photo-upload.cgi -- by Eugene Reimer 2010-December-15

A CGI-program in bash that produces an HTML-page containing a FORM that invokes this CGI-program.  It uses convert (from ImageMagick) to do image-operations.  It contains some Javascript for field-level validation. 

Here is the code: photo-upload.cgi.

My first demo requires a sign-in (using Apache's Authentication of Userid and Password) which is by-invitation-only -- it is useless for anyone except those few people whom I've given userids.  Will Milne may be adding such an uploader to the Nativeorchid.Org website.  Another demo is open-to-the-public but discards whatever is uploaded; it demonstrates the uploader in action. 

Apache's User-Authentication sounds at first glance to be only for the situation where the webmaster does user-creation, however it can also be used with an online registration facilty as explained in, which gives examples in Perl.  There's an important tidbit in FAQ#12 of

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