Computer programs

1998-01   General-purpose Bash scripts

1999-01   beans - an accounting program for investment-clubs

2001-10   Webmaster tools

2002-02   books - an accounting program for nonprofit organizations

2002-02   Unix-tools for Windows

2002-12   LatLong-UTM - program to convert Latitude-Longitude to/from UTM

2004-12   Solving Scramble Squares puzzles

2005-03   webalizer-ER - Modified version of Webalizer

2007-04   HOWTO Make favicon.ico image files

2007-08   nopERcart - Free Javascript Shopping-Cart software

2007-08   jsminify - a simple Javascript-Minifier

2007-08   How to Install JS or JSL (Spidermonkey by Mozilla or Javascript-Lint by Matthias Miller)

2008-01   Browser Masquerading (Canada-Post rant)

2008-01   Who Am I

2008-11   Annotating a Photograph

2009-01   Using Canada-Post's Sell-Online facility

2009-02   Javascript slideshowing script - cross-browser, dynamic-CSS...

2009-02   Javascript for Centered / Justified "Suckerfish" CSS dropdown menus

2009-06   Charsets - an alternative to UTF-8, and converting to UTF-8

2009-06   tesseract training tools

2009-08   Canadian-Holiday definitions (in pcal format)

2009-08   charsetdetective - detecting the Charset/Encoding a file is in, even for hard-to-distinguish charsets

2009-09   ASCII Table -- for those whose "green-card" has worn out

2009-11   Auto-Rotate and a plea for sanity

2009-11   Making a wallet-sized calendar

2010-01   Choosing between XHTML and HTML

2010-01   Human-readable HTML and Validation

2010-02   cp1252-er-encoding - the world's best 8-bit encoding for Postscript

2010-02   Related -- shows all the ways 2 people are related, along with the relatedness-coefficient

2010-02   llexec -- a commandline interface to Lifelines

2010-04   Don't waste your time on GLUEscript

2010-04   weblinkcheck.cron - check a website for broken links and fix broken/moved links

2010-08   Online Latitude-Longitude to/from UTM Coordinate-Converter

2010-08   Datum Conversion - eg: NAD27 to NAD83 - NADCON and NTv2

2010-12   Photo Uploader - a CGI-program

2010-12   Greeting-card Maker - makes Postscript + JPEG e-card from a photo


Programs I've written and posted on this website can be modified and/or distributed under the terms of the GPL, except for those naming a different license.  There is no warranty.  This licensing statement applies to computer programs, not to images nor to anything else on this site.