Why I became a Computer-Programmer -- by Eugene Reimer 2011-Jan-31

It isn’t that hackers become libertarians, rather, people with a naturally anti-authoritarian attitude are attracted to programming.  People with no interest in understanding computers are accustomed to getting bossed around by them; but to those of libertarian temperament, this is unacceptable: getting bossed around by an inanimate object is simply intolerable.

The above is a précis of Code Free or Die A précis, something I haven't encountered since high-school, is a short concise summary;  English Literature and Composition were my weak subjects, however David Voth, when illustrating how précis are written, invariably read my work, so my strengths were Math, Physics, and Précis-writing (in all modesty:-)  It's not so much a matter of genius, but requires a willingness to take pains, repeatedly rearranging clauses, counting, and so on.  A good memory enables doing that in ones head.

A computer-programmer not liking Microsoft, to my surprise, surprises most everyone!  It wouldn't surprise anyone who has read the Code Free or Die essay.

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