour and or satire.

Putsendoona - a mischief maker.

Putsmäl - a fanning mill for cleaning grain.

Putsmassa - n. a straight razor.

Putspensel - m. shaving brush.

Putsreeme - m. razor strop.

Puttaknee'e - f. knock knees.

puttre - to rap, to knock on the door.

Puzhel - m. (pl: s) lock of hair, pom-pom, tuft.

Räajel - f. (pl: Räajle) rule, norm, regulation, precept; door bolt, bar, rail; menstruation.

Räajelbruch - a breach or infraction of regulations.

räajellmässijch - regularly, orderly.

Räajelmässijchkjeit - f. (pl: e) regularity, order.

Räajelrajcht - normal.

Räajen - m. (pl: s) rain.

Räajenboage - m. rainbow.

räajendijcht - rainproof.

Räajenmäta - m. (pl: sch) rain guage.

Räajenrock - m. raincoat, oilskin coat.

Räajenschorm - m. (pl: s) umbrella.

Räajenstorm - m. rainstorm.

Räajenworm - m. earthworm.

Räajenwota - n. rainwater.

räajle - to regulate.

räajne - to rain.

räajnijch - rainy.

Räakjenbrat - n. abacus; Räakjentofel.

Räakjenbüak - n. ledger.

Räakjenschoft - accounting.

Räakjentofel - f. arithmetic table.

Räakjna - m. (pl: sch) calculator.

räakjne - to calculate, compute, do arithmetic; to appreciate, to anticipate.

Räakjninj - f. arithmetic, account; data.

Räakjninj feare - to keep an account.

Rach - f. vengeance, revenge.

Rach eewe - to avenge, seek vengeance, retaliate.

Racheewent - vindictive, retaliatory, vengeful.

Rachenputsa - a stiff drink.

ra'chullijch - voracious, greedy.

Racka - heavy toil, heavy labor.

rackamässijch - relating to hard labor.

rackre - to be involved in hard labor.

Räd - f. oration, a speech, a talk; rumour.

Rada - rescuer, deliverer, Saviour.

Radan - of burlap, of jute.

rade - to rescue, to save.

räde - to speak, to talk.

rädeljawies - logically, reasonably, common sense.

Rädenskonnst - elocution, oratory, locution, philology.

Rädensoat - diction, phraseology, parlance.

Radespoa - delphiniums, larkspur.

Ra'dieskje - radishes.

radio - radio.

Rädlijchkjeit - probity, integrity, uprightness, honesty.

Radna Sack - m. burlap sack.

Rädna - m. speaker, orator.

Radüak - a berry?.

Radung - f. (pl: e) salvation.

ragendijch - teeming.

ragendijch foll - teeming with.

Räj - f. rows, queue, string.

rajchne - to avenge.

rajcht - right, correct, authentic, plausible, actual, real.

Rajcht - n. (pl: e) a right, a privilege.

Rajchtaunwault(a) - barrister, lawyer.

rajchtfoadje - to justify, vindicate.

Rajchtschnua - f. a line in the right direction, guideline, policy, guidance, level.

Rajchtschuldja - m. the culprit.

Rajchtschuldje - f. the culprit.

Rajchtschuldje - plural.

Rajchtwinkjel - m. right angle.

Räjhiesa - terraces, row houses.

rajsch - right handed, to the right.

räjwiess - by the row.

Räkjakoma - f. smoke house.

rakje - to stretch.

räkje - to hand to, to pass; to suffice.

rakjhaulse - to crane one's neck, rubber necking.

räkjre - to smoke, to cure with smoke, to give off smoke.

räkjrijch - smoky.

rakre - to overstrain as a result of hard labour, to over exert, struggle.

Räme - m. (pl: s) a frame.

Ramuch - m. a clod.

Ran - f. (pl: e) groove, gutter, a small channel.

rane - to run, scamper, scurry; to flow, like water.

Rank - f. (pl: e) creeper, ivy, tendril, climbing plant.

Ranpeat - n. race horse, pacer.

Rantiet - f. rutting season.

ra'säakjle - to crash forward like a moose through underbrush, to charge.

räse - to vibrate.

Ra'sien - f. (pl: e) raisin.

Rass - damaging use of.

Rät - f. (pl: e) a rut, a deep wagon track; a tear, a rupture.

rätre - the rattle of wagon wheels on a hard surface.

Raubel - f. (pl: Rauble) a gourd.

'rauf , erauf - down, off, downward.

Raunt - m. (pl: Rend) edge, rim, curb, margin.

Rauntsteen - m. curbstone.

Raup - m. prey.

Raupheena - prairie chickens, partridges.

rauptia oatijch - predatory.

Rauptia - n. predator, scavenger.

rausch - quickly, fast, hurry up!.

Rauschheit - quickness, speed, swiftness.

Rausp - f. (pl: e) a rasp.

rausple - to grate, a grating sound.

raussle - to wrestle.

Raut - f. (pl: e) a rat.

Raut - n. (pl: Räda) a wheel.

Rautefaul - f. a rat trap.

Rautejeft - n. rat poison.

Rauts onn Kol - stripped bare, bare to the bone.

rautse - see raussle.

Rea - f. small hearth in a brick oven for a kettle.

reare - to stir, to move, to mix with a ladle or spoon; to budge, to hurry.

Rearei - n. scrambled eggs.

reastell - no movement, perfect quiet, calm.

re'bausle - to create a noise, a rattle or a tumult.

Re'baussel - a tumult, a noise.

Rebb - f. (pl: e) a rib.

Rebbenoabeit - hard, physical work.

rebbijch - ribbed, corrugated.

Rebspäa - n. spare ribs.

Ree - f. doe, roe, deer, gazelle.

Reebock - m. roebuck, stag.

Reebrode - venison.

reed - ready.

Reejacht - m. a deer hunt.

Reekaulf - n. a fawn.

Reema - Romans.

Reemabenkj - f. a cobbler's bench.

Reemapeat - m. a cobbler's bench.

Reeme - m. (pl: s) strap, a leather thong.

Reemschiew - f. a pulley.

Reep - f. (pl: e) a hay cage, a cage for feeding horses hay, usually located above the manger.

Reepesprot - f. a bar that is part of the hay cage.

reesch - crisp, brittle, like toasted bread.

reesche - to roast or toast to make crisp.

Reeschiesa - n. toaster.

Reeschkje - rusks, toasted bread.

Reesta , Reestaboom - m. an elm tree.

reffle - to hurry.

Reiba - m. (pl: sch) robber, marauder, prowler.

Reibabaund - a band of robbers.

Reif - f. (pl: e) rubber tire.

rein - clean, chaste, pure, genuine, immaculate.

Reinheit - f. cleanliness, purity.

reinje - cleanse, purify, expurgate, chastise.

Reinjewenst - m. clear profit.

reinmoake - same as reinje.

Reis - (pl: e) trip, journey.

reise - to travel.

Reiseberejcht - m. travel report, report on a trip.

Reisenda - m. traveller.

reisende - plural, wayfarers, itinerants, peripatetics.

Reisendoop - m. a stowaway.

Reisepauss - m. pass, passport.

Reiseprädja - itinerant preacher.

Reisplon - m. itinerary.

reitse - to excite, stimulate, entice.

reiw , (M: rau) - raw, uncooked.

reiwa Kaulkj - quicklime.

reiwet Iesa - n. pig iron.

rejcht'too - the direct route, as the crow flies.

Rejchtung - f. (pl: e) direction.

re'jiare - to rule, to govern, to control, to reign.

Re'jiarung - f. (pl: e) government.

Re'jiarung ommschmiete - to revolt, overthrow the government.

Re'jiarungsennkom - f. government revenue.

Re'jiarungsfeträda - m. ambassador.

Re'jiarungshüss - n. legislature.

Re'jiene - dahlias.

Re'jista - n. (pl: sch) register, list, file, folio, index.

rejist'reare - to register.

rekje - to move; {wieda rekje - move over}.

Rekjs - instances, occasions, times. (Hee es dise Rekjs noch jlekjlijch) (He is in luck this time).

Reli'joon - religion.

Relps - m. (pl: e) a belch, a burp.

relpse - to belch, to burp.

rennlijch - cleanly, neat, sanitary.

Rennlijchkjeit - f. cleanliness, sanitary.

Rennlijchkjeitlea - f. hygiene.

Re'sarf - n. (pl: Resarw) reserve, reservation.

Reseinde - f. traveller.

resel'weare - to decide, to resolve, become resolute.

Re'spakjt - m. respect, regard, consideration, deference, esteem.

Re'ssapt - n. (pl: a) recipe.

Resse riete - to tell tall tales.

Restaraunt - n. (pl: e) restaurant.

Res'taunte - m. prisoners.

re'tauje - to work at hard labour, to toil, to do menial work; see rakre.

Rets - f. (pl: e) crack, fissure, aperture, chink, gap, cranny, rift, rut, slot.

Rie - f. (pl: e) small creek.

Rieble - crumb cake topping.

Riedkonnst - f. horsemanship.

Riedpeat - n. a mount.

riee - to baste, (sewing).

Riefa , (M: Riwa) - m. (pl: sch) river.

rieme - to rhyme; to praise; to arrange (furniture in a room).

Riemsel - n. (pl: s) poems, nursery rhymes.

riep - ripe, mature.

Riep - m. hoarfrost, rime.

riepe - to ripen.

Ries - m. (pl: e) giant, monster.

riesegroot - gigantic, monstrous.

Riesel - colored sugar on cookies.

riesenoatijch - like a giant.

Riess - m. rice.

riete - to pull, tug, rip, tear; ache (like a tooth ache).

rietent - impatient, eager, ferocious.

Rietinj - f. arthritis, rheumatism.

Rietüt näme - to take to one's heels, abscond.

riew - plentiful, abundant.

Riew - (pl: e) washboard.

Riewinj - f. friction.

Rigje - m. (pl: s) the back of the body, the backbone; a ridge.

Rigjesack - m. haversack.

Rigjstrank - the spinal column, spine, vertebrae, backbone.

rikj - rich, wealthy, prosperous, affluent, opulent.

Rikj - n. dominion, country.

Rikjdom - n. kingdom, riches, opulence, wealth.

rikje - to smell.

rikje onn schmakje - to savour.

rikjlijch - richly, copiously, amply, profusely, plentifully, abundantly.

rikjstallijch , rikjstendijch - in arrears, delinquent, overdue.

Rinkj - m. (pl: Rinj) ring.

Rintfee - n. cattle.

Rintfleesch - n. beef.

Rintsbrode - m. beefroast.

Rintsupp - f. beef soup.

Rissel - m. (pl: s) elephant's trunk; probiscus.

Ritsch - f. (pl: e) creek.

Ritta - m. (pl: sch) trooper, knight, rider.

Rittatiet - f. the era of knighthood, middle ages.

roakboa - risky, dangerous, hazardous, perilous, precarious, treacherous.

roare - to bawl, to cry loudly, to roar.

rochle - to wheeze, to have a throat rattle.

Rock - m. (pl: Rakj) skirt, smock, coat, dress. see Kjleet.

Roda - m. (pl: sch) wheeler, cycle.

roddlijch - reddish, florid, sorrel, rouge, ruddy, robicund.

rode - to guess; to advise, suggest.

Rogg - m. rye.

Roggebroot - n. rye bread.

Roggemäl - rye flour.

Roll - a roll, a coil, a role, a part in a play.

rolle - to roll.

Rollholt - n. rolling pin.

Rollspäla - performer, actor.

Rolltrap - f. escalator.

Ro'mauns Schreft - fiction, romantic story.

'romm - see eromm.

'rommdriewe - to bum around.

'rommpläje - to plow down.

'rommssauble - to wander around aimlessly.

'rommtoobe - to dance and stamp around wildly.

Romp - m. (pl: s) grain hopper.

ro'muare - a rumbling noise.

ronstijch - rancid.

Roobat - Robert.

Rooda - m. (pl: Roode) the red one, communist.

Roodel - f. (pl: Roodle) oar, paddle, helm.

Roodeljehenkj - n. thale.

roodle - to paddle.

Roof - n. scab, cicatrix.

rooje - to budge, to move, to stir, move slightly.

Room - m. soot.

roomijch - sooty.

Roop - m. a call.

roope - to call, to hail, to call out.

Roos - f. (pl: e) rose, primrose.

Roos - f. (pl: e) shingles, erysipelas.

Roosbäare - f. rosehips.

Roosebosch - n. rosebush, eglantine.

Rooseknoppe - m. a rosebud.

Roosekrauns - m. wreath of roses, rosary.

roosijch - rosy.

root - red.

root bleiw - mauve.

rootbackijch - red cheeked.

Rootboat - m. RedBeard.

Rootbrost - Robin redbreast.

rootbrün - reddish brown, maroon, russet, fulvus, puce.

Rootflijcht - m. red winged blackbird.

rootjäl - orange, see fleeschfoawijch.

Rootkjälkje - robin.

Rootschemmel - m. (pl: s) roan.

rootwoare - to blush, redden, become red.

roowe - to rob.

rope - to scoop up with the hands, see also opprope.

rose - to rave.

rosendijch - ravingly.

rosendijch doll - raving mad.

rosent - raving, furious, delirious.

Rosmack - m. law and order.

Rosmack hoole - m. to lay down the law; to clean house of undesirables, to read the riot act.

Rost - m. rust.

Rostfrie - free of rust.

rostre - to rust.

rostrijch - rusty.

Rot - m. advice.

Rotjäwa - adviser, counsellor, mentor.

rotlijch - well provided with, expedient.

rotlooss - asea, helpless.

rotschlone - to deliberate, consult, debate.

Rotschluss - m. decree, resolution, conclusion.

Rotsel - n. (pl: s) riddle, mystery, puzzle, enigma.

rotselhauft - mysterious, obscure, undecipherable.

Rotsharrschoft - m. senator.

Rotshüss - n. courthouse.

Rotskommitee - n. board of directors.

Rotts - f. glanders, snot, mucous.

rottse - to snort vigourously with a full nose.

Rowe - m. (pl: s) raven, crow.

Rü - peace, rest, ease, leisure, plcid, tranquility, repose.

Rua - n. (pl: sch) pipe, tube.

Ruaborm - m. artesian well.

Rüak - m. smoke, fumes, pall.

Rüakfaut - n. smudge pot, censer.

Rüakfleesch - n. smoked meat.

Rüakworscht - f. smoked sausage.

Rualeidinj - f. pipeline.

Ruaoatijch - tubular.

Ruaschlütel - m. pipe wrench.

Rubbel - f. (pl: Rubble) see Riew.

rubble - to rub.

Rübenkj - f. (pl: e) couch, davenport, settee, ottoman.

Ru'boaba - m. rhubarb.

ruch - rough, harsh, gruff, uneven.

ruchlooss - wasteful usage, harsh, cruel.

Rucks - m. (pl: e) jolt, jerk, jar.

ruckse - to get a jolt, to effect.

rüijch - peaceful, leisurely, quiet, placid, tranquil.

Rüm - n. (pl: Riem) room, stall; honour.

rümijch - roomy.

Rummel - m. (pl: s) thunder.

Rummeldeiss - m. clamour, tumult.

rummle - to thunder.

Rund - circle, roundness, round.

runge molsch - especially lazy; half rotten.

Runsel - f. (pl: s) wrinkle.

runsle - to bear down on.

runslijch - wrinkled.

runt - round, spherical, circular.

runt ommen'domm - all around, surrounded; emphasizes runtomm.

runt schekje - to circulate.

Runthollt - n. timbers, logs.

Runtjesank - n. round song.

runtlijch - rotund.

runtlijch dikj - roly poly.

runtomm - all around.

Runtreis - f. round trip, circuitous tour.

Rüp - f. (pl: e) caterpillar.

Ruppat - m. (pl: s) sly fellow, scoundrel.

Rusch - Russian.

Ruscha Grootfoarma - m. kulak.

Ruscha Kjeisa - m. Russian Czar. Emporer.

Rusche Hunjskrankheit - f. rabies, distemper, hydrophobia.

ruschle - rustling sound, like the sound of walking through dry leaves.

Rüstaunt - retirement.

Rüstow - the lounge.

'rüt - see erüt.

'rüt wausse - to outgrow.

'rüt weele - to root out, like pigs.

Rüt - f. (pl: e) window pane.

Rutsch - f. (pl: e) a slide.

rutsche - to slide.

Rutschknoop - m. a zipper.

'rütsteete - to cast out, push out forcibly.

rüzhe - the sound of water falling, like a water fall.

Rüzhpulwa - n. an effervescent powder.

Säaj - f. (pl: e) sow, female hog.

Säajel - (pl: le) sail, canvas; seal (an impression device to confirm a signature;).

Säajel bestendijcht - confirmed with a seal.

Säajelkrüt - n. sourdock (see Loddikj).

Säajelstrank - m. reef rope, sail rope.

Säajen - m. blessing, benediction, invocation, Godsend.

Säajenkool - m. sowthistle.

säajle - to sail.

säajne - to bless, to sanctify.

Säakjel - m. (pl: Säakjle) sickle.

Säbel - m. (pl: s) sabre, cutlass.

Säbelschüwsel - scabbard.

Sach - f. (pl: e) thing, matter, affair.

sachelkjes - very slowly.

sacht - slow.

Sack - m. (pl: Sakj) sack, bag.

Sack onn Pack - lock, stock and barrel.

sacke - to settle, like a building on its foundation.

Säd - f. (pl: e) a portion of feed for an animal, usually grain.

sädje - satisfy hunger, satiate.

Saj - f. (pl: e) saying, slogan.

saje - to say, to tell.

saka'reare - to scold roundly.

säkje - to search, to seek.

Sakjt - f. (pl: e) sect.

Säl - n. (pl: e) harness.

säle - for horses to roll over on the ground; see also selle.

Säle Je'scherr - a set of harnesses.

Säle opplaje - to harness, to lay on the harnesses.

Sälestrank - m. harness trace, part of a harness that is attached to the singletree.

Samp - m. mustard.

Sampkuarn - n. mustard seed.

Sän - f. (pl: e) sinew, tendon.

Sän - m. (pl: s) son.

sänijch - sinewy.

Sans - f. (pl: e) scythe.

sass - six.

sass achtel Tiet - six eighth time, (music).

sassatlei - of six kinds.

sassmol - six times.

sasstel - sixth part.

sasstian - sixteen.

sate - to place, to plant, to set.

Sa'tien - satin.

Satschrew - f. set screw.

Sa'tüarock - f. frock coat; see also Scheeskjerock.

Saubat - m. sabbath.

saubre - to drool.

Sauft - f. (pl: e) juice, sap.

sauftijch - juicy, succulent.

sau(l)st - shall, shallt.

Saulw - f. salve, ointment, embrocation, medicament, lotion.

saulwe - to apply salve or ointment.

Saulwtopp - m. small, glazed, earthen pot used to hold ointments.

saumle - to gather, collect, glean.

Saumpfeeba - n. malaria, swamp fever.

saundijch , (M: saundrijch) - sandy, gritty.

Saundsteen - m. freestone.

saunft - gentle, soft, mellow.

saunftmütijch - of a gentle, mellow, mild and patient nature.

Saunt - m. sand.

Sauntboddem - m. sandy soil, sandy bottom.

Saunthüpe - m. golf tee; sandpile.

Sauntjäajent - f. sandy area.

Sauntloch - n. quicksand.

