LatLong-UTM -- by Eugene Reimer 2002-December

This program does coordinate-conversions between Latitude-Longitude and UTM, with several styles supported for each.  Latitude and Longitude can be in degrees or degrees:minutes or degrees:minutes:seconds, with conventional signed numbers, or with N|S and E|W signs at either end of a coordinate;  UTM in either Zone N|S Easting Northing or Zone Easting Northing, and the latter can have either a signed Northing or the more commonly used style;  more details are found in the Usage routine. 

What sets this program apart from other similar ones is the flexibility it offers in input-formats and in specifying the desired output-format or formats.  It can be used with cmdline arguments or with an input-file where each line has a position to be converted.

Working on it again in 2010 led me to write several rants: UTM is not KISSable, and Datum-Conversion, NADCON, and NTv2

LatLong-UTM.cpp   the C++ program;
an online converter  based on that C++ program (2010-08).

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