Is Shaw in the Spam-sending Business?   by Eugene Reimer, 2006-Sep16

Today I'm not all that happy with Shaw as my email provider.  I've received 5 exactly identical spams, a stock-promoting email with subject "okay now lets get down to it".  The last two arrived many hours after I'd reported the earlier ones to Shaw's spam-reporting service.  This is the second time I've noticed such an occurrence - getting more of EXACTLY the same thing hours after I'd reported it as spam!

The previous time I grumbled about it to since it was a phishing attempt being sent from a shawmail-user, and also to their customer-support email-id since it demonstrated several serious flaws in their spam-filtering.  But having received no response, and seeing no hint that Shaw is mending their ways, what do I do now?  I have been faithfully forwarding all spam and only spam to, ever since they introduced their spam-filtering, but this appears to be a completely pointless exercise:-(

Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2006 00:13:27 -0500
From: Eugene Reimer 
Subject: Spam and Phishing

Earlier today, at 14:35, I reported a spam-email to  
Then at approximately 23:13 I received another spam-email EXACTLY 
IDENTICAL to the one reported earlier.  I am annoyed!  Is there any 
point in reporting spam-emails to ??

Please note that these are not only spams, but are also blatant 
phishing attempts (pretending to be from PayPal), and the most 
simple-minded of phishing-detection methods would have so diagnosed 

Note that these spammers/phishers are sending directly to "shawmail".

Shaw is Non-Compliant

Back in April, I wrote to them twice about a different email- and spam-related matter.  Basically anyone with an email-address is more likely to have emails he/she sends be diagnosed as spam, because is on a "blacklist" for not living up to certain minimal standards of proper conduct as an email provider.  Their sin: the fact that emails sent to or are never read by a human, at least not one with the brain turned on.  I have received no response to either of those emails, sent on 2006-04-10 and 2006-04-20.  These guys are shameless unrepentant sinners!!

Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 22:54:16 -0500
From: Eugene Reimer 
Subject: is blacklisted

A friend reported that email from me was being mis-diagnosed as spam by 
their spam-detection software, and she sent me a copy that contained the 
Spam-Assassin report.  One preventable item that caused several points 
in their scoring system is Shaw being non-compliant WRT receiving email 
at and at  I hope that you can and 
will correct this?

The site that has Shaw blacklisted for such non-compliance is:

I asked about this ten days ago.  Can you please let me know whether 
Shaw intends doing anything about this?

Shaw Non-Compliant And a Source of Spam

2006-Sep19: Another incident where an email I sent was mis-diagnosed as spam:  I sent a solicited email to;  their spam-filtering service was kind enough to inform me that it was turfing my email;  furthermore, Mylo Riley of CharityVillage was good enough to provide the somewhat more detailed report explaining ZeroSpam's reasons for this diagnosis, as shown here:

    Some suspects words (like FREE in caps).
    Envelope sender in
    Envelope sender in
    Contains a forged HELO ( does not exist)
    Received via a relay in (their server is blacklisted by spamcom).

Please note that is now guilty of several additional infractions, besides the "RFC ignorance" which I'd been aware of previously.  Their using a non-existent hostname is likely just sloppiness, at least I don't see how it could profit them.  The SpamCop blacklisting is because Shaw is the source of spam!  You can query the SpamCop IP-based blacklist; for example, to check the IP-address, see


Shaw is effectively without a "complaints department".  You can complain by email, but such emails appear to be discarded without any human seeing them. 

Shaw has excellent spam-filtering technology - but it appears that it can be bought.  Hmm, taking money from those Phishing fraud-artists would be a crime, wouldn't it? 

Because of all their infractions, including being the source of a lot of spam, Shaw is on so many blacklists, that anyone using them for the sending of email runs much too high a risk of his/her emails being regarded as spam.

In Winnipeg, our only alternative for high-speed internet-connectivity is the local phone-company, and we already know they behave like a phone-company, have a worse record than Shaw when it comes to outages, and have somewhat inferior spam-filtering.  They do however have a better record in the area of RFC-compliance WRT emails to abuse or postmaster.  And who knows whether their spam-filtering can be bought off? 

The answer (in Winnipeg or other Shaw-city):  buy your internet-connectivity from Shaw, but use some other email-provider.  But where does one go for email?  Using a free email-provider seems likely to put one into the same sort of dubious company, as there will be many spammers using those services;  and I'd be reluctant to pay for something that's supposed to be included in my contract with Shaw.  Aha, both Google-mail and Yahoo-mail have recently started using Domain-Key-Signatures, and so using one of them may be the answer I seek.  Comments are invited, at, for the time being:-)

Reporting spam to Shaw remains pointless.  Today I received a 4th copy of the "BMO - Online Alert for Mosaik MasterCard" phishing email, after I'd thrice reported it as spam, the first two times more than two-weeks ago!  Incidentally the fraudster's URL is the only thing that changes slightly from one copy to the next, being in my 4 examples.  They were sent via (in Moscow Russia), two originating from (in Koeln Germany), and two from (in Dortmund Germany).  All of them being the sort that's detected by the simplest of scam-detecting methods makes it all the more suspicious that Shaw fails to detect them as spam, never mind as scams.  Even the scam-detector that's built-into Thunderbird-v2 detects them as scams.  (I've upgraded my Thunderbird emailer since the earlier parts of this rant.)  Furthermore, these scamming spams are only a subtle variant of one I've received, and have reported as spam to Shaw, no fewer than TWENTY-TWO times!  (Over the past 26-months.)

Yet another copy of the "BMO - Online Alert for Mosaik MasterCard" phishing email received today, this one from (in Koeln Germany), and for the first time I'm not sending it to since there's obviously no point in doing so.  I've forwarded the recent examples with a brief note to and, although I'm less than optimistic about that doing any good, since rivals Shaw in RFC-ignorance and looks little better.