Sauntpa'pia - n. sandpaper.

saut - sated. satisfied, full, satiated; fed up, sick of, had enough.

Sauts - m. (pl: e) sentence; layer; jerk; occasion.

Sauts - times, batch, lot, assortment.

Säw - n. (pl: s) sieve, strainer, collander, screen; filter.

säwe - to sift, to strain, to screen.

säwe(n) - seven.

säwendel - seventh part.

säwenfach - sevenfold.

säwenjoarijch - septennial.

säwentian - seventeen.

säwentiandel - seventeenth part.

schäa die! - go away, beat it!.

schäare - to clip, to shear.

Scha'briem - m. (pl: s) forelock, bangs.

Scha'briemkje - small forelock.

Schach - n. chess.

Schacha - m. (pl: sch) trade, barter, horsetrading.

Schachbrat - chess board.

schachre - to trade, to barter.

Schachspell - n. chess game.

Schacht - f. spanking, whipping.

schachte - to spank, to whip, thrash.

schacken'eare - to be annoyed, irked, vexed.

Schacklits - chocolate.

Schädel - m. (pl: s) skull.

Schädelboa - n. trepan; surgical instrument used to cut out disks of bone, usually from the skull.

schädje - to harm, hurt, damage, mar.

Schaf'fot - n. (pl: e) steps leading to entrance, front steps, porch.

schaftijch - happy, jovial, genial, glad, cheerful, affable, elated, convivial, congenial, friendly.

schajchte - to hoof it, to walk or run fast.

Schajchte - f. spats, puttees, leggings.

Schakj - f. (pl: e) a brindled cow.

Schal - f. (pl: e) peel, rind, hull.

Schäl - m. slate.

Schaldüak - n. pinafore, apron.

schale - to peel.

schäle - for water to wash forward along the ground.

scha'luj - to be deceitful.

Schälwuat - n. a rebuke, a scolding.

schäme - to be ashamed or embarrassed.

Schämel - m. (pl: s) the bolster on a sled or wagon on which the box rests.

Schän - f. (pl: e) rail.

schan'deare - grumble, cuss, scold, gripe at length.

Schänebeen - shinbone, tibia.

Schänestool - a chiropracter's chair.

schape - to dip liquid from out of a container; to pick up a girl for a date.

schäpe - to ship.

Schapkje - n. (pl: s) dipper.

Schaps - m. (pl: e) simpleton.

schar'mettsle - to rummage aound.

schäse - to run fast.

Schata - m. thin mud or manure, mire.

Schatel - n. (pl: s) saucer.

Schatelbenkj - f. shelf, small cupboard.

schätlijch - harmful, hurtful, deleterious, prejudicial, abnoxious.

Schats - m. (pl: e) treasure, valuable item; sweetheart.

schatse - to treasure, to value, to assess.

Schatskoma - f. treasury, a safe.

Schatsmeista - m. treasurer.

Schatsung - valuation, assessment.

Schaub - f. (pl: e) cockroach.

Schaubel - f. (pl: Schauble) bean.

schaubijch - ailing, not well, feeling poorly.

schaudahauft - shocking, terrible.

schaufe - to work, to perform well, to toil.

Schaul - m. (pl: e) echo, sound, clang.

Schaulbrat - n. sounding board, switchboard.

Schauldoos - f. sound box.

schaule - to echo, to reverberate, to resonate.

Schaulplot - f. record or disc for a gramaphone, stereo or recorder.

Schaultjoa - n. Leap Year.

schaum'reare - to shimmer, glimmer, twinkle.

schaum'rearijch - iridescent.

Schaund - f. shame, blemish, disgrace, blot, dishonor, ignominy, infamy.

schauntboa - shameful, disgraceful.

schaunthauft - in disgrace, in shame.

Schaup - n. shop; cupboard, buffet, cabinet, sideboard.

Schaute - m. (pl: s) shade, shadow.

Schautedack - n. an overhang.

Schautesied - the shady side, the seamy side.

Schea - f. (pl: re) scissors.

Sche'baulkje - n. small stepping stool; small footstool.

Scheddinj - f. pillow or blanket covering material, ticking; bins in a granary.

scheddre - to shake (a tree).

scheede , (M: scheide) - to separate, to divorce, to part.

Scheedelschmolt - n. lard from the kidney of a porker, a second rate, flaky lard. see Floome.

Scheedinj , (M: Scheidinj) - f. (pl: e) partition, wall; separation, divorce.

scheedle - to shuffle cards; to clean and scour hog intestines in preparation for use as sausage casings.

scheef - atilt, aslant, askew, awry, crooked, ablique, slanting, sloping.

scheef gone - when something goes badly for a person.

Scheefpants - outspoken but odd individual.

scheel - squinty eyed; bridle shy.

scheele - to squint, cross eyed.

scheen - nice, lovely, beautiful, fine.

scheen jebilt - shapely, beautiful.

scheen kjlinjent - melodious, harmonious.

scheena Klank - euphony.

Scheenheit - f. beauty, loveliness, goodliness.

scheenrikjent - sweet smelling.

Scheens - goodies.

Scheenschmack - m. refined taste.

scheenschmakjent - scrumptious, tasty.

Scheepe - scales on a fish.

scheepijch - scaly, speckled, barred, variegated.

scheepkje Flajcht - psoriasis.

Scheeskje - f. the tails on a coat; see Ssüarock. spats.

Scheeskjerock - formal coat with tails.

scheete - to shoot.

Scheetijch - n. ammunition, shooting supplies.

Scheetjewäa - firearms.

Scheetpulwa - gunpowder.

Scheffel - f. (pl: Scheffle) shovel, scoop.

Scheffelraut - n. paddlewheel.

scheffle - when a child contorts its mouth in preparation for a cry; to shovel.

scheibijch - shaggy, mangy.

scheinheilijch - sanctimonious, hypocritical.

Scheinheilijchkjeit - sanctimony, hypocrisy.

scheiwelhassijch - awkward, stumbling, club footed; having an ulcerated condition of the lower leg among horses.

Schekjbenjel - m. errand boy, gopher, footman, flunky.

schekje - to send, to transmit, to adjust, to resign oneself to.

schekjelje Oabeit - good workmanship.

schekjlijch - smart, stylish, graceful, decent, proper.

Schekjlijchkjeit - f. fitness, propriety.

schelkjre - to shake a liquid; to slosh around a liquid in a container.

Schell - a scolding, reprimand.

schelle - to scold, chide, nag, reprove, remonstrate, reprimand, fulminate.

Schelp grauss - sedge.

Schelp lelje - f. iris.

schelpe - to rip a board with a ripsaw; to plane.

schelpre - to splash over.

Schelprua - n. reeds.

Schelprua Meeble - wicker furniture.

Schelsel - n. (pl: s) brook.

Schelsta - n. (pl: sch) broken shells, shards.

Schelwa - n. (pl: sch) thin slices, shards.

schemma - dusk.

Schemme'daun - f. (pl: e) suitcase.

schemmel - mold; whitish grey color, dapple grey.

Schemmelfoss - m. roan.

schemmlijch - moldy.

schempe - scold, curse, cuss.

Schempwuat - a curse, cussword, invective.

Schend - f. (pl: e) shanty, small shack.

Schenkj - f. (pl: e) tavern, inn.

schenkje - to present, to donate, to give; {ennschenkje - to pour a drink}.

Schenn - n. dandruff.

schentlijch - disgraceful, nefarious, scandalous.

Schentlijchkjeit - disgrace, shame, turpitude.

Schepp - n. (pl: Schäp) ship.

Scheppbruch - m. shipwreck.

Scheppbümeista - m. shipwright.

Scheppdoagesbüak - n. ship's log.

Scheppdräaja - m. ship's keel.

Scheppfoat - f. voyage, cruise; navigation.

Scheppfuamaun - m. pilot, captain, navigator.

Scheppkje - n. (pl: s) sewing machine bobbin, little ship.

Scheppopprua - m. mutiny, riot.

Scheppreiba - m. pirate.

Scheppschrüw - ship's propellor, screw.

Scheppstia - n. helm, tiller, rudder.

Scheppwalle - f. ship's wake.

scher'metsle - see schar'metsle.

Schetsel - n. (pl: s) partition, wall, divider.

Schiablajch - n. washer for a bolt.

Schiapapia - sandpaper.

Schiapulwa - pumice.

schibble - to run or walk in a shuffling manner.

Schiela - m. pupil, student, learner.

Schielaloon - n. bursary, scholarship.

Schien - f. (pl: e) a barn annex for storage; sheen, lustre, shine; card, certificate, licence.

schienboa - presumably, ostensibly, plausible.

schiene - to shine; to seem; {daut schient soo - it seems that way}.

schienent - luminous, luminary; apparent.

Schiephon - m. a fairy tale reference to a rooster.

schiepre - the sound of chirping baby chicks.

schiere - to scour, to rub against, chafe, abrade; polish.

Schiet - excrement, shit.

Schietareia - m. loon, heron.

Schietstremp - f. a coward, milksop.

Schiew - f. (pl: e) plate, pulley, disc.

Schijcht - f. (pl: e) layer, ply, coating, tier.

schijchtwiess - layer by layer, tier by tier.

Schijchtwolkje - f. cloud strata.

Schikjsol - n. fate, destiny, doom, lot.

Schildna - m. debtor; the guilty one.

schilre - to portray, reflect, recall, describe, picture.

Schilt - n. (pl: e) shield, visor, sign.

Schiltkjrät - f. (pl: e) turtle; used as reference to another person in a highly disrespectful way.

Schinda - m. (pl: sch) a leather tanner; used in reference to another person in a highly disrespectful way.

Schindel - f. (pl: Schindle) shingle.

schindle - to shingle.

Schinkje - m. (pl: s) ham; thigh; haunch.

Schinkjeschwoaga - m. bigamist.

Schirkj - f. (pl: e) cricket, cicada.

Schis - f. fear, fright.

schissjat - mild cussword. (Waut de schissjat!).

Schitts - n. (pl: e) stovepipe damper; protection.

schittse - to adjust damper; to protect.

Schittstän , Schutstän - ledger-tooth, knife guard on mower or binder scythe.

Schklow - m or f. slave.

Schklowa'rie - slavery.

Schläaja - m. (pl: sch) sledge hammer.

Schläaja'rie - fight, fray, fisticuffs.

Schlach - a hit, percussion, stroke.

Schlachoda - f. artery.

Schlacht - f. (pl: e) battle.

Schlachta'rie - f. slaughterhouse.

schlachte - to slaughter, to kill.

Schlachtfelt - n. battlefield.

Schlachthüss - n. slaughter house, abattoir.

Schlachtmassa - n. butcher knife.

schlackre - to dangle.

Schlacks - m. tall, gangly fellow.

schlackse - to flip the hand, for example, when trying to remove an insect from the hand.

Schlädbon - f. sleigh tracks, sleigh road.

Schläde - m. (pl: s) sleigh, sled.

Schla'dons - m. an awkward, sloppy gangly fellow.

schla'donsijch - tawdry, awkward actions.

Schlafitje - f. the nape of the neck.

Schlagwota - a traditional Mennonite remedy for internal and external use. This concoction was prepared by the Gilead Manufacturing Company of Winnipeg. It was also concoted at home but the recipe appears to be lost.

schlajchsta - m. adj. worst.

schlajchste - f. adj. worst.

schlajchste - plural adj.

schlajcht , schlajchta , schlajchsta - adj. bad, worse, worst.

schlajcht behaundle - mistreat.

schlajcht woare - to spoil, like meat, to deteriorate.

schlajchta Rot - poor advice.

schlajchtet noräde - to slander.

Schlamm - thick, heavy mire.

Schlang - f. (pl: e) snake.

Schlangebloom - f. dandelion.

Schlangejeft - n. venom, snake poison.

Schlangoatijch - serpentine.

schlank - slim, slender, sleek.

Schlap - f. (pl: e) a dragging apparatus.

schlape - to drag, to haul, to tow.

Schlaphoakj - f. a drag rake.

Schlapkjleet - n. an evening gown, a dress with a train.

Schlapnat Boot - a trawler.

Schlapschleep - f. a dredge.

Schlapsel - a jag, a small load.

Schlätel - m. (pl: s) wrench, key.

Schlätelbloom - f. cowslip.

Schlätelloch - n. keyhole.

Schlätelschmett - m. locksmith.

Schlätje - n. (pl: s) small sled.

Schlaub - f. (pl: e) bib.

Schlaubbekjse - f. bib overalls.

schlaubre - slobber, drool.

Schlauch - m. (pl: Schläaj) hose, plastic tube or hose.

schlauje - to grumble or lament like a child.

Schlaum - m. thick, heavy mud or mire.

schlaup - limp, flaccid, flabby, slack, droopy.

Schle'boak - m. an ungainly dunce.

Schlee - m. kind of cherry, bullace, sloe.

Schleedüak - n. headshawl.

Schleef - m. (pl: Schleew) ladle.

Schleep - f. (pl: e) earth moving scoop.

schleepre - to be sleepy or drowsy.

schleeprijch - sleeppy.

Schleia - m. (pl: sch) veil.

Schlekj - n. scum.

schlekje - to choke or clog with scum.

schlemm - serious; sore; cantankerous.

schlemme - to beg, lament or wail as a child is likely to do.

Schlemms - n. a sore, skin abrasion, a hurt.

Schlenj - f. (pl: e) sling, noose, loop, slipknot, snare.

schlenje - to catch in a snare or noose.

Schlenkjafoot - m. stumblebum.

schlenkjre - to shake; to stumble along.

schlentre - to saunter, dawdle, walk aimlessly.

Schlerts - m. (pl: e) a slit caused by a knife.

schlertse - to slit open with a knife.

Schliem - m. mucous, slime.

schliepe - to sharpen, grind, polish, whet.

Schliepsteen - m. grindstone, whetstone.

Schliesa - m. (pl: sch) a sling to throw a stone with; centrifuge.

schliesre - to effect centrifugal force, to fling, to hurl.

schliesslijch - finally, eventually.

schliete - to slit off the ends of pea or bean pods to remove the stringy edges in preparation for adding to soup.

Schlietschoo - f. skates, ice skates.

Schlietschoo Bon - f. skating rink.

Schlietschoo rane - to skate.

Schlijcht - pudding base for Mooss; see also Menjsel; see Mennonite Cookbook. This was also used as a substitute for corn starch at times.

schlijchtfoll - tactful, diplomatic.

Schlijchtmäl - n. whole flour, graham flour.

schlikj - to sneak, to slink, to crawl.

Schlikjhaundel - m. contraband.

Schlikjwäaj - m. devious routes, sneaky ways.

Schlinjel - m. (pl: s) rascal, a person not totally credible.

Schlips - m. tie, bow tie, cravat.

schloagfoadijch - quick witted.

schloare - to shuffle along, to drag one's feet.

schloff - careless, lax.

Schloffheit - carelessness, laxity.

Schlondrian - tall, gangly, dim-witted fellow.

schlone - to hit, to punch, to slam, smite, beat.

schlonsch - having a tendency to hit or kick (said of a horse or cow).

Schlop - m. sleep, slumber.

Schlopbenkj - f. a traditional Mennonite pull out bed, used as a bench during the day, trundlebed.

schlope - to sleep, to slumber.

schloplooss - sleepless, restless.

Schlopmeddel - n. sedative.

Schlopmets - f. a careless person; lit sleepy head.

schlopmetsijch - sloppy, careless, forgetful.

Schlopsocht - lethargy.

schlopsochtijch - lethargic.

Schlopstow - f. bedroom.

Schlopwaundla - m. sleepwalker, somnambulist.

Schlorr - a slipper; an argumentative woman.

Schlosäwendoot - m. a lazy fellow.

Schlott - n. (pl: Schläd) lock; castle.

Schlubb - f. (pl: e) an old cap or hat.

Schlucht - f. (pl: e) gorge. valley, ravine, slough, canyon.

Schluckat - m. (pl: s) gullet, Adam's apple.

schlucke - to swallow.

Schlucks - m. a gulp, a swallow, a draft, a dram.

Schluckskje - n. a small sip.

schludrijch - see schlaup.

Schlunk , Schlunt - m. (pl: e) maw, gullet, throat.

schlüre - tarry, wait, delay, pause.

schlurpse - to slurp.

schlurre - to drag one's feet, slur.

Schluss - m. (pl: e) conclusion, end.

Schlussräd - f. concluding remarks, peroration.

schlüte - to conclude; to lock.

Schlüw - f. (pl: e) shell, hull, husk, (of seeds) term also applied to individual who lacks courage and acts as a stooge for someone else.

schlüwe - to slip on or over.

Schlüwesot - n. legume seeds.

Schlüwsäl - n. utility harness.

Schmäa - oil, grease, lubricant, lotion.

Schmäadoos - f. grease container.

Schmäajelt - n. bribe money.

schmäare - to grease, to oil, lubricate; to spank, thrash.

schmäarijch - greasy, oily.

schmachte - languish, to thirst.

Schmack - m. a taste.

schmackhauft - tasty, tasteful, elegant, sipid.

Schmacks - m. a smack of the lips.

schmackse - audible smacking of the lips; eat with open mouth.

Schmäd - f. (pl: e) blacksmith shop.

schmäde - to work in a blacksmith shop.

Schmädhoma - m. blacksmith hammer.

Schma'dons - m. (pl: e) goo, crude oil.

Schmagus - thick, floury, tasty gravy.

Schmakja - m. (pl: sch) taster, gourmet, taste sense(s).

Schmäkja - m. (pl: sch) smoker.

schmakje - to taste.

schmäkje - to smoke.

schma'rottse - to gourmandize.

schmatre - to splatter with thick mire.

schmaul - narrow.

Schmaunt - m. cream.

Schmaunt enjelkjes - cream horns.

Schmaunta - m. (pl: sch) cream separator.

Schmauntjoop - f. milking smock, any ill fitting, shapeless garment.

Schmauntsupp - f. cold, thickened milk with curds and cream base, onion greens, diced cucumbers, shredded lettuce, junket; see Mennonite Cookbook.

schmause - to nibble, to eat continually.

Schmauts - m. soft mire, slush.

schmautsijch - slushy, miry.

Schmeijchel - m. flattery, cajoling.

schmeissijch - smoothly, subtly.

schmelte - to melt, smelt, liquify.

Schmeltowe - m. smelter.

schmenje - to raid the fridge, sneak food on the sly.

Schmett - m. (pl: e) blacksmith.

schmette - not colorfast, to lose clothing color.

Schmied - f. a template.

schmiedijch - limber, pliable, flexible, pliant, supple.

Schmiej - f. (pl: e) adjustable square.

schmiete - to throw, pitch, toss, hurl.

Schmietreeme - reins; whip.

schmirjle - to abrade, to wear away by friction.

Schmoa - f. (pl: re) a gash, a healed over scar.

Schmoasel - n. (pl: s) a feast, a banquet.

Schmoate - f. emotional pain and hurt.

schmock - nice, pretty, beautiful, handsome, fair, adorable, good-looking, lovely; well behaved.

Schmockheit - glamour, beauty, loveliness.

Schmockschriewe - fancy handwriting, calligraphy.

schmoddrijch - foggy, humid weather.

Schmolt - n. lard.

Schmolt ütbrode - to render lard.

schmooje - to drive fast and furiously.

Schmuakommst - m. stewed or steamed cabbage.

schmuare - to stew, to steam.

