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2006-08   When is a Red Shoe Not a Shoe?

2006-08   Games above 500

2006-09   Modern and Post-Modern

2006-09   Shaw and Spam-email

2006-12   Waut meent Dietsch?

2006-12   Christmas / Winter-Solstice / New-Year's Greeting Cards

2007-01   Fifty Percent Plus One - Does Anyone Ever Mean What It Says?

2007-04   JPod - what's a 56k floppy?

2007-07   Are you phishing-proof: a web-literacy test

2007-09   If you received this email in error...

2007-10   Man good, Info bad

2008-01   Browser Masquerading (or The Wrongheadedness of Canada-Post)

2008-12   What Fathi Said Meant To Say (eCommerce + Host-Excellence + IX-Webhosting)

2009-02   See me morph into Camilla Parker-Bowles

2009-07   The Canada-Post stamp that never was

2009-11   Auto-Rotate is a contender for the dumbest idea of all time

2009-11   Is Omar Khadr a war-criminal?

2010-01   Choosing between XHTML and HTML

2010-01   Human-readable HTML and Validation

2010-02   Our Mother which art the Earth...

2010-06   A Music-playlist experiment

2010-08   UTM is not KISSable

2010-08   Datum Conversion - eg: NAD27 to NAD83 - NADCON and NTv2

2010-10   Send links not copies

2010-11   QR-Code for ereimer.net

2010-11   Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

2011-01   Abortion and Why I am Not an Atheist

2011-01   Healthy-Living Vouchers

2011-01   Why I became a Computer-Programmer

When in good humour I usually write computer-programs, when in ill humour I rant.