This accounting-program has been used since 2002 to do the financial record-keeping and reporting for a Canadian non-profit organization.  It will work for other similar organizations, and even some not-so-similar ones, such as small businesses.  It is ideal for an organization that, while having only one (or a few) bank-account(s), needs to keep track of many different "pockets" or "projects" or "accounts".  It will run on Unix (including Linux and Mac-OSX), Microsoft-Windows, and other systems. 

The reporting is reasonably flexible, producing: (a) detailed monthly reports; and (b) annual reports with less detail, where both revenue and expenditures are lumped into "categories".  You can ask for a report covering a period of N months.  You can specify exactly which "sections" are to be included in a report.  Besides the "sections" you might use in those monthly or annual reports, there's also a "section" for the treasurer's use when reconciling these records with a bank-statement.  Another for the printing of tax-receipts at year-end.  And yet another for the completion of GST-Rebate claims for the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Documentation:  the README file.


I'd like to hear from you if you're using this program, even if you're not having problems,
Eugene Reimer