Schmuck - m. adornment, ornaments, decorations, beauty.

schmuggle - to smuggle.

schmunje - to neck, to pet, heavy petting.

Schmunjkende - f. small, hard candies of various colors with fond phrases printed on them.

schmunsle - to chuckle, to smile.

Schmurts - grease or oil; see.

schmüstre - to smile to oneself.

schmutsijch - obscene, gross, sordid, dirty, begrimed.

Schnäakjat - m. (pl: s) young smart-aleck.

schnacke - to chatter, prattle, yammer, babble, jabber, gab.

Schnäd - f. (pl: e) a slice, a cut.

Schnäd Fleesch - f. slice of meat, a steak.

Schnall - f. (pl: e) a buckle.

schnalle - to buckle.

Schnaups - whiskey, liquor, booze, grogg, moonshine.

Schnaups Brenna'rie - f. distillery, a still.

Schnaupskje - n. a small drink, a nip.

Schnea - f. (pl: re) a loop, a snare.

schneare - to lace or tie tightly.

Schneaweest - f. a bodice, a corset.

Schnee - m. snow.

Schneedien - f. snow bank, snow drift.

Schneehon - m. ptarmigan.

schneeijch - snowy.

Schneeplüach - m. a snow plow.

Schneeschoo - f. snow shoes.

Schneewitt - snow white.

schneffle - sniff, to smell.

schneidijch - with alacrity, quickly.

Schneitsat - m. (pl: Schneitsasch) a small moustache.

schneiw - alert, observant, sharp.

Schneppeldüak - n. handkerchief.

schneppre - to whittle; to snoop.

schnerre - loud, ripping sound.

Schnerts - f. (pl: e) diarrhea.

Schnetje - f. biscuits. scones, crumpets (see Mennonite Cookbook).

Schnett - m. (pl: Schnäd) a cut, a slice.

Schnett habe - to be afraid, cowardly.

Schnette riete - to tell tall tales.

Schnettwoa - f. dry goods.

Schnettwoa Hendla - m. a mercer.

Schnied - f. (pl: e) the cutting edge, blade.

Schnieda - m. (pl: sch) a tailor; cutter.

schniede - to cut, slice, castrate.

Schniedmäl - f. sawmill.

Schniedraut - n. plow coulter, see also Ssajchraut.

schniee - to snow.

Schnigj - f. (pl: e) snail.

Schnigjelfrits - m. teasing reference to a young lad.

Schnigjoatijch - snail like.

schnoakje - to snore.

Schnodda - m. thick phlegm of the nose, snot.

Schnoddanäs - young, know it all, greenhorn; child with runny nose.

schnoddre - to have a running, dripping nose.

schnoopijch - strange, peculiar, odd.

Schnopp - f. stuffed nose, a cold.

schnorrijch - droll, strange.

Schnowel - m. (pl: s) bill, beak.

Schnua - n. a piece of string, twine.

Schnuajlikj - straight as a string.

schnucke - to hiccup.

Schnüfheana - species of horn shaped potatoes common in Russia.

Schnüfkje - n. snuff.

Schnüfkjedoos - f. a snuff box.

Schnurboat - m. a moustache.

schnurkjse - snort, to sniff with a full nose.

Schnüts - f. (pl: e) snout.

Schnütsboat - m. moustache.

schnüwe - to blow one's nose.

Schoa - n. (pl: re) plow share.

schoap - sharp, (sharp point, sharp taste).

schoap dodle - harsh criticism, revile, vituperate.

schoapa Spott - sarcasm, quip.

Schoape Weedoag - sharp ache, pang, twinge, smarting.

schoapet Jefeel - n. poignancy, intensity.

schoapet Sseijch - serge.

schoapsejchtijch - sharp sighted, quick sighted.

Schoapsenn - m. sagacity.

schoapsennijch - sagacious, ingenious, judicious, keen, smart, shrewd.

Schoarlock Feeba - n. scarlet fever.

schoawe - to move, by pushing along a surface, dense material such as grain, dust, sand, earth etc.

Schoawel - n. (pl: s) shard, small, broken pieces of china or earthenware.

schoawoakje - working on a road with implements.

schobbe - to scratch the body against something to remove an itch.

Schock - half a measure, close to half a bushel.

Schockel - f. (pl: Schockle) a swing.

Schockelpeat - n. hobby horse.

Schockelstool - m. rocking chair.

schockle - to rock, to swing.

schockmol - often, many times, frequently.

schod - too bad, unfortunate, regrettable.

Schod doone - to cause hurt or damage, to vandalize.

schode - to hurt, to ail, to matter; (Daut kaun nuscht schode; it cannot matter) (Waut schot die? What is the matter? Are you hurting?).

Schode - m. hurt, damage, harm, destruction.

Schol - f. a scale; gout, spavin.

scholkjre - to shake a liquid in a container, to slosh around a liquid.

Scholm - m. (pl: s) forelock, bangs, tuft. see Scha'briem.

schomhauft - shameful.

Schomp - f. shame.

schom'peare - for a dress or suit to look good and improve looks; attactive.

schon'ieslijch - unattractively attired, sloppy dress.

Schoo - f. shoe.

Schoo Leest - f. a shoe last.

Schoobaunt - m. shoe string, shoelace, latchet.

schoof - many, good supply, a large quantity.

Schoohoake - m. shoehook, button hook.

School - f. (pl: e) school.

Schoolbenkj - f. school bench.

Schoolfäaminda - m. headmaster.

Schoolhüss - n. school house.

Schoolleara - m. school teacher.

Schoolleara'rin - f. school teacher.

Schoolordninj - f discipline, regulations.

Schoolunjarejcht - school instruction.

schoone - to save or hold for future use; to protect; to treat with consideration.

schoons - really! already?.

Schoop - f. (pl: e) scoop, dust pan.

Schoose - f. pranks, tricks, naughtiness.

Schoot - f. (pl: e) lap; a plant shoot; a legume pod.

Schooteschiesel - m. (pl: s) scarecrow.

Schoothunt - m. a lap dog.

Schoowikjs - f. shoe polish.

Schoowikjsa - m. a bootblack.

Schop - f. sheep.

Schophock - n. sheep pen.

Schopsbrode - m. mutton, leg of lamb.

Schopschoawel - n. sheep sorrel, lambs' quarters.

Schopsfal - n. parchment, sheepskin.

Schopsfleesch - n. mutton.

Schopskopp - m. dunderhead.

Schopspels - m. sheepskin coat.

Schopsweid - f. sheep pasture.

Schopswoll - f. sheeps wool.

schorf - m. scab, scurf.

Schorm - m. (pl: s) lampshade, parasol, umbrella.

schorr morr - n. a clutter, a disorganized mix up, pot pourri.

schorre - to slide slowly, like sand down an embankment.

Schorsteen - m. chimney, smoke stack.

Schorsteenfäaja - m. chimney sweep.

Schortinj - wooden well cribbing.

schorwijch - scaly, rough outer skin.

Schosel - m. dunderhead, one who acts silly.

schoslijch - silly, stupid.

Schoss - m. a shot, a round, a projectile.

Schosskjal - f. (pl: e) the box behind the buggy seat; a buggy trunk.

schot'teare - to assess, estimate, appraise, evaluate, gauge.

Schowanack - m. (pl: e) mischief, tricks, pranks, lark.

schräde - to pace, to walk.

schräje - to singe, scorch, sear.

Schrakj - m. fear, dread, fright, panic, terror.

schrakjlijch - dreadful, shocking, terrible, awful, frightful.

Schrank - m. (pl: e) cupboard.

Schraum - f. (pl: e) a scratch.

schraume - to scratch, to scar, score, scrape.

Schreft - f. (pl: e) script, writing, literature.

Schreft stäle - plagiarize.

schreftlijch - according to Scripture, written, in writing, scriptural.

schreftlijch beleidje - to incur libel.

schreftlijch fekloage - to indict.

Schreftstalla - m. (pl: sch) writer, author, editor.

Schrett - m. (pl: Schräd) stride, step, pace.

Schrettwiess - pace by pace, step by step.

schriee - to scream, cry out, screech, yell.

Schriew Woa - f. stationery.

Schriewa - m. (pl: sch) writer, secretary, clerk, author, novelist, recorder, scribe.

Schriewbüak - n. copy book, tablet, scribbler.

Schriewdesch - m. writing desk.

schriewe - to write.

Schriewkonnst - penmanship, prose, poetry.

Schriewmaschien - f. typewriter.

Schriewpa'pia - n. writing paper.

schrinje - vibrate, quiver, throb, pulse, smart.

schroff - rough, see ruch.

Schrooda - m. crusher, grinder.

schroode - to crush, to grind grain, to grind into smaller particles.

Schroot - n. chop, chopped grain, fine particles.

Schrop - f. (pl: e) curry comb.

Schropa - m. scraper.

schrope - to curry down a horse, to scrape.

schrots - aslant, oblique, transverse, slanting, sloping.

schrubbrijch - scrubby, like a short beard.

Schrugg - f. (pl: e) a nag, a bobtail.

Schrüw - f. a screw, auger.

Schrüwendreia - m. (pl: sch) screw driver.

Schrüwglauss - n. a jar with a screw on top.

Schrüwschlätel - m. an adjustable wrench, spanner.

Schrüwstock - m. a vise.

Schüa - sn, (pl: re) a shed.

schüaräajle - continual, grumpy, pestering or begging by children of their parents.

Schubback - m. (pl: s) a thrust.

schuchta - skittish, bridle shy, timid.

schüe - shun, avoid.

Schüflod - f. (pl: e) desk drawer.

Schuft - m. (pl: e) scoundrel, wretch, scamp.

Schüklaupe - m. (pl: s) blinkers, blinders as on a bridle.

schuldijch - guilty, owing, indebted.

Schülinj - f. (pl: e) on the shelter side, leeside.

Schulla - f. (pl: Schullre) shoulder.

Schullablaut - n. shoulder blade.

Schullastekj - n. shoulder ensignia on a uniform, epaulette.

schüloarijch - sly, cunning, foxy.

schüloarijch lüare - to lurk.

schüloarijch schlikje - to skulk.

Schulps - m. (pl: e) one wave or one spill; a sudden gush of liquid.

schulpse - to slush over liquid.

Schult - f. debt; fault, blame.

Schult - m. (pl: e) chief Mennonite village administator.

Schultebott - n. meeting of the Mennonite village counsellors.

schultfrie - debt free.

schultfrie spräakje - to exonerate.

Schultssadel - m. debenture, IOU note.

Schüm - m. foam, froth, lather, emulsion, scum, spume.

schümijch - frothy, foamy.

Schümläpel - skimming spoon.

Schümwien - m. sparkling wine.

Schunt - offal, trash, junk, rubbish.

Schups - a sudden push, a shove; hair worn in a bun.

schupse - to push or shove suddenly.

schuracke - to hurt, to damage, harm.

schurjle - the sound of gurgling liquid.

Schusel - m. see Schosel.

Schusta - m. (pl: sch) cobbler, shoemaker.

Schustapekj - sewing wax or tar.

schustre - to fix shoes; to fix things.

Schuts - m. protection, security.

Schutsdaum - embankment, protective dam, emplacement.

Schutskorf - m. gabion.

Schutstän - f. ledger tooth.

Schüwa - m. (pl: sch) pusher, a hoe that is pushed.

schüwe - to push, to shove.

Schüwsel - (pl: s) scabbard, sheath, case, vagina.

Schwäa - n. (pl: re) boil, canker, tumour, ulcer, abscess.

Schwäajasche - f. (pl: s) sister-in-law.

schwäakje - to swerve, sway, veer.

schwäare - to fester.

schwack , schwacka , schwacksta - weak, weaker, weakest.

Schwackheit - f. (pl: e) weakness, frailty, infirmity, feebleness.

schwacklijch - weakly.

Schwacklinkj - n. (pl: Schwacklinja) weakling.

Schwackpunkt - m. foible.

Schwacksennja - imbecile, one who is retarded.

schwacksta - m. weakest.

schwackste - f. weakest.

schwackste - plural of above.

Schwa'droon - f. (pl: e) squadron.

schwakje - to weaken, impair, debilitate.

Schwal - f. (pl: e) threshold, sill, doorstep.

schwäle - to glow, to smoulder; to whip.

schwalje - to guzzle, to drink in big, greedy gulps.

Schwam - f. sponge.

schwame - to swim.

Schwamfeet - f. webbed feet.

schwamgort - n. lifebelt.

Schwamiess - n. ice floe.

Schwamjelt - emergency funds.

Schwandsta - m. heaviest.

schwandste - plural of above.

Schwandste - f. heaviest.

schwanke - to sway, fluctuate.

Schwansta - m. heaviest.

schwanste - plural of above.

Schwanste - f. heaviest.

schwauble - to waddle.

Schwaulm - n. (pl: s) barn swallow.

Schwaulmkjes - diminutive of Schwaulm.

Schwaulmüachkjes - n. pansies.

Schwauns - m. tail.

Schwauns'obel - n. green foxtail, wild millet.

Schwaups - a snap, like a whiplash.

schwaupse - to snap like a whiplash.

Schwaut - n. (pl: Schwod) swath.

schwautse - o prate, prattle, chat, ramble on, babble.

schwäwe - to float, to soar, hover.

Schwäwel - m. a match.

Schwäwelblit - n. sulphur.

Schwäwelholt - n. matchstick, lucifer.

Schwäweljäl - sulphur yellow.

Schwäwelstoff - sulphate.

Schweat - n. sword, broadsword, blade, cutlass, foil.

Schweatjräp - sword hilt.

schweesse - to weld.

Schweet - m. sweat, persperation.

schweete - to sweat, perspire.

Schweetkjesse , Schweetkolla - n. sweatpad for horses, placed under the collar to absorb sweat and irritation as the horses lean into the harness.

schweife - walking in a rambling kind of way.

schweije - to be silent.

Schwenjel - m. (pl: s) lever.

Schwenjelkrauft - leverage.

Schwia - (prefix) in-law.

Schwiadochta - daughter-in-law.

Schwiaellre - parents-in-law.

Schwiafoda - father-in-law.

Schwiamutta - mother-in-law.

schwiare - to swerve, to veer.

schwiarijch - serious, difficult, trying.

Schwiarijchkjeit - (pl: e) seriousness, hardship, difficulty.

Schwiasän - son-in-law.

Schwiel - f. (pl: e) callus.

schwiemschloage - to totter while walking, a swaying gait.

Schwien - n. pig, hog; also directed at untidy, dirty person.

Schwiena'rie - f. a dirty mess.

Schwienborschtle - pig bristles.

Schwiendriest - brash, insolent.

Schwienfat - n. lard.

Schwienfleesch - n. pork.

Schwienhock - n. pigpen.

Schwienhunt - m. hedgehog; vulgar reference to another person implying immorality.

schwiensch - filthy, dirty, squalid, piggish.

Schwienskjast - f. (pl: e) pigs killing bee, (lit pigs wedding celebration).

Schwiensschwoat - f. (pl: e) pig rind.

Schwienstaul - m. pig barn.

Schwienstün - m. pigsty.

schwietre - to jabber continually.

schwind , schwinda , schwindsta - swift, swifter, swiftest; quick, quicker, quickest; fast, faster, fastest.

Schwindel - m. swindel, bogus, fraud, embezzlement.

Schwindijchkjeit - f. speed, quickness.

Schwindla - m. swindler, scam artist.

Schwindla'rie - fraud, deception, swindle.

schwindle - to swindle, defraud.

Schwindsta - m. swiftest.

schwindste - plural of above.

Schwindste - f. swiftest.

Schwindsucht - f. tuberculosis, consumption.

Schwitt - f. (pl: e) group, herd, bevy.

schwoa , schwanda , schwandsta - heavy, heavier, heaviest.

schwoa , schwanda , schwansta - heavy, heavier, heaviest.

schwoafalllijch - ponderous, cumbersome, unwieldy; pregnant.

Schwoaga - m. (pl: sch) brother-in-law.

schwoahearijch - hard of hearing.

Schwoakj - n. an ominous, dark cloud.

schwoalearijch - see hoatlearijch.

schwoare Tung - slurring speech.

schwoaret Hoat - heavy hearted.

schwoaret Jewäa - heavy weapons, ordnance.

Schwoarheit - f. heaviness, difficulty.

Schwoarm - n. swarm, flock.

schwoat - black.

Schwoat - pigs rind.

schwoata Nome moake - to slander.

Schwoata Drotel - bronze grackle.

Schwoatasch - f. team of black horses.

Schwoatbroak - f. summer fallow.

schwoate Pocke - small pox.

Schwolst - m. (pl: e) swelling.

Schwon - m. swan.

schwool - muggy, sultry, hot and humid.

Schwunk - momentum, impetus, surge, speed.

Schwunkbrat - n. diving board.

Schwunkraut - n. fly wheel.

Schwunkssadel - m. speeding ticket.

Schwunktäajel - m. cruise control.

sea - very.

sea - very, intensely.

seakjesse - a more intense and emphatic term for sea.

se'bauje - to drizzle slowly and steadily.

Se'chuaje - chicory, endive.

see - pers. pron. sing. she.

see - third pers. pron. plur, they.

see kjenne - they can.

See - m. (pl: e) sea, ocean.

See - (M) second pers. pron. formal, you.

Seebra - m. zebra.

Seefesch - m. marine fish.

Seehofkje - f. sea hawk, osprey.

Seehunt - m. seal.

Seehuntfal - n. sealskin.

Seekoat - f. sea chart, marine map.

Seekrank - seasick.

Seel - f. (pl: e) soul, spirit.

seelefejnäjcht - blissfully happy.

Seelelea - f. psychology.

Seelenangst - m. spiritual anguish; fear of perdition.

Seelenducka - m. sulky, wheeled buggy.

seelijch - blessed.

Seelijchkjeit - f. salvation, blessedness.

Seemaun - seaman, sailor, marine.

Seemili'täa - f. marines.

seene - to see, to espy.

seene lote - to show, exhibit.

Seep - f. soap.

Seepblose - f. soap bubbles.

seepijch - soapy.

Seepschüm - soap suds.

Seepwota (Lüag) - soap water.

Seereiba - m. pirate.

Seereis - f. voyage, cruise.

Seespäjel - m. sea level, sea surface.

seet - sweet.

seet moake - to sweeten.

seeta Rüak - incense.

seete malkjsche Mooss - a milk stew; see Mennonite Cookbook.

seete Stemm - sweet voice, mellifluous voice.

seete Tän - f. sweet tooth.

seetholt - n. licorice, bark of a cinnamon or nutmeg tree.

Seets - sweets.

sefte - to sigh, to utter a sigh.

Seid - f. (pl: e) string for a musical instrument; a machine pulley belt.

seie - to sow, to seed.

Seijch - m. urine.

seijche - to urinate.

seit däm - since then.

Sejcht - f. sight.

sejchtboa - visible.

Se'kund - f. (pl: e) second (time).

Se'kundewiesa - second hand (time).

selde - seldom.

sel(f)sja - m. the same one.

sel(f)sje - f. the same one.

sel(f)sje - plural for above.

selfst - himself, herself, themselves; see also {sikj selfst}.

selfst ennbille - to be presumtuous, convince oneself.

selfst leiste - to indulge oneself.

Selfst aufsoag - f. self denial, abnegation.

Selfstacht - f. self respect.

