This Icon program was begun in 1997 by Kip Rugger, then treasurer for the Blue Sky Investment Club in Winnipeg.  My work on it, between January and August of 1999, involved fairly extensive changes (adapting it to use my programming style:), many minor and several significant improvements, and thus the current version is "by K Rugger & E Reimer". 

This program uses double-entry bookkeeping, does apportioning to members using precision much greater than to-the-penny, and is probably the only accounting program that does symbolic-math.  It is general enough that it ought to work for any investment-club in any country, although the tax-related reporting will probably need modification for a country other than Canada.  It can also be used by an individual investor who wants the most advantageous tax-treatment for currency-gains and -losses.  Note that the calculations required for such tax-treatment are too onerous to be done by hand, especially since for most people the amount saved will be small.

Documentation:  the README file.


I'd like to hear from you if you're using this program, even if you're not having problems,
Eugene Reimer

Historical note: the Blue Sky Club begun in 1966 has used several computer-programs to do their bookkeeping, the first a Fortran program by Doug Reimer (no relation), the second a Cobol program by Pat MacDonald.  This is the third.  [2009-12: and the last, since the club folded in 2009.]