jPod and 56k floppies -- by Eugene Reimer, 2007-April27

I'm reading JPod by Douglas Coupland, and wondering what a 56k floppy might have been.  I've been a computer-programmer since before floppies and can't recall any such size.  The Wikipedia article on floppies ( mentions the sizes I remember plus a few I don't, but no 56k size. 

Googling for 56k floppy does reveal a post by another professed old-timer who says "I used to code artificial intelligence on 2K of ram and a 56K floppy disk" (see the Aug 22, 2001 1:32AM entry in (a copy of)).  That post predates JPod in case you're wondering which may have influenced which. 

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[2010-11-25: that Sun.Com webpage is now being redirected to something entirely inappropriate, however I've put up a copy of what that webpage used to contain.]