Selfstaufsaja - m. teetotaler.

selfstfestentlijch - obvious, sure, evident, certain, self evident.

selfstfetrü - f. self reliance, independence.

Selfstjesprejch - n. monologue, soliloquy.

Selfstleistung - self indulgence.

Selfststendijch - self reliant, independent.

Selfststendje Woarheit - f. truism.

selle - shall.

Selwa - n. silver.

selwana - m. of silver, silver.

selwane - f. of silver, silver.

selwane - plural for above.

Selwaschüm - n. tin or silver foil.

Senja - m. singer.

senkje - to sink.

Senn - m. (pl: e) the mind, sense; meaning, objective, aim.

Sennbilt - n. emblem, symbol.

senne - to be, exist, to be alive.

Senninj - mood, disposition, humour.

sennlooss - senseless, fatuous, without purpose.

Sennungsfroo - sensuous.

Septamba - September.

sest - else, otherwise, besides, or.

Sesta - f. (pl: Sestre) sister.

sestalijch - sisterly.

sestwäa - someone else.

sestwaut - something else.

sestwüa - somewhere else.

Sett - f. (pl: e) the seat, a seat to sit on; the posterior.

Settbod - f. (pl: e) a hip bath.

sette - to sit.

settent - seated.

Settfleesch - posterior, rump.

Settlada - wagon seat with springs.

Settstow - sitting room.

shedde - to pour, shed, spill (other than liquid).

shoapa Noschmack - sharp after taste.

shoapa Stock - sharp stake.

Sied - f. (pl: e) side.

Sied - m. silk.

Sied Spakj - f. side of bacon.

Siede - south.

siedooste - southeast.

Siedrüp - f. silkworm.

siedwaste - southwest.

siedwoats - sideways.

siee - to strain through a sieve, to leech.

sieme - to tarry, dilly dally, linger.

sien - poss. pron. his.

siena - reflex. m. his.

sienatiet - during his time, contemporary.

siene - reflex. f. his.

sienje - another form of sien.

sienshaulwe , sienthaulwe , sienswäaje , sientwäaje - as far as he is concerned, on his account, for his sake, because of him.

siensjlikje - his peers, his equals, of his kind, such as he.

sient - reflex. n. his.

Sietrejchta - m. funnel with a sieve, percolator.

sikj - himself, often used with sel(f)st (sikj sel(f)st).

sikj selfst - himself, herself, themselves.

Silb - f. (pl: e) syllable.

Siltkjees - f. headcheese.

Sim'bool - (pl: e) symbol.

Sind - f. (pl: e) sin.

Sindach - m. (pl: Sindoag) Sunday.

Sindebock - m. scapegoat.

Sindefejäwung - forgiveness, exoneration, release from sin.

sindje - to sin.

sindlooss - sinless.

sin'doag - never, not ever.

sindoagsch - as on a Sunday.

sinje - to sing.

Sinkj - m. zinc.

Sinowent - m. Saturday'.

sintlijch - sinful.

Sippschoft - f. kinship, relationship.

Sis'teem - n. system.

Sits - f. (pl: e) meeting, session, church or municipal meeting.

Sitte - f. habit, custom, manner, fad.

Sittelea - morality.

sittleje Frü - virtuous woman, chaste woman.

sittlijch - seemly, virtuous, ethical, moral, noble, proper.

Soag - f. (pl: e) saw.

soage - to saw.

Soagespoon - m. sawdust.

Soagmäl - f. sawmill.

soagtänijch - serrated.

Soakj - n. (pl: Säakja) coffin, casket.

soap - sourish, tart; see wreet.

Socht - f. (pl: e) draught, sough.

Sock - f. (pl: e) sock, foot.

socke - to walk, to plod.

Sockenhass - m. stumblebum.

Sol - f. (pl: e) sole of a shoe.

Sol'dot - m. (pl: e) soldier.

Sol'dote jetrakj - n. maneuvres.

Sol'dote toop roope - to muster.

Solltsteen - m. rock salt.

Solmon'joak - m. sal ammoniac.

Solt - n. salt.

Solt Püdel - f. bulk salt dispenser.

Solt Süastoff - n. muriatic acid.

Soltdinjs - n. salt shaker.

solte - to salt.

soltijch - salty.

Soltpeeta - saltpetre, nitre.

Soltsteen - rock salt, block salt.

Some - m. seed; sperm.

Somm - f. (pl: e) sum, total, amount, quantity.

Somma - m. (pl: sch) summer.

Sommaborsch - sorrel and vegetable soup; see Mennonite Cookbook.

Sommafoagel - n. butterfly.

Sommakjäakj - f. sumer house where summer cooking and eating took place.

Sommakrankheit - f. flu with diarrhea.

Sommamole - f. freckles.

somme - to buzz, to hum.

Somp - m. (pl: e) swamp, fen, marsh, quagmire.

sompijch - swampy, marshy.

sondaboa - strange, peculiar, odd, singular.

sondajlikjen - beyond comparison.

Sondakonnst - f. special gift or talent, expertise.

sondalijch - especially.

sondaschwia , sondasorj - no sweat, no problem, without concern or worry.

Sonn - f. (pl: e) sun.

Sonn oppgank - m. sunrise.

Sonn unjagank - m. sunset.

sonne - to sun.

Sonneschien - m. sunshine.

Sonneschorm - m. parasol, umbrella.

Sonnestijch - m. sunstroke.

Sonnestrole - f. sunbeams, sun rays.

Sonnewiesa - m. sun dial.

sonnijch - sunny.

soo - so, thus, like this, like that.

soo ess daut - that is how it is.

Sood - sod, turf.

Sood brenne - heartburn.

Sooda - soda.

Soodeschnieda - m. sodcutter, disc.

Soofa - n. (pl: sch) sofa.

soo'goa - even, as well as, yet.

soojenant - so called, so named, would be.

Soom - m. (pl: Seem) seam, edging, fringe, hem.

soo'mea - almost, nearly.

soo'n , soo een - such, such as.

soona (soo eena) - m. such as.

soonatlei - n. such a thing as that.

soone (soo eene) - f. such as.

soont (soo eent) - such a thing.

soorajcht - really.

sootoosaje (sootoosajes) - almost, so as to say.

soowaut (soowauterhäa) - something like that.

Sorj - f. (pl: e) worry, care, uneasiness, grief, pain, troubles.

sorje - to grieve, to worry, to care.

sorjfeltijch - deliberately, carefully; melancholy, mournfully.

Sorjkjint - n. a delicate child.

sorjlooss - carefree, worry free, secure.

Sorjstool - m. easy chair, armchair.

Sort - f. (pl: e) sort, kind, ilk, variety.

Sot - n. seed.

Soton - m. Satan.

späare - to feel, to sense.

Späjel - m. (pl: s) mirror, glass.

Späjelblank - shiny as a mirror.

späjle - to mirror; to entice or tempt someone to want something by showing it off.

Spakj - bacon.

Spakj mäte - to measure bacon; a loose tradition at pigs killing bees that the host would provide wine or spirits to his guest for a drink in a glass measuring the thickness of the bacon.

Späkj - f. (pl: e) spoke of a wheel.

Späla'rie - child's play, an easy matter to solve.

Spald , (M: Spal) - f. a pin or badge.

Späldinkj - n. lit plaything, usually referring to a musical instrument.

späle - to play.

Spälhaul - f. gymnasium.

Spälkom'rod - m. playmate, comrade.

Spälplauts - m. playground.

Spälpopp - f. puppet.

spälrijch - playful.

Spälrüm - m. latitude, scope, range, elbowroom; playroom.

Spälstund - f. recess.

Spältijch - toys, playthings.

Spand , (M: Span) - f. (pl: e) spider.

Spandwäw - n. spider webb, cobwebb.

spanstijch - hyperactive.

Sparjel - m. asparagus.

spatre - to blaspheme, ridicule.

Spat'sea - f. (pl: re) visit.

Spat'seagank - a walk, a hike, a promenade.

spat'seare - to visit, to converse, to court, to date.

spaune - to hobble, to fetter, to hitch.

Spaunisch - Spanish.

Spaunnoagel - m. swivel pin, linch pin.

Spaunsel - n. (pl: s) fetters, handcuffs, shackles.

Spauts - n. (pl: e) sparrow, also Spoalink.

speele - to rinse; to wash, to ripple, to splash, to gurgle.

Speetskje - f. a liquid solution.

Spejcht - m. (pl: e) woodpecker.

Spekja - (pl: sch) sliver, splinter.

Spekjadrot - n. barbed wire.

spekjrijch - prickly, itchy.

Spell - n. game, play, sport, a piece of music.

Spella - m. (pl: sch) a splinater of wood.

Spellfemedla - m. (pl: sch) referee, umpire.

spellre - to splinter.

Spelts - m. coarse, inferior kind of wheat, also called 'German Wheat'.

spenkjre - to gad about.

spenne - to spin, to weave.

Spennraut - n. spinning wheel.

spets - sharp.

Spets - f. (pl: e) point, peak, tip, top, vertex.

Spetsakj - f. acute angle.

Spetsakjs - f. pick axe.

spetse - to sharpen.

Spetse - f. lace.

Spetsnäs - m. inquisitive person.

Spetsnäsje Müss - f. shrew.

spetsuare - to perk the ears for juicy gossip.

Spetta - m. (pl: sch) mocker, scoffer.

Spetta'rie - f. (pl: e) mockery.

spettre - to mock or scoff.

Spiatess - m. rubbing alcohol, spirits, alcohol.

Spie - m. spittle, spit.

spiee - to spit, expectorate.

Spie'joon - m. (pl: e) spy.

Spie'joon driewe - to spy.

Spiel - f. (pl: e) pin feather.

spiele - to bear the teeth, like a growling dog.

Spieltän - one with a toothy grin.

Spiess - n. (pl: e) spear, javelin, shaft.

Spiet - m. annoyance, anger, vengeance.

spietijch - derisive, mocking.

Spietopp - m. spitoon.

Spikja - m. (pl: sch) granary.

Spikj'toakel - n. uproar, scene, spree, spectacle.

spikju'leare - to speculate, gamble.

Spi'nat - f. spinach.

Spindowel - m. (pl: s) spendthrift.

Splät - f. (pl: e) lath, slat.

Splätetün - m. picket fence, lattice.

Splauj - n. a tiny straw, a mote.

spleesse - to splice.

Spletta - m. (pl: sch) splinter, sliver.

Splint - f. (pl: e) cotter pin, splint.

splinte noaktijch - stark naked.

sploare - to splay, spread.

Spoa - f. (pl: re) spoor, footprint.

Spoa - f. (pl: sch) rafter.

Spoaheat - n. a hearth for cooking.

Spoak - f. (pl: e) a rung.

spoakbeenijch - spindly legged.

Spoalinkj - n. (pl: Spoalinja) sparrow. Also Spauts.

spoare - save, economize, to husband.

spoasaum - frugal, thrifty, parsimonious.

Spodem - m. (pl: s) spade.

sponsch , spaunisch - Spanish.

Spoode - to hurry, make haste, hustle.

Spool - n. (pl: s) spool, reel.

spoole - to split, cleave asunder.

Spoolinj - f. cleavage, schism.

Spoolkje - n. a small spool.

Spoon - n. (pl: Speena) wood chips, shavings.

Spos - n. (pl: Sposkjes) fun, humour, banter, jest, joke, prank, trick, horseplay.

sposijch - funny, humourous, hilarious, jocular, whimsical, jocund.

Spott - m. derision, scorn, mockery, sarcasm.

spotte - to deride, scorn, mock, flout, scoff.

Spottschreft - satire, skit.

Spräakjrua - n. megaphone, bullhorn.

Spree - f. blackbirds.

Spreed - f. (pl: e) a spread; {jehäakjelde Spreed - doily}.

spreede - to spread.

Sprejchwuat - n. proverb, saying, adage, byword.

sprejchwuatlijch - proverbially.

sprenje - to blow up with explosives.

Sprenjpulwa , Sprenjstoff - explosives.

Sprets - f. (pl: e) syringe.

Spretsbrat - n. splashboard.

spretse - to splash.

Sprie - n. chaff.

sprinje - to jump, to bound, to leap, to skip.

Sproak - f. (pl: e) language, tongue, dialect.

Sproakeewa - m. linguist.

Sproakfäja - m. polyglot.

Sproakkonnst , sproakwissenschoft - philology.

Sproaklea - f. grammar.

Sprockheista - m. (pl: sch) kingbird.

Spross - n. (pl: e) rung of a chair, mullion, sprig.

Sprot - rung of a ladder, dowel, rung of a chair, a window bar.

Spruch - m. (pl: e) recitation, short poem or verse, a saying or motto.

Spruch oppsaje - to recite a verse.

Sprunk - m. a leap, a jump.

Spüa - f. (pl: re) trace, spoor, clue, vestige, spur.

Spüak - m. (pl: e) spook.

Spucht - m. (pl: e) clown.

Spuchtel driewe - to play a joke.

Spunjsel - n. (pl: s) a bung.

Spunt - n. (pl: e) bung.

Spuntsoag - f. keyhole saw. (The follow words that begin with 'ss' will have the hard sound as in the English word 'so').

Ssadel - m. (pl: s) a tag, a slip of paper, tab, ticket, bill, docket, placard, poster, note, leaflet, label.

Ssajchraut - n. the coulter of a plow.

Ssank - m. a quarrel, a fight, a strong disagreement.

ssanke - to quarrel, to bicker, to squabble, to wrangle.

ssastijch - sixty.

Ssa'tüarock - frock, coat, see Scheeskjerock.

ssauble - to wander aimlessly; {hinjaraun ssauble - to follow behind}.

Ssaunft - m. taffeta, velvet.

Ssäwentijch - seventy.

sseare - to match, to be becoming.

Sse'chuaje - m. chicory, endive.

Sseebra - m. zebra.

Sseeda - cedar.

sseedajewualt - with all force.

Sseij - f. a witness.

Sseijch - n. cloth material, teasel; fabric.

Sseijch Flekja - cloth remnants.

Sseijchwäw - f. a loom.

Sseitung - n. (pl: e) newspaper.

Sseitungschreft - journalism.

Sseitungschriewa - m. reporter, journalist.

Sse'jon - m. (pl: e) gypsy.

Sse'kjreet - n. (pl: e) outhouse, backhouse. see Bekjhüss, Hieskje.

Sselj - a loose woman, prositute.

Sselt - n. (pl: e) tent.

Sse'ment - m. cement.

Sse'morjest - in the morning.

Ssenkja - m. (pl: sch) quarreler, a quarrelsome person.

ssenkjisch - quarrelsome, cantankerous, meddlesome, fractious, shrewish.

Sse'rei - a small lean to.

sserkjle - to circle, to maneuvre, to move into position.

ssettre - to tremble, to vibrate.

ssettrent - tremulous.

Ssiaropp - m. syrup.

Ssiegoa - f. (pl: re) cigar, cigarette.

Ssie'goarespets - f. cigarette holder.

Ssiel - n. (pl: e) aim, objective, goal, end, destination, target.

Ssielpunkt - m. focus.

Ssieme - see sseare.

Ssiepaüagijch - squinty eyed; runtish, naively shy, obsequious, subservient, unassertive.

Ssiffa - f. (pl: Ssiffre) digit, numeral, cipher, note.

Ssiffablaut - n. watch or clock dial.

Ssifilus - syphilus.

Ssi'linda - m. (pl: sch) cylinder.

ssimlijch - quite, considerable, acceptable, tolerable, passable.

Ssinema - n. cinema.

Ssinemaspell - movie, show.

ssinjre - to tingle uncomfortable, to vibrate.

Ssinkjkaup - f. dynamite cap, percussion cap.

Ssinse - f. zinnias; interest on money.

Ssippel - f. (pl: Ssipple) onion, bulb.

Ssippellüak - f. onion greens, scallion.

Ssippeloatijch - eschallot, shallot.

ssipple - to weep.

Ssip'ssiel - meticulous, just so, fussy, fastidious; genteel.

ssisse - to hiss, like a snake.

Ssista - f. (pl: Ssistre) cistern.

Ssi'troon - f. (pl: e) lemon.

Ssoagel - m. (pl: Ssäajel) tail.

Ssoagel Düw - tail spreading pigeon.

Ssoagelreeme - m. crupper, tailpiece.

Ssocka - m. sugar.

Ssocka met Spon - sugar candy.

Ssockaboom - m. maple tree.

Ssockafa'brikj - sugar works, sugar refinerey.

Ssockakrankheit - f. diabetes.

Ssockarua - n. sugar cane.

Ssockaschoote - sweet pea pods.

Ssockastekj - n. (pl: a) sugar cube.

ssockrijch - sugary.

Ssodda - n. a tangled mess.

Ssol - f. (pl: e) number, figure, digit.

Ssoll - duty, customs.

Ssoll - n. inch.

Ssollaumt - customs office.

Ssoote - f. fads, habits, whims.

Ssopp - f. (pl: e) braid, pigtail.

ssoppe - to dunk, to dab up liquid.

Ssoppsel - a thin, wild plum or cherry jam.

sso'teare - to sort.

Ssüb - f. (pl: e) old rags or clothes.

Ssüch - m. (pl: Ssiej) train.

Ssuck - f. (pl: e) bitch.

Ssulta - n. (pl: sch) tangled mess.

ssultrijch - tangled, matted.

Sswakj - n. purpose, object.

sswakjlooss - irrelevant, purposeless.

sswoasch - certainly.

Stäakj - f. (pl: e) pang, sudden pain, stitch, twinge, spasm.

stäakje - to stick, to sting, to stab.

Stäakjmassa - a knife to stick pigs.

Stäakjnotel - f. stick pin, hat pin.

Stäakjschlätel - m. an open ended wrench.

Stäalkfläj - f. stinging black fly.

Stach'eete Tün - m. picket fence, paling, railing.

Stachel - m. (pl: s) thorn, gorse, prick, beestinger, barb, spit.

Stachelbäare - gooseberries.

Stacheldrot - n. barbed wire.

Stachelschwien - n. porcupine.

stachlijch - thorny, prickly.

Städ - f. (pl: e) place, location, a post, position, spot; quarter section of land.

Städwiess - in some places, in certain places.

Stäfkje - n. (pl: s) a small ante room in a church reserved for the church dignitaries.

Stajch - m. footbridge, stile.

Stäl - m. (pl: s) handle, helve.

stale - to adjust, regulate; to place.

stäle - to steal, filch, pilfer, swipe, purloin.

Stalfeträda - m. (pl: sch) representative.

Stalinj - f. shelter for animals.

Stalung - (pl: e) attitude, posture, position.

stamijch - resolute, strong, not easily swayed from one's purpose.

Stampel - m. (pl: s) stamp, die.

stäne - to groan.

Stang - f. (pl: e) rod, iron bar.

stankre - to kick, usually with both legs from a prone position; to have ambitions for.

Stap - f. (pl: pe) field, prairie.

Stapmüss - m. prairie gopher.

stäts , stätswäarent - continually, always.

Stats'joon - n. (pl: e) station.

Sta'tüa - f. (pl: re) stature, form.

Staul - m. (pl: Staling) barn, stable.

Staulebän - m. hayloft, barnloft.

Staulebekjse - f. barn overalls.

Staulesproak - ribald language.

Staum - m. (pl: Stam) stem, shaft, main branch of a plant; a clan.

Staumboom - m. the original tree.

Staumellre - ancestors.

staumijch - see stamijch.

staumpe - to stamp, to pound.

Staund - condition, being in a position; accomplishment.

staune - to marvel, to be astonished or astounded.

Staunskje - f. (pl: s) a portly lady.

Staunt - m. (pl: Stend) a stand, a position.

staunthauft - firm, steadfast, adamant, resolute, staunch, determined.

Staup - f. (pl: e) footprint, step.

staupe - to step.

Staut - f. (pl: Städa) town, city.

stautsch - urban.

Stautshüss - n. town hall, city hall.

Stautsrot - m. town counsellor.

Stautsschriewa - town clerk, town secretary.

Stäw - f. slats.

Steananiess - star aniseed.

steare - to disturb, to trouble, to annoy.

Stearn - m. forehead.

Stearn - n. a star; meteorite, meteorite.

Stearn Wissenschoft - f. astronomy.

Stearn Woasaja - m. astrologer.

Stearnkje - (pl: s) little star, asterisk.

Stearnkje Stijch - Milky Way.

Stearnkjekjikja - m. star gazer.

Stearnschlinjel - m. an astronaut.

Steefbrooda - stepbrother.

Steeffoda - stepfather.

Steefjeschwista - stepsiblings.

Steefkjint - stepchild.

Steefmutta - stepmother.

Steefsesta - stepsister.

Steen - m. (pl: a) stone, rock, gem, boulder.

Steen Bildakonnst - sculpture.

steenana - m. of stone.

Steenbock - m. ibex.

Steeneelj - petroleum.

Steengoade - rock garden.

Steengruft - stone quarry.

Steenhoat - hard as rock.

Steenkolt - stone cold.

Steenkruck - f. stone jug, earthen jug.

steenrijch - stony.

Steenschnieda - m. stone cutter; lapidarian.

Steenschriewa - m. lithographer.

Steentopp - m. earthen crock.

Steenwaunt - f. stone wall, jetty.

Steenwoa - earthen ware, stone ware.

steete - to bruise as a result of a bump; to butt, like a ram, to kick; to punch, to bump.

steetsch - displaying the tendency to butt, like a ram.

Steewa - m. (pl: sch) shower, duster; a verbal poke or dig.

Steewahunt - m. a retriever.

steewe - to be dusty, to blow with dust.

Steewel - f. (pl: Steewle) a high boot.

steeweldün - drunk as a lord.

Steewelkjnajcht - m. a boot jack.

steewle - to run fast.

steewrijch - dusty.

Steft - f. (pl: e) a peg, a pin, pencil, dowel.

steil - erect, upright; steep incline.

Stei'lozh - f. (pl: e) scaffold, a frame, gibbet, trestle, stage.

Stekj - n. (pl: a) a piece, morsel, a bi, chunk, hunk, component.

Stekj Oabeida - piece worker.

Stekj Oabeit - piece work.

stekje - to choke, to gag, asphyxiate, stifle, suffocate; to patch, embroider, quilt.

Stekjel - m. (pl: s) coupling pin, peg, linchpin, shaft.

stekjle - to couple together.

stekjsennijch - hardheaded, singleminded, opinionated, intransigent, independent, stubborn.

stekjwiess - piece by piece.

stell - quiet, peaceful, calm silent, inaudible, still.

stell hoole - to stop, halt, to hold still; to keep something quiet or secret.

stell ligje - to lie still.

stell räde - to speak in an undertone.

stell senne - to be quiet, to hush.

stell woare - to abate, like the wind, so subside.

stelle - to quieten.

stelle Tiet - period of silence.

Stelle Friedach - Good Friday.

Stelle Mäa - Pacific Ocean.

stellschwiejes - to go about something quietly, tachtfully and silently.

Stellstaunt - m. an impasse, respite, immobile, no movement.

stellstone - to stand still.

stelpe - to tip.

Stelpomm - f. miscarriage; inversion.

Stemm - f. (pl: e) voice, ballot, a vote.

stemme - to agree; to be true, to be correct, to vote.

Stemmetala - f. scrutineer.

Stemmgaufel - f. tuning fork.

Stemmoatijch - vocal.

Stemmrajcht - n. suffrage.

Stemmssadel - m. a ballot.

Stemmwakjsel - voice change in a young man.

Stenda - m. (pl: sch) support pillar, post, stud, two by four.

stendje - to give credit, to support with credit.

Stenjel - m. (pl: s) stem, stalk.

stenjlijch - stalky, full of stems.

stenkjrijch - rancid, rank, odious, foul smelling, fetid, stinky.

ster'nekjsle - to stumble, walk awkwardly and bump into everything.

Stett - f. (pl: e) prop, a building support, a brace; see also Stiepa.

stette - to support, to prop up.

Stia - n. (pl: sch) a steering wheel, a rudder.

Stiel - aim, objective, direction, purpose, style.

Stiem - m. blizzard, snowstorm.

stieme - to storm with snow.

stiemrijch - snowy and windy.

Stiemwada - n. stormy, winter weather.

Stiepa - see Stett.

stiepre - to hold up, to support; to resist, protest, to brace oneself against.

stiere - to guide, to steer.

stiew - stiff, unbending, tense, rigid, transfixed.

stiewa Täajel - stiff reins, to cause restraint.

Stiewbeenja Marsch , Gaunse Marsch - goose step.

Stiewheit - f. stiffness, tension.

Stinkjdroschkje - f. an early reference to an automobile 'the stinking carriage'.

stinkje - to stinkj, foul smelling.

stinkjent - putrid, foul, odious, fetid.

Stinkjkaut - f. skunk.

Stinkjnäajelkjes - violets.

Stint - a woman of questionable character.

stoa - rigid, fixed.

Stoa - f. sty, cataract.

Stoak - f. (pl: e) stanchion, upright pole or post.

stoakbeenijch - bandy legged.

stoakj - strong, stout, powerful; fast, swift.

Stoakj - f. (pl: e) heifer.

stoakje - to make stronger, to fortify, to reinforce.

Stoakopp - m. obstinate person.

stoakoppijch - obstinate, stubborn, bullheaded, obdurate, stiff necked.

Stoawbad - n. death bed.

stoawe - to die, to succumb, to pass away.

stoawlijch - mortal.

Stock - m. (pl: Stakja) stick, cane, staff, wand; storey in a building.

stockdiesta - pitch dark.

stocke - to become moldy.

Stockroos - f. hollyhock.

Stoff - n. dust; acid; matter, material, substance.

Stoffbiedel - m. the anther of a flower.

Stoffbrell - f. dust goggles.

stoffijch - dusty.

Stoffsüa - m. vacuum cleaner. (see Sübassem).

Stol - m. steel.

Stolfada - f. pen holder, pen nib.

Stoloabeit - f. steel work.

Stolpe - f. stilts.

Stolplot - f. steel plate; ledger blade.

stolpre - stumble, falter, lurch, stagger.

Stolstrank - f. steel cable.

stolt - proud, vain, pretentious, haughty, lofty, prim.

Stoltehendrikj - m. lupin.

Stoltheit - pomp, pride, swagger.

stomm - dumb, mute, silent.

stomp - dull, blunt, obtuse.

stompnäsijch - pug nosed, stomp-nosed.

stomre - to stammer, stutter.

stone - to stand, to make immobile.

stonebliewe - to remain standing; to come to a halt.

Stool - m. (pl: Steela) stool, chair, seat.

Stoolespross - f. the rung of a chair.

Stoolgank - bowel movement, faeces, stool, excrement.

Stoop - f. (pl: e) stoop, step.

Stoopwiess - step by step; graduating by steps.

Stooss - a thrust, a push, a jab; impulse.

Stoot - n. a period of time, time.

Stootje , Stootsje - a little while, a short time.

Stootjes - pl of Stoot.

Stootwiess - at times, from time to time.

Stopel - n. (pl: s) stature.

stoppe - to darn; to stuff.

Stoppel - n. stubble.

Stoppel Diesla - m. a disker.

Stoppel klunje - a form of punishment, (lit treading stubble).

Stoppelstrikja - m. (pl: sch) a wire or thin rod attached above a plow share to fold the long stubble under the earth as the plow turns over the land.

Stoppsel - n. (pl: s) a cork, stopper, plug, bung.

Stoppseltrakja - m. (pl: sch) a corkscrew.

Stopsel - n. (pl: s) a huge pile piled up layer by layer.

Storm - m. (pl: s) storm.

stormijch - stormy.

Stot - f. pride, conceit.

stotlijch - portly; noble.

stottre - to stutter, stammer; see stomre.

Stow - f. (pl: e) room, chamber.

Sträakj - m. (pl: a) strip, stripe, stroke, blow; a distance; to accidentally leave a strip of unworked land while plowing, harrowing etc.

strack(s) - soon, straightaway, anon.

Strakj - f. (pl: Sträakja) stretch, distance.

strälijch - sinewy, stringy.

Strämel - n. (pl: s) thin strip; streamer, skinny person.

Strämel Spakj - a strip of bacon.

Strampel - m. (pl: s) thick stem, stalk.

Strank - m. (pl: Strenj) rope, cord, lanyard, hemp.

Strank onn Täa - oakum.

Stranklada - f. rope ladder.

Strauch - m. sprig, wisp, wreath.

straum - dressed in Sunday best; beautiful, comely, handsome, genteel, lovely, exquisite, resplendent.

straumet Jeschekj - lissome, lithe.

Straumheit - f. beauty.

Straums - n. glamour, frippery.

Strauss - m. ostrich.

sträwe - to strive, to struggle, vie, aspire, compete, endeavour.

sträwijch - sturdy, wiry, sinewy.

stre'botskje - strenuous, laborious effort.

streeme - to stream.

streepe - to strip.

Streepschoss - m. a black eye; ricocheting car accident resulting in a minor accident.

Strei - n. bedding, litter.

streie - to strew, to scatter, to prepare a straw bed for animals.

Strekj - n. a wench.

Stremp - f. sock, stocking, hosiery; a coward.

Strempbaunt - m. a garter.

Strempbekjse - f. pantyhose.

stremple - to fall headlong.

strenj - strict, stringent, severe, austere, harsh, stern, rigorous.

Strenjheit - f. rigour, austerity, strictness, severity.

strep'tsüare - to put forth great effort.

Stretsel - m. a raisin pastry; see Mennonite Cookbook.

stribble - to struggle, strive, fight, dispute, haggle, bicker, resist.

striede - to argue, dispute, disagree.

striedent - militant, argumentative.

Striedijchkjeit - f. contention, disagreement, argument, battle, strife, fight, difference of opinion.

Striep - f. (pl: e) a strip, streak.

striepijch - streaky, brindled.

Striesel , Riesel - the colored sugar spread on cookies.

Striet - see Striedijchkjeit.

Strijch - m. (pl: s) hair parting, a stroke of the hair brush; a zone.

Strikj - f. (pl: e) a whetting tool.

strikje - to cancel, to repeal, waive, rescind; to massage.

stritse - to squirt.

stroakle - to pat, to stroke.

Strof - f. punishment, chastisement, penalty.

strofe - to punish, to chastise, to penalize, spank, scourge.

stroffallijch - punishable, liable for punishment.

Strol - f. (pl: e) a ray, a beam, a stream of water from a hose.

strolent - radiant.

Stroleschekja - m. a transmitter.

Stroo - f. straw.

Stroobloom - f. everlasting flower; (helichrysum dwarf).

Stroobock - m. the individual in charge of removing the straw from the straw bagger during threshing time before the straw blowers came into use.

Stroodack - n. thatched roof, straw roof.

Stroodäl - f. strawstack.

Stroof - f. (pl: e) a sentence, verse.

strooijch - strawy.

Stroom - m. (pl: Streem) stream, current, torrent, rill, rivulet.

Stroopäl - n. (pl: s) straw pallet, straw mattress.

Stro'potskje - f. great effort, exertion.

Strot - f. (pl: e) street.

Struck - n. underbrush, shrubbery, shrubs, brambles.

strüf - tart, acrid, stringent, rough.

strulle - urinate.

Strunk - m. a corn cob.

Strunts - f. (pl: e) slovenly, seedy looking woman, bag, hag.

Strüss - n. bouquet.

Stua - n. (pl: sch) store.

Stuapa'pia - n. wrapping paper.

stuck'ats! - scat!, beat it!.

stucke - to provide the monotonous back and forth action of a manual washing machine when washing clothes.

stuckre - a bumpy ride, to jolt along.

Stüd - f. (pl: Stieda) plant.

Stu'dent - m. (pl: e) student.

Stu'dentegausthüss - n. hostel.

stüdijch - sturdy, portly, stocky.

stulpre - to stumble, falter.

stulprijch - an uncertain gait.

Stund - f. (pl: e) hour.

Stundelank - for hours on end.

Stundewiesa - m. the hour hand.

stur - stern.

Sturack - m. a drink of hard liquor.

stüse - to sprint, to dash.

stutse - to be startled.

süa - sour.

Süadäjch - m. sour dough.

Süakjoasche - f. morella cherries.

Süakommst - m. sauerkraut.

süare Malkj - sour milk.

Süaromp - m. sorrel, used in vegetable soup.

Süastoff - acid.

Sübassem - m. vacuum cleaner.

Sübuddel - f. child's feeding bottle.

süe - to suck, suckle.

Sükaulf - a calf that remains with its mother and suckles to be fattened.

su(l)st - shouldst, should.

Süpa - m. (pl: sch) drinker, alcoholic.

Süpa'rie - f. drinking orgy.

süpe - to drink heavily, to tipple, to booze; animals drinking water.

Süpknüst - m. (pl: e) alcoholic, drunkard, sot.

Supp - f. (pl: e) soup.

Suppkomm - f. tureen.

Supptrien - f. tureen.

Süschlauch - m. siphon.

Süsenjel - m. (pl: s) bum, tramp, shabbily dressed person, sloppy dresser, hobo.

Sütia - n. mammal.

Täa - m. tar.

Täajel - m. (pl: s) rein, leash, leadrope.

täajen - even with, around.

täajenowent - around eventide.

täare - to tar.

Ta'brettje - n. (pl: s) a highchair without a backrest.

Tabün - f. (pl: e) a herd (of cattle etc).

tachentiijchstel - eightieth part.

tachentijch - eighty.

Tachentijchjoascha - m. octogenarian.

Tack - m. musical beat, time in music.

Tacks - m. (pl: e) tax.

tack'seare - to assess, appraise for taxation purposes'.

Tackstock - conductor's baton.

Täjel - f. (pl: Täjle) brick.

Täjelbrenna - m. (pl: sch) tyler, oven to burn bricks.

Täjeldack - n. tile or brick roof.

Täjelowe - m. brick oven.

Täjeltroch - m. a hod.

Täkjen - n. (pl: s) a sign, mark, signal, brand, earmark, symptom, token.

täkjne - to mark.

Täkjniss - n. (pl: e) proof, evidence.

Takjst - (pl: e) subject, text.

Tala - m. (pl: sch) platter, large plate; enumerator, counter, gauge, meter.

tale - to count.

Tän - (pl: e) tooth.

Täne spiele - to snarl, for a dog to bare his teeth.

Tänedockta - m. dentist.

Tänefleesch - n. the gums.

Tänepoaka , Tänestoaka - m. toothpick.

Tänerietinj - f. toothache.

Tang - f. (pl: e) tong, plier, pincer, forceps.

Tank - f. (pl: e) cog, gear teeth.

Tankestett - f. ratchet.

tankijch - serrated, teeth like a gear.

Tankjet Raut - n. a gear.

Tap bogge - buggy with a top.

Tapaleem - m. heavy, blue gumbo soil; (origin from the German 'Töpfer', potters' clay).

Tapioka - tapioca.

Tapkjess - n. squares, chips, small cubes.

taubre - to smoke heavily.

Taulj - f. (pl: Talje) waist.

Tauljch - m. wax, suet, tallow.

Tauljchdreese - sebacious glands.

Tauljchlijcht - n. candle, taper, candlelight.

Tauneboom - m fir tree, hemlock tree.

Taunte - f. (pl: s) aunt; lady.

Taupe - m. (pl: s) a hanging appendage; mortise joint.

Taupeloch - n. mortise.

Tausch - f. (pl: e) purse, bag, pouch, kit, knapsack.

Tauschjkekrüt - n. stinkweed, Frenchweed.

Tauss - n. (pl: e) cup, cup and saucer set.

Tautsach - f. (pl: e) fact.

Tee - f. (pl: e) toe.

Tee - m. tea.

Teebloom - f. carnation.

Teebrat - n. tea tray.

Tee'enoagel - m. toenail.

Teekaun - f. teakettle, teapot.

Teeläpel - m. teaspoon.

Teema - m. theme, topic.

Teetijch - n. chinaware.

Teewa - n. magic.

teische - to disappoint.

Teiw - n. (pl: s) evener, doubletree.

Tekjastang - f. pitman, connecting rod. See Kurbel.

tekje - to twitch, to jerk.

tekjre - to tremble, to jerk rapidly.

Tekjs - m. a sudden jerk.

temmre - to build, to construct, to bang away with a hammer.

Tempel - m. (pl: s) temple.

Tenn - m. soldering lead, solder.

Tennis - tennis.

Teppijch - n. linoleum, carpet, rug.

Terkauna - f. cockroach.

Testament - n. (pl: e) testament.

Tett - f. (pl: e) teat, tit, nipple, breast.

Tia - n. (pl: re) animal, beast.

Tiabood - f. zoo.

Tiakonnst - f. zoology.

tian - f. (pl: e) ten.

tian ssent - ten cents, a dime.

tianatlei - of ten different kinds.

tiandel - tenth part.

tianfach - tenfold.

Tiarejestank - n. musk.

tiedijch - early.

tiedijch riep - premature, precocious, forward.

Tiedinj - f. (pl: e) tidings, news, message.

Tiefus - n. typhus, typhoid fever.

tiefusoatijch - typhoid like.

Tieja - m. (pl: sch) tiger.

Tieninj - f. fencing, enclosure.

Tiepa - n. (pl: sch) chick, (children's language).

tiere - to exhibit grimaces of surprise, to 'oo' and 'ah'.

Tiet - f. (pl: Tiede) time.

Tiet auflüare - to bide the time, temporize.

Tiet dootschlone - kill time, wastetime.

Tiet too besenne - time to consider.

Tietel - m. (pl: s) title.

Tietfedrief - m. pastime, hobby, something to while away the time.

Tietfewiel - m. a diversion.

Tietjenosse - a contemporary.

Tietlank - a lonesome period of time.

Tietoppsejchta - m. time keeper.

Tietplon - a timetable, schedule.

Tietschreft - f. serial writing.

Tietstiede - ages, a long time.

Tietwuat - n. verb.

tigja - eager, alert, agile, ready to go.

Tilifoon , Telefoon - n. (pl: s) telephone.

Tiligraum , Telegraum - n. (pl: s) telegram.

tilje - to cancel, to root out.

Ti'mootje - f. timothy seed.

timse - to drink heavily.

Tinj - f. (pl: e) tine of a fork, prong.

tinjoatijch - furcated.

Tint - m. ink.

Tintfada - f. pen nib.

Tintfaut - n. ink stand.

Tippel - n. (pl: s) a raised dot.

Tips - n. a spot, dot.

toag - tough, tenacious.

Toakel - rabble, unruly gang, weeds.

Toarauss - m. muck, heavy mud.

Tobback - m. tobacco.

Tobbacksbiedel - m. tobacco pouch.

Tobbdüak - n. dishrag, dishcloth.

Toch - m. draught.

toche - to draw through, as air through a window.

Tochijch - draughty.

tochlote - to leave alone, to let up on self discipline, to follow the desires of one's heart without restraint.

Tochnoagel - m. the heavy draw bolt that passes through the front swivel bolster of a wagon.

Tofel - f. (pl: Tofle) plate, slate.

Tofelsteen - m. slate pencil.

tofle - to eat slowly and abstractedly, to munch.

Toldesch - m. a store counter.

tole - to pay.

Tolinj - f. payment.

Tolinjbewiess - m. receipt.

Toll - f. (pl: e) tassel.

tom - tame, domestic, languid.

Tonn - f. (pl: e) barrel, hogshead.

too - to, towards, at, by; shut, closed; prefix indicates adding too, to increase.

too Bad gone - to retire for the night.

too dee Tiet - then, at that time.

too doa - that way, in that direction.

too eascht - at first, firstly.

too fehomre - malleable.

too fejäwe - forgiveable.

too Fia brinje - to set on or in the oven to cook.

too gooda latst - as a final gesture, as a final act of good faith.

too Grunt brinje - to destroy, to bring to naught.

too Grunt gone - for something to come to a bad end.

too habe - available.

too help näme - to enlist the aid of.

too hia - this way, in this direction.

too Je'salschoft - for the sake of company.

too miare - to wall up with brick and mortar.

too moake - to close, to shut.

too Mood - in the mode.

too Mül räde - to humour.

too neie - to sew shut, to sew up.

too plinkje - to wink at.

too schaunde - brought to shame.

too schekj halpe - to come to the aid of, to coach.

too schwoa - too heavy, overweight, too difficult.

too 'Staund brinje - to achieve, to accomplish.

too Tiede - at times, sometimes.

too tiedijch - too early, premature.

too weinijch - too little, not enough, insufficient.

tooäjne - to claim, to appropriate.

toobacke - to paste shut.

toobe - to create a tumult, to rage, to storm, to be boisterous, to be disorderly, to create a disturbance or uproar.

Toobehea - n. accessories, appurtenances, ingredients, garniture.

toobiete - to eat something along with the coffee, etc.

toobliewe - to remain shut.

toobrinje - to spend some time with.

toobüe - to build shut, to wall up.

Toodakj - comforter, (blanket).

toodakje - to cover up.

toodeele - to apportion, to allot, allocate.

too'doak - attack, move against offensively.

toodräajlijch - cooperative.

toodreie - to turn off, like a tap.

toodrinkje - to drink with, to wash down with food.

toofallijch - coincidentally, incidentally, fortuitously, by chance.

Toofaul - m. fluke, luck, incident, chance.

Toofetrüe - n. trust, confidence.

Tooflucht - f. (pl: e) refuge, haven, recourse, retreat, resort.

Toofluss - m. tributary, influx, supply.

too'foot - on foot, afoot, shanks pony.

toofräd stalle - to satisfy, mollify.

too'fräd - satisfied, content.

Toofrädenheit - contentment, satisfaction.

too'fräte - corroded.

toofreare - to freeze over, to freeze up.

Toogank - m. access, admittance.

toogone - for something to close up; to happen, take place, come to pass.

too'good - in good faith, to one's credit.

too'good hoole - to forgive.

too'hacke - to hack to pieces.

tooheare - to listen to.

tooheele - to heal up.

toohenje - to hang something over, to close it off.

toohoole - to keep shut.

too'jäajen - top be present.

toojäwe - to give up, to surrender, concede, yield, accede, submit, quit, capitulate.

toojedocht - to be generous to others, to be considerate.

toojedone - to be devoted to.

toojeete - to add liquid to, to dilute.

toojenkjlijch - accessible, approachable.

toojerejcht - ravaged.

toojlikj - at the same time, simultaneously.

tookjinjftijch - in the future.

tookjinjftje Jeläajenheit - future opportunity, pre emption.

tookjitte - to putty up.

too'kleiwe - to scratch up or mark up by scratching.

tookome lote - to share with someone.

too'krautse - see too'kleiwe.

Tookunft - f. future.

toolaje - to accelerate; to increase wages, to add to.

too'latst - finally, at the last.

too'leid - hitched on the left side of a team. see too näwel.

toolenkjlijch - sufficient.

too'lood - plumb, square, level.

toolote - to leave unopened; to permit, to allow; for a cow to release her milk.

toom äwajen - what is available, extra. (see äwalei).

too'm , too däm - to the, for the.

too'm äwajen - surplus.

too'm äwajen - surplus, to abound.

too'm bewundre - to be marvelled at.

too'm grooten Deel - for the most part.

too'm grooten Deel - for the most part, to a large extent.

too'm hiele - saddening, regrettable, deplorable.

too'm Pauss - convenient.

too'm Seeten foare - to visit friends who have a new baby.

Toom - m. (pl: Teem) bridle.

too'mood - inclined to.

Toon - m tone, tune.

toonäme - to increase, to grow larger, expand, swell, augment.

too'näwel - hitched on the right side of a team of horses. see too'leid.

too'nijcht - wrenched, out of joint.

too'nijcht brinje - to deliberately spoil or break something.

toonoagle - to nail shut.

toop - together, jointly, at the same time.

toop baussle - to construct temporarily from odds and ends.

toop drenje - to squeeze together.

toop foare - to drive together in one vehicle; to share one vehicle; to collide.

toop friee - to intermarry.

toop heele - to heal over.

toop hitse - to pit one against another, especiall dogs.

toop hole - to round up.

toop jamse - to force together, to compress.

toop kjniepe - to pinch together.

toop läwe - to cohabit.

toop oabeide - to accumulate through work; to work together, cooperate in work.

toop pausse - to match, to fit together, to connect, join.

toop rope - to glean; to push together small particles with the hands to pick them up, to scrape together.

toopbrinje - to bring together, to match.

toopdrekje - to compress, to press together.

toopfaule - to collapse.

toopflajchte - to interlace, braid, splice, interlock, intertwine, interweave.

toopfote - to exercise self control; to clasp together; to summarize.

Toophank - m. coherence, to hold together.

toopjebausselt - made from odds and ends, patched up. see toopbaussle.

toopjebrocht - brought together like adopted children.

toopjedrenjt - squeezed together, serried. see toopdrenje.

toopjekjnedat - crumpled up. see toopkjneddre.

toopjekoppelt - hitched together, coupled together. see toopkopple.

toopjemenjt - mixed up, jumbled up.

toopkome - to meet, converse, assemble visit, congregate, gather, rendezvous.

toopkopple - to hitch together, to couple up.

toopkroage - to call together for an assembly.

toopküakse - to collapse, to buckle.

tooplaje - to fold, to pleat.

too'plautse - to crack, like dry paint, to chap, to burst.

toopmenje - to mix up, to jumble.

toopnäme - to compose oneself; to fold like sheets or blankets.

toopnoagle - to nail together.

tooprane - to merge, to run together.

toopreare - to mix together.

Toopropsel - n. (pl: s) leftovers that are pushed together with the hands, like crumbs or grain, for picking up.

toopsacke - to sag, to settle together, to slump.

toopsate - to assemble, to put together.

toopsaumle - to collect, gather, accumulate.

toopschmelte - to fuse.

toopschorre - to sag, to slump, to collaps.

toopschrope - to scrape (grain) together with an edged instrument.

Toopschropsel - fine particles scraped together in a pile.

toopspaune - to hitch together.

toopspoare - to save up.

toopstale - to set together; similar to toopsate. to compose, to compile.

tooptale - to add together, tabulate, tally.

tooptrafe - rendezvous, to meet.

toopwekjle - to wind up, like a ball of twine.

toopwone - to live together, to cohabit.

tooräkje - to suffice.

too'räte - tattered, dilapidated (clothing).

too'rätne Wund - laceration.

tooreede - to prepare; to ravage.

too'riete - to lacerate, to tear apart, mangle, rend.

toorode - to encourage.

Toorot - provender; ingredients.

toosaje - to agree, to go along with.

too'saje - almost, as good as.

toosate - to add to, to create a difficulty for someone deliberately.

Toosauts - m. increment, supplement.

tooschedde - to add by pouring (other than liquid).

Tooschlach - n. a gate, port.

tooschlone - to close a bid at an auction sale.

tooschmäare - to smear over.

tooschneare - to lace up.

Tooschnett - m. a sewing pattern.

tooschniede - to cut according to a pattern.

too'schniede - to spoil by cutting wrongly.

tooschüwe - to foist something upon another.

tooseene - to view, to observe an action.

too'seene - visible.

toosikj - to regain consciousness.

too'splät kome - to come to harm, to suffer a bad fate or misfortune.

Toostaunt - m. condition, circumstance, plight.

toostiare - to direct something or someone to another person.

toostone - to confess, to admit.

toostoppe - to plug up, stop up.

too'toag - the act of doing, getting underway.

tootoakle - to get ready slowly and deliberately.

Tootrett - m. access, admittance.

tootrüe - to attribute to, to consider someone capable of a certain act.

too'wäaj - up and about, present.

too'wäaj brinje - to bring something into being.

too'wadre - obnoxious, objectionable, repugnant, repulsive, antipathetic.

too'winkjel - at right angles.

toowintre - for winter to take over.

Topp - m. (pl: Tap) pot, chamber pot, crock, urn.

Toppkje - n. (pl: s) pipkin, small pot.

Torf - m. peat, turf.

torjchle - to stumble, to stagger, to reel.

Torm - m. (pl: s) tower, spire, cupola, dome.

Tormschwaulmkje - n. (pl: s) swift, member of the swallow family.

torne - to slow down, to interrupt.

tose - (short 'o') to drag, to pull something along.

Tota - m. (pl: sch) cat o nine tails, heavy whip.

Tracht - f. (pl: e) fashion, custom.

trachte - to aspire, to endeavour, to strive.

track'teare - to treat.

trajcht - right, in good order, as it ought to be.

trajcht halpe - to help correct, to help put things in order.

trajcht kome - to get along with others.

trajcht sate , trajcht stale - to set something straight.

trajchtfinje - to find one's way around, to go straight.

trajchtlaje - to lay out, to put things in order.

Trajchtmoaka - m. (pl: sch) chiropractor, bonesetter.

trajchtmoake - to repair, to set things right, mend, recitfy, overhaul; to set broken bones.

trajchtneie - to mend by sewing.

trajchtwiese - to show someone the right way.

Trakjbrigj - f. draw bridge.

trakje - to pull, to tug; to move a household.

trakjent - attrctive, pulling effect.

Trakjharmmo'nie - f. (pl: e) concertina.

Trakjsoag - f. two man crosscut saw.

Tranboa - separable.

trane - to rip, to separate, to divide, sunder.

Tranung - f. (pl: e) separation, severance.

Trap - f. (pl: e) a stair, step.

traumpe - to tramp.

traumple - to trample, for a child to tramp its feet in a fit of temper.

treeste - to console, to comfort.

Trejchta - m. (pl: sch) a funnel.

Trejchtaküak - f. a thick cookie fried in fat. see Mennonite cookbook.

Trejchtamül - n. a bellmouth.

trejchtre - to pour through a funnel.

Trett - f. (pl: e) a tread, step, pace, stair, pedal, treadle, footboard; footing, traction.

trettboa - accessible.

Trettbrat - n. treadle, pedal.

Trettmäl - f. treadmill.

Triebsaul - n. sorrow, tribulation.

Trienkjemum - f. pet name for a meadowlark. Its song appears to sound this word. The word means literally Aunt Katherine.

trigj - back, reverse.

trigj'aun - sassy, defiant; return.

trigj'aun steete , trigj'aun schlone - to recoil, to backfire; backlash.

trigjbrinje - to return something, to take back.

trigjfaule - backslide, to fall back.

Trigjfoat - f. return trip.

trigjfoddre - to reclaim.

trigjhole - to retrieve.

trigjhoole - to detain, to constrain withhold, refrain.

trigjschekje - to send back, to return.

trigjschloage - to throw back genetically.

trigjsprinje - to rebound.

trigjssoppe - to backtrack, to have a change of heart.

trigjtekje - to jerk back, flinch, recoil.

trigjtole - to repay, payback, reimburse, refund; retaliate, take revenge, reprise.

Trigjtrakj - n. backgammon.

trigjtrakje - to pull back, retreat, hesitate, recede, desist, withdraw.

trigjtrakjent - reticent, coy, taciturn, aloof, reluctant.

Trigjwajch - the return road, the way back.

trigjwoats - backwards, reverse.

Trits - f. (pl: e) winch, block and tackle, derrick, hoist, windlass; wirestretcher.

tritse - to hoist, to raise.

Troch - m. (pl: Träaj) trough.

Trock - m. (pl: s) truck.

Trom'peet - n. (pl: e) trumpet.

Tron - f. a tear (eye).

Troon - f. (pl: s) throne.

Troost - m. solace, comfort, consolation.

Troostwuat - n. a word of comfort, solace or consolation.

Trots - spite, vindictiveness, defiance.

trotsdäm - in spit of, despite, nevertheless, all the same.

trotsijch - spiteful, defiant, vengeful.

trü - true, faithful, loyal, above board.

Trü - faithfulness, loyalty.

Trü - f. (pl: e) wedding.

Trü fespräakje - to plight one's troth.

Trüa - f. sorrow, grief, sadness.

Trüajedijcht - n. elegy.

Trüaleet - n. dirge.

Trüamol - n. a meal eaten in sorrow; a meal at a funeral.

Trüaräd - f. a funeral oration.

trüare - to sorrow, to mourn, to be sad.

trüarijch - sad, gloomy, pathetic, sorrowful, dismal, funereal, mournful, tragic, woeful.

Trüarijchkeit - sadness, sorrow, gloom, tragedy.

Trüaspell - n. tragedy, (play).

Trüawied - f. weeping willow.

Trubb - f. (pl: e) stovepipe, flue.

Trubbekjnee - f. stovepipe, elbow.

Trubbel - m. trouble.

Trubbeloch - n. a hole in the wall for a stovepipe.

trubble - to trouble.

trüe - to trust; to wed a couple.

trühoatijch - sincere, kind, honest, forthright, genuuine.

Trüräd - f. wedding ceremony, sermon given at a wedding.

tüaleide - to torture, torment.

Tucks - m. (pl: e) a small dot; a tap on the shoulder.

Tugganucks - m. toggle switch.

Tulp - f. (pl: e) tulip.

Tün - m. (pl: Tien) fence.

Tün Kjeninkj - m. kingbird.

Tung - f. (pl: e) tongue.

Tünpol - m. (pl: s) fence post.

Tüntrap - f. stile.

Turbauss - m. (pl: e) roughneck.

turbaussijch - rough actions.

turkje - to handle roughly, especially a horse.

Turkjscha Säbel - m. scimitar, sabre.

Turkjsche Weit - f. maize, corn.

Tusch - f. water colours, water paint.

tusche - to colour or paint with water colours.

Tüschhaundel - m. a barter, a trade.

tüsijch - homey.

tüsje Laundessproak - f. vernacular, local dialect, native tongue.

tüss - at home.

tüss senne - to be at home.

Tüt - f. (pl: e) paper bag; see Lusch.

twalf Duts - twelve dozen.

twalftel - a twelfth.

twalw (twalf) - f. twelve.

Twearm - m. sewing thread.

twee - f. two, twain.

twee bie fea - m. two by four.

twee ferr'opp - tandem team.

twee Wäakj - fortnight, two weeks.

tweeatlei - of two kinds.

Tweeback - m. double buns; see Mennonite Cookbook; also single buns.

tweedahaunt - second hand.

tweede Stemm - alto, contralto.

tweedens - secondly.

tweediesta - twilight, dusk, gloaming; also tweschen Tweediesta.

tweefach - twofold.

tweemaunsch - designed for two.

tweemol - twice.

Tweeroda - m. sulky, hansome, tilbury; see also Krota.

tweeschniedijch - two edged.

tweestemmijch - two part singing, duet.

twei - broken (in two) torn, smashed, shattered.

twei bräakje - to break.

tweiriete - to tear to pieces.

tweischlone - to smash.

t(w)esche(n) - between, among.

t(w)esche(n) gone - to intercede.

t(w)esche(n) Lenda - international.

t(w)esche(n) stale - to interpose.

t(w)eschen'enn - in between, from time to time, in amongst.

t(w)eschen'enn - in between times.

t(w)esche(n)rüm - m. room between, span, interstice, spread.

T(w)eschentiet - f. interim, interlude, intermission, interval.

Twiewel - m. doubt, disbelief, qualm.

twiewelhauft - doubtful, dubious, problematic.

twiewle - to doubt.

twintijch - f. twenty.

twintijchstel - twentieth part.

Ua - n. (pl: re) ear.

Üa - f. (pl: re) watch. timepiece.

Uabäa - m. an animal with only one testicle.

uaboa - arable.

Uabommel - m. (pl: s) earlobe; bangle.

Uadeel - n. judgement, sentence, verdict.

Üag - n. (pl: e) eye.

Üagaupel - m. eyeball.

Üagbron - f. (pl: e) eyebrow.

Üagedockta - m. oculist, optometrist.

Üagelett - n. (pl: Üageläd) eyelid.

Üagemot - f. eye measurement.

Üagenat - n. retina.

Üagenblekj - m. twinkling of the eye, immediately, instantly.

Üageschien - m. appearance.

Üagessiepa - m. eyelash.

Üagklaupe - m. (pl: s) blinder, blinker; see also Schüklaupe.

Üak - f. (pl: e) eaves.

Uaklaups - m. a cuff on the ear.

Ualaupe - m. earflap.

Üarebommel - m. (pl: s) watch fob.

Üaremoake - m. watchmaker.

Uarerietinj - f. earache.

Uarkaun - m. (pl: s) hurricane.

Üasoak - f. reason, cause, motive.

Uat - m. place; an awl?.

Uatscheed - f. (pl: e) singletree, swingletree. n.

Uawauss - n. earwax.

uck - also, too, likewise, as well.

Ül - f. (pl: e) owl.

Ülespäjel - m. (pl: s) clown.

ulkjse - to joke, to jest.

Uniwersi'tät - f. (pl: e) university.

unja - under, beneath, below, prefix to indicate place, degree or condition.

unja Dack brinje - to house.

unja krüpe - to crawl under.

unja Wota - under water.

unjabeede - to underbid.

Unjabeen - n. shank, lower part of the leg.

Unjabekjse - f. underpants, underwear, knickers.

unjabliewe - to stay under.

unjabüare - lose money, operate at a loss.

Unjadack - n. ceiling, lower roof.

unjadäm - during, in the meantime.

Unjadarp - n. the lower village.

Unjadeel - n. the lower part.

unjadon - subject to, subjugated to, obedient to.

unja'drekje - to oppress, suppress.

Unja'drekjung - f. (pl: e) oppression, suppression.

unjaducke - to dunk, immerse, submerge, to duck.

unjafoare - to drive over someone.

Unjagank - m. setting (of the sun).

unjagone - to set, to sink, to go down.

unja'gone - to beguile, to cheat.

Unjahamd - n. undeshirt.

Unjahault - m. sustenance, livelihood.

unjahoole - to hold under.

unja'hoole - to discuss, converse; to maintain.

Unjahoolinj - discussion, interview, discourse; maintenance.

unjajoarijch - a minor, not yet of age.

Unjakaunt - f. lower edge.

Unjakjleet - n. underwear, underclothing.

Unjalaj - f. an underlay.

Unjalepp - f. lower lip; underlip.

Unjaloag - f. lower layer.

Unjamül - n. jaw.

unjanäat - undernourished.

unjanäme - to take down, to wrestle down.

unja'näme - to undertake.

Unja'näme - n. an undertaking.

Unjaräd hoole - to give strong advice, to warn, to discipline.

Unjarejcht - m. instruction, lecture.

unjarejchte - to instruct, to lecture, to teach.

Unjarock - m. petticoat, slip.

unja'säkje - investigate, examine, inspect, research.

Unjasäkjung - f. (pl: e) investigation, inspection, examination, research.

Unjasäkjungsstow - f. laboratory, examination room.

unjaschatse - to underestimate, undervalue.

unjascheede - to discern, to distinguish, discriminate, differentiate.

Unjascheet - m. (pl: Unjascheed) difference.

unjascheetlijch - varying, differently.

Unjaschlach - m. (pl: Unjaschläaj) a supporting beam.

Unjaschreft - f. signature.

unjaschriewe - to sign, to underwrite, subscribe.

Unjaspaun - m. (pl: s) a shift of work, a hitch.

unjaspretse - anesthetize.

unjastette - support, aid, encourage, promote, underpin, endorse, sustain, abet.

Unjastettinj - f. (pl: e) support, relief, encouragement, endorsement.

unjastone - to determine, confirm, check out.

unjastrikje - to underscore, underline, emphasize.

unjawausse - to grow over.

Unjawijcht - f. short on weight, under weight.

Unjawota Schoss - m. a torpedo.

unje - down below, beneath, down, nether, downstairs; see also nade.

unjre , unja dee - under the.

unjre Feet - under foot.

unjre Flua - under the floor.

unjre üake - under the eaves.

Unts - n. (pl: e) ounce.

Urkaun - m. (pl: s) tornado.

üt - out, of, away from, done with, finished; ued as a prefix.

ütaste - to lop off, debranch.

ütäte - to eat everything on one's plate.

ütbacke - to wall paper a room, to hang wall paper.

ütbätre - to improve upon, to correct.

ütbeede - to offer for sale, to ask for a bid.

ütbeene - to take off on foot, to leg it, to run away.

ütbeitle - to chisel out.

ütbenäment - extraordinarily.

ütbenome - exceptional, singular.

ütbilde - to train, to educate, improve the mind.

ütbläje - to finish blooming, to wither.

ütblaubre - to blabber out confidential information.

ütbleede - to bleed out, like a stuck pig.

ütbliewe - to leave out, to omit.

ütboare - to drill out.

Ütbolinj - f. the strong planks on a barn floor.

ütborje - to lend out.

ütbottre - to wear out from continuous use, like a bearing.

ütbrenne - to burn out, like a light bulb.

ütbrode - to render, like lard.

ütbroode - to hatch out.

Ütbruch - m. outbreak, eruption.

ütbübaunse - to cuss out, to call down.

ütbucke - to bulge out.

Ütbunt - m. eccentric, standout.

ütdäare - to turn a windmill out of the wind.

ütdäne - to expand.

ütdäwre - to scold roundly; to wear out, like a bearing.

ütdeele - apportion, to deal out, dole out, dispense, distribute.

ütdeene - to complete a term of service.

ütdenkje - contrive, devise, create.

ütdenne - to thin out.

ütdonnste - to evaporate.

ütdräje - to dry out; to dry the dishes.

ütdrasche - to complete threshing; to do a thorough job of threshing.

ütdrekje - to squeeze out, like a lemon; to express oneself.

ütdrekjlijch - expressly, explicitly, positively, emphatically.

ütdrinkje - to drink up, to drink the whole cup, drain.

Ütdruck - an expression, diction.

üteewe - to contrive pranks, to act out; practice, fulfill, carry out.

ütem Buck räde - ventriloquism.

ütem Wäaj rieme - remove, get it out of the way.

üten'aunda - asunder, apart, separate.

üten'een - similar to ütenaunda.

üten'een faule - to fall apart, disintegrate.

ütfäaje - to sweep out.

Ütfäajsel - n. sweepings.

Ütfaul - m. result, consequence.

ütfilse - to call down, to scold.

ütfinje - to find out, discover, detect.

ütfläje - to fly out, like a fledgling from its nest.

ütfläkje - to cuss out, inveigh, to swear at.

ütfloome - to extract the fat from poultry, especially geese.

Ütflucht - f. outing, picnic, exodus.

Ütfluss - m. effluent, that which flows out or forth.

ütfoadje - to complete, to accomplish.

Ütfoasteen - m. threshing stone used in the old days.

Ütfoat - see Ütflucht.

ütfoodre - to line a garment; to feed the whole portion.

ütforsche - to pump for information, to interrogate.

ütfräte - to devour the whole portion, like animals.

Ütfrätsel - (vulg) banquet or party where food is abundant.

ütfrense - to become frayed, like a flag that has been exposed to the wind for a long period.

Ütgank - m. exit, the way out.

ütgone - to die out like a flame; to wear out, like a bearing.

Ütgow - f. expense; edition, issue; item.

ütgrowe - to unearth, to dig out, excavate, exhume.

üthacke - to hack out, like underbrush.

üthalpe - to help out.

üthäwle - to escape, to take off from.

ütheele - to heal up, to recover.

ütheiwe - to hew out, to chop out; to win at a game; to administer a thrashing.

üthiele - to cry until exhausted.

üthoake - to unhook.

üthole - to lash out, to strike out at.

ütholkjre - to hollow out.

üthoole - to suffer, to endure, bear pain; to persevere, to hold out.

üthungre - to starve.

ütjäare - to cease fermenting.

Ütjacht - f. the path used by cows in their daily walk to the pasture.

ütjäwe - to give out, to reveal.

ütje ast - debranched; see ütaste.

ütjeare - to go beyond limits of accepted behaviour; (the majority of the following words that have the 'je' inserted will be in the past tense).

ütjebilt - educated, accomplished, urbane; see ütbilde.

ütjebuckt - bulged outward, dented outward; see ütbucke.

ütjeete - to pour out, effuse; (the past tense here would be ütjegote).

ütjefrenst - frayed at the edges; see ütfrense.

ütjefunge - discovered, invented; see ütfinje.

ütjegone - worn out bearing; light that has gone out; see ütgone.

ütjehungat - starved, famished, gaunt, ravenous; see üthungre.

ütjejorwe - tanned (leather, hide) ; see ütjoawe.

ütjeleat - erudite, lettered; see ütleare.

ütjenijchtat - sobered up.

ütjenome - eviscerated; see ütnäme.

ütjenutst - worn out, used up, taken advantage of, made the best use of; see ütnutse.

ütjepeesat - windblown; see ütpeesre.

ütjepitscht - frayed through whiplike wind action; see ütpitsche.

ütjeputst - gaudily decorated; see ütputse.

ütjeschiat - worn out through friction; see ütschiare.

ütjeschloage - the sum total of it, as used in 'de gaunse ütjeschloagna Dach', meaning approximately 'the whole lifelong day'; stricken out, as in 'an eye stricken out'; eliminated from further conversation.

ütjesocht - selected, chosen; see also ütsäkje.

ütjestorwe - died out, extinct, defunct; see ütstoawe.

ütjestrakjt - prone, prostrate; see ütstrakje.

ütjetäkjent - first rate, excellent, outstanding.

Ütjewaundada - m. (pl: Ütjewaundade) emigrant.

ütjewaundat - emigrated; see ütwaundre.

ütjewirkjt - wrought; see ütwirkje.

ütjewosse - mature, full grown, grown up.

ütjleise - to derail, deviate.

ütjoawe - to tan (leather, hide).

ütjrebble - to devise, to figure out, design, puzzle.

ütjriese - to get out of hand, get out of control.

ütkjame - to comb out.

ütkjamle - to card out wool.

ütkjeepe - to buy out.

ütkjleede - to clothe, to dress up.

ütkjletsche - to chip out with a hatchet.

ütkjlinkje - to disengage, like gears, or a latch.

ütkjniepe - to run away, desert, escape.

ütkollendre - to figure out, to plan.

ütkome - resultling in, to work out.

ütkrautse - to scratch out.

ütkrome - to unpack untidily.

ütkrüde - to weed out, eliminate.

ütkundje - to reconnoitre, to determine.

Ütkunft - result, outcome, upshot, conclusion.

ütkureare - recuperate.

ütlache - to deride, to laugh at.

ütlaje - to explain, interpret, parse, lay out.

ütläple - to spoon out, to ladle out.

ütlasche - to erase, efface, expunge, extinguish, quench, blot out.

ütläse - to select, to choose, pick through.

Ütlaunt - n. a foreign country.

ütlaupse - to elicit in a naive fashion, to extort.

ütleare - to educate, to complete studies or training.

ütlefte - to air out, to ventilate, to vent.

Ütleftinj - f. ventilation.

Ütlenda - m. foreigner, alien.

ütlendsch - foreign.

ütlendsch fekjeepe - to export.

ütliee - to lend out.

ütloame - to castigate, to scold, to berate, to bawl out.

ütlosse - to raffle off.

ütlote - to omit, delete; to let out or widen clothing; for plants to bud.

ütmäte - to survey, to measure, to gauge.

ütmeede - to hire out.

ütmeste - to take out the manure.

ütmiare - to line with brick and mortar.

ütmoake - to extinguish, to shut off; to upbraid; to be able to distinguish.

ütnäme - to take out the eggs from a nest; to eviscerate, to gut.

ütneie - to embroider.

Ütneitijch - n. embroidery.

ütnijchtre - to sober up.

ütnoagle - to line the inside of a building with dry wall or other material.

Ütnom - f. an exception.

ütnutse - to take advantage of, to utilize fully.

ütoabeide - to figure out a mathematical problem; to work for someone.

ütodme - to exhale.

ütpacke - to unpack.

ütpeesre - to bcome beaten and frayed by the wind.

ütpitsche - see ütpeesre.

ütplüdre - to blab, to tell secrets.

ütpompe - to pump out.

ütproowe - to try out, to experiment, to test.

Ütpuff - m. exhaust.

Ütpuffsklaup - f. exhaust valve.

Ütpuffsrua - n. exhaust pipe, muffler.

ütpulstre - to upholster.

ütpüste - exhale; to blow out; to blow out.

Ütputsdinkj - n. ornament.

ütputse - to decorate, bedeck, spruce up.

üträajne - to rain out.

üträakjne - to figure out, to calculate.

Üträd - f. excuses, evasion, alibi.

ütrakje - to stretch out, distend.

üträkjre - to fumigate; to smoke out.

ütreede - to prepare for an occasion.

ütreiwe - to rest up.

ütrejchte - to accomplish, achieve.

Ütreste - to furnish a room.

ütretse - to escape, run away; see ütkjniepe.

ütrieme - to move items out of, to clean out.

ütriete - to pull out, like hair, weeds etc; to rout with a router; to run away.

ütriewe - to rub out like a spot.

ütrode - to eliminate, extirpate, root out, eradicate, exterminate.

Ütroop - m. (pl: s) auction sale.

Ütroopa - m. (pl: sch) auctioneer.

ütsäkje - to select, choose.

ütsate - to run away.

Ütsauts - m. leprosy.

ütschalle - to peel the inside.

ütschäme - humiliate, to shame, reprove.

ütschape - to bail out, to dip out.

ütschedde - to pour out (other than liquid) ; to unburden oneself.

ütscheddre - to shake out, like a rug.

ütschekje - to send out.

ütschelle - to scold roundly.

ütschempe - to cuss out, revile.

ütschiare - to wear out as a result of friction.

Ütschlach - m. skin disorder, acne, rash, eczema.

ütschlone - to kick, to strike out, to eliminate from consideration.

ütschlope - sleep until rested.

ütschlüte - exclude, ignore.

ütschlüwe - to remove a covering such as pea-pods; to outdo someone else.

ütschlüwe - to win over someone in a contest; to remove the seeds from a pod.

ütschmäare - to plaster a room, to smear the interior.

ütschmocke - to adorn, decorate.

ütschniede - to cut out, castrate, geld, emasculate.

ütschnüwe - to blow the nose.

ütschole - for flavour to evaporate; to lose flavour.

ütschwäare - to finish festering.

ütschweete - to sweat it out, perspire.

ütschwoate - to remove the fat from the pig's rind in preparation for rendering.

Ütsejcht - f. (pl: e) prospect; view.

ütsiedle - to emigrate.

ütspäle - to play out, to be tired.

ütspaune - to unhitch.

ütspeele - to rinse out.

ütspiee - to spit out, spew, expectorate.

ütspiejoone - to spy out.

ütspräakje - to pronounce, to bare oneself to someone, to express oneself, to give a testimony.

ütspreede - to spread out like a blanket.

Ütsproak - f. (pl: e) pronunciation, dialect, accent, vernacular, colloquialism; manner of speech.

ütstäakje - to run away, to take to ones heels, escape, desert; see ütkleiwe.

ütstale - to display, exhibit.

Ütstalinj - f. exhibition, gallery.

Ütstäwinj - wainscotting, panelling.

ütsteewe - to remove dust by shaking or beating.

Ütstia - f. a wedding dowry.

ütstoawe - to die out, to become extinct.

ütstone - to have an outstanding debt; to be outstanding.

ütstoppe - to stuff, taxidermy.

ütstrakje - to stretch out.

ütstraume - to decorate, to adorn, garnish, bedeck, embellish.

ütstreeme - to stream forth.

ütstreie - to strew about, to scatter.

ütstrikje - to cancel, to strike out, efface, eliminate, expunge, obliterate.

ütstrole - to emit, like a ray of light, to radiate.

ütstudeare - to complete a course of studies.

Üttäarinj - f. consumption, tuberculosis.

üttole - to disburse, to pay out.

üttoobe - abate, cease raging, for a storm to spend itself; to romp, to let off steam.

üttrakje - to disrobe, undress; to remove the ashes from the stove; to remove baked bread from the oven.

Ütwajch - m. a way out, an excuse.

ütwäle - to choose, to select.

ütwälent - selective, optional.

ütwätre - to drain blood from a freshly slaughtered animal; to place fresh meat in a liquid (water) to allow the blood to drain and the meat to lose some of its very fresh flavour.

ütwaundre - to emigrate.

Ütwaundrinj - f. exodus, emigration.

ütwausche - to launder clothes, to wash out.

ütwausse - to grow up.

ütwendijch - by memory.

ütwendijch leare - to learn by memory, learn by heart, memorize, learn by rote.

ütwesche - to wipe out, to wipe out a dish.

ütwiese - to prove authenticity or veracity.

Ütwiess - m. proof, identity, voucher, passport.

ütwirkje - for things to work out.

ütwoakje - to gouge out, to clean out horses' hooves.

Ütwol - f. a choice, option.

ütwrinje - to wring out.

uzhent - especially, particularly.

wa' - see wada.

wäa - who.

wäaemma - whoever.

wäaje - to weigh; because of, for the sake of.

Wäajmeista - m. weighmaster.

Wäakj - f. (pl: e) week.

Wäakjelank - for weeks on end.

Wäakjeloaga - n. confinement, lying in.

Wäakjenj - n. weekend.

Wäaloosja - m. (pl: Wäaloosje) pacifist, conscientious objector.

wäalooss - nonresistant, defenceless.

wäare - to resist; defend; to beware, avoid.

wäarent - during.

Wachholda Bäare - juniper berries.

Wacht - f. (pl: e) guard, guard duty.

wachte - to wait, to pause, to watch, to guard.

wacka - awake, alert.

wackle - M. see wagle.

Wad - f. wager, bet, match, race.

Wäd - f. withe; willow branch.

wada - again, repeat, once more.

wada beheipte - to reaffirm; reassert, reconfirm.

wada be'säkje - to revisit.

wada drekje - to reprint.

wada em Je'driew stale - to re-engage the gears.

wada enenn gone - re enter.

wada enennstäakje - to reinsert.

wada ennstale - to readjust, reset.

wada ennstiee - to re embark.

wada fesejchre - to re insure.

wada hanstale - to replace.

wada jewenne - to regain, to win again.

wada kjanne - to recognize.

wada kome - to come again.

wada opmoake - to reopen.

wada oppsette - to remount.

wada pa'sseare - to recur.

wada scho'teare - reassess, revalue.

wada seene - to see or meet again.

wada toopkome - to reeunite, to rejoin.

wadahole - to repeat, reiterate, say again.

wadaholent - repeatedly, repetitiously.

wadaholinj - f. repetition.

Wadahon - m. weathercock, weathervane.

wadahoolende Wol - by election, a re election.

wadakeiwe - to ruminate, chew the cud.

wadakeiwent - cud chewing.

wadalijch - objectionable, distasteful, odious, abhorrent.

wadalode - to reload.

Wadaross - n. (pl: e) withers.

Wadaschaul - m. (pl: e) an echo.

wadaschaule - to echo, to resound, resonate.

Wadaschien - m. the reflected warmth of the sun.

Wadaseene - n. reunion.

Wadaspäjel - m. the reflection in the water or in the mirror.

wadaspäjle - to reflect from the water or a mirror.

wadaspanstijch - obstreperous, obstinate, contrary minded.

Wadastaunt - m. (pl: Wadastend) resistance.

wadastone - to resist, to withstand.

wade - to bet, gamble, wager.

Wadritta - m. a jockey.

wagle , (M: wackle) - waggle wobble, waddle, totter.

waglijch - wobbly, rickety, unsteady.

Wäj - f. (pl: e) cradle.

wajch - away, gone, lost; prefix meaning away.

wajch brenne - to burn away.

wajch dreie - to turn away.

wajch droage - to carry away.

wajch faule - to drop something.

wajch feare - to haul away by vehicle.

wajch fläje - to fly away.

wajch foare - to drive away.

wajch fräte - to eat away, to corrode.

wajch gone - to go away, to walk away.

wajch heiwe - to hack away, to chop away.

wajch henje - to hang away.

wajch hole - to fetch away.

wajch hoole - to keep away.

wajch jäwe - to give away, donate.

wajch joage - to chase away.

wajch kleiwe - to scratch away.

wajch kome - for something to become lost.

wajch laje - to lay away.

wajch locke - to entice, to lure away, to tempt away.

wajch näme - to take away, dispossess, deprive, confiscate, expropriate.

wajch packe - to pack away.

wajch püste - to blow away.

wajch rane - to run away, flee, abscond, desert.

wajch riete - to tear away.

wajch roope - to call away.

wajch sate - to put away, to set aside.

wajch schäle - to wash away by flowing water.

wajch schaufe - to do away with, to remove.

wajch scheete - to shoot away.

wajch schekje - to send away.

wajch schiare - to wear away by friction.

wajch schlape - to drag away; to kidnap.

wajch schliepe - to grind away with a grindstone.

wajch schlikje - to sneak away.

wajch schmiete - to throw away.

wajch schniede - to cut away.

wajch schoawe - to push away particles (grain, sand etc) with the hands.

wajch schräde - to stride away.

wajch schüwe - to push away.

wajch sprinje - to jump away.

wajch stale - to put away; to keep an operation going.

wajch stiare - to direct away from; to divert.

wajch stoawe - to die away, to die off.

wajch trakje - to move away.

Wajch - m. (pl: Wäaj) road, highway, way.

Wajch Oabeida - m. road worker.

Wajch Oppsejchta - m. road supervisor.

Wajch Ütmäta - road surveyor.

Wajch Wiesa - a road sign, a road guide, scout.

wajchbäje - to bend away.

Wajchkome - n. survival.

Wajchta - m. guard, sentinel, watchman, sentry.

wäje - to rock the cradle.

Wäjeleet - n. cradle song, lullaby.

wäkj - soft, tender.

wäkje - to soften by soaking.

wäkjhoatijch - soft-hearted.

Wakjklock - f. alarm clock.

wäkjlearijch - learning easily and readily.

wäkjlijch - a tender and soft physical constitution.

Wakjsel - m. small change.

wakjselhauft - changeable.

Wakjselpunkt - m. turning point.

wakjsle - to shift, to change, to make small change.

wäle - to vote.

wälijch - frisky, hyper.

walkj - wilted, droopy, withered.

walkje - several, some, a few, certain ones.

walkje - to wither, to droop, to wilt.

Wall - f. (pl: e) wave of water; a machine shaft.

Wallebräakja - m. breakwater.

wallijch - wavy, corrugated.

wäm - whom, to whom.

wäms - whose.

wan - when, if, in case, provided that; whenever, as long as, as soon as.

wan nijch - if not, unless.

wan uck - even if, despite that, nevertheless.

wan'ea - when.

Wan'eare Krankheit - f. venereal disease.

Wan'illa - vanilla.

Waninkj - m. (pl: s) coat, jacket.

wanke - to go, to move, to travel; to spread disease.

wankelmütijch - undecided, vacillating.

warje - to choke, strangle, gag.

Wartel - f. (pl: Wartle) a root.

wartle - to root.

Wäs - f. (pl: e) sod, pasture, moor, lea, meadow.

Wäsel - m. (pl: s) weasel.

Wast - f. (pl: e) vest.

Wast Re'sarf - f. West Reserve in Manitoba.

Waste - n. west.

wastlijch - westerly, western.

wastwint - m west wind.

Wätatonn - f. desalinating barrel (at pig killing time the offal, liver, heart, kidneys, were placed in a barrel of water to draw off the blood; sometimes whey was used instead of water).

Wätfrü - f. widow.

Wätmaun - m. widower.

Watsteen - m. whetstone, emerystone, knife sharpener.

Waudikj - m. whey, the initial desalinating agent used in the Wätatonn.

Waul - m. (pl: e) dam.

Waulnät - f. walnut.

Waulnätboom - m. hickory tree.

waulte - to surge, like waves.

Waults - f. (pl: e) a landpacking farm machine, a large roller.

Waultz - m. (pl: e) a waltz, a dance.

Waums - n. (pl: Wamsa) coat, jacket, tunic.

waumse - to spank.

waumskje - f. bedbug.

Waun - f. (pl: e) a tub.

Waundel - m. behaviour, philosophy of life.

waundle - to wander on life's course.

waundre - to wander, to travel.

Waundrung - (pl: e) a migration.

Waunt - f. (pl: Wenj) wall, partition, ramppart.

Wauntbekjleed - f. wall panelling, wainscoting.

Wauntla'torn - m. sconce.

Wauntpa'pia - n. wallpaper.

Waunttofel - f. blackboard.

Wausch - f. laundry, wash.

Wauschboa - m. racoon.

wausche - to wash, to scrub, to do laundry.

Wauschje'fäss - n. basin, sink.

Wauschkjlam - f. clothespin, clothes peg.

Wauschkodda - washcloth, sponging cloth.

Wauschkorf - m. clothes basket, clothes hamper.

Wauschlien - f. clothes line, wash line.

Wauschma'schien - f. washing machine.

Wauschstow - f. laundry room, washroom.

Wauschwota - n. water for laundering.

Wauss - m. wax.

wausse - to polish with wax; to grow.

waut - what, whatever, that which, something.

waut de deikja - what the heck!.

Waut - f. (pl: e) piece of cotton ball, cotton batting, matting, wad.

wäwe - to weave. present tense.

wea - was (verb to be); {ekj sie - I am}; {dü best - you are}; {hee es - he is}; {wie senn - we are}; {jie senn - you are}; {see senn - they are}; {ekj wea - I was}; {dü weascht - you were}; {hee wea - he was}; {wie weare - we were}; {jie weare - you were}; {see weare - they were}.

Weadbüak - n. dictionary, lexicon.

Weadschats - m. vocabulary.

Weadwakjsel - m. debate, discussion, argument.

Weat - m. worth, value, validity, merit, price, quality; boss, landlord, employer.

weatfoll - valuable.

Weatsche - f. hostess, landlady.

Weatshüss - n. inn, hostel, public house.

Weatslied - the owners, hosts, those in charge.

wee - painful, sore, hurting.

wee doone - to be painful.

Wee - woe, ache, pain, hurt.

weede - to hoe, to weed.

Weedoag - aches, pains, agony, pangs, (lit days of pain).

weegaulijch - woeful.

weele - to wallow, to root like a hog, to grub.

weens - at least.

weenstens - at the very least.

Weest - f. waist, bodicee, girdle.

Weid - f. (pl: e) pastur, meadow.

weide - to graze, browse, to pasture.

weie - to dedicate.

weifle - to wave, wag, gesticulate.

weifssoagle - to wag the tail.

weije - to dare.

weinijch , weinja , weinijchst - few, fewer, fewest.

weinijch weat - of little value.

Weinijchkjeit - pittance, paucity, scarcity.

weinja moake - to reduce in quantity.

Weis - f. (pl: e) orphan.

Weisenaumt - n. an early Mennonite financial institution designed to assist Mennonite orphans and widows.

Weisenheim - n. orphanage.

Weissheit - f. wisdom.

Weissheitskjwal - f. fount of wisdom.

Weissheitstän - f. wisdom teeth.

Weit - m. wheat.

Wekj - m. vetch.

Wekjel - n. a ball of twine, hair etc.

Wekjeldüak - n. turban.

wekjle - to wind, like a ball of twine.

Well - m. the will, intention, wish, determination.

welle - to want, desire, intend, mean to, have a mind to, at the point of doing.

wellens , wellijch - willing, willingly.

wellkom - welcome.

Welt - f. (pl: e) world.

Weltdeel - n. continent.

Weltklüak - worldly wise, politic.

weltlijch - worldly, temporal, mundane.

Weltmensch - m. man of the world.

Welts - m. (pl: e) catfish.

Weltwissenschoft - philosophy.

Wempa - n. a whimper.

wenje - to turn; to beckon, to coax.

Wenjschwenjel - m. the bolster on a wagon or sled that swivels.

Wensch - f. (pl: e) a wish; a short poem.

wensche - to wish, a recitation by a child at Christmastime.

Wentje - a little one.

weppe - to peddle, like driving a bicycle.

Weppel - the top tip of a tree.

Weppstang - f. slang for 'bcycle'.

werkjlijch - really, truly, forsooth.

Werkjlijchkjeit - reality, truth, certainty.

werr - confused.

Werscht - a Russian mile, approximately 3500 feet, close to a kilometer in length.

Wesch - n. (pl: a) a wisp, small bundle, a spray.

wesche - to wipe; to run fast.

Weschkje - diminutive of Wesch.

'wess , je'wess - certain, sure, exact.

wesse - certain ones, some, a few.

wettre - to lament, complain, grumble continually.

wiare - to neigh, whinny.

wie - we.

wie kjenne - we can.

Wied - f. (pl: e) willow, withe; width, distamce.

wieda - (comp wiet, wieda, wietste) far, farther, farthest.

wieda addra'sseae - readdress, redirect.

wieda enndeele - to sub divide.

wiedahan(s) - in the future, from now on, hereafter.

wiedaschlape - to drag along farther, to drag oneself along.

wiedastale - to carry on, to relay.

Wief - (pl: Wiewa) wife, shrew, scolding woman.

wiels - because, while, since, as long as.

Wien - m. wine.

Wienachte - f. Christmas, Yuletide.

Wienachtsboom - m. Christmas tree.

Wienachtsjeschenkj - n. Christmas present.

Wienachtsleet - n. Christmas carol.

Wienachtsowent - m. Christmas Eve.

Wiendrüw - f. (pl: e) grape.

Wienhendla - m. vintner.

Wienjoa - n. vintage.

Wies - f. (pl: e) melody, tune; method, way.

Wiesa - m. (pl: sch) indicator, clock hand, gauge, pointer.

wiese - to show, to direct, demonstrate.

wiet , wieda , wietste - far, farther farthest.

wiet auf - far away.

wiet auf - far away, remote.

wiet bekaunt - renowned.

wiet häa - from far away.

wiet han - still a long time, a long time hence.

wiet onn breet - far and wide.

wiet üten'een - far apart.

wietleftijch - sparse, far apart, widely separated.

wietsejchtijch - farsighted.

Wiewaknoppe - m. granny knot.

Wiewa'rie - polygamy.

Wijcht - f. (pl: e) weight.

wijchtijch - weighty, important, significant.

Wijchtijchkjeit - importance, significance, weightiness, gravity.

Wijchtschol - f. scale, weighing machine.

Wikjs - f. polish, wax.

Wikjsa - m. polisher, a huge fellow.

Wikjsbarscht - f. polishing brush.

wikjse - to polish.

willa - m. the wild one.

willa Howa - m. wild oats.

willa Hunt - m. hyena.

wille - f. the wild one.

wille - pl. the wild ones.

wille Bie - f. wasp, wild bee.

wille Düw - f. mourning dove.

wille Ent - f. wild duck, teal; mallard.

wille Flucht - f. rout, stampede.

wille Plüm - f. wild plum, sloe.

wille Roos - f. wild rose, dogrose, brier.

wilt - wild, ferocious, fierce.

wilt Framda - m. total stranger.

Wiltness - f. widlerness, desert.

windijch - windy.

Windtstooss - m. sudden squall, sudden windstorm.

Winjel - f. (pl: Winjle) diaper, swaddling clothes.

winjsch - askew, out of kilter, lopsided.

winjsch senne - to be contrary, like children are at times.

Winkjel - m. (pl: s) corner, nook, angle.

Winkjel Je'driew - crown gear, pinion.

Winkjeliesa - n. carpenter's square, steel square.

Wint - m. (pl: Wind) wind.

Winta - m. (pl: sch) winter.

Wintaschlop - m. hibernation.

Wintawada - n. winter weather.

Wintbiedel - m. braggart, boaster.

Wintei - n. addled egg, soft shelled egg.

Winthuarn - n. oboe.

Winthunt - m. greyhound, whippet, hound.

Wintkjriesel - m. dust devil.

Wintmäl - f. windmill.

Wintmälfuchtel - f. wind sail.

Wintmäta - m. (pl: sch) anemometer.

Wintpocke - f. chickenpox.

wintrijch - wintry.

wintscheef - listing from the effects of the wind.

wintschode - wind damage.

wintstell - calm, lull in the wind.

Wipp - f. (pl: e) whip.

Wirbel - m. (pl: s) vortex.

Wirbelstorm - m. tornado, hurricane.

Wirbelstroom - m. whirlpool.

wirble - to whirl.

wirkje - to work, to be effective, to operate.

wirkjsaum - practical, efficient.

Wirtschoft - f. (pl: e) farm operation; disorder resulting from hectic activity.

wirtschofte - to farm, to manage.

Wirwoa - m. mishmash, jumble, potpourri, chaos, maze, confusion.

Wissenschoft - f. knowledge, science.

wissenschoftlijch - scientific.

Wits - m. (pl: e) humour, wit, joke; the senses.

Witsijchkjeit - wit, wittiness, witticism, humour.

witt - white.

witt heet - white hot, incandescent.

witt jläjendijch - glowing white-hot.

Witte Ead - white wash a solution of quick lime and whiting used as paint.

Wittrung - climate, weather, weather conditions.

Wittrungsberejcht - m. weather report.

wizhrijch - fidgety, discomfited.

woa - true'.

Woa - m. merchandise, commodities, wares, goods.

Woada - m. (pl: sch) delta, swampy, low lying land.

woage - to dare, venture.

Woage - m. (pl: s) wagon.

Woage diestel - m. wagon pole, wagon tongue.

Woage raut - n. wagon wheel.

Woage Schmäa - n. wagon grease.

Woage Schmett - m. wheelwright.

woake - keep vigil, stay awake.

Woakj - n. work, deed.

Woakjeldach - m. workday, weekday.

woanäme - to take advantage of.

woare - to become, come to be; keep from spoiling, like meat.

woarhauftijch - truthfully, truly.

Woarheit - f. (pl: e) truth.

Woarheit fedreie - twist the truth, prevaricate.

woa(r)m - warm.

woarne - to warn.

woarschienlijch - apparently, probably.

Woasaja - m. (pl: sch) soothsayer, seer, fortune teller.

woasaje - to predict, prophesy, foretell, to tell fortunes.

Woat - m. (pl: s) drake.

woawe - to canvass, propogandize, solicit, electioneer.

Woawel - f. (pl: Woawle) a swivel, to keep a door closed.

Woawung - propoganda.

Wod - f. (pl: e) calf of the leg.

Wofel - f. (pl: Wofle) waffle.

Wofeliesa - n. waffle iron.

Wol - f. (pl: e) election.

Wolkj - f. (pl: e) cloud.

Wolkjenbruch - m cloudburst.

Wolkjenkrautsa - m. (pl: sch) skyscraper.

wolkjijch - cloudy.

woll - probably, likely.

Woll - f. wool.

wolle - to lose wool.

wollfeilijch - cheap, inexpensive.

wollijch - woolly, fleecy.

Wolljack - f. (pl: e) sweater, cardigan, jersey, woolen pullover.

Wollkjamel - f. wool carder.

wollna m , wollne f , wollnet n - woolen, of wool.

wollnet Teppijch - n. tapestry.

Wollsseijch - n. worsted cloth.

Wolm - m. (pl: s) handrail, stair-rail, bannister.

Wolrajcht - n. franchise.

Wolrajcht Aufsoag - disenfranchisement.

wonboa - habitable.

wone - to reside, to live, dwell, lodge.

wonhauft - resident at, domiciled at.

Wonhüss - n. residence, abode, mansion, home.

Woninj - f. (pl: e) abode, quarters, residence, habitation.

Wonje'bied - n. dwelling place.

Wonns - f. (pl: e) a strand of a new soft beard, a soft hair.

Wonsenn - m. lunacy, madness, mania, frenzy, stupidity.

wonsennijch - mad, stupid, delirious, demented, frantic.

Wonstow - f. living room.

woo - how? in what way? to what extent?; conj as, how, like, such as.

woofäl - how much? how many?.

Wool - well being, good health, weal.

woolhabent - opulent, having abundantly, well fixed.

Woolstaunt - m. prosperity.

Woolt - m. (pl: Weela) woods, forest, jungle.

Woolt Kota - m. grey squirrel.

Woolt Stijch - path in the forest, glade.

Woolt Wirtschoft - f. forestry.

woolwensche - to wish someone well, to show goodwill.

woomäajlijch - possibly; however.

Woon , woont - which.

woona - m. who, which one.

woone - f. who, which one.

woone - plural of who, which ones.

woonentwajch - which way.

Wopp - f. (pl: e) head of a developed oat plant.

worfle - to winnow.

Worm - m. (pl: Warm) worm.

Wormfrosijch - worm infested, wormy, moth eaten.

wormoatijch - vermicular.

Worscht - f. sausage.

Woselijcht - n. marsh glow, swamp light, phosphorous glow, will-o-the-wisp.

Wota - n. water.

Wota Beila - m. water boiler, reservoir.

Wota oppjeete - to add water, to prime a pump.

Wota Späjel - water surface, horizon.

Wotablos - f. water bubble.

Wotaborm - m. well, spring.

Wotabrigj - f. viaduct.

Wotadijcht - watertight.

Wotafäarot - m. emergency supply of water, reservoir.

Wotafaul - f. waterfall.

Wotafoagel - n. water bird.

Wotagort - m. lifebelt.

Wotahan - f. water hen, coot, loon.

Wotahejcht - f. water level.

Wotakaun - f. watering can, ewer.

Wotakrauft - f. hydro power.

Wotakuffe - f. pontoons.

Wotalakj - f. a drop of water.

Wotaleidinj - f. aquaduct, drain, drainage.

Wotaloch - n. pond, dugout, waterhole.

Wotapappel - f. trembling aspen, small poplar.

Wotapiep - f. water spout.

Wotaschrüw - f. ship's propellor, ship's screw.

Wotasocht - dropsy.

Wotastoff - n. hydrogen.

Wotastrol - f. water jet.

Wotawalkjes - ripples.

Wotawalle - water waves.

Wotawoaw - f. carpenter's level.

wotrijch - watery.

wrable - to ravel; see oppwrable.

Wrack - n. waste, debris.

wracke - to waste.

Wrang - f. (pl: e) a crank used to turn over a motor.

wrauntre - to fidget.

Wraut - f. (pl: e) wart.

wreet - tart, stringent; see strüf.

wrekje - to wrench a joint.

Wreninkje - f. cottage cheese pockets; see Mennonite Cookbook.

Wrenj - n. jam.

Wribbelwrips - m. a small, fidgety child.

Wrigjla - m. a wriggler, a universal joint.

wrigjle - to wriggle.

Wrinja - m. (pl: sch) wringer.

wrinje - to wring.

wrisplijch - unruly, fidgety.

wrocke - to continually criticize and complain.

Wruck - f. (pl: e) turnip.

wrumple - to crumple, like a sheet of paper.

wrunsche - to fidget, to shift about.

wua - where.

wuaderjch - how, through what.

wuaemma - wherever.

wuahan - whereto.

wuajäajen - as opposed to.

wuaraun - on what.

wuarenthan - which way, in which direction.

Wuaromm - why.

Wuat - n. (pl: Wead) word.

Wuat fe Wuat - word for word.

Wuat hoole - to keep your worde, to keep a promise, maintain integrity.

Wuat schlape - to drawl.

Wuatforschinj - f. etymology.

wuatlijch - verbally.

wuatlijch nofetale - to quote word for word.

wuatoo - what for, for what reason.

Wuatspell - n. a play on words, a pun.

Wuatstiel - n. wording, meaning.

Wuatwakjsel - m. debate, discussion, exchange of wordss.

Wucha driewe , wuchre - to gamble, to wager. to practice usury.

wuckle - to tickle.

wuje - to plod or labour with difficulty.

Wulf - m. (pl: Wilw) wolf.

Wulfschoote - f. St John's bread.

Wund - f. (pl: e) wound, gash.

Wunda - n. miracle, wonder, marvel.

wundaboa - wonderful, marvelous, miraculous, strange.

wundalijch - perplexing, strange, peculiar, odd.

wundascheen - wonderful, marvelous, beautiful.

Wundekodda - n. swabb.

Wundetwearm - m. suture, thread for sewing up wounds.

wundre - to wonder, to marvel, to be perplexed.

Wunsch - m. (pl: e) a wish; a child's recitation; see Wensch.

wurache - to toil.

wutsche - to slip by or through the fingers in an instant.

Wutt - f. rage, ire, fury, temper.

wuttent - furious, irascable.

wuttentbleiw - livid